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Zodar is a daemon who has found a highly specific sector of psychic real-estate that, while within the demesne of Slaanesh, wasn't receiving stewardship commensurate to its growing presence: smug, self-satisfied amusement. The growing number of prominent individuals who were massively and obnoxiously self-assured has convinced Zodar that he could figuratively skim from Slaanesh and ride the Prince's coattails to godhood.

Zodar is drawing power from the ongoing ego tripping of the likes of the Storm Draugar, Douchard Bagge, Radriar Drazin, Silinurl Luvt and more. In an amusing coincidence that some might incorrectly classify as irony, Zodar must be extremely circumspect and quiet in its labors lest the Prince of Excess realize what is afoot.