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"Like a cloud of darkness they appeared, no mercy or remorse as they struck worlds upon worlds. Every death they cause they reap upon the souls of their kills to give them even stronger. Pray to the Emperor that he may give us all of his strength and courage if humanity is to have any hope against this foe."
—An Inquisitor upon witnessing a Zerak invasion

The Zeraks are a mysterious and dangerous race from the Unknown Regions known as the Halo Zone. They are considered a major threat to other races as well as the forces of Chaos due to the race devouring the souls and DNA of their victims and foes in order to increase their own power. Their reasons for doing this is due to their belief of "Eternal Changing". One of the dangers they show is because they originate from the wild unexplored space known as the Halo Zone, thus making any attempts to invade them difficult.



The Zerak’s true biology and original form is unknown as the Zeraks are a race that evolves through the process of devouring essences, both the souls and DNA of their victims, of other beings and even themselves. How this is done is unknown but can happen through two different ways. One is that Zeraks, both male and females, willingly go under biological modifications performed by Spinners and Shapers. This is used through the essences that Zeraks gather from their invasions and conquered worlds. The modifications are done explicitly for future wars. Another way is that Zeraks devour the essence of their latest kill automatically, gaining whatever unique traits from the victims. That is more disorganized as whatever new feature or ability they gain is unpredictable. Either way, Zeraks are noted to be terrifying, as if born from a nightmare that can drive many witnesses mad. However they all retain red sclera and yellow with black pupils. 

There is also another feature as well as the most dangerous is the Zerak’s ability of quick adaptation. Zeraks of all types have the ability to adapt to their surrounding if staying there for long periods of time. This allows them to be comfortable in harsh environments and gain advantages over their enemies. Furthermore with a Spinner, a type of Zerak can be given different abilities to gain advantages for battles and enemies. Of course in order for this to be done the Zeraks needs to collect essences or take DNA from a Zerak that had already gained the ability. Certain improvements could be the projectiles used by some Zerak sub-species.


The species within the Zeraks take on forms that are either humanoid or more beast-like depending on what essence they devour and the order they devour them. The names for these different types of Zerak species are called Packs. But all packs are capable of evolving into any of the command-type pack minus Overlords, which are different. Only the Overlord or Overmaster is not considered a Pack due to them being more of a rank then a type of Zerak Species.

Leader Packs

These packs are the strongest of all the Zerak Packs and are the ones who command the rest of the Zerak’s Fraction Forces. There are four Leader Packs total excluding the Overlord as it is a rank rather then a Pack.


Overlords are the leader of their respective Fractions. Unlike the other Zerak Packs, the Overlords are really Zeraks that have consumed so many essences that they have gained different forms from thousand of years of evolution, which also gives them independent thoughts. They have also proven themselves to the Overmasters of their power to be given their own Fraction or they overthrow another Overlord. The powers of the Overlord along with appearance and size vastly depend on the essences they consume and how they evolve. Some of them take the forms of other Zerak packs only with altered variants on them. However all Overlords are dangerous as the very title means that these Zeraks are thousand of years old or even more. Many Overlords have appearances that are similar to other Zerak packs slightly altered but many of them are actually Zerak Hybrids.


Reapers are one of the four Leader Packs, as well as one of the few packs to have both males and females and have the most humanoid feature then the other packs. Both are the same size as a Space Marine though males are bulkier then their female counterparts and do not have hair, usually bald. Females are a lot slimmer though still possess a lean muscular physics and have either black or dark red hair. A Reaper’s skin color is darkish purple with the male’s being darker then the females. Reapers have only three large fingers, including their thumbs, and two large toes on their feet, with a third one sticking out from their heel. This allows them to run on walls and ceiling, possessing the best coordination and less-restricted movement out of all the Alpha Pack classes. Reapers also possess wings that are tucked behind their backs when not in use, making them also the aerial commanders of their respective Fractions too.

Reapers wear a type of organic black armor over their bodies but gives off the appearance of a second skin. As said before the Reapers are one of the elite packs and usually are given the roles as leaders to the other packs, acting as field officers, commandos and sometimes as the personal guards of their Overlords. It was later discovered that all Reapers are Blanks, and thus cannot be detected by psykers. Combined with their enhanced bodies and incredible fighting skills, make them a dangerous adversary. 




Ground Forces


Drones are the basic infantry unit of the Zerak forces as well as the initial stage of all Zeraks before they begin their devouring of essences. Drones have humanoid appearance and are around the same size of a Space Marine and are all bald and well build muscles. The differences between Drones and humans is that they have pointed ears, skull-like faces, yellow eyes, and some have stubby protrusions on their heads. The primary color skin of the Drones is grey but sometimes varies between Fractions. Drones are well suited in multiple tasks and are highly durable, strong and fast, capable of being an even match against Space Marines, Orks, Eldars and so forth. The armor they wear, which is bio-organic, is also both strong and flexible, making the problem of mobility irrelevant. Some Drones have been noted to have stubby fly-like wings that grant them a boost of jumping, or tails that can be used as flails. The view towards Drones differs between Fractions. Some see the Drones as nothing more than cannon fodder while others appear to hold the drones with value, using the Drones to improve their Fractions for future battles.


Crawlers are another basic infantry unit and are used by Zeraks as scouts and infiltrators. A Crawler appears as a cross between a turtle, with a shell on their backs, and a canine with sharp claws on their hands a feet. They are half the size of a human, reaching their chest but due to them always being on both feet and hands, appear shorter. As their name implies, Crawlers are capable of climbing on any surface as well as blending with their surroundings. Combine with the unique features of being Blanks, Crawlers are nearly undetected by others. They also possess a psychic link with their Overlords, capable of sending messages to the rest of the Fractions of the enemy’s forces.


These are not actual Zeraks, but instead creatures created from the bio-technology of the Zerak race. They take the appearance of short, pudgy creatures that reach a human’s waist. Unlike with the Drones, Grunts are seen as expendable cannon fodder as they do not have any conscious or free will. Many Fractions use Grunt as either support units, labor force and with some even using them as suicide troopers. They would fill the Grunt’s bodies with volatile plasma energy that would explode upon contact with anything that penetrated the Grunt’s flesh.


Brutes appear roughly the same as Drones, though they are much larger than their counterpart, roughly the same size as a Space Marine and Ork. They have a bulkier frame, making them much more durable yet reduces their speed too. Due to this Brutes serves as the Zeraks’ heavy weapons unit, capable of wielding the larger and more destructive bio-weapons of their kind. Like the Drones, Brutes appearance seem to differ between Fractions.


Rammers are large two-legged Zeraks with hunchback bodies since they have hard shells on their backs. The Rammers are about the same size as a Space Marine Dreadnought and are effective as shock troopers. They are able to curl into balls with their iron-armored backs and on their arms and shoulders, protecting them from most attacks. Also in this form they’re capable of charging towards enemy lines, shrugging off attacks before breaking through their defenses and uncurling and slaughtering the enemies around them using their large mammoth size blades that come out from their knuckles or crush them with their bull-hooves like feet. While that is happening the rest of the Fraction’s forces can charge in and support them. The Rammers also have spikes on their backs that can cause even greater damage when they charge. Another feature is that on their knuckles are holes that the Rammers can use to fire spike projectiles for range combat. The spikes come from the same spikes on their backs, which can also grow new ones after time.


Lurkers are a particular dangerous pack within the Zeraks. They appear as large humanoid-snakes, with no legs or feet but merely long tails. They are about the same size if not a few inches bigger then a Space Marine or Ork. Lurkers have long mouths with a pair of short horns on their foreheads and long serpent tongues. Lurkers can also release corrosive liquid from their mouths as a last resort, which takes the form as spit. They are also quite adhesive, capable of slithering on nearly any surface without risk of falling. This makes the Lurker exceptionally good for ambushes or breaching an enemy’s defenses without them noticing before its too late.


The Zerak Hunter Pack serves as Heavy Close Combat Troopers for the Zerak Fractions along with acting as lookouts and used for patrols too. Standing up straight they’re about the same size as an Ork Nob and Space Marine Terminator however most of the time Hunters are on their arms and legs. Hunters have longer arms then legs, with the legs being shorter by about several inches and have feet similar to a Raptor’s feet. Their necks are rather short but they have large jaws with razor sharp teeth and two pairs of beady yellow eyes. Just like with the Maulers, Hunter’s primary weapon are their claws, which are very large that they are the same size of a human’s chest. They also possess a semi-long tail with a unique spike at the end in the shape of a fishhook. Hunters are also a type of Psyker though they use it in a unique way in which the focus their psychic powers through their bodies, causing them to light up. This gathered energy can be released as a powerful plasma blast or spread through their bodies enhancing their physical capabilities for a short period of time.


Another of the more common Zerak Packs, the Creepers is one of the less-intelligent species within the Zeraks. They look like Crawlers except smaller, about waist-length to most other species, and are hunchback with longer arms too. It’s possible that the Crawlers are a more advanced form of the Creepers given their similar physical traits. Creepers also a bit more cannibal and feral then other Zerak Packs, and have been called “Wild Dogs” by Imperial Guardsmen. They use no range weapons and rely solely on their speed, durability, hands and teeth to tear apart their enemies. Creepers are used along with Crawlers and other Zerak Packs during invasions, wiping out small enemy groups or survivors from an invasion to gather more essences.


The Reaver pack is the top pack of the other packs, directly under the four Leader Packs. They are around the same size as a Space Marine and have tan skin and have large mouths and sharp teeth as well as beady black eyes. They have hind legs with two large toes at the front with a third sticking out of the back heel. This makes easy for them to cling onto solid objects. Also it allows them to jump at great heights and can still land nimbly too. Reavers also have three claws plus a thumb on their hands. Along with that they have short spikes going down their backs ending with a stubby tail out of their rear. Reavers serve as officers underneath the Leader packs or as commandos for special operations. They show to possess psychic powers and seem too able to perform the ability to teleport to nearby areas and can also heal nearby allies. Reavers also sometimes serve as bodyguards for the Overlords.


The ones called Ravagers are Zeraks that are used as shock troopers and are perfect for close quarters and melee. They look similar to Drones except Ravagers have reddish color skin with blackish parts on their bodies, and spiked protrusions from their shoulders too. Ravagers also emit a strange black miasma from their bodies that seems to boost their physical capabilities as well as sedate any pain they feel. It also seems to increase the Ravager’s primal instincts, making them more savage during battle. As such Ravagers tend to make good counter forces against Khorne Berzerkers.

Air Forces


A Zerak flyer Pack, the Screamers are half the size of a human that have light grey skin and the appearance that is a mix of a bat and bug with two pairs of wings side by side along with three fingers, including toe, and three toes on both feet. The wings also enable the Screamers to hover over the ground rather then walk due to them not being extremely fast on foot. The main fact about the Screamers is that they have enhanced hearing and sight, making them exceptional snipers and sentries. They can also release a sonic scream that can cause strong migraines on their victims and temporary shut down radio and radars.



The Manticores are the ultimate definition of Zerak Aerial Combat and the largest Zerak Pack flyers. They are as large as an Eldar Wraithlord and Tau Battlesuit but are about the same length as Space Marine Land Raider. They have a body similar to an ape, including shorter legs with the arms being longer and serving as forward legs. Their claws are capable of cutting through many types of objects with their teeth being just as effective. They possess a large pair of horns that curve upwards and giant dragon-like wings that are capable of causing mini-gusts. Another weapon they have are their long tails that has a flail at the tip of the tail. They can cause fear through the hearts of their enemies and are as bloodthirsty as the Savages.





Moths are another aerial Zerak Pack that serve as the light air infantry of Zerak Fractions. Appearing as humanoid moths with two pairs of wings and horns on their heads, Moths are capable of wielding Zerak weaponry as well as fight fiercely in close-range combat. Moths are also very quick and agile, dodging most attacks towards them and have proven to be quite intelligent and can act on their own without officer packs leading them. Another factor is that Moths can release smoke screens that help them attack their opponents swiftly while the target's vision is obscure.

Halo Creatures

Dread Worms

The Dread Worms are a type of creature from the Halo Zone, tamed and bred by the Zeraks for the use of their wars. The Dread Worms possess very long bodies and durable skin, along with four eyes on all sides of its head with the mouth facing upward and protected by quadruple jaws. Inside their mouths is a second small mouth instead of a tongue. Tunnel Worms spit out a powerful corrosive acid from their main mouth that can melt through almost all substances, similar to the Lurkers. Dread Worms are design to breach enemy defenses and from its second smaller mouth, deploy troops directly from the Fraction’s base of operations or merely carry them through the its secondary mouth. While Dread Worms can dig through any surface some of the harder earth crusts are more difficult for them to dig through even with their corrosive acid.

Host Walker

One of the few non-combatant packs of the Halo Species, the Host Walkers act as ground transports for the rest of the Zerak’s armies. Taking the appearance of a mutated tortoise with large shells that nearly covered their entire bodies but did little to slow them down as they moved with six legs. They were also the same size as Imperial Chimera Tanks or Space Marine Rhino Tanks due to their duty of carrying other infantry of the Fraction’s forces that they served. Hidden underneath the platting of their shells, the Host Walkers would carry their cargo to the front lines or even serving as ambushes by having the Zeraks within the Host Walkers to jump out and destroy the enemy. Host Walkers can also act as defenses or siege forces by carrying and launching stored locusts against the enemy. These Host Walkers are given special chemicals to recreate the locusts so the Host Walkers can launch wave after waves of locusts. This is even more effective when the Host Walkers dig themselves into the ground, leaving only their shells out from the ground.


Behemoths are one of the larger Halo Creatures, second only to the three Titan-Class. They serve as heavy armor combat units, utilizing their size and unique body structure to their advantage. Behemoths have pale green skin and beady yellow eyes. They have hoof-like legs and two pairs of arms, the first pair is much larger, reaching the ground while the second pair is smaller but still capable of grabbing things. Sticking out from their rear is a long tail with a barbed end. The hooves help increase its speed and jumping distance with the longer pair of arms giving the Behemoth an even greater advantage. The tail makes an even greater weapon as the barb at the end contains an explosive chemical where upon contact, can cause explosions.


Serving as powerful armored artillery, Scorpios are the “tanks” of the Zerak’s forces. Their form is similar to a scorpion but they have turtle shells covering over their body minus, arms, tail, head and legs. Scorpios also only has six spider-like legs but scorpion-like claws. The tail is also scorpion like but is bulkier but can extend when being used in melee. The Scorpios are capable of retracting their heads and arms when preparing to fire, and using their legs to dig into the ground and entrench themselves, making them highly effective in long term sieges. At the tips of their tails are very sharp, capable of impaling an Ork with a single strike. But the real power is when it opens and reveals an empty hole that from it fires plasma energy capable of causing severe damage.


The Goliath is one of the two Titan-size Halo creatures along with the Basilisk and both are underneath the Kraken in terms of size as they match the same size as an Imperial Reaver-Class Titan. While the Basilisks are meant for close combat, the Goliaths are more suitable of range combat and destroying enemy forces from a distance. The Goliath has four legs, two at the front and one at the back as well as a powerful armored shell with spikes sometimes on the shells. Their heads are located at the front of the body in the center, popping out of a hole in the shell, showing its four orange eyes and quadruple jaws. Sticking out from its shell just a few inches above the head are dual Void Cannons, which fire powerful psychic bolts that can deal terrible damage. The disadvantage that Goliaths possess is that they’re incredibly slow due to their heavy and strong armor weighing them down. But despite that they are not to be underestimated because along with the Void Cannon, the Goliaths also have thousands of locusts store within their shells that they can unleash to attack multiple nearby enemies.


Arachinds are some of Halo Zones psychic creatures that lives within. The Arachnids are large creatures that are about the same size as a tank, with six strong legs and a body that is similar to spiders. The Arachnid’s armored hides are capable of repelling light attacks and using their powerful legs to crush enemies beneath them. Some psychic abilities they have shown are that they can create shockwaves with their legs or release psychic blasts from their mouthes as well as magma-type projectiles from their rears. The Arachnids are also capable of having Shredder Rifles on their backs manned by its passengers or release locusts from their backs. Arachnids are also the preferred choice of mounts for officers within the Zerak's forces, such as Reapers and Overlords.


This pack is another of Zerak psyker packs. Centipedes are large and long worm like creatures with armor plating over their bodies and multiple tiny legs allowing them to walk also to dig underground too. Despite their large sizes and armor platting Centipedes are a support unit for the Fractions, using their psychic powers to shield nearby allies from being detected by other psykers until they are spotted or attack the enemy. They do have one other skill which is them being able creating psychic lightning going around their body, protecting them from close combat. Centipedes can also use their large forms to trap enemies and squeeze them to death or knock them aside.


Scarabs are like the Scorpios, except smaller and are about the same size as Space Marine Terminator. They have a unique body structure, which is from the fact that their main body is a large slug like form with no spine, meaning their bodies are easily bendable. This gives them the skill to change into two different forms. The first form is where the Scarabs have their body completely straight and using all six legs to move a lot faster and from their mouths can fire barrages of acid plasma from their mouths. The second form of the Scarabs is that by using their spineless body to lift the forward part of their bodies up along with their front legs that become razor blade arms. It should also be noted that the forward legs/arms are a bit thicker then the two other pair of legs and the reason is because when in their second form, the arms can fire acid plasma along with the mouths. Another note is that covering their bodies are several plates of iron found only in the Halo Zone, giving the Scarabs some protection from most attacks, excluding heavier impacts.


Along with the Goliaths, the Basilisks are the Titan size Halo Creatures and are about the same size of a Reaver-class Imperial Titan. Unlike the Goliath, Basilisks are design for close combat making them effective in fighting against multiple large enemies. The Basilisks are two-legged reptilian creatures with four arms that have powerful claws that can tear through even a Titan. The Basilisks also have long jaws with sharp fangs that can rip a Greater Daemon’s throat. The final feature is their long spiked tails that can either act as a mace or a range weapon since at the tip at the tails is an opening that fires bolt of plasma. Their skin is very durable and can repel multiple attacks, which gives them a boost when fighting at close combat. Small Halo species and Zerak Packs, both flyers and ground forces, usually support the Basilisks.

Black Beetles

Black Beetles are ground Halo Creatures and cousins of the Blue Beetles. Basically in the form of a giant Beetle that is the same size as Imperial Guard Banesblade, Black Beetles serve as the Anti-Air Part of the Zerak's war machines. By pointing their rears upwards, the Black Beetles can release powerful plasma projectiles that can heavily damage a Strike Cruiser. It takes about a minute for a Black Beetle to be prepared to fire another round and while their armor hides protect them from most light-level fire, they are vulnerable underneath them and can create very devastating explosions from the release plasma stored in them.


Brooders are Halo creatures that are used as the one-person mounts of the Zerak Species, mainly Drones, Reavers and sometimes Reapers as well. They are large, bulky creatures with four yellow eyes, a pair on each side of their faces and possess large, muscular legs to run at an impressive speed and can jump over great distances and obstacles. They also possess small arms with three bladed fingers plus thumb that are useful for melee combat. The Zeraks make use of them as mounts for low-ranked officers and their Drones, as well as acting as shock troopers, capable of overwhelming the enemy with their incredible speed and moving over obstacles.




The Kraken Pack is the largest of the Halo species, dwarfed only by the Behemoths. It is about the same size as an Imperial Warlord Class Titan. They usual have red underbelly skin and green skin up top with armored plating too. Instead of legs the Krakens have a total eight pincer like legs and a large head as well with twenty small yellow eyes, ten on both sides along with large arms that can grab an entire Dreadnought with ease. At the back are four small ‘wings’ that are capable of absorbing energy for the Kraken to use and six tentacles attached to the back that can be extended at will to attack the Kraken’s enemies. The Kraken is also able to fire a powerful beam of acidic flames from the energy stored within the wings. Krakens are very powerful that even the Overlords are wary of using them and the only reason why they don’t rebel is due to their intelligence being at the same level as an Ork.

Death Rays

Blue Beetles

Blue Beetles are another Halo Creatures and the cousins of the Black Beetles. As the name implies they are large blue-colored beetles but unlike their cousins, are a flying type of Halo Creature. They serve as heavy air bombers, capable of taking flight by releasing compact plasma balls from beneath them that explode upon impact. Some Fractions use the Blue Beetles as powerful Kamikaze units, due to upon impact, the Beetles release a large plasma explosion, causing horrific damage to the surrounding area.

Shade Squids

Spore Jellyfish


Locusts are not a type Zerak Pack or Halo Creatures but rather a type of organism found only in the Halo Zone. The Locusts are insect in appearance and are about human knee length in size along with having wings too. Locusts usually act as projectiles use by the Zeak Packs or suicide flyers in another view. What makes the Locusts so deadly is that when they explode they release deadly stomach acid that can melt through flesh and metal. This makes them highly effective in swarms and can destroy even the largest of enemy structures or at the very least weaken them so that the rest of the Fractions can finish them off. If not exploding then the Locusts can use their large numbers and their sharp teeth to devour numerous enemies.




Hornets serve as the Zerak's fast aerial fighters. These nimble Halo Creatures can fly at an incredible speed with their dual pair wings. At the tips of their tails they are capable of firing an plasma-acid like projectile that melt through metal and in some cases cause explosions from modifications courtesy of a Spinner. Hornets also possess a second form of weapons from their mouthes, releasing a barrage of thin needles that can penetrate skin and most armor.


The smallest of the Halo flyers, Roaches are used to attack places where other flyers can’t reach. About half the size of a Space Marine, Roaches have round bodies and released gas from their rear that allowed them to float with the help of two pairs of small wings. Also their gas has toxic fumes that can throw off most species body coordination, making them easier targets. Roaches fire barrages of poisonous thin spikes that are more likely to kill the enemy first before the poison does. While one can be problematic, in larger groups they can be a serious threat. Along with acting as extra firepower with groups, Zerak Fractions also use the Roaches as kamikazes to cause damage and demoralize the enemy. Roaches also act as escorts for the larger Halo species such as the Kraken, Goliaths and so on.


Vipers are large space traveling Halo creatures that act as transport for infantry. They have long bodies with no feet whatsoever but possess two talon arms at the front of their body along with their head. Covering their bodies is armor that repels almost all light and medium firepower and attached to their sides are twenty “eggs” on both sides of its body. Within these pods are the ground infantry forces of the Zeraks that can jump out of the viper whenever the pod opens up. The smaller Zerak and Halo flyers to ensure that they and their cargo aren’t killed usually escort the Vipers.


The largest of all the Halo Creatures, the Leviathans act as the capital ships and main transportation for all Zerak armies. Leviathans largely resemble large insects what with their bug-like mouth as well as four pairs of quadruple wings, which are covered by a pair of armor-plated wings when not in use. Furthermore Leviathan have two main body parts, one attached to the back of the other, with both parts having wings, one pair each body part. It is unknown of what size a Leviathan starts out as but the smallest one to be seen was the size of a Space Marine Strike Cruiser with a fully-grown Leviathan is around the same size as a Battle Barge. Leviathans are very durable creatures, possessing an iron plate shell over the majority of their bodies, which only opens when the creature is extending its wings. For offense the Leviathans possess several rows of small tendrils alongside its side. These tendrils can be released very quickly and have shown to be strong enough to impale cruisers, causing significant damage. Along with that they can also serve as a means of transportation. When a tendril impales an enemy ship, the front can open to reveal a tunnel within, allowing small Zerak packs and smaller Halo species to unload and attack the enemy craft. Also at the front the Leviathans possess a pair of larger tendrils that can cause enough damage to destroy a Strike Cruiser with only two or three hits and damage a Battle Barge. Unlike their smaller counterparts, these larger tendrils are slow moving in replace for their immense strength. However like the smaller ones the larger tendrils can also serve good for transporting raiding parties, unleashing the larger Zerak Packs and Halo Species. However the major weakness of a Leviathan is their rear, having no offensive weapons there to protect it. But they do release a powerful plasma gas that is toxic and can cause serious damage. Furthermore when they prepare to go into Void Gate, the armor plating protecting the Behemoth opens so the wings can spread, making it more vulnerable. Because of this the Overlords make sure to have an escort with the Leviathan or that its far away from danger when preparing for long distance travel. It has also been noted that the Leviathans are one of the few Halo Creatures that possess psychic abilities. This enables them to cloak themselves from planet defenses as well as travel through the void. To do that the Leviathans opens it wings and extends, to give it a boost before traveling.




Spinners are a very special type of Zerak, which is that they are created from the Voice of the Void itself. The Spinner Pack are one of the Zerak’s psykers and also possess the ability to collect essences and put them into the Zerak’s body and while Zeraks can do this directly they sometimes acquire aspects or abilities that are not useful or a burden along with the evolution taking longer until the Zerak is use to its new form. Where with the Spinners, they can do it while focusing only on a certain aspects that is more useful for certain Zerak Packs or for the present environment/situations. Spinners can also speed up the evolutions of Zeraks in a matter of seconds, allowing Fractions to overcome obstacles or enemy forces more quickly and effectively. Spinners have slug like bodies, with the upper part looking like a bulb. The face of the Spinner sticks out slightly from the bulb, with a long mouth going downwards and has several small tentacles sticking out, like a tongue almost. The Spinners also have four thin arms and two large pincers with bulbs at the tips. The bulbs are used to store in essence gathered and hold in the extras, which are kept in more pods that are at the Spinner’s upper back. Because of their abilities of quickening Zerak’s evolution and making Fraction's forces stronger, Spinners are held highly by the rest of the race. Overlords work hard in order to have Spinners in their Fractions since having one is a certain to make the Fraction stronger. In fact one Spinner can create a small army in matter of minutes where several Spinners can create a planet size invading force in just a few days. The Spinners also hold religious value to the Zerak’s race. Due to the fact that they are created by the Voice of the Void, the Zerak’s god, Spinners are seen as the Voice’s herald and having one also proves that an Overlord is fit to lead.



Endless Change

Unlike other races such as the Imperium, Tau Empire, Chaos Forces and Orks that conquer worlds for control, fun, or to raid them and any objects of value like the Dark Eldar do or merely destroy worlds like the Necron do, the Zeraks invade worlds and steal their essences to continue evolving. They believe in something called “The Endless Changing” which is to consume all essences in order for the Zeraks to evolve and transcend. The reasons behind this belief differs between Fractions; some believe that consuming essences will lead to survival while others believe it means to gain power by consuming essence. Because of that they do not care what worlds they invade, whom they kill or even if they cause an entire species to go extinct so long as they gain many essences to continue their evolution. Because of that they are constantly invading worlds and robbing it of all life in order to collect essence. Some Fractions leave some worlds still inhabited with creatures in order to return and collect more, or merely leave worlds after collecting a certain amount of essences. Either way, they have made themselves as enemies to all other races because of their desire for essences. Daemons greatly both fear and hate the Zeraks as it is revealed that the essences that are consumed are also the victim’s soul too.  This means that fewer souls enter the warp for the Daemons and the Chaos Gods, thus making the Zeraks a primary threat to the inhabitants of the Warp.



Bone Blades

Saw Blades

Quake Hammers

Combustion Rifle

Shredder Rifle

Shell Shock Launcher

Wail Cannons

Mine Launchers

Void Cannons

Acidic Plasma Cannon

Void Travel

Similar to the Eldar, the Zeraks have their own means of transportation for light speed travel without using the Warp.  It is a dimensional zone that, according to psykers, ‘a nothingness between the Materium and the Warp that gains shape’. This is called the void, a dimension similar to the Halo Zone used by the Zeraks to travel long distances in a short amount of time.  While it is not fully understood, all Halo Creatures as well as Zerak psykers possess a link to the void and thus can call upon it for various things, mainly used as a means of transportation by the Behemoths by opening rifts through space to the void.  These rifts are called Void Gates by the Zeraks and have noted to have a powerful vacuum suction to them, pulling anything near it in an instant. A large Void Gate for a Behemoth or a Zerak Fraction fleet, can not be opened within a planet’s atmosphere but only in space.  However smaller ones can be open planet side through the efforts of various Casters and other Halo psyker creatures allowing troops to come through, however it appears to take a great deal of time and effort for one to be open.



The Overmasters

The ones called the Overmasters are thirteen extraordinarily powerful Zeraks and are in fact the first one to be created or the first ones to reach the highest stage of evolution and becoming gods of the Zeraks, directly under the Voice of the Void. These thirteen are far older then any other Zeraks and even other species, most of them having been around during the war between the Old Ones and the C’tan, before the Fall of the Eldar, before the birth of the Emperor, the Imperium and way before the Horus Heresy. The Overmasters are worshipped by all Zeraks and over the eons have gathered many followers within their race, whether it be entire Fractions, certain individuals or entire pacls. They are also the only ones to ever see the Voice of the Void.

Being the oldest of their kind, as well as some of the oldest beings in the galaxy, the Overmasters possess immense, almost godlike power equal to that some have speculated to be equal to the Primarchs and Daemon Princes. While not as frequently as Overlords and their Fractions, the Overmasters have now and then left the Halo Zone and entered the galaxy for their own reasons, the latest having been Zenmojaw in the 41st Millennium.

Zejvrin the Final

Zobara the Ambitious

Zalteras the Wise

Zekcro the Rage 

Zveelina the Trickster

Zaltu the Shifter

Zedik the Dominator

Zalvura the Breather

Zyparro the Wicked

Zrupu the Beast

Zeod the Hunger

Zenmojaw the Destroyer

Zuhraha the Ancient

Voice of the Void

The Voice of the Void, which is a title, is an entity that is held as a god amongst the Zeraks, including the Overmasters. There is little to zero information known about this being except that it seems to have a psychic link with all Zeraks of every class. In fact, by survivors of Zerak’s incursions, such as the Eldar, Imperium and Tau, its been determined that without the psychic link, many Zerak forces would have trouble, though not as much as others, in traveling through the space storm of the Halo Zone. This has led to the theory that perhaps the Voice of the Void is the one responsible for why the Halo Zone is so hard for other races to travel through as a means to protect itself. Either way, the entity is clearly powerful and has been place as a threat as powerful psychic being such as the Hive Mind of the Tyranids and many efforts have been made to locate its position or ways to destroy it all of which futile.