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Cyanic Enforcer Aspiring Champion (Colour)

Drawing by KingKatanova of a Chaos Cyanic Enforcer Aspiring Champion.

Zealots of Change are Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champions within the Traitor Cyanic Enforcers. They act as the legion's shepards, ensuring that the beliefs of the legion is kept with Tzeentch and not Artrixxerxx . Zealots answer only to the Legion's chief Sorcerer and only him. Most Zealots has been gifted with Aqua Blood.


The Zealots where formed in 634.M41 by the chief sorcerer of the Cyanic Enforcers- Uwen. After the legion awakened the Tideweaver Artrixxerxx from the depths of Xax, Uwen found that more and more of his legion where neglecting Tzeentch in worship of Artrixxerxx. Uwen plan was to bring in Shepards who would bring the misdirected back into the folds of Tzeentch. Uwen choice several of his Psykic servents and formalised them into Chaos space marine Aspiring Champions. Who later where renamed to the Zealots of Change. Due to their contact with Drown Marines during the field and their Psykic vulnerablity many Zealots contracted Aqua Blood. However they neglected the Mutation and ignored it rather then gave into it. As they believed the mutation is beneath Tzeentch Worship


Zealots of Change are drafted into any of the Cyanic Enforcer Chaos Space Marine Squads, acting as their Aspiring Champion. Zealots use their Psykic power and plasma bolters or staves against enemies whilst remain in the lines of their brothers. Zealots tolerate the Drown Marines just because that there Hydro Cannon and healing abilites for the Squads can become a turning point in any battle. However they can contract Aqua Blood if exposed to Drown Marines for to long. Zealots within their sanctum in Xax report to Uwen alone rather then their Champion Andrakeas as Uwen believes Andrakeas rare Aqua Blood Mutation that makes him appear like a Tideweaver means Andrakeas has givin fully to the Tideweavers and abandoned Tzeentch. But Uwen cannot defeat Andrakeas due to all Cyanic Enforcers that arent Zealots are answerable to him. During battle Zealots will respond to the Champion's commands as there cannot be room for neglect during war.


Zealots of Change are devoted to the worship of Tzeentch and have been trained to follow Tzeentch's will alone. They do not see the potential the Tideweaver's power can bring to the Cyanic Enforcers and as such only follow Tzeentch and do not respond to Artrixxerxx. Casting him out from their organisation.

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