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The Zanzibar System

  The Zanzibar System sits at the northern near side of the Damocles Gulf, and contains a total of sixteen stars, of which eleven currently have planets or moons in use by humans.


  The original settling of the area is thought to have been during the Dark Age of Technology, when a great migration took five vast ships from Terra.  The majority of the immigrants were from Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, though significant numbers of Europeans, Arabs, Indians, Malaysians and Indonesians were also aboard.  This multi-culturalism of the immigrants  brought to mind the make-up of the ancient trading island of Zanzibar, giving the expedition it's name - The Zanzibar Emigration.  The five ships carried over 20 million souls, and they spent months at a time in the Warp, until, on several occasions, mechanical breakdown or societal unrest aboard the ships caused them, one after another, to claim worlds around hospitable G-type stars.  The first ship to halt did so south of what is now the Badab area.  The second stopped it's journey near modern Nocturne.  Two more ships stopped at the edge of a great empty area near the far eastern side of the galaxy, that has since come to be called The Damocles Gulf or Rift. They settled on the the planets of the large star they named Zanzibar.  

  No-one knows what became of the fifth ship of The Zanzibar Emigration.

  The region sorrounding Zanzibar had a high concentration of G and F type stars with habitable planets - eight within 25 light years, and mankind spread rapidly in this friendly beachhead on the edge of almost empty space.  In the depths of the Gulf, they began finding huge riches on mining planets and moons, but little in the way of habitable worlds.

  The area disappeared from the attention of humanity for thousands of years, but by 200.M33 it was paying taxes to the Imperium.  Shortly thereafter, citing increasingly frequent pirate and orc harassment, the Imperial Governor of Zanzibar requested Space Marine protection. Given the great wealth of the region, this was agreed to.  Because the UltraMarines were so close by, they were initially asked to provide the gene seed of a chapter in 750.M33, but were unable to do so for reasons no-one can remember. This did, however, create a bad taste in the mouths of the many billions living in the region towards the UltraMarines that lasted for thousands of years.  The Iron Fists eventually provided what was needed in late M33, and for hundreds of years the region built it's Marines their home - a 1000-kilometer captured moon put into orbit around Zanzibar.  The Lions of Dorn now protect the area and patrol aggressively far into the Damocles Gulf and all along the line of the Tau Farsight Enclaves, seeking orc, tau or other xeno intrusion into Imperial space.

  With a half-dozen agri-planets and dozens of mining worlds, the system is resource-rich and highly productive, a very attractive target to xenos or Chaos Marines.


The region is controlled, protected and patrolled by the Lions of Dorn chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.  Their home is on the second moon of the planet Zanzibar, which orbits the large G-type star Zanzibar that sits at the northern edge of the area.  The proximity of the Tau Farsight Enclaves, and the regions location between the Tau Empire and the Farsight worlds routinely brings the system's travelers into contact with the Tau, but so far the Tau do not seem to be intent on a Fourth Sphere of Expansion and the two species have been living together fairly peacefully for quite some time.

The primary and very active threat to the human worlds is the actively expansionist Orc population of the Charadon Sector, who are even now reaching across many thousands of light years and bumping into the humans of Ultramar and Zanzibar and the Tau of the Farsight Enclaves. Both species are encountering increasing orc disruption, and both species have been fighting them separately.

Zanzibar Region Military

 Currently, the following Imperial Guard regiments are being manned by citizens of the region:

      2nd Zanzibar Heavy Infantry

      7th Trent Armor

      8th Stiogan Heavy Infantry

      11th Stiogan Heavy Infantry

      15th Totolan Mechanized Infantry

      18th Totolan Mechanized Infantry

      23rd Grabian Infantry

      600th Brilisi Engineers

      606th Southend Light Infantry

 All physically fit adults in the region spend three years in conscripted service of the PDF. From these forces, the planets draw the best for their Imperial Guard Regiments from troopers who volunteer after their first or second year of PDF duty.

Star systems within 25 light years of Zanzibar


White F star STIOGO - 11 l.y.away

Stiogo 2 - 1.4 AU - mining/industrial hive planet - 76 billion people

       - Home of the Imperial Guard 8th and 11th Stiogan Heavy Infantry Regiments

Stiogo 3 - 3.4 AU - barren mining planet w/. 2 mining moons - 850 million people

Brown dwarf BARALT - 9 l.y. away

Baralt 5 -  Barren mining planet - 620 million people

White F star GARIT - 7.2 ly away

Yellow G star ZANZIBAR  

Zanzibar 2 - 0.8 AU Hot desert mining planet - 11 billion people

Zanzibar 3 - 1.1 AU Agricultural planet - 3.9 billion people

- Capital of the sector

    - Home of the Imperial Guard 2nd Zanzibar Heavy Infantry Regiment

                               Barren moon -- System Imperial Naval Base

                               Artificial moon -- Home of the Lions of Dorn Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes

Zanzibar 6 - 1.6 AU - large Terran planet, 1.2 heavy grav, mining world -13 billion people

Yellow G star GRABIA - 3.3 l.y. away

       Grabia 1 - Mining planet - 310 million people

  Grabia 2 - mining planet + 2 mining moons - 1.6 billion people

  Grabia 3 - Large civilised agri-planet - 5.4 billion people

       -Home of the Imperial Guard 23rd Grabian Infantry Regiment     

            === Red giant MISTRA - 4.6 ly away ===

Red dwarf ALPHA BRILISI - 8.8 l.y.

Yellow F BETA BRILISI- 9.1 l.y.

  B Brilisi 2 - 1.1 AU - resort planet - 2 billion people

       - Home of the Imperial Guard 600th Engineer Regiment     

            === White dwarf DELTA BRILISI - 9.8 ly away ===             D Brilisi 3 - 1.0 AU - hot barren mining planet - 75 million people

  D Brilisi 4 - 1.4 AU - heavy grav mining hive - 21 billion people  

   === Blue giant LOREL'S STAR - 12 ly away ===

Orange star TRILUTA - 14 l.y away

  Triluta - 2.4 AU - frozen mining/industrial planet - 10 billion people

  Triluta 2 - 9 AU frozen barren mining planet, x2 heavy grav - 25 million people     

       === Red giant ALHEJ - 16 ly away ===

Brown dwarf DJICHIN - 18 l.y. away

Yellow G star TOTOLA - 19 l.y. away

          Totola 2 - 0.8 AU - hot mining/industrial hive planet - 26 billion people

      - Home of Imperial Guard 15th and 18th Totolan Mechanized Infantry Regiments

         Totola - 0.9 AU - civilized/agri planet - 7.5 billion people

  Totola 4 - 1.2 AU - water planet - 400 million people     

Red star TRENT - 21 ly away

       Trent 1 - mining planet w/. 2 mining moons -6 billion people

 Trent 2 - Cold desert planet - mining hive & industrial world - 45 billion people

      - Home of the 7th Trent Imperial Guard Armored Regiment     

Yellow G star SOUTHEND - 24 ly away

           Southend 2 - 0.8 AU - hot desert mining planet - 3.1 billion people

       - Home of the Imperial Guard 606th Southend Light Infantry Regiment

  Southend 3 - 2.1 AU - frozen mining/industrial planet - 19 billion people     

Zanzibar Region Imperial Navy Forces

      With the region's location between two expansionist xenos species - Orc and Tau - and the areas great wealth, the Imperial Navy has been slowly adding ships with the strategic goal of being able to fight a two-fleet war against both species simultaneously, and hold the region until reinforcements arrive.  With 25 battleships and heavy cruisers, and scores of light cruisers and escort ships, the fleets capital ships are currently mostly in port undergoing extensive maintenance and updating in anticipation of a massive Ork push into the region within the next 5 years. The fleet maintains heavy scouting patrols in the direction of the Charadon Sector and throughout the Damocles Gulf towards Tau space, as well as a very tight patrolling presence, nearly a blockade, of the Farsight Enclaves.

1 x Apocalypse-class battleship "IMPERIAL GLORY" -- Regional Imperial Fleet flagship

2 x Oberon-class battleships

3 x Retribution-class battleships

2 x Victory-class battleships

1 x Exorcist-class grand cruiser "SHINING BLADE"

4 x Mars-class battlecruisers

3 x Overlord-class battlecruisers

1 x Cardinal-class heavy cruiser "MANUS FORTI"

1 x Dictator-class cruiser

2 x Dominator-class cruisers

4 x Gothic-class cruisers

6 x Lunar-class cruisers

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