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"I get to travel the galaxy for the small price of shooting someone, someone who likely did bad things. It doesn't matter if the person who hired me to do it was also a bad person, since most of the time I'll end up shooting them as well."

A former farmer from a far off backwater in the Eastern Fringe, Zaidon Stoklasa is a far travelled Imperial assassin currently operating in the Sephadollion Sector in the service of Inquisitor Cherrice Bauyon.



"If the pay is good, what of it? I mean the people I'm shooting are criminals."

Zaidon was a simple farm boy on an Imperial Backwater who spent most of his childhood shooting rabid Grox in order to pay for his education and make a living, something which he developed into an impressive skill. Overtime, as conditions on his backwater home deteriorated and the peasants he worked alongside became more disgruntled, Zaidon was rushed into a militia and tasked to put down peasant rebellions. Zaidon's role in executing peasant leaders from afar (often mid 'working class hero' speeches) allowed him to hone his skills until he was a competent assassin, earning him a relatively comfortable wage until he decided it was best to take his leave from his home world.

Zaidon, traveling with a number of rouges and mercenaries continued to play the role of an assassin, however Zaidon's vague moral compass and human decency kept him limited to those he considered "legible" for death, though overtime this quickly became less and less of an issue. Zaidon's only real goal became money, as well as a sense of adventure which came with the work. Zaidon came to enjoy such holidays, especially since his more high profile work took him to more exotic and far off places, something the backwater farm boy always found interesting even in his older years.


Zaidon is always dressed in a dark grey tunic and light body armour, often sporting a standard flak helmet with mounted optical sight.



"I think I finally found the line that shouldn't be crossed when I saw my colleague trying to turn a murder victim into burger meat."


"Oh, Throne! You're all bloody assassins, aren't you? Typical."
—Magistrate Kiera Nesin