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Ysylas was an Ice World located in the Sabbat Worlds in the Segmentum Pacificus.


Ysylas served the role of a basic Feral World priorly, being of little importance to the Imperium. The planet was however helped out after a large amount of deaths in the planet's climate. Ysylas was often raided by nearby Orks afterwards, stealing technology and making life harder for the inhabitants every time, returning to sister-planet Isolum afterwards.

Taking note of the attacks, the Imperium tracked down the Orks to Isolum, and immediately dispatched a nearby chapter, the Knights of Redemption. The Knights of Redemption quickly dispatched of the Orks, leaving little of worth, apart from a captured vehicle and a few relics, behind at the planet.

Ysylas later became a recruitment world to the Knights of Redemption, along with Hive World Tefran.