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The Yanuk Dynasty is a Necron Dynasty currently ruled by the Dark Phaeron of whom has an unknown name, but is known to many as All"aars Ve-teeron They have a few worlds of recognition only one of these worlds is inhabited by other species, the homeworld of the Yanuk Dynasty is the planet Zzargburum. Other worlds that are controlled by the court of the Phaeron are Illem(situated in the Ere System), Loxus and the dark planets that are kept a secret to all.



The Yanuk Dynasty was founded by a young Necrontyr teenage of whom was known as a rebellious boy, this teenage boy was named Szerax. He lived in the ranks of the nobles and saw something which was said to be the first sign from the star gods of whom him and his family worshipped. This sign was a shining light of green and Szerax wondered whether the C'tan had good intentions and as he neared adulthood, he became a hermit looking for a weapon that was rumoured to be the only thing that could kill a god. Szerax met an older man who told him that the time would come when the Necrontyr would become the true owners of the stars. Szerax was convinced by this man to force people to build a starship for him and this was created in no time. He landed on another planet inhabited by Necrontyr and these people were a hardened group of soldiers and as he walked through the massive pyramid like structures of the world, Szerax thought and he came across something that told him that if he wanted success he would need warriors. The Void Dragon spoke to him when he grabbed a sword that was twisted by a green energy. The Void Dragon eventually was able to convince Szerax to create a group of warriors of whom were named the Yanuk People after the current ruler of the world. Szerax assimilated himself within the Yanuk soldiers and he merely became a whisper of name as none really knew who he was.

The War in Heaven

The Yanuk warriors were a frontline group in the War against the Old Ones, they were granted the status as a Dynasty when it was proved how much the Yanuks were doing for the Necrontyr armies, but even when they fought hard the Old Ones would always come out on top, due to the fact that the Necrontyr forces had limited reinforcements and the Old Ones would have what seemed like an unlimited amount of soldiers in any battle. The Yanuk Dynasty managed to hold their homeworld from the Old Ones, due to the timely intervention of the star god known as the Void Dragon. The Void Dragon only appeared very rarely to these Necrontyr and when he did it was in a metal body that was an experiment being conducted by the young creator Szerax. The Yanuk Dynasty held their great cities and the fall of the planet was witnessed by the young Szerax. Szerax saw the destruction of the great cities and so he secretly went out into the world and chose the most worthy of the Necrontyr soldiers to join him and in time, hundreds of Necrontyr soldiers sought the young boy, who could provide a small hideout in which they would wait for a time to strike. One of the Necrontyr who came to be an important figure took command and he called himself Visas Alyuk(sometimes spelt Vises). Visas told Szerax that he was far too young to keep these veteran soldiers from fighting back against the Old Ones and so Szerax agreed that Visas would be the frontline leader of the Yanuk Dynasty and so the council of the Yanuk Dynasty began to form.

Becoming the Necron/The Wait

The Yanuks stayed underground as their first commander watched the Old Ones through his complicated surveillance system installed in the cities of the planet. Szerax made plans that were enforced by Visas Alyuk as the frontline commander believed that the young Szerax had great plans to ensure the future of the Necrontyr. The survivors of the invasion were furious with the Old Ones and they really wanted to destroy the race and so Szerax began to perfect his experiment and as it became perfected the Void Dragon made more appearances through the body. Eventually after 5 years of living in a small mountain tunnel system, the Void Dragon made his final appearance to the members of the Yanuk Dynasty. The Void Dragon spoke to the council which had formed to include 12 members including Szerax and Visas Alyuk. At this time, Szerax revealed that his Necrontyr name was a curse and renamed himself All"aars Ve-teeron in honour of the Void Dragon. The Void Dragon promised the Yanuks that they would release disaster upon their enemies the Old Ones if they accepted him as the master of their group, as soon as Necrontyr vowed they would make him the true master, they had their souls transferred into metal bodies that the newly named All"aars Ve-teeron had recreated as part of his project. Visas Alyuk saw his metal body and he had retained most of his intelligence as the Void Dragon saw him as the most valuable asset. Visas thought that Szerax had betrayed them all as he was young and naive and as soon as the Void Dragon spoke to him and promised immortality, he was led down the path of corruption. The Void Dragon told the Yanuk Dynasty to attack and as soon as this order was given, Visas Alyuk flew off on his own to find redemption for his loyal and most brave soldiers, which he took with him on his mission to redeem themselves after they saw that they had accepted the path to damnation.

The Slaughter of the Old Ones

The Yanuk Dynasty attacked the Old Ones with a cold and relentless advance, the small amount of metal bodies would have made it easier for the Old Ones, but as the remaining Yanuk Dynasty Necrons pushed forward the Necron numbers began to increase as tombworlds under complete control of the Old Ones were reunited with this force of metal creatures. The Void Dragon led the Yanuk Dynasty with the voice of All'aars Ve-teeron being his leader for the mindless Necrons. The stars were being completely destroyed as the Void Dragon consumed each star that the Yanuk Necrons led him to. Meanwhile, the cold heartless slaughter continued as Visas Alyuk wove a path of destruction to any Old Ones who stood in his way. He brought down fortresses with a new cruel streak that was not prominent in the Necrontyr Visas Alyuk. He eventually came across a planet that seemed to be owned by a far more warlike group of Old Ones. He used his Necrons to strike attacks on the Old Ones and as soon as he began the assault it seemed the Old Ones weren't going to back down. This was the first time any members of the Yanuk Dynasty met the Orks and Eldar who were created by the Old Ones, for the first time since becoming a Necron Visas Alyuk dedicated this fight to the Void Dragon. Him and his strand of the Yanuk Dynasty eventually took the main fortress, but many of the Necrons who joined him from other dynasties had fallen in battle. The other Yanuk Dynasty group rode forward ripping into the heart of the Old Ones by bringing down many of their creations and after the Old Ones had resorted to the last battle, the advance of the Yanuk Dynasty stopped after All"aars Ve-teeron realized he had made a grave mistake and he sent a Necron messenger to send something to his old ally Visas Alyuk.

The Rebellion Against the C'tan

The most bloody wars were fought by the Yanuk Dynasty here because when Visas Alyuk finished building his underground tomb in the Ere System, a message came and it was from All"aars Ve-teeron. He offered that it was time to reform the true Yanuk Dynasty and rebel against the Star Gods of whom were using them as pawns, so they could become stronger and harvest the souls of every living creature in the galaxy. The Yanuk Dynasty then turned from being the pawns to being the aggressor and they waged war after war against the Void Dragon, at one stage they were joined by the final member of the Triad that once ruled the Necrontyr. The Silent King helped the Yanuk Dynasty to destroy the Void Dragon and scatter his shards far and wide. The Yanuks helped many other Necron groups to attack and destroy the other C'tan gods as Visas Alyuk had thanked the Silent King for his help in redeeming his men and himself. Visas Alyuk threw himself in battle as his experienced and war scarred Necron soldiers had searched for the way to redeem themselves and now they were redeemed they took every chance to rid the Necrons of the C'tan who had used them as slaves. All"aars also seeked redemption for betraying his former allies and so threw himself and the entire dynasty into battle against the C'tan. As all the C'tan fought for their lives after this what they thought was a betrayal by their once useful servants, the C'tan did manage to cause many casualties in the war but as the Necrons outnumbered them victory seemed impossible and so the leaders of the final battle in which all C'tan were teamed up decided that they would launch the greatest assault of Necrons ever since the final war of the second wars in heaven. The Yanuk Dynasty was first to reach the God fortress and they smashed open the walls with a relentless fury that tore apart the entire outside of the fortress. The power of the C'tan killed many as they swiped with weapons that cut through the Necron bodies like a knife through butter. The bodies of the C'tan though made them weaker as many minor C'tan were killed by a Warscythe tearing through the heart and rending apart the soul which shattered the body to a million pieces. The Necrons were truly many and these numbers began to overwhelm even the stronger C'tan and the final blow on the Deciever of whom was the last surviving god was struck by All"aars Ve-teeron and instantly he felt that redemption coursed through his veins.

The Great Sleep

The Yanuk Dynasty owned many worlds and some of these worlds were very isolated and many tombworlds had been assimilated to the once almost extinct Yanuk Dynasty. Before the sleep, the council was reorganized all the lords of the council were given their own sectors and as All'aars Ve-teeron saw that Visas Alyuk was the true commander that he was worked out to be, the Phaeron gave him the position of Overlord and gave him the lands he had conquered in the wars against the Old Ones. The Yanuks waited for many years as the tomb cities were checked to makes sure that the entire system was working. Then the time came, the entire dynasty fell into a deep stasis and some remained asleep for many millions of years while others remained asleep for a thousand years.

The First Awakened

The first to awake from the sleep was the Overlord Visas Alyuk and his horde, he awoke due to the presence of the Orks and Eldar in a war that shook the planet from above. His group had survived and were first among the Yanuk Dynasty to awake and the instant they woke up, the Necrons began to fight in the battle against the Eldar and the Orks as rumours were found that the Orks had taken the battle into the cave entrances of the tombworld and as a result the sensors deployed and woke the Necrons as the threat was looming. The year was before the Fall of the Eldar and it was during the period where the Eldar were creating pleasure cults. Visas Alyuk sent a message to see if the Phaeron had awakened and word was that he was still slumbering on the home planet of the former Necrontyr Yanuks. Visas Alyuk then began to send out small groups of Lynchguard and Triarch Praetorians to see if any other living flesh beings were within the area. Visas Alyuk was unable to defeat the Orks and Eldar in the coming battles of Illem. He was forever to be fighting against the filthy members of the Old Ones creations on the planet.

The Expansion and The Awakening of the Phaeron

The Phaeron had awakened and heard that his best Overlord was busy with the wars that consumed his time. He ordered the Necron army that had awakened with him to override the controls of the many tombs of his soulless warriors of the Yanuk Dynasty. The Canoptek Wraiths were given new controls and they set the rise for a mass awakening. A huge horde of Necron warriors then set out on different paths as All'aars Ve-teeron wanted his forces not to be noticed and so a invasion force consisted of less than 500 Necrons. The Necrons conquered many planets and the Yanuk Dynasty discovered many shards of the C'tan god known as the Void Dragon. All'aars Ve-teeron kept these shards in a underground chamber and only released one of them for each battle as the Yanuk Dynasty never again wanted to be controlled by a Godlike being. The Yanuk Dynasty are still ever expanding and so the Era of Expansion is a never ending era for the Yanuk Dynasty as only when the entire universe is deceased of all life this era will end.

Notable Battles of the Yanuk Dynasty

The Battle of Yulnon: The Necrons of the Yanuk Dynasty attacked a moon that was inhabited by Eldar Exodites, the Exodites expected the attack and did all they could to prepare, but the Necron force was a infiltration force commanded by Visas Alyuk head bodyguard, the Necron Deathmarks hunted the Eldar, day and night until the Eldar fortress was on it's knees. The Leader of the Exodites made one last attempt to destroy the Necron Deathmarks and he found that the main force of the Necrons had landed and so he called for help with his psychic powers and found his message accepted by the Biel-Tan Craftworld. The Aspect Warriors landed and took huge chunks out of the main force and out of nowhere The Phaeron appeared, he was gone as quick as he came and when the Necrons attacked, the main attacking transport had fallen out of the sky and the Craftworld was under a small threat as the Phaeron himself wove a cloud of illusion over the entire Craftworld, so they could not help the large Aspect Warrior force. He then teleported himself down onto the moon and unleashed his full strength. The Phaeron then mysteriously dissapeared and did not witness the discovery of the first shard of the Void Dragon.

The Battle of Illem: Visas Alyuk led his awakened warriors into battle with the Orks and Eldar, the planet was in a state of perpetual war and Visas Alyuk took advantage by patiently waiting for the Orks to slaughter the Eldar and he believed that the Orks were incompetent at command and little did he realize Alyuk was walking into a battle that he would have his first defeat in. A Necron Bodyguard of Alyuk led his strike force to attack the Orks in an attempt to weaken the forces of the Ork horde. The Necron Lynchguard then started to advance through the jungles to attack settlements owned by the Orks. The underground villages of the Eldar were also attacked by the Canoptek machines of whom held the attention of the Eldar who made temporary homes in the fortresses of the mountains. The Mountain Orks stopped any Necrons from crossing the mountain passes and so Alyuk made plans to send in a small force of Deathmarks to kill the Mountain Orks guarding the paths through the mountains. The Necrons seemed to have every possible plan thought out and so the Orks of the Far South of whom were well known for being very smart in Orky terms used that against the Necrons by launching assault after assault on the marching Necron force.


The Crownworld

Zzargburum is the crownworld of the Yanuk Dynasty, it's famous for the high pyramidlike structures built on the planet for the leaders of the Yanuk Dynasty. The towering structures dominate the planet and the highest of the Necron leaders reside here. The pyramids are endorned with glyphs of the old age. Zzargburum is a wasteland and although the entire atmosphere is full of Oxygen, some of the atmosphere is made of posionous gases which can kill Necrontyr quite easily. Therefore the huge cities and burial grounds of planet are led underground where most of the breathing gas is kept. This keeps a steady flow of the air into the cities keeping them alive for longer. Roads are underground instead of above and so most travelling is done on foot. Unless you have a tank which releases the more breathable air onto your tank in which you can follow the aboveground road, which is dangerous and rocky. The wasteland has many plateaus and other rocky structures including but not limited to Canyons, standing stones and cliffs, but there are no sign of any mountains on the planet.


Necrontyr System

The structure of the old Yanuk Dynasty is very complicated as the government was made up of the military commanders and their Lieutenants. The High Military Leader was the leader of the Dynasty, and his generals were somewhat a part of the Lower Council. The Lower Council was a small group of generals and engineers who made decision on the defence systems of the crownworld and the other surrounding tombworlds. The High Council was led by the Commander of all Necrontyr forces and the Commander was the representative of the High Military Leader who was expected to lead the Yanuk Dynasty into battle. The other members of the High Council were the governors of each tombworld, the Command Strategy Team of the army and the government assassins of the current leader. The Necrontyr people were also given positions in a small democratic system of the government which was used to pass laws and other important jobs to the people and so construction projects were decided upon by the masses of the Yanuk Dynasty.

The Necron System

The significant changes of the Necron Yanuk Dynasty from the Necrontyr dynasty are the fact that there was no more democracy as the masses became too simple minded. The military structure continued with the Phaeron being ranked as the Leader of the Dynasty. The introduction of the Overlord into the government called for a new court known as the Court of the High Phaeron. The High Phaeron was a new position that was held by a great esteemed soldier and this High Phaeron was considered the representative and leader of the tombworlds that were left behind by the Phaeron. The Lords are moved out of the councils altogether with the Crypteks and workers on the Necron technology being placed on a higher rank due to the importance of the position.

The Necrontyr Standard War Doctrine

A very important piece of information that the Imperials would love to get their hands on as it reveals so many reasons as to why the Yanuk Dynasty is a fully fledged and organized force. This War Doctrine is held in the chambers of the Phaeron and a vow was taken by young members who wanted to join the army. This has changed and the recordings of the changes have been written of this Standard War Doctrine as the Phaeron is keeping an old tradition. The war doctrine describes the Yanuk Dynasty as the superior combat fighters in the whole of the Necron world. The Doctrine also is one of the only remnants of a famous writing that is by Visas Alyuk and it is known as The Art of Patience and Hell. This writing is what the Necrons of Yanuk Dynasty have always followed due to its description as patience being the best asset in any war. This is one of the main reasons why the Yanuk Dynasty is a very hard and solid army force as they can fight for such long periods of time and they will never stop until they have waited for eternity.

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