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"Strike me warp-spawn! For not even the Ruinous Powers themselves may chain my soul to the abyss!"
—Xavier Morgan

Xavier Morgan is an active member of the Imperial Inquisition, serving as an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus. Xavier has served with distinction as an inquisitor for more than a century and a half, and is currently operating near the Eye of Terror, seeking to counter the spike in daemon activity there in light of the 13th Black Crusade of Abbadon the Despoiler. The eldest son of Elijah Morgan, the patriarch of House Morgan and a Lord Inquisitor within the Ordo Malleus, Xavier is the heir of his family's wealth and demesne back on his homeworld of Malitia.


"I grew up on a world full of psychopaths and daemon-worshipers. Serving the Ordo Malleus simply permits me the luxury of reliving my glorious childhood."
—Xavier Morgan

Early life

Personality and traits

"Tread carefully. For though fear is an inescapable part of our humanity, only a fool allows his fears to become manifest to the eyes of Chaos. Only then will you have allowed the Ruinous Powers an opening into your very soul."
—Xavier Morgan

A wise and well-traveled man, Xavier witnessed many events in his life, learning from each and applying the lessons he learned to his life to survive an a daemon hunter. Serving under the wing of his father, Xavier was keen to absorb whatever information he could that would lend itself to being useful in any potential future excursions involving daemons and Chaos worshipers. Having been brought up in an atmosphere of distrust and hostility that was ubiquitous throughout his homeworld of Malitia, Xavier was also well-antiquated with the intricacies of political dealings, aristocratic etiquette and protocol, and backroom affairs, allowing him to navigate the murky waters of the noble and aristocratic elements he would ultimately have to deal with as an inquisitor of the Imperium.

Skills and abilities

"Suicidal bravery will when you no battles."
—Xavier Morgan




—Xavier Morgan


"I thought he was alright, until he tried to fist-bump me with a thunder claw. Then I thought he was rad."
Douchard Bagge