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The Wyverns are a Space Marine Chapter founded during the 10th Founding and are descendants of the Ultramarines. The Wyverns prefer to use Drop Pods to attack their foes. Just like a Wyvern would do , they come flying from the sky and they prefer to land right in the enemy's base. They will most likely use scouts to mark the positions for the Drop Pods. The current Chapter Master is Axelius Rakseel.


The Wyverns prefer to use defense and Drop Pods to attack their foes and flank their enemies when they think that their foes are too strong for them. They sometimes prefer to scout out their foes and watch them from a safe distance and learn more about them.

Allies and Enemies

The Wyverns absoloutely DO NOT work well with other Space Marines so they prefer to fight alone. However they do have PLENTY of enemies. The Alpha Legion , the Emperor's Children , the Death Guard and the Word Bearers are the enemies of the Wyverns. The Alpha Legion because of the Dragon's War , the Death Guard because of the same reason and the Word Bearers because when the Wyverns were first founded , the Word Bearers attacked their homeworld.

Known Engagements

The Dragon's War - The Dragon's War was a battle that occured during the 38th Millennium. It happened when the Alpha Legion and the Death Guard attacked the city of Alekso on Umheel. The war lasted a great 3 years until it ended. The Wyverns nearly were obliterated until they got reinforcements and striked the strongholds of each of the legions.

The Attempt - When the Wyverns were first founded , and they didn't have the current number of Space Marines they have now. They only had about 550 Space Marines at the time. Since the Word Bearers heard of the new Chapter , they attacked The Cave and killed most of the Space Marines. But the defenses of the Fortress Monastary were too much for the Word Bearers and they eventually retreated.