This article, Wings of the Emperor, is a non-canonical humour article written for entertainment purposes. It is not to be taken seriously, and does not need to follow any storyline in particular.
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The Wings Of The Emperor Are A Space Marine Chapter Founded During The Dark 13th Founding That Specialise In Heavy Armour And Tank Shock Tactics, With Their Doctrine Born In The Fires Of The Siege Of Labrys X, And Have Been Living To Specialise In The Way Of High Defence Capabilities Since That Day.


Fighting Through Centuries Of Actively Lunging Themselves Toward Dangerous Missions And Close-Quarter Combat In Sieges And Hive Cities, The Wings Of The Emperor Have Developed Some Unique Specialised Roles Adapted To Specific Situations That Their Doctrine Demands.


The Phalanx Is A Specialised Varian Of The Tactical Dreadnought A.K.A Terminator That Places Heavy Reliance On Reinforced Armour Plating And Usage Of Stormbolter-Mounted Storm Shields. Phalanxes Often Operate, True To Their Name, In Close-knit Formations, Capable Of Withstanding Payloads Of Unrelenting Enemy Fire As They Advance Slowly Toward Their Objective.


The Cataphract Is A Specialised Centurion Adapted To Cater For Terminator Armour. Whilst Only Twenty Exist In The Entire Chapter, Their Unmatched Resilience And Ability To Shake Off Explosions That Could Punch Holes In Baneblades. Cataphracts Are Typically Equipped With Energy Weapons Such As Lascannons and Plasma Cannons To Aid In Countering Similarly Armed Opponents Which Are Often Fielded By The Enemy To Counter Their Tactics.

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