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Basic information

White Eagles are a fleet based crusading chapter and descendants of the White Scars. Eagles will either refer to each other as knights or companions. 

Chapter history

The history of the chapter is still shrouded in mystery - more of it may be unearthed in a future. Among the events known to the Imperial scholars, the most significant one is the conflict between White Eagles and the Sons of Theutonus.


Heraldry is an important part of White Eagles culture. White Eagles are divided into numerous crusading fleets and each fleet has its own colors to distinguish itself from the others. Among each fleet there are many knight houses, that usually consist of a cruiser, its escorts their crew and a handful of marines. Those houses will use both colors of the fleet they belong to and the their own heraldry. Fleet captains will use the coat of arms of the chapter halved with the colors of their respective fleet. Only the Grand Admiral - equivalent of the Chapter Master in other chapters, and his closest companions will use the symbols and colors of the chapter.

Chapter organization and combat doctrine.

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The lack of the homeworld and a fleet centric doctrine, composed with an inner need to prove oneself present in every knight - resulted in decentralization of the chapter and its partial divergence from the doctrine laid down in the Codex Astartes. 

Notable White Eagles

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Notable Campaigns

  1. Theutonus Invasion, known also as the Shadow Scar War  – After turning traitor, Sons of Theutonus devoted themselves to the destruction of White Eagles. To achieve that they had made pacts with warp gods and various chaos warbands. After amassing enough power they struck at the Nosteroth Sub-Sector of the Alaburus Sector. Faced with overwhelming odds, White Eagles decided to send a cry for help to the Imperium. According to the existing records, answering their call came Crimson Thunder and Lightning Spears Space Marines Chapters – with their help White Eagles were able to stop chaos forces advance and turn the tide of the war in the battle for the planet Parkan III. It was not the end of the conflict however, As it turned out that not habitable worlds located on the borders of Alaburus Sector were in fact tomb worlds of a necron dynasty, that had been woke up by the raging war. With the third party joining in the conflict dragged on for many decades.