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"We are the Tok Haroci. Our flame burns bright."
— Chapter Master Tass Herron

Created during the 26th Founding, the Whisper Dragons ('Muris Et Dracona' in High Gothic; "Toc Haroci" in Tokharon Proto-Gothic) are a fleet-based Space Marine Chapter formerly of the feral world of Tokharo. Following an acutely non-codex organisation, this Chapter are organized as dictated by their tribal culture, and have a preference for flame weaponry.



Hailing from a world of perpetual darkness, the Tokharon population have a skin tone of alabaster white. As descendant of a tribal warrior culture, the Whisper Dragons follow the customs of their homeworld; wearing their hair in long elaborate topknots and wolf-tails dyed in strange colours and tattooing their skin with tribal pictographs, mimicking the appearance of the giant fluorescent insects native to their homeworld from which they take their name and symbol. Their cloudy blue armour mirrors the sky above the planets fungle-forests; constant clouds of coarse spores from the colossal fungus trees fill the black skies with a thick blue haze, while the crisp white markings represent the multitudes of glowing plants that lit their darkened home. The uniform of the Whisper Dragons is entirely symbolic and is believed by the Tokharon people to increase a warriors speed, strength and agility ten-fold, and protect the wearer from harmful spells.

"Your armour may protect you from the physical assaults of your foe, but there are forces in the verse that are not hindered by such material things."
— Vanha Tekijä, instructing the Candle Bearers.

Possibly due to some error in documentation or a bureaucratic oversight, the Marines of Tokharo are equipped solely with MKVI 'Corvus' pattern Power Armour. The suits advanced systems, along with the Whisper Dragons Astartes level senses and heightened night vision make the Whisper Dragons Marines fearsome night fighters. The Squires of the Chapter are clad in a unique form of Scout Armour known as 'Avius' pattern, which unlike the other marks is fully sealed; this allows Whisper Dragons Squires to operate in any warzone no matter how hazardous.

Gene-Seed Controversy

Whisper Dragon Drawing

An artists rendering of a Whisper Dragon in battle

Though the adventurous and quick-witted Whisper Dragons share very little similarities in appearance, as well as psychology to the noble Salamanders, certain Gene-seed markers have led some to believe the chapter is a rare successor of this prestigious Chapter; though this idea is greatly disputed by the Whisper Dragons themselves who refuse any and all connection to the Primarches. The gene-seed of the Whisper Dragons is prone to excessive long term degradation that may cause sudden organ failure and even psychosis in rare cases. Another oddity of the Whisper Dragons gene-seed is that it has been in all cases fatal to those who have even the slightest hint of psychic potential; though many in the Chapter see this as a blessing rather than a curse, as the Tokharon people have a deep loathing for those who practice magic. 
"El'Jonson, Khan, Russ, Dorn, Sanguinius, Mannus, Guilliman, Vulkan, Corax; these names mean nothing to us. Nothing."
— Oma Inferno-Knight, to a sister of Unquenchable Starlight

Another less common suspicion surrounding the Chapters Gene-Seed is that the supposed link between the Tokharons and the fiery sons of Nocturne is actually faked; the Gene-Tythe given over by the Chapter which was found to be pure is thought to have been in fact a diversion to hide the Whisper Dragons horrific Chapter Flaw (and the consequent Gene-tampering) and was actually the Gene-Seed of another Chapter; though none dare speculate when or how this sample was collected. 

Chapter Flaw

The story of the CMLXXXII "Vaporo" gene-batch is one of terror, tragedy and betrayal. It is not known when it was that the Gene-Seed of the Whisper Dragons became corrupted. Many believe the flaw was born with the Gene-Seed in the laboratory-banks of Terra, the Adeptus Biologis' mistakes and lack-knowledge creating a weak gene strain lacking many key markers causing critical, and seemingly unrecorded failures in test subjects. Others say that it was Tokharo, the Chapters homeworld that was the cause; constant, heavy chaos infection waking frailty from dormancy, resulting in the Chapters sudden, though lingering demise. 

The flaw itself, known to the scions of Terra as "Soul Cinder", is an affliction of the blood which causes malignant cells to coat organs with a toxic lining; sudden organ failure, blood clotting, audial and visual hallucinations, and violent psychotic episodes have all been accounted through the history of the Whisper Dragons. But it is believed by some that these dreadful effects are not nearly the worst of gene-symptoms. 

Battle Doctrine

"The smallest spark may ignite the largest inferno."
— Chapter Master Tass Herron

The tribal warrior culture of Tokharo permeates all aspects the the Whisper Dragons Chapter, and this can be seen most keenly in the way the warriors conduct themselves in battle. Just as the different clans had once fought among themselves for supremacy, the Battle-Squads compete with one another constantly for glory and commendment; honing their skills equally in the training cage as the fires of war, knowing that only the fastest and strongest of warriors may live to fight another day. Each Battle-Squad acts as an independent unit, often paying no heed to any but their own unit's Knights and Paladin.

Favouring a fast hit-and-run style of warfare, the Whisper Dragons detest open war and long grinding engagements; striking from the shadows with flamers burning bright, before retreating back into the darkness before the enemy is aware of their presence - just as the warriors of old Tokharo once fought. 

Tokharon Battle Code

The warriors of Tokharo follow a set of rules in battle known as the 'Code of Fire'. The five rules are as follows: 

  1. Our foes are numberless, we are but few - Never risk your life unnecessarily. 
  2. Strike from shadow, strike with fury - Show no mercy to those who stand against you. 
  3. Honour those with the skill to lead - Respect your superiors, they have earned it.
  4. Tokharo lives within all of us  - Question your orders, you are not a mindless slave.
  5. Our fire burns bright, never may it dim - Never disgrace your self, your clan, or your people.


"Our past is like ash. Dark and cloudy. But this does not diminish us, for we are as fire. Bright and bold! Others see us as savage and strange. But they are wrong. Our souls burn with pure flame; and our flame is that of the Emperor's!"
— Lota the Ward, on the Whisper Dragons reputation

As a Chapter with a questionable past, the Whisper Dragons have a reputation of being untrustworthy and dishonorable; the rumours of Gene-Seed tampering and their nature of secrecy has left them with few allies. Though this pariah image is not unfounded, the Whisper Dragons are stout followers of the Imperial creed and frequently conduct candlelit ceremonies dedicated to their God-Emperor. As a Chapter of ill fate, the Whisper Dragons prefer not to burden themselves with trinkets and useless idols, believing humility brings them closer to their savoir, and though the outlandish hair and tattoos which to some would see as pointless decoration are instead seen as an essential part of a warriors uniform.  

The Knowing 

"Fire is life, and in life our flame burns bright. Ash is death, that what is left of us when we pass on."
— Palata the Hidden, reflects on his meditations.

The religion of the Tokharon people, or 'the Knowing' can appear to be quite strange and alien to those who follow the base-line Imperial Creed, as many of the practices can be interpreted to be primitive and savage. As taught by the priestly cast of Tokharo, fire is the most blessed thing in creation and after the coming of the Imperium the Emperor was seen as the 'pure fire', a being born of ash and cinders; and therefore the most holy being in creation. It is common for Tokharons to ritually burn themselves, to create scared patterns; which they believe to bring them closer to their god.


The Blue-Forest

The planet of Tokharo was a verdant forest-world swathed in perpetual night. Bio-luminescent fungi being the only source of light upon the shrouded world. First settled during the Dark Age of Technology, the world of Tokharo was separated from the greater galaxy for thousands of years; this along with the planets close proximity to the Eye of Terror has caused great physical and cultural changes in the Tokharon population.


Tribal tattoos are common among the people of Tokharo

The people of Tokharo were the 'Tok Haroci', or 'Blue-Forest People' who lived among the ruins of the once great cities that dotted the surface of the planet, as well as smaller groups of people who made their homes in the branches of the fungus-forests or the reed chocked spore swamps. Though a once technologically advanced people, a planet-spanning war in ages past left Tokharo in ruins from which it never recovered. What little technology managed to survive the war fell more and more into disrepair, as the people of Tokharo degraded into savagery. In the thousands of years that followed almost all knowledge and science was lost, replaced by dogmatic spirit worship. By the time the Emperor's Crusade finally reached Tokharo, the Astartes of the III Legion came face to face with albino flamer-wielding techno barbarians whose language and society was as alien and hostile as the planet it's self.
"These... people, if one may call these violent mushroom headed savages 'people', are a lost cause. I have seen worlds of golden cities and verdant gardens; beautiful places with people worthy of a place with in the Emperor's grace... but these 'Tokharon people' would not know one end of the brush from the other."
—Sergeant Calios of the Emperor's Children I-IV Division on the people of Tokharo. (M31)

Tokharo, the 'Blue-Forest' (Midground), Jenharo - Moon (Foreground), The Eye of Terror (Far Right)

Early attempts to treat with the Tokharon people ended with failure, and on many occasions with bloodshed as the natives believed the Emperor's armies to be nothing less than invaders, and at worst warp spawned monsters; daemonic incursions were common place in the dark times and the chiefs of the Tokharon clans saw only death in place of hope. Eventually, after much debate (and infighting) the charisma of the Emperor's Children won over the stubborn Tokharon leaders, the planets population gradually welcoming the influx of technology and goods that had been lost to them over the course of ten millennia. Though the population was now compliant, the Imperial administration still believed the people to be of little worth to the greater empire. 

In the later part of the 41st millennium the Priesthood announced the creation of a number of new Space Marine Chapters as part of the 26th Founding. Out of all the planets in the galaxy, Tokharo was unlikely chosen to be one such homeworld for a new Chapter, now known as the Whisper Dragons

Fauna and Flora

The dark forests of Tokharo team with a seemingly endless variety of life; strange plants and bizarre animals form the labyrinthine ecosystem of the tangled Blue-Forest, and effect every aspect of the Tok Haroci's lives. 


  • Giant Dragonfly

    An artists impression of a Tokharon Whisper Dragon

    Tokharon Whisper Dragons - Though its name is now more synonymous with the Astartes Chapter that bears it's likeness, the giant fluorescent dragonflies of the Blue-Forest were the most revered and sacred of animals to the Tok Haroci. Believed to be carry the souls of the dead to the otherworld, these magnificent insects were a central part of Tokharon religious ceremony. The 'magical' silk these creatures produced was also used in the creation of many spiritual and cultural items - bandages and healing potions, bow strings, weaving, and most famous of all to create the famous Whispersilk Cloaks. 
  • Shadow Crawlers - The apex predator of Tokharo, these monstrous worm-like carnivores were rightly feared by all those who traveled the lonely winding paths of the Blue-Forest; bursting from gloomy thickets and tanglevines in a fury of teeth and poisonous barbs before slinking back into the darkness if the foe proves to difficult to kill (Though this was rarely the case).  
  • Loapers - Used mainly as a food source by the Tok Haroci, Loapers were a large bipedal herbivore with a large wide beak that was used to sleuth through the dirt and mud of the Spore-Swamps. These creatures were often domesticated and used as mounts or beasts of burden.


  • Fungus Trees - Often reaching over a hundred meters in height, these colossal mushroom-like trees were the most common and recognizable plants on Tokharo and the reason it gained the name 'Blue-Forest'. Constantly shedding a cloud of large blue spores, the Fungus Trees filled the skies with clouds of blue and covered the ground in a thick layer of ash like powder.
  • Tanglesvines - Hanging from the branches of almost every tree in the forest, the Tanglevine was coated with a powerful toxin that paralyzes anything it touches within moments. The poison was often extracted and used by the Tok Haroci for a number of reasons. 
  • Flames Bane - This red blade-shaped grass was used in many poisons and potions due to its numbing and painkilling qualities.

Key Locations 

Tokharo was full of interesting and strange places, both ancient and new, natural and engineered.  

  • The High City - Built by the Imperials during the coming of the Empire, this vast city was built atop the Dragons Reach plateau and was the center of Imperial influence in the Blue Forest. Before the purge the High City briefly acted as the Fortress-Monastery of the Whisper Dragons Chapter. 
  • Kekäle Tower - A sacred place where the priests of the Knowing congregated. 
  • Shadowfall - A shadowy and mysterious region of the Blue-Forest where non dared to tread. This veiled place was thought to be home to Daemons and was avoided at all costs. 
  • The Ash Hills - Burnt black by the fires of war, the forests never returned to this accursed place. 
  • Silversilk Caves - Widely known as the most beautiful place on Tokharo, these mazework caves were the of the largest population of Tokharon Whisper Dragons; a reason why most thought it to be a holy place.  

Blue-Forest Clans

The people of Tokharo are highly independent and warlike, and do not tend to mix well with others; though this nature of hostility and xenophobia is in no way unfounded. In the Dark Times, as the Tokharons call it, before the Emperor's crusade came to their isolated world the blue-forest people were separated into many different clans that did battle with one another for resources, technology, good hunting grounds, as well as for the control of the vast ruined cities; which were not only prized for their material worth, but also for their symbolic value as those with control of the mighty cities were themselves in turn seen to be mighty. 

  • Battle Clans - 

    A pict-capture of a pair of Tokharon Battle-Clan members

    Masters in the ways of war, these clans were the most savage and wild of all the Blue-Forest clans. These clans were notorious for savagery and would rarely barter or trade, preferring to take what they will by brute force. Though these powerful clans would seem likely to control the great cities of Tokharo it was rarely the case, instead they moved from place to place plundering at will, returning to the cities only when they needed to restock themselves. The Battle Clans had large amounts of flame tattoos and scarifications.  
  • Merchant Clans - The richest of the Tokharons were the merchant clans. No clan truly trusted members of another clan, and so it fell to the seemingly trustworthy merchants to be the peaceful third party in the deal; buying goods from one clan,and selling them to another. In this way they would keep the fragile peace between the rowdy clans, and make a handsome profit in the process. It is said that the Merchants had secret dealings with the Battle Clans, and would take any valuables the warriors had to offer in return for supplies and a place to stay between raids. The Merchant Clans could be told apart by the long feathers they wore in bands on their shoulders and helms. 
  • 05

    The Hunt

    Hunter Clans - Stalking the great beasts of the Spore-Forests, the Hunter Clans were the epitome of stealth and cunning; as none but the best of them could hope to survive the horrors of the deep woods. Camouflaging themselves with the hides of slain beasts, and shrouded in the silks of Whisper Dragons these fearless hunters were rightly feared by the other clans; it was said that the Hunter Clans could enter even the most secure fortress and slay all those inside without making a sound, and that they could do this fast enough to do so without drawing a single breath. This is mostly rumor and legend, but the Hunters were never ones to dismiss what only seemed to make them stronger. 
  • High-Tree Clans - Mocked as pacifists and cowards, those who lived in the secluded tree-villages were seen as strangers and outcasts who were never trusted by those of the other clans. This didn't seem to bother the tree dwellers, as they preferred to be left alone.  
  • Shadows

    A Tokharon exile

    The 'Bog Trotters' - Sometimes a clan member would commit a crime that was seen to be so horrible and blasphemous that the clan chief would have them exiled to the fungle swamps of the outlands. Though it was assumed that these people would surly perish in the perilous bogs, it was no uncommon for many of these exiles to form clans of their own; eking out a living in the dreary downs of the mangroves. An exile, or 'Bog Trotter' as they were known, wore no colour in their hair and cloths.
  • Those of the Knowing - The priesthood of Tokharo were revered by all and had little to no connection to one individual clan, instead they traveled from place to place sharing the 'knowing' (The religion of old Tokharo) with all those they encountered. 

Notable Clans

Throughout the history of Tokharo many great clans have risen to provenance and power only to fall into ruin; doomed to be forgotten by time. On the other hand, the names and deeds of the greatest clans resonate immortally; the descendants of these proud families venerating their ancestors and striving to continue their beloved legacy.

"Walk with me, my blessed forebears; See the world through my eyes. Lend me your strength and will, so that I may over come the obstacles in my path. Lend me your speed and stealth, so that I may outrun fated death. And lend me most of all your hearts, so that my fire may be kindled with the burning wrath of thousands."
— Paladin Kirkas' prebattle ritual.
  • Battle-Clan Dracona - The most famous and well loved clan, the Dracona people were instrumental in forging the alliance between Tokharons and the Imperials, and thus assuring the continued existence of the planet.  
  • Battle-Clan Levo - Known as the 'Broken-Blade Clan', the people of Clan Levo were one of the mightiest Battle-Clans to ever rise on Tokharo - conquering and enslaving over a quarter of the population, before finally being brought to heel by the Astartes of the Emperor's Children at the coming of the Imperium. Though they have never been a well loved clan by the Tok Haroci, Clan Levo's fearsome accomplishments allowed the Clan the honour of having a Battle-Squad of the Whisper Dragons named for them.
  • Exile-Clan Aecro - More of a myth than a historical clan, the clan Aecro was supposedly formed from the exiled sons and daughters of Tokharon nobles, and would as legend claims 'descend from the dark skies on dragon-wings to lay waste to all before them'. Though their is no actual historical evidence to aid the validity of this story, there were enough of those within the Chapter who believed these stories to allow the Storm-Squad to be named in honour of this legend.  
  • Futurekind

    The Red-Clan

    Red-Clan Petturi - Perhaps the most infamous clan in the history of the Blue-Forest, the Petturi people were blood thirsty murderers (even by the standards of ancient Tokharo) who were feared and loathed by all the Blue-Forest People. None can say what truly happened to this clan, but it is believed that the warriors of Battle-Clan Dracona played a large part in their downfall.
  • Hunter-Clan Loctus - Skilled beyond compare in the art of Shadow war, Loctus was a clan of assassins and bounty hunters who owed no allegiance but to their own. Clan Loctus is also credited with the invention of the Whispersilk Cloak.

Though clan rivalry has no place within the Whisper Dragons Chapter, old alliances die slow deaths and many Humans and Astartes within the ranks remain grudgingly hostile toward those of a rival clan. 



Having so few warriors it would be impossible for the Whisper Dragons to comply to Codex Astartes, so instead they employ a setup modeled from their own Tokharon tradition of 'squiring', where a new recruit is tutored by a veteran Marine in order to gain first-hand combat experience in all areas of warfare. In place of Companies, the Chapter is organized into 'Battle-Squads'. Led by a Paladin (which also may be an Apothecary or Techmarine), each Battle-Squad is then separated into three units each made up of four Marines, their squires and a Knight. The first unit, led by the Ignus-Knight specializes in close fire support, and are equipped similar to a Codex tactical squad. The second unit is the 'Pyros' squad, which specializes in scouting and close combat; this unit is usually equip with close ranged and melee weapons. The third section of the Battle-Squad is known as the 'Infernus Squad' which specializes in Heavy Support.This unit is equipped with large amounts of Flamer and Melta weaponry, and possibly a Thunderfire Cannon if a Techmarine is present. Though this is the standard setup for a Battle-Squad, the actual layout may vary greatly depending on the taste of its Commander. In combat each Battle-Squad acts as a perfectly coordinated strike-force that is capable of acting for long periods of time without contact with HQ.

Battle-Squad XII

Battle-Squad XII, led by Paladin Kirkas (Standard Layout)

The typical Whisper Dragon Battle-Squad contains a Paladin and three units each made up of a Knight, four Brothers, and four Squires. Each member is identified as follows - Each Battle-Squad has a number and all warriors bear this number on the lower part of the right shoulder pad. Each unit also has it's own number - one, two or three; displayed on the right knee which also has the unit name (Ignus, Pyros, Infernus) bellow it. Finally, each warrior within the unit has a letter - Beta (β), Gamma (γ), Delta (δ), Epsilon (ε); the Knight is assumed to be Alpha, but instead of a letter has his left shoulder pad painted white to signify his rank. The squires bear the same identification as their tutor, but all this is displayed their shoulder pads and chest plate. The Paladin of a Battle-Squad is identified by his white greaves and shoulder pad; his right greave bearing a golden (sometimes silver or blue) Alpha symbol. On the battle field each Whisper Dragon is identified using the following identification code - Taking his Battle-Squad number, then his Unit, followed by his letter; so a Delta warrior from the third unit of the eleventh Battle-Squad would be known as Eleven-Three-Delta - His Squire being addressed as 'Eleven-Three-Double-Delta' and the Paladin of his unit known simply as 'Eleven-Alpha'. NOTE: The Whisper Dragons are highly individual and do not enforce a strict uniform policy. As such, the uniforms of the warriors may differ greatly depending on necessity, personal taste, or thousands of other reasons. This results in the Chapter having a rather motley appearance, with many outsiders being confused unto who is actually in charge.

Along with the Battle-Squads, the highest ranking members of the Whisper Dragons form a unit of their own known as the 'Heart-Fire Brotherhood'. Led by Chapter Master Tass, this elite force is made up of the Chapters most respected and veteran warriors. Though this unit is for all purposes considered a squad of its own, it is almost unheard of for the entire unit to take to the field as a single force. Instead, these veteran warriors often join Battle-Squads to aid its commander on a mission that is suited to his specialty, as to lend an experts hand to the situation.  

Other than the infantry units, the Whisper Dragons employ a large number of other combat units. These include dedicated Land Speeder pilots, separated into 'Ember Squads'. The Ember Squads are often deployed as first-wave shock units, forcing the enemy into cover before the Battle-Squads launch their attack. The remaining Marines full a variety of roles, including vehicle crew, Thunderhawk pilots, ground crew (Usually apprentice pilots), as well as many other roles. 


Regardless of it's place within the Battle-Squad, the Units are outfitted in a similar manner. Each member is armed with a Warblade, a selection of Frag, Flash and Krak Grenades, and either a Bolt Pistol, Boltgun (Umbra Pattern) or Shotgun. These are commonly changed for Hand Flamers, Combat Shields or Longblades. Usually one or two Brothers within each unit are armed with special and heavy weapons. Flamer and Melta types are the most popular among the Battle-Squads, where as Plasma, Las weapons and Heavy Bolters are rarely used. Detonation packs and Melta charges are used for anti-armour by sapper units, as well as Webguns for trap setting and bunker disarming functions.

Though the Tokharon knife-swords are by far the most common type of melee weapon, some among the Whisper Dragons prefer to use Lightning Claws or Plasma-Gauntlets; Chain weapons are almost never used, as they are seen to be too messy and loud. Each unit contains a vox-operator to keep contact with the greater Battle-Squad during covert missions. Camouflage cloaks and Sniper Rifles (or more rarely Needlers) are used by many units for recon purposes, as the Whisper Dragons lack the Scout element of other Chapters.  

Other specialized equipment includes Auspexs, Distortion Pods, Medical Packs (The Whisper Dragons have few Apothecaries and so rely on lesser trained medical officers in most cases), and Rad-Counters - Usually limited to one per unit. 

In operations where the vast bulk of Astartes Plate is unfavorable, the warriors of the Whisper Dragons are often equipped with lighter and less bulky Avius Armour.


The ranking system used by the Whisper Dragons is similar to that used by Codex-Compliant Chapters, but in many ways differs; according to Tokharon customs. 

  • Page - The new recruits who have not yet became full Astartes. These warriors are drafted to the Candle Bearers where they are taught the history and rights of the Whisper Dragons, as well as being schooled in the many arts of Combat. 
"Back home on Tokharo those who wished to join us would spend two rotations in the depth of the Spore-forests to prove themselves worthy. Now, in absence of that we now have to use less... interesting methods."
— Vanha Tekijä, on the trials of Fire.
  • Squire -  When a Page passes the First Trial of Fire he is then eligible to become a Squire, and to be chosen by a Brother Marine. Squires are given first-hand tutoring by their teacher; this allows them to expand on their already vast knowledge and skills, and gives them the right to enter combat.
  • Brother - Once a Squire has proven himself he then undertakes the Second Trail of Fire - a set of grueling tasks to challenge every ounce of the Squires skills and knowledge; only the fastest, cleverest and most resolute of challengers may pass and start on his journey to becoming a true Brother of the Whisper Dragons. The brave warriors are the mainstay of the Chapter and fulfill numerous combat related roles; each is tested and placed in the role that best suits his talents - Marksmen, Melee specialists, Gunners, Scouts, Drivers, Pilots, Technicians, Medics, and more. When called to war, the Whisper Dragons rely on their line-warriors to form the unbreakable backbone of their force. 
  • Knight - After multiple combat deployments and many years of service a Brother who has distinguished himself above his peers may be knighted, a holy ceremony where the Brother swears further oaths to his Chapter and the Emperor. He is then dubbed by the Chapter Master himself and named a 'Knight of Tokharo'. These exemplary warriors lead their unit in combat, constantly proving themselves of their station through feats of skill and knowledge. A Knight may have many different titles depending on his specific station. 

    Sielus, Blood-Paladin of the 'Bringers'.

  • Paladin - If a Knight proves himself to have leadership skills and abilities exceeding his brothers, he may be promoted to Paladin, and have control over an entire Battle-Squad. Once a Paladin takes command he has free rein to over his squads setup and may mold it in any way he sees fit; the older more experienced Paladins have very specialized Battle-Squads which focus on one aspect of warfare, and are usually made up of the most expert Whisper Dragons in their chosen field. A Paladin also has the honour of bearing his Battle-Squads standard into battle.
  • Lord - Though technically only an Honorable title, the rank of Lord is given to those who are judge worthy of a place within the Heart-Fire Brotherhood. These esteemed warriors are respected and praised for their skills and deeds in both war and peace. It is not unheard of for young Whisper Dragons to discard their old names in favor of one carried by one of these heroic individuals.  
  • Master - The oldest and indisputably wisest member of the Chapter bears the rank of Chapter Master. His duty is to the Chapter as a whole and has the task of directing the Whisper Dragons in every aspect of their lives; and though all members of the Chapter have a say in the ruling of law, the decision is ultimately lies with the Chapter Master. In times of war the Chapter Master takes to the field of battle as an avatar of martial power, and an avatar of woe in the eyes of the Whisper Dragons enemies. Chapter Master Tass Herron is a recent addition to this role; taking the place of the heretic Mero Solus.

Specialist Ranks

  • Flame Keepers - Tradition is extremely important to the Blue Forest people, and those who know and read the texts are responsible for not only keeping the lore and legends of Tokharo alive, but assuring the bright flame of it's people is never dimmed; and just as in the ancient times these men are known as Flame Keepers. Among the ranks of the Whisper Dragons, this priestly cast stand above all others (save the Chapter Master himself) and are respected and adored by all Tokrahons - their home may be lost to them, but the beloved history of the Tok Haroci remains, the words of these keepers of knowledge fanning the flames in the hearts of all Tokharons; and in the hearts of the Whisper Dragons Astertes these flames turn to a burning fury that is unleashed upon their foes on the field of battle.
  • Warders - Death is an integral part of Tokharon culture - every living thing on their homeworld seemed to be engineered with death in mind - and so, to the Tokharons the blessing of life deeply sacred and precious. Whisper Dragons who are seen to have skills healing skills are therefor greatly respected and praised by their fellows. Receiving special Apothcaron training, these 'Death Warders' are duty bound to tend to the sick and wounded, using all their skills to save their brothers from deaths chill grasp; and reclaiming a fallen Astartes 'life source' so the new generation may live. 
  • Cinder Men - Fire is sacred to the Whisper Dragons, and none more so than that which comes from the nozzle of a flamer. In the dark times of old Tokharo the flame-thrower was the ultimate weapon of war, and still remains so in the ash-chocked hearts of the Tokharons. Those who create these holy weapons, and all the blessed technology the Chapter uses in war are known as 'Cinder Men'; though the rest of the Imperium know them by a different name, Techmarines

Battle Honours

Whisper Dragons who show excellence and expertise on the field of battle and off are awarded with meddles, or 'Honours' that are worn on their armour. These honours range from metal pins affixed to the bearers shoulder pads, to painted designs and engravings. A warriors who wears these honours have proven themselves in the eyes of their Chapter Master, and their merit is recognized by every member of the Chapter.   The following is a list of the battle honours awarded to Whisper Dragons Marines

  • Wd Honours
    Silver Dragon -
     Given to veteran Marines as a mark of their many years of service. The Whisper Dragons Chapter symbol is painted silver instead of white. 
  • Armsmen Lines - The Tokharon Long-Knife is the traditional combat weapon of the Whisper Dragons. Those with excellent skills with this weapon are marked with the 'Armsmen Lines' to denote them as potent melee specialists. This honour take the form of a line of blue and white stripes painted vertically down the center of the bearers helmet.  
  • Marksmen Lines - Given to those with remarkably accurate shooting abilities. A white and blue striped line is painted vertical down the center of the bearers helmet. 
  • Blood Line - Given to those who have saved the life of a fellow Whisper Dragon. This honour takes the form of a thick red line running vertically down the left side of the bearers left shoulder pad. 
  • Ashen Plate - Given to those with remarkable leadership skills. One of many of the bearers blue armour sections (Not rank marking sections) are painted dark grey.
  • Black Studs - A sign that the bearer has been commended for committing an heroic act on the field of battle. The studs on the left shoulder are painted black. 
  • White Studs - The bearers of the white studs have been awarded for formulating a tactical idea that lead to victory. The studs on the left shoulder are painted white. 
  • Campaign Scars - At the end of each campaign the Whisper Dragons fight in, all those who took part ritually scar their armour to show the amount of battles they have fought; this is seen as a way to show their battle prowess to friends and foes alike.  

Strangely the Whisper Dragons are never gifted with Purity Seals.


The Whisper Dragons Chapter is separated into fourteen companies, each of which is an independent unit whose leader has full command of all members. Though most of these companies are combat forces, there are few, namely the Ashen Brotherhood and the Candle Bearers who commonly play no part in the Chapters conflicts. These companies are often broken down into smaller units to act in specific roles, such as pilots and tank crews. 

Name Leader Specialty Formation Banner
Heart-Fire Brotherhood (I)

Chapter Master Tass Herron

The Chapters Inner circle. All members are experts in their chosen field.

Ashen Brotherhood (II) Palata the Hidden, Ancient of Rights Lore and Rights. Religion leaders of the Chapter. Various
The Hunters (III) Onni the Merciful  *Classified* *Classified*
Battle-Squad Levo (IV) Paladin Paeta (Formerly)

None (All members killed)

Destroyed by the Artoxians. 
Battle-Squad Uhrata (V) Lord-Paladin Ciaro Standard layout.  16 Marines, 12 Squires
Shadow-Squad Loctus (VI) Shadow-Paladin Mirak Scouting and Infiltration. 16 Marines, 12 Squires
Iron-Squad Turentur (VII) Ash Brother Tuli, the Phoenix Heavy Support. 16 Marines
Storm-Squad Aecro (VIII) Sky-Paladin Pilata Jump-Pack Assault. 22 Marines
The Bringers (IX) Blood-Paladin Sielus Melee and sapping. 30 Marines
Battle-Squad Skien (X) Lord-Paladin Helios, the Moon's Companion Standard layout. 16 Marines, 12 Squires
Battle-Squad Ferrum (XI) Paladin Tervi Terminator Armoured Assault. 10 Veteran Marines
Battle-Squad Kah (XII) Paladin Kirkas Standard layout. 16 Marines, 12 Squires
The Spurned (XIII) *Classified* *Classified* *Classified*
Candle Bearers Vanha Tekijä, the Master of Recruits Untrained Pages. ~100 Pages

Notable Whisper Dragons

Even among the super-human Astarties there are those who rise above their peers to become renowned heroes both within and without the Chapter. 

  • Tass Herron - Current Chapter Master. Though highly respected and skilled, Tass Herron has gained a reputation for recklessness and often acts without thinking his actions through. He carries the sword, Servant.
  • Palata the Hidden - A dreadnought, and the longest serving member of the Chapter. Known as the 'Ancient of Rights' due to his utterly flawless knowledge of Tokharon history and lore, Palata is also the main orchestrator of Whisper Dragons battle strategy and tactics. 
  • Altum Void-Captain - Master of the Fleet and captain of the Claw of Tokharo. A ruthless and grim man with a reputation for being uncaring toward his fellow Marines, Altum, known as 'Void Captain' due to his uncanny ability to predict the tides of the Immaterium. 
  • Oma - The Chapters youngest serving Knight and the only Whisper Dragon to ever serve in the Deathwatch.
    Oma Inferno-Knight

    Oma Inferno-Knight, VII Battle-Squad

  •  Vanha Tekijä - The Master at Arms of the Whisper Dragons is responsible for training the newly recruited Pages in the arts of combat, as well as making sure the Battle-Squads remain properly equipped for battle; a task well suited to Vanha's  obsessively meticulous mind. 
  • Lord-Paladin Helios - Known as the 'moon's Companion', Helios is the Chapters most decorated warrior and an expert in every aspect of Whisper Dragons battle philosophy. 
  • Ash-Brother Tuli - Master of the Armoury. Known for his obsession with fire.
  • Sielus, Blood Paladin - The Whisper Dragons most ferocious melee specialist and leader of the Bringers.
  • Seik Kailu - Captain of the Wild Endeavor and a highly eccentric individual.
  • Lota - Master of Wards and savior of the Chapter. 
  • Tervi - Paladin of Battle-Squad Ferrum. Known as the 'Blood Dragon', Tervi is the Whisper Dragons foremost assault captain and leader of the Chapters only terminator-armoured units.
  • Onni and the Hunters - 

    Uniform of the III Battle-Squad, the Hunters.

    The leader of the III Battle-Squad is perhaps the most ill reputed Whisper Dragon of all time. Jokingly referred to as the 'Merciful', Onni stands as the chapters turnkey and interrogator. Very little is known of Onni and his history, and equally little is known of his Battle-Squad, the Hunters; though it is known that their duties have them away from the chapter for most of their life. It is rumored that they are involved in some sort of secret mission that is whispered to involve the missing XIII Battle-Squad, though the Hunters remain notoriously tight lipped about the entire topic. 

Non-Astartes Personnel 

A Space Marine Chapter is a vastly complex organization requiring hundreds, if not thousands of workers to keep it running smoothly, and though centered around the mighty Astartes warriors they are in no way the only personnel the Chapter employs - Multitudes of Human laborers, deck hands, caterers, crew and craftsmen along with a dedicated security force to keep the peace and protect the ship in the absence of the Space Marines.  

In this respect the Whisper Dragons no different from any other Chapter, and though in the fashions of Tokharo lend themselves to creating unruly and lawless individuals, those who find themselves in the service of the Whisper Dragons tend to be more civilized than their savage cousins.

Tokharon Sky Warriors

Sara Herron

Huntress Sara Harron

The people of Tokharo are a dangerous breed, raised from birth to survive in the deadly environs of their homeworld. Skilled in the art of hunting and scouting, the long-blade wielding warriors of the Blue Forest are deadly fighters and merciless killers when faced with danger; and though seemingly light hearted and mischievous, the Tokharons are quick to act when threatened and have no qualms with killing outsiders to protect their own. Adventurous by nature, it is almost impossible to make a Tokharon stay in one place for any length of time and when a such chance to see the universe was presented there are few who turn it down. The Sky Warriors act as both a security force for the Whisper Dragons, and the Chapters very own Imperial Guard Regiment - the best of these warriors being accepted into the Whisper Dragons as Pages. 


Infantry Equipment 

The armoury of the Whisper Dragons contains a plethora of armour, weapons and other equipment that allows the warriors of the chapter to fulfill their combat roles effectively and efficiently. Along with the basics common to all Astarties organisations, the Whisper Dragons make use of many items that are either entirely unique to their Chapter, or are quite rare in the greater galaxy - quite how this almost entirely unknown chapter has gained so many curios and ancient weapons and armour is unknown. 

  • Tokharon Warblades - These long, thin, strait-bladed knives are carried by each and every warrior from Tokharo, and are seen by these people as a potent symbol of their martial skill.  
  • Avius Scout Armour

    Avius Pattern Scout Armour

    Tokharon Long-Blades - Carried by the leaders and champions of the Tokharon people, the Long-Blade is a special type of Tokharon warblade that is designed to be wielded in two hands. Ranging from about four to six feet long, these blades are as much a prideful symbol of power as a weapon. Among the Whisper Dragons and their followers it is common for these large blades to be fitted with generators and converted into Power Weapons. 
  • Avius Pattern Scout Armour - Worn not only by the Squires of the Chapter, but also those Astarties who value discretion above power, these suits of Scout Armour are entirely unique to the Whisper Dragons Chapter. Thanks to a layer of thick poly-rubber skin and a full-faced helm, 'Avius' pattern scout armour is fully void sealed which allows the wearer to survive in any environment, including the vacuum of space. In this way, Squires are able to accompany their tutor into any warzone, no matter how hazardous. 
  • Cinder Casters - Used in both ceremony as well as battle, these holy icons resemble a ashen staff topped with an iron brazier that burns eternally with yellow flame. Carried by the members of the Ashen Brotherhood, Cinder Casters are used in Tokahron rituals to shower the faithful in sparks and smoke, there by passing on the blessing of fire.   
    Plas Gauntlet

    Plasma Gauntlet

  • Plasma Gauntlets - Fitted over the hand much like a powerfist, a plasma gauntlet is a specialized melee weapon designed to release a short ranged dispersed plasma blast. Used by the Whisper Dragons in assaults where extreme close quarter power is needed, these ancient weapons have not been seen on the battle-fields of the galaxy since the Age of Strife. 
  • Whisper Silk Cloaks - Woven from silk of a Tokharon Whisper Dragon, this camouflage cloak rendered the bearer almost invisible in even the lightest shadow. Shadow Paladin Mirak and Battle-Squad Loctus use these cloaks almost exclusively. 

Chapter Relics

Throughout history many great weapons, armour, and other items have become famous for the deeds of those who bore it into battle. In some cases these legendary artifacts have become so famed that their names have become far more synonymous for the deed than the heroic individuals that carved out their names in the history books.

  • Tass Herron

    Chapter Master Tass Herron with Servant

    Servant - Forged in the time before the Toharon civil war, this ancient Long-Blade utilizes technology that has not been seen since the Dark Age of Technology. Discovered in the depths of the Spore Forests of Tokharo by the now Chapter Master Tass Herron during his first trial of fire, this seemingly magical blade passes through any and all surfaces, rendering armour and even force shielding useless. 
  • Ferrum's Armour - Found on the planet of Fallcrest in the northern dead space, this suit of Tartaros pattern Terminator armour, originally worn by Paladin Ferrum, the 'Creeping Death' has been ceremoniously worn by every successive leader of Terminator Battle-Squad Ferrum. 
  • TYO

    Equipment diagram (Paladin Tyo Kirkas) - Sans Battle-Squad Banner

    Aecro's Long Blade - Crafted by Clan Chief Aecro in the years during the founding of the Whisper Dragons, this weightless Tokharon Long Blade, also known as 'Sky Hunter', was gifted to the Chapter on the event of his death in M41.750. Currently wielded by Paladin Tyo Kirkas.
  • Vile Flame - Given it's name by the noxious green flame that gorges forth from it's nozzle, the archaic heavy flamer known as Vile Flame is the trade mark of Iron-Paladin Tuli and a relic of the Terran Unification Wars. 
  • Teliraan's Candle - An infrared search light array that allows the wearer to see in pitch darkness. Carried by Lord-Paladin Helios.
  • The Rune of Cinders - Carried by Captain Seik Kailu, this bone and ash talisman seems to give the wearer an almost impossible streak of luck. An ability highly coveted by the wandering commander.  
  • Sankari's Studs - Taken from the Shoulder Pad of Lord-Warder Mainn, these silver pauldren studs each contain a  sophisticated shield generator that shrouds the bearer in a sapphire mist. Worn by Inferno-Knight Oma.


As befitting a Chapter of the Emperor's Astartes, the Whisper Dragons go to war accompanied by many powerful and deadly war-machines. These include battle tanks, transports, artillery, land speeders and other forms armour. The Whisper Dragons have only a small number of these vehicles, as there are to few Marines in the Chapter to warrant a Codex-Standard amount.  

Famous Vehicles

  • Ylpeys - Sicaran Battle Tank
Once supposedly belonging to the Ultramarines Legion, the battle-tank known as Ylpeys is ancient beyond reckoning. Active since the time of the Great Crusade, there is no telling now many warzones this marvel of the Dark Age of Technology has stood upon, and how many enemies it has blasted to oblivion with it's cannons or crushed beneath it's adamant tread. Now the pride of the Whisper Dragons armoury, Ylpeys is the bane of all foes and a beacon of hope in the hearts of the sons of Tokharo.
  • Whisper Dragons Techmarine

    Iron-Paladin Tuli of the VII Battle-Squad

    Sulaa Sydän - Land Raider Redeemer
Fire cleanses sin, and the more fire, the more sin may be cleansed; or so Iron-Paladin Tuli believes. Ever the center of a spear-head, Sulaa Sydän (which translates to 'Molten Heart' in Tokharon) is the perfect representation of Whisper Dragons philosophy - Strike hard and fast, leaving naught but ash in your wake. 

Other Vehicles

  • 3 Predators (Infernus Pattern) 
  • 2 Predators
  • 2 Wirlwinds
  • 6 Rhinos
  • 8 Landspeeders
  • 3 Thunderhawks
  • 6 Assault Rams
  • 9 Drop Pods


Though the Whisper Dragons are a quite small Chapter by Astartes standards, they still employ a full range of battleships and other vessels; though they are all usually ran with a skeleton-crew.  

  • Whispering Fate - Battle-Barge / Fortress-Monastery
Though the Chapter was gifted the planet of Twinstar as their surrogate homeworld, the transformation of their new world takes time, and currently the Whisper Dragons a Fleet-based Chapter. The capitol-ship of the Whisper Dragons is a grand vessel of immense size. Though a Battle-Barge is one of the greatest warships in the Imperium, Whispering Fate is by no means dedicated solely to war. Within these ancient halls lies the beating heart of the Whisper Dragons Chapter - the Hall of Reverence, the Seat of the Knowing, and the Cinder-Hearts Row, where fallen Whisper Dragons are laid to rest, are but a few of the Holy sites aboard this might space-borne monastery. When a new recruit enters the Chapter, Whispering Fate is usually his first port of call; the Hall of Reverence becoming his home until such a time that he is ready for advancement. In times of celebration, the halls of Whispering Fate team with Whisper Dragons, as it is ceremony to gather the entire Chapter together so all my share in the victory.
  • Hushed Supremisor - Strike Cruiser (Lost in the warp, believed to be destroyed)
  • Wild Endeavor - Gladius-class Frigate
"The galaxy is a big place, filled with sights beyond reason and imagination. Just think of how little we have seen of this amazing universe and how much we have yet to learn. That is our mission. Welcome my friends, aboard the Wild Endeavor!"
— Lord-Captain Seik Kailu.
Everyone, even the Emperor's Astares have at times been drawn to see what lies beyond the next hill (Or star-system), and in the hearts of the Whisper Dragons this feeling burns strong. With in the Chapter those with an incurable wonder-lust are often given the chance to quell this hunger for adventure by being assigned to one of Seik Kailu's expeditions into the unknown reached of Segmentum Obscurus. Aboard the Wild Endeavor, the avid adventurers ply the dark space in search for long-lost civilization and planets; gathering any and all treasures and interesting curiosities and putting them on display in the Hall of Oddities. An adventuring Whisper Dragon may stay aboard for one or many tours before returning to his brethren with a host of new and exiting stories that are told over and over again with varying amounts of interest. 
  • Solace and Solitude Twin Needle-class Frigates
Every Chapter needs quick and mobile warships that are capable of outstripping almost everything the enemy can throw at them and still have enough power to bring down the heaviest of foes; the Whisper Dragons find this in the form of two specially designed Nova-class vessels known collectively as Solace and Solitude. Weather involved in patrol duties, reconnaissance, or active combat deployment, the crew of Solace and Solitude can be counted upon to be the finest space-borne warriors the Whisper Dragons have to offer. 
  • Claw of Tokharo -  Gladius-class Frigate
Captained by the famous Altum 'Void-Captain', the Claw of Tokharo is the Whisper Dragons deadliest dedicated warship in both fire-power and assault capabilities. This vessel is also the usual haunt of Paladin Tervi, known as the 'Blood Dragon', and Battle-Squad Ferrum who use the frigate as a launching point for their Teleport Assaults.
  • The Clan Ships
Home to the displaced population of Tokharo. These large blunt-nosed vessels are full to the brim will hab-blocks, markets, gardens, and all sorts of other curious places that make space-born life possible for the wild children of the Blue-Forest. Though these clan ships are necessary, the Toc Haroci dream of the day that they may once again prowl the blue fungle forests - Twinstar gleams as a beacon of light to all Tokharons, and every single member of the fleet is waiting impatiently for the call to come home. 
  • Other Vessels 
Along with the larger ships, the Whisper Dragons fleet consists of many other smaller ships with multitudes of different roles including shuttles, freighters, drop ships. 


  • M41.738: Founding of the Whisper Dragons chapter. Rapid gene-seed degradation and mutation among the population of the chapters homeworld leaves the Chapter at well under half strength even before any active combat deployments.
  • M41.783: Forces of Chaos flood from the Eye of Terror. The Whisper Dragons answer the call to arms, becoming the target of a Khornate warband known as the 'Hide-Eaters'. After a number of savage skirmishes the chaos warriors withdraw leaving the remaining Whisper Dragons with less than one-hundred marines fit for service. 
"I remember the skies tearing apart... the light... the light is what I remember the most... red and angry... clouds with teeth... and then they came... monsters... their armour as red as the bleeding sky... the screams... I heard my brother die.. I could not save them... I failed..."
— Lord-Paladin Ciaro of the 5th Battle-Squad, remembering the battle of Tokharo.
  • M41.785: Chief Apothecary Hoitaa attempts to solve the Chapters degenerative gene-seed problems by tampering with the gene structure. After many failed attempts Hoitaa believes he has finally solved the problem; this assumption is soon proved to be incorrect as all those implanted with the altered Gene-seed succumb to madness. By order of Chapter Master Mero Solus, Hoitaa's experiments are halted. 
  • M41.789: The Whisper Dragons refuse to comply with the policy of gene-seed tithe. The Inquisition are lead to investigate, but find nothing amiss. 
  • Mero Solus

    Former Chapter Master Mero Solus, after his interment

    M41.792: A Chaos cult dedicated to the god Khorne rises on Tokharo, the homeworld of the Whisper Dragons, taking over many of the planets cities and enslaving the population. Chapter Master Mero and two Battle-Squads launch an attack on the cultists stronghold, but are captured. The Whisper Dragons rally behind Paladin Ciaro who leads the remainder of the Chapter to victory against the Chaos worshipers. Chapter Master Mero is rescued, but is mortally wounded at the climax of the battle and is later entombed in a Dreadnought sarcophagus; this does not hinder him, and he continues to fulfill full duties as Chapter Master. 
"Not even in death does duty end..."
— Chapter Master Mero Solus, on his interment.
  • M41.799-M41.805:  Half the population of Tokharo is examined by the Inquisition and found to be corrupted beyond repentance. The planet is subjected to exterminatus, with the Whisper Dragons themselves only escape the onslaught of the Inquisitors by submitting to extreme scrutinisation. Several brothers are found to be impure and are terminated, along with Chief Apothecary Hoitaa whose schemes are finally bought to light. The remaining Tokharons are bought aboard the Whisper Dragons fleet to aid the Chapter.
  • M41.806:  Now a fleet based Chapter without a homeworld and suffering from extensive losses, the Whisper Dragons quickly recruit new members to fill the gaps in their Chapters Battle-Squads. With so many new and untested recruits drafted in to the Whisper Dragons, the number of Squires vastly out numbers the warriors. This leads to the creation of the 'Candle Bearers', a non-combat unit formed from the newest recruits who do not yet have a tutor; this formation is watched over by Vanha Tekijä, the Master of Recruits.
  • M41.809: On rout to the Ice-world of Acrino for combat deployment the Gellar Fields of the Strike Cruiser Hushed Supremisor suddenly fail. Despite all efforts to contact the stricken vessel, Hushed Supremisor is believed lost with all hands.  
  • M41.811-M41.820: The war of Acrino. The Whisper Dragons, along with local Imperial Guard regiments do battle with the Ork forces in an guerrilla war that rages for the better part of a decade. The planets frozen forests become killing grounds as tens of thousands of soldiers fight and die in the cold darkness. Unable to replenish supplies, the Whisper Dragons suffer extreme shortages of weapons and armour; many of the Chapters veterans making use of Imperial Guard inventory when their own runs out. Seeing the near end to the war, Chapter Master Solus gathers his forces on on last push to take Ork's control center. After several failed attempts to storm the stronghold, Altum the Void Captain looses his patients and Lance Strikes the position destroying the Orks within, but also killing and wounding large amounts of Whisper Dragons. Altum is reprimanded for his actions, but escapes further punishment by blaming the strike on 'failure of communication'.  The war is over with in the week as the last pockets of Orks are easily dispatched.
  • M41.821: The Wild Endeavor is unwittingly caught in the crossfire as a war breaks out on the planet of Vraks Prime while the Frigate is undergoing repairs. The roaming Whisper Dragons escape with little damage. 
  • M41.822: The newly recruited Page Sitkeä, saves the life of Paladin Mirak when a band of Eldar pirates board the frigate Solace; for his heroic actions the Page is promoted to a Squire under the personal tutelage of Paladin Mirak.   
  • M41.824: The thirteenth Battle-Squad disappears during combat deployment on Shadow. Later in the same year Palladin Onni and his Battle-Squad disappear under similar circumstances. 
  • M41.827: Hearing rumors of a blue and white Astartes Strike-Cruiser seen drifting among the asteroid rings of Hagan's Moon, the Whisper Dragons mobilize the entire Chapter believing they have found their missing ship, Hushed Supremisor. After weeks of scouring the hazardous rings, the Whisper Dragons expand their search to the surface of the moon where after further searching find no trace of the missing ship, but instead find a single Whisper Dragons shoulder pad; a red 'X' crudely painted over the Chapter Symbol; this is never openly spoken about, but it is whispered that Chapter Master Mero was not at all surprised to find the defiled pauldron.
  • M41.841: For unknown reasons the Whisper Dragons remain inactive for thirteen years, but on the first day of the fourteenth year the entire Chapter mobilizes and sets course into the northern dead space where they do battle with an unknown foe. For years afterward, the Whisper Dragons once again refuse to comply with the gene-seed tithe. 
  • M41.877: Inquisitor Tarbile of Ordo Astartes is sent to investigates the Whisper Dragons, but soon after he reports contact he disappears without a trace. 
  • M41.880: Several Whisper Dragons, including the former XI Battle-Squad Paladin Hains, are found dead aboard the Claw of Tokharo with bullet wounds in the back of their heads. The ship is searched, but the assassin is never found. 
  • M41.890: After a victory over a Chaos warband dedicated to Khorne, number of Whisper Dragons kill themselves with their own weapons. The reason why this happened is never found. 
  • M41.898: The Whisper Dragons briefly take part in the Badab war, fighting fearlessly on the front line of multiple battles; and though Mero Solus declares for the Imperium, some Imperial commanders insist they saw members of the Chapter fighting on the side of Chaos. 

    Judgment is passed.

     M41.899: After extensive investigation (and multitudes of witness statements) by Ordo Astartes, the Whisper Dragons are put on trial and found guilty of gene-seed tampering, harboring heretics (known and unknown), first grade heresy, murder of Inquisitorial agents, corruption, as well as many many more crimes. Chapter Master Solus and nineteen other Whisper Dragons are executed as traitors. The remaining Whisper Dragons are sentenced to a one hundred year penitance crusade to atone for the sins of their Chapter. Tass Herron, former Paladin of Battle-Squad Levo is named Chapter Master. 
  • M41.912: Newly instated Chapter Master Tass Herron leads his Whisper Dragons in a war against the Tuho of the Artox system in the northern dead space. After months of failed attempts to drive the Xenos out of hiding, the Space Marines withdraw; bombarding the Tuho cave-cities from orbit. 
  • M41.917: After several reports of Xeno activity in the Intohimo System, the Third Battle-Squad deploy alongside the Imperial Guard of the Cadon Assault Core. After several lengthy urban engagements the planet is subjected to Exteminatus and scourged of life. The Knights of Twinstar Space Marine Chapter are ruthlessly routed and wiped out. Due to their heroic actions during the war, the Whisper Dragons are granted the planet of Twinstar (Former homeworld of the Knights of Twinstar) as their new homeworld. The planet begins its transformation to better suit the children of Tokharo - plants and animals from the Blue-Forest are transplanted onto the Twinstar. The process takes the better part of a century. 
  • M41.922: The Whisper Dragons suffer grievous losses during a battle with the robotic Artoxians. 
  • M41.970: The war of Accensa.
  • M41.997: The remnants of the Whisper Dragons are yet again called to the Inhimo System as war breaks out between the surviving Imperial factions and the Orks of the Drone Conglomeration. The conflict ends with a decisive Imperial victory, and the Whisper Dragons, having come to the end of their penance, slowly begin to recruit from their new homeworld of Twinstar.  

-The current status of the Whisper Dragons is unknown-


Feel free to add your own


"I would say that we are 'lost in the woods', but honestly I haven't seen a tree in six years."
— Seik Kailu, commenting on his poor navigational skills
"This is not our Imperium. We are tolerated as a means to an end; and once that end is reached we will be discarded. To the greater empire our lives are meaningless."
— Oma Inferno-Knight
"For every battle honour, a thousand heroes die alone; unsung and unremembered."
— Paladin Tyo Kirkas
"Die! Die you metal freaks! Dammit Verties, get your melta up on the ridge! Now! Or we'll all be..."
— Battle-Squad Levo's last report, at the battle of Artoxia


"Fire and ash and death! That is all you bring! Be gone sky deamons, and take your war with you!"
— Palaak Thel Gazakk, Pitlord of the Tuho (Via translator)
"This curse is of their making, they made us what we are; and now they cast us aside - our brothers. For this treason they shall burn with us!"
— An unknown member of the Cinder Kin
"Their strange culture has left them as some what of an oddity among the Astartes. Odd, but no less courageous."
— Sister Alain of the Dark Sisters
"I'm sorry, Commander. If you believe I will allow this you are gravely mistaken. You will be hearing from me again soon, I assure you."
— Alentus Moor of the Terran Priesthood, commenting on the Chapter's uncouth manner
"Humph, these Astartes remind me of my former chapter...hmm... Maybe we're related? Hahaha no, these corpse-lovers will die at the hands of the Crimson blades."
— Crecius Holt-Farren, War Master of the Crimson Blades
"I've heard of them. The insects that wished to be dragons, only to be crushed underfoot when galaxy grew tired of their delusions. Pathetic."
—Raedon Vesk, Chapter Master of the Revealers
"I once met a Whisper Dragon on a battlefield. He was burning something, and I said "No, thats not how you do!" Then I blew it up. We got on great."
—Unknown Space Hornets Devastator

Whisper Dragons Miniture Gallery

(More to come)


  • The language used by the Tokharon people is a mixture of the Latin, English and Finnish languages with modifications in syntax to better suit 40k's Gothic languages. 
  • The ships Solace, Solitude and Wild Endeavor are all named after locations on Gallifrey, the homeworld of the Timelords in the Doctor Who universe.  
  • The Whisper Dragons where the first 40k army I ever owned, though the painting skills of a ten year old left them in poor state for gaming. I am currently in the process of reinventing the Chapter for the Tabletop. 
  •  The chapter wears MK VI armour exclusively because I have an obsession with Beakies! um... Rogue Rrader era. 
  • I used Sinndog's Spacemarine Template to create the majority of the pictures on this page.
  • To create the Whisper Dragons Chapter I used insperation from a number of sources,  including Rogue Trader Era 40K, Cyber / Tribal Punk fashion and art, Dragonflies, TV shows and movies, my own imagination, and lots, lots more.

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