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"Für den Kaiser und für das Vaterland!"
—Battle call of the Sturmschutz

The Wehttam Sturmschutz are the vaunted and feared imperial guard regiments that hail from the fortress world of Wehttam in the Gothic Sector. The Sturmschutz are amongst the best regiments in the Imperial Guard and have since the time of the Great Crusade been in the Vanguard of the defense of the Imperium of Man. Battle hardened and ferocious in battle the Sturmschutz have become the spearhead against the enemies of the Emperor across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.


The first Sturmschutz regiments were created from veteran soldiers of the Wehttam Defense Forces to fight in the Great Crusade in service to the Emperor. These regiments fought in support of the Space Marine Legions in the campagin of conquest under the command of the Sons of the Emperor, the Primarchs. The Sturmschutz were orgianized as part of three Space Marine Fleets and participated in the the bloodiest battles of the campaign earning a fearsome reputation for valor and discipline on the battlefield. The determination and prowess of the Sturmschutz in combat earned them respect and honor across the Imperium even amongst the ranks of the Space Marines.


Wehttam is a civilized fortress world located in the Gothic Sector of Segmentum Obscurus which stands in defense against the dreaded Eye of Terror. Wehttam has extreme terrain which is consisted vast mountainous regions, enormous rivers, flood plains, large thick wooded forests, treacherous seas and massive ice sheets. The most famous landmarks are the gothic medieval castles, fortifications and cities which are located throughout Wehttam and protect the people whom call this untamed environment home. The people of Wehttam are descendent from the Nordic and Germanic races from the Earth whom first settled on the world in the Fifth Millennium. 


Since the first regiments formed for service in the Great Crusade the Wehttam Sturmschutz has continued organize regiments from amongst the experienced soldiers of the Wehttam Defense Forces. In this hallowed tradition all candidates for the selection process are volunteers as conscription has been suspended since "The Insurrection" with those that complete selection are allowed to enter instruction for Imperial Service. In Instruction the candidates receive ten weeks of advanced training and preparation in order to prepare candidates for the hardships of combat in the Imperial Guard. These soldiers are instructed from battle hardened veterans with some having served in dozens of campaigns across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. With this advanced preparation granting the Sturmschutz an advantage in comparison to most imperial guard soldiers whom recieve minimal preparation prior to combat. Though such training is required in order to forge the most fanatical and professional fighting force in the Imperial Guard the Wehttam Sturmschutz are an elite brotherhood of soldiers whom have sought the defense of the Fatherland and the Emperor since the founding the Imperium.  

Wehttam sturmschutz regiments compared to most Imperial Guard regiments are sent to the front in deployments with an average deployment consisting of 50 regiments. The regiments in the front are unless the situation demands otherwise deployed to these warzones for an average of three year terms prior to returning to Wehttam. Once returned to Wehttam the regiment will be reorganized, refitted and recieve new replacements and will have added training instruction before the regiments will be sent to another warzone. This deployment method insures that there will regiments avaliable to be sent to warzones in dire emergencies and that there is an elite fighting force ready to defend Wehttam should their homeworld be attacked.  

Regimental History

The Great Crusade

The Wehttam Sturmschutz were first called to servce in order to fight in the Great Crusade in the Imperial Army and served as a part of the various Space Marine Battlegroups. The Sturmschutz would become embattled in some of the bloodiest battles in the campaign.

Battle of Terra

The Battle of Terra would be one of the greatest moments of the sturmschutz as 28 regiments of the fighitng force would participate in the defense of the Imperial Throneworld. Led by their commander Saint Michael the Archangel, the soldiers of Wehttam would be some of the fiercest fighters amongst the Imperial Army forces in the battle participating in the defense of the Eternity Gate. There the entire 134th Sturmschutz regiment would be slaughtered with all 27,000 soldiers of the regiment sacrificing their lives to ensure that the ruinous powers would not succeed.

7th Black Crusade

In the beginning of the Ghost War a Chaos spliner fleet had arrived in Wehttam space and launched an invasion of the fortress world. Though a combination of the defense forces and the sturmschutz managed to engage in a stubborn resistance and managed to crush the Chaos forces.

The Spinward Front and the 13th Black Crusade led to the greatest expansion of the Wehttam Sturmschutz out of its entire existence with standard force of 150 regiments being enhanced with new regiments across the famed imperial world. This expansion increased the Sturmschutz from 150 Regiments to 440 Regiments

Notable Campaigns

  • The Great Crusade (798.M30-005.M31)
  • The Horus Heresy (005.M31-014.M31)
  • The Battle of Terra (014.M31)
  • Operation Nordwind
  • Battle of the Gohtic Fortress
  • Wehttam Insurrection
  • 7th Black Crusade "Ghost War" (811.M37)
  • Operation Zerberus
  • Operation Kaiserschlacht
  • The Winter War
  • 12th Black Crusade "The Gothic War" (139.M41-160.M41)
  • The Macharian Crusade (392.M41-399.M41)
  • The First War for Armageddon (444.M41-445.M41)
  • The Spinward Front (814.M41-Current)
  • The Second War for Armageddon (941.M41-942.M41)
  • 13th Black Crusade (995.999.M41-Current)

Regimental Combat Doctrine

"Ever vorwärts mein Kameraden!"
—Oberst Lukas Färber, 272nd Sturmschutz Regiment

The Sturmschutz are a mechanized fighting force with soldiers and assault troops fighting alongside mechanized assault vehicles in order to defeat their enemies and achieve victory on the battlefield. The main expertise of the Sturmschutz is the application of siege and mechanzied warfare with the Sturmschutz being noted as excellent assault troops.

Even with the soldiers of the sturmschutz having been trained in both mechanized and urban warfare which is their regimental expertise. The soldiers of the sturmschutz have developed a unique skill amongst their forces with this skill being trench warfare. The world of Wehttam is covered in fortresses, casemates, castles and defensive trench lines which are used to defend the planet and the people whom live there. The extensive use of these fortifications has led to the sturmschutz to develop a passion for close quarters battle and the storming of enemy siege works with some regiments particular preffering this brutal way of combat.

With their homeworld located in the Gothic Sector and having been invaded on several occasions by the forces of the ruinous powers. The Sturmschutz have developed a deep seated hatred of Chaos and traitors to the Imperium and will eliminate anything and anyone suspected of being connected to the ruinous powers. The most notable incident was around time of the Reign of Blood in the 36th Millennium an event that became known on Wehttam as the Insurrection. This doctrine of ruthless extermination in the face of Chaos taint has landed the Sturmschutz in trouble on a number of ocassions with the most well known being an incident with the Sons of Guilliman in the 36th Millennium.

Regimental Organization

Wehttam regiments are structured based upon a tactical manual written by famed Wehttam General von Clausewitz in 525.M34 which dictates alls aspects of Wehttam military organization. The usage of this manual instead of the Tactica Imperium marks out Wehttam regiments from the rest of the Imperial Guard in this respect. The are three classes of non regimental personal able to serve within the ranks of the Sturmschutz these are the members of the Commissariat, Astra Telepathica (Imperial Psykers) and Priests of the Adeptus Ministorum

A typical Wehttam regiment will consist of 22,000 to 28,000 soldiers supported with mechanized vehicles and mobile air defense companies. Infanterie Companies in a standard regiment will consist of the Heqaduarters or Command Kompanie, Recon Kompanien, Engineer Kompanien, Heavy Weapons Kompanien, Signals Kompanien, Anti-Tank Kompanien and Support Kompanien. The organization and disposition of each Kompanie in the regiment depends on the situation and the tactical needs of the Regimental commander. In the rare case that the tactical situation requires the regiment to be divided it is to be reorganized into two battalions with additional command, weapons and support units provided as needed.

Basic Regimental Organization

  • Regimental Heaquarters Kompanie
  • Signals Kompanie
  • Reconnaissance Kompanie (x2)
  • Mechanized Infanterie Kompanie (x6)
  • Engineer Kompanie (x2)
  • Liechte Artillerie Kompanie (x2)
  • Anti-Tank Kompanie (x2)
  • Heavy Weapons Kompanie (x2)
  • Mechanized AA Kompanie
  • Support Kompanie

Regimental Structure

Basic Regimental Structure

  • Regiment: 22,000-28,000 soldiers (2 Battalions)
  • Battalion: (10 Kompanie)
  • Kompanie:
  • Platoon: 100-120 soldiers (10-12 Squads)
  • Gruppe: 10 soldiers

Regimental Rank Insignia

Wehttam Insignia English Translation Imperial Guard Equivalent
Generalfeldmarschall Field Marshall
Generaloberst Colonel General Lord General Militant
Generalleutnant Lieutenant General
Generalmajor Major General General
Brigadegeneral Brigade General
Regimental Officers
Oberst Colonel Colonel
Oberstleutnant Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
Major Major Major
Hauptmann Captain Captain
Oberleutnant Senior Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Leutnant Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Senior Non-Commissioned Officers
Festungsoberwekmeister Fortress Senior Works Master Chief Warrant Officer
Festungswerkmeister Fortress Works Master Warrant Officer
Non-Commissioned Officers
Stabsfeldwebel Staff Field Usher Sergeant Major
Hauptfeldwebel Principle Field Usher First Sergeant
Oberfeldwebel Leading Field Usher
Oberfahnrich (Officer Candidate) Leading Ensign
Feldwebel Field Usher Staff Sergeant
Unterfeldwebel Under Field Usher Sergeant
Fahnrich (Officer Candidate) Ensign
Unteroffizier Subofficer Corporal
Fahnenjunker (Officer Candidate) Ensign Esquire
Enlisted Soldiers
Stabsgefreiter Staff Exempted Man
Obergefreiter Leading Exepmted Man
Gefreiter Exempted Man Lance Corporal
Obersoldat Senior Soldier
Soldat Soldier Guardsman

Appearance & Insignia



  • Gewehr G36 Pattern Lasgun
  • Maschinekarbin MKb 17 Pattern Lasgun (Optional Armament)
  • 8 Charge Packs
  • Boltpistol
  • 2 Boltpistol Clips
  • S36 Bayonet
  • Fighting Knife- The fighting knife is a one handed melee weapon and serves as the ubiquitous back-up weapon for warriors all across the Imperium.
  • 2 Fragmentation Grenades
  • 2 Krak Grenades
  • 2 Smoke Grenades
  • Wehttam Pattern Helmet
  • Wehttam Sturmschutz Field Uniform
  • Wehttam Pattern "Drachen Feuer" Carapace Armor-
  • Vox-castor- These are small and rugged, portable radio transceviers which are used for communications between unit commanders and their subordinates. In Wehttam regiments all the soldiers in the regiment are issued with a Vox-castor in order to improve unit cohesion and the tactical abilities of the unit commander.
  • Gas Mask
  • Incliment Weather Gear
  • Rucksack
  • Entrenching Spade
  • Mess Gear & Canteen
  • Rations
  • Sleeping Gear
  • Rechargeable Lamp-Pack
  • Grooming Kit
  • Dog Tags
  • Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer

Additional Equipment

Wehttam Sturmschutz regiments are issued with additional heavy weapons and equipment in order to give them added firepower and strength on the battlefield. Sturmschutz regiments have a preference for autocannons, heavy bolters and flamers in their heavy weapons companies with other heavy weapons having been issued are mortars, meltaguns and lascannons.

  • Grenade Launcher
  • Wehttam Panzerfaust Missile Launcher
  • Wehttam MG3 Heavy Stubber
  • Heavy Bolters
  • Wehttam MG08 Autocannon
  • Lascannon
  • Meltaguns
  • Wehttam Wex Flammenwerfer
  • Mortars

Armored Fighting Vehicles

  • Marder IFV- Amored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Puma Schützenpanzer- The Wehttam pattern of the Chimera APC. This vehicle is equipped with twin-linked Autocannons as its main armament and with a hull mounted heavy bolter as a second armament. The turret is equipped with smoke dispensers mounted on the side and a hunter killer missile launcher in order to give the vehicle added firepower agaisnt armored enemies. The Puma is protected with a composite hardened steel armor that can protect it from most threats it would face on the battlefield and with crews known to add side skirt armor plates to increase the armor effectiveness.
  • Gepard Flakpanzer- Anti-Aircraft Defense Vehicle
  • Fennek- Light Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • KMW Eisbär- High Protection Transport Vehicle
  • GTK Badger- Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier
  • TPz Fuchs- CBRN Defense Vehicle
  • Wiesel AWC- Armored Weapons Carrier
  • MOWAG Warrior- light Assault Vehicle

Notable Regiments

128th Sturmschutz Regiment "Wolfsschützer"- The 128th is the most prestigious and elite regiment in the Sturmschtuz and has since the Great Crusade seen battles on countless worlds with the regimental motto being "Sieg oder Tod" which means "Victory or Death".

202nd Sturmschutz Regiment “Schattenkrieger”- the soldiers of this regiment earned their reputation through partisan operations and the assault of enemy forces in even the blackest of battlefield conditions.

392nd Sturmschutz Regiment “Nachthexen”- an unusual all female imperial guard regiment that have earned a reputation for their swift night assaults.

212th Sturmschutz Regiment “Kriegswölfe”- an imperial guard regiment recruited entirely from the native werewolf clans of Wehttam whom have become feared for their bloodlust in battle.  

122nd Sturmschutz Regiment “Alte Garde”- named for the fact that this regiment can trace its origins to the members of the Wehttam soldiers who served in the Imperial Army during the great Crusade and later fought in defense of the Emperor in the Horus Heresy. 

127th Sturmschutz Regiment “Eisenkreuzfahrer”-

252nd Sturmschutz Regiment “Himmelfahrtskommando”-

212th Sturmschutz Regiment "Todesuhr"-

291st Sturmschutz Regiment

272nd Sturmschutz Regiment

134th Sturmschutz Regiment

101st Sturmschutz Regiment "Dämonen"-

221st Sturmschutz Regiment “Höllenhunde”- 

Notable Personnel

Saint Michael the Archangel- The Founder and First Commander of the Wehttam Sturmschutz and one of the first Saints of the Imperium of Man. He led a battlegroup of 28 Sturmschtuz regiments in the Battle of Terra and defense of the Imperial Palace during the siege by the ruinous powers. In the years in which the Imperial forces hunted the surving Chaos forces in their counteroffensive, Saint Michael the Archangel would be falled in the battle against the Ruinous powers. He was buried in a massive crypt on Wehttam surrounded by the graves of his fallen soldiers he led in the Great Crusade.  


Adeptus Astartes

Space Wolves


Sons of Guilliman


Ordo Malleus

Imperial Guard


•The patron saint of the Wehttam Imperial Guard regiments is the Archangel St. Michael a warrior priest and the first commander of the Wehttam armed forces who led Wehttam soldiers during the Great Crusade and the Horus heresy and was among the first to defend the Emperor against Warmaster Horus.  

Legend has it that when Wehttam is faced with the event known as Ragnarok or the end times that Saint Michael the Archangel and the fallen soldiers of Wehttam would be resurrected to fight in the defense of their homeworld. With the 13th Black Crusade and the enemies of the Imperium increasing on multiple fronts it seems that the end times are near for Wehttam and the time for the legend to come to pass. 

Regimental Traditions

•The regimental standard known amongst Wehttam regiments as the Truppenfahne are the most revered symbol of the Sturmschutz with some standards having seen continuous service from the time of the Great Crusade. The standards are the marks of distinguished service of the Wehttam Regiments of which their affiliated with hundreds of battles decorating these hallowed symbols of war. 

•Wehttam soldiers when in the heat of battle are known to make a terrifying yell as they charge enemy positions or advance in combat to intimidate their enemies. This war cry has become known as the Demon’s Howl amongst Imperials for its piercing and horrifying sound earning a reputation of dread and fear by both enemies and allies alike with each regiment having its own distinctive yell. 

•The Regiments of the Sturmschutz are known to face the threat of execution by the Commissariat in order to recover the bodies of their fallen comrades in order to be interred on their home world. 


Quotes From the Sturmschutz

"Rapid Feuer, Rapid Death "
—Unknown Sturmschutz Soldier, describing the regiment's weapon philosophy

Quotes About the Sturmschutz


  • The Sturmschtuz are inspired from the German Imperial Army and Bundeswehr
  • The name Sturmschutz translates as "Assault Guards" with the regiment taking their name from the Imperial German Sturmtruppen or Stormtroopers of WWI.
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