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Wehttam is a great Fortress world located in the Drachen system of the Gothic Sector and stands in defiance against the dreaded Eye of Terror. This famed fortress world is the homeworld of the vaunted Sturmschutz regiments of the Imperial Guard which have served the imperium since the Great Crusade. Wehttam is well known for its mineral ore desposits, large narutal reasources and military forces which provide support to the vast machine that is the Imperium of Man.


The histories have little records on the first human civilizations that thrived on the world prior to the establishment of Wehttam as its known in the current age. It is believed that Wehttam was first inhabited in the fifth millennium when the Nordic and Germanic ancestors of the Wehttam first emeged on the planet. The histories on these first ancestors that has survived has been recorded through oral legends and ancient stones with an arcanic language Reiksruna which is still used in remote regions on Wehttam.

Age of the Ancients

Age of the Old Gods

First Chaos War

Age of the Empires

Emergence of the Kingdoms

Reign of the Archangel

Age of the Imperium

The Great Crusade

Invasions of the Ruinous Powers

The Insurrection

In the 36th Millennium events on Wehttam would lead to the rise the rise of Chaos cults not seen since the age prior to Wehttam being a fortress world in Imperial Service.

7th Black Crusade "Ghost War"

In this age as regiments of the Sturmschutz were embattled on countless worlds the defenses of the fortress world were for the first time in the weakest state.


Wehttam has varied and extreme terrain that changes across regions of the planet with these areas have some sembalance to Germania and Scandinavia on Ancient Terra in the past. The world of Wehttam is a rugged and extreme enviroment in which the seasons can bring harsh and unexpected changes in an instant forcing the navtive peoples to become hard individuals prepared to survive.

The terrain ranges from vast mountainous regions, beautiful rivers, flood plains and irrigable fields to large thick wooded forests, treacherous seas and massive ice caps in the Frozen North.

Though the most famous landmarks are the gothic medieval castles, fortifications and cities which serve to protect the people whom call this land home. As well blending the modern cities and industrial regions with the ancient remainders of their glorious past.

Wehttam has large mineral ore deposits with some being used in the manufacture of weapons and armor with the most notable being Kyzrstahl which is a unique metal mineral that when forged produces a composite steel that is stronger than most other metals. Kyzerstahl is regarded as the steel of choice for the elite and bravest warriors on Wehttam.

Notable Regions









Wehttam due to its rugged and natural environment possess a wide selection of animals within its ecosystem with the most common being mammals, avians and various species of fish. Whereas Insects, Reptiles and amphibians are not as abundant but still excist in decent numbers most located near the oceans or the multiple rivers.

The most well known creatures that survive on Wehttam are wolves with their being over a dozen separate species inlcuding the largest species the Wulfkin which are large and intelligent wolves which are some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. The most feared and lethal predators on Wehttam are known as the Ulhfednar or Werewolves.

The other most famous species are the those of the dragons with these species including the Frost Dragons, Wyverns, and Water Dragons which inhabited the sealanes of the Nordsøen or North Sea.


Wehttam is a constitutional monarchy with the Kaisers being the reigning monarch and head of state of the goverment. The crown of the Kaiser is passed between members in the reigning house of the monarchy with the current house being the Hohenzollerns whom assumed power in the 40th Millennium from the house of Wittelsbach. The Kaiser is assisted in his reign with the Chancellor whom is the head of the Cabinet Ministers which organize and run the various departments of the goverment. The Chancellor is the second highest ranked official in the Wehttam goverment and wields immense power and at times is the leader of the goverment depending on the situtation such as when the Kaiser is leading soldiers on the battlefield.

Imperial Parliament

Imperial Court System

Imperial States and Provinces


The People of Wehttam are descendant of the Nordic and Germanic races from Ancient Terra whom first settled on the World in the Fifth Millennium. Having been isolated prior to their inclusion into the Imperium these inherited cultures have blended in a unique culture.

People on Wehttam speak a unique low gothic language which would be considered a mixture of German, Danish and Swedish. This language which is called Reikspiel has at least tweny dialects with each dialect being spoken in a particular region or having been inherited through ancestors thus it can make it to where common Wehttam can't understand each other. The other notable language on Wehttam is a script language known as Reiksruna which has been inscribed on ancient stones since the earliest histories on Wehttam.


The people of Wehttam have developed into a religious society since the "Age of the Old Gods" in the beginning of the histories and have maintained this close relations with their faith since though not all on Wehttam are religious or practice the same faith.

Wehttam Defense Forces

The Wehttam Defense Forces are the soldiers whom defend the vaunted fortress world from invasions and potential enemies both domestic and foreign as well as providing trained and experienced soldiers for the Sturmschutz regiments of the Imperial Guard.


Wehttam is a planet able to produce everything needed to sustain its population this includes its mineral ore deposits which are used in the manufacture of weapons and armor. In the industrial regions of Wehttam such as the famed Ruhr region factories and armories organized under the command of the Adeptus Mechanicus whom alongside the Wehttam Imperial Government provide all equipment issued to the defense forces and the Sturmschutz. The Mechanicum is charge of the design and manufacture whereas the Imperial government organizes production and the administration of the industries in these regions it is an alliance first forged in the later stages of the Great Crusade.



The culture, geography and history of Wehttam is based on the countries of Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.