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Waaagh! Skullmasha was an Ork Waaagh! of the Snakebites clan. It is infamous for taking the planet of Theolessus, thanks to the brutality of it's leader, Ugga Gobgutz Ag Skullsmasha. The Waaagh! has also left waste to Jerceno IV, Fromlox, Hevorak, Zustia, Sepridon and countless more.

Formed around 932.M41 on an uncharted Ork world, Waaagh! Skullsmasha was originally made up of the remnants of Waaagh! Borka. However it soon began to expand rapidly, thanks to the experienced Snakebite runtheards. Soon it had taken over many worlds, mostly near the Eye of Terror.

Waaagh! Skullsmasha has fought enemies ranging from Ultramarines, Word Bearers, Tigers Argent , the Kharnakept dynasty, Space Wolves and Craftworld Nirmia. The Waaagh! has suffered in recent years due to the amount of threats it faces, but whether Skullsmasha knows or cares is anyones guess.


Founded in the late 41st millennium, Waaagh! Skullsmasha was at first the remnants of Waaagh! Borka. Borka had died while fighting Eldar of Craftworld Nirmia, after he had turned mad due to the surgeries caused by painboy Uka. A nob by the name of Uggah smashed a few skulls to gain control, after receiving a vision from Gork himself. Uggahs massive totem to the gods inspired those to follow him.

Favoured tactics=

Waaagh! Skullsmsha uses massed infantry to overwhelm the foes that they face. The Waaagh! contains large groups of Nobz, and boyz, as well as hordes of squigs. It also has a large congregant of burnas, courtesy of Dakkadoz. The hiring of freebooter Zogwazza Gitburna, Snakebite pilot of the 'Umie burna, and his squadron of ramshackle planes usually means that they form the vanguard of the Waaagh!.

Notable Orks in Waaagh! Skullsmasha

Uggah Gobgutz Ag Skullsmasha

""Lissen up. We 'ave got some humies ta kill ands I wants ya to do it! WAAAGH!"
—Warlord Skullsmasha addressing his boyz

Skullsmasha is the boss of the Waaagh!. A ruthless, albeit stupid pile of muscle, Skullsmasha is a brutal Ork who is as feral as he is large. Considered backward minded, Skullsmashas violent ways have helped Waaagh! Skullsmasha carve a wave of destruction through their path, and with little signs of stopping.

Wierdboy Wurr'ead

—Weirdboy Wurr'ead

Wurr'ead was a Deathskull Warphead who works for Dakkadoz. He considers himself trained in the weirdboy "art", and goes into battle completely unrestrained .

Big mek Dakkadoz

"More Dakka!"
—Dakkadoz, on more than one occasion

A scawny Ork, Dakkadoz cares for little other the than technical advancements of warfare.

Uka the painboy

""You are gonna die,ya runt""
—Uka addressing one of his "patients"

Uka is a painboy and Skullsmashas chief "advisor". He is gifted with a low cunning, simaler to that of a gretchin or kommando, and is as devious as an Ork can be. However, Skullsmasha keeps the wiry Ork at a distance, not wanting him to "accidentally" give him a squig for a brain.