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Void Talons

Home Ship

Sovereign Fury


Commander Mina Kine


Early 40th Millennium


Boarding Action, Void Combat, Zero-G Engagements

Other names



"Stare into the Void!" or "Into the breach!"



The Void Talons are a special detachment of Battlefleet (Insert name later), consisting of highly trained men-at-arms from around the fleet to partake in EVA and boarding actions, specifically to seize or destroy key ship components and cripple their ships

Utilizing their knowledge of Void Ship systems, and trained in Electro-Vox warfare, they often attempt to isolate areas of enemy ships and void stations to sow confusion and keep their enemies from calling for help.

Currently Operating in the Spinward Front to recapture Naval assets stolen by the Severan Dominate Separatists, as well as cripple void stations to soften up planets before Imperial Guard elements deploy planetside.


Originally from Battlefleet (Name Here), the Void Talons were unofficially formed and earned their reputations during a naval engagement above (Planet Name Here), during which in its last defiant action, the Grand Cruiser Righteous Judgment, launched an all out assault upon the enemy controlled void station, utilizing assault craft and boarding torpedoes, the assaulting forces watched on as their ships plasma drive exploded in a blinding ball of blue-white light.

Once on the ship, they faced wave after wave of defending enemy forces and automated defenses, slowly whittling down their numbers. Saved only through divine luck, the Talons found and disabled the stations gravity generators, forcing the untrained defenders to fight in Zero-G. Utilizing their advantage, both within the station, and on the exterior, the Talons fought to and seized the stations defensive guns to save their outnumbered comrades.



The Void Talons are a mixed gendered unit, and generally hovers around a 60/40 mix between male and female Voidsmen.


Following standard naval hierarchy, each detachment is commanded by a Senior Voidsmen, and operate in large groups known as wings, often consisting of several dozen individuals, with supporting elements on the side.



The tactics of the Void Talons vary from engagement to engagement, often attempting to get in close to their target before boarding it, ensuring they have the highest chance to get all their forces on board, while their ship fires upon areas they aren't currently boarding.

Once on board the Talons seek out and eliminate key systems for the ships operation, and attempt to seize the bridge once they secure all other vital systems, using their Naval training to take control of the ship and turn it against the enemy fleet.

When engaging Xenos ships, the Talons adopt a scorched earth policy, opting to destroy and disable all key systems on the ship and eliminate the crew quickly, often by disabling the ships life support and gravity generators, rigging its engines to blow before returning to their ships to escape.

Notable Engagements


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