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"Do you hear that? That is the sound of a million doomed souls. Hear how they scream, crying their pitiful prayers to their dying god. That my friends, is the sound of slavery. Soon they will hear our music, the music of the true gods, the music of the spheres! The music that will set them free!"
— Calios, Lord-Conductor of the Void Sirens

The Void Sirens are a traitor warband in service to the daemon lord Slaa'sha'cii, the Siren's Call and the later incarnation of the Silvered Bladesmen Division of the Emperor's Children Legion. These tainted warriors specialize in Sonic warfare and Hypnosis, and unlike many other traitor warbands the Void Sirens are conducted and well disciplined, if not a little erratic. 


"We were the Emperor's Children, his chosen. We alone of all the Legions were blessed to carry his standard and his colours. And yet for all our pride, our honour, our glory, we were looked down upon by our fellow legions in spiteful jealousy. But all that does not matter, for we were more than they could ever be, and now, we are more than even that."
— Attributed to an unknown member of the Silvered Bladesmen, prior to the second landing.


The Void Sirens have many distinctive features that set them apart from the other warbands who fight the long war against the Imperium. As befitting a servant of Slaanesh, the Void Sirens adorn themselves with many bright colours and sinister icons. The predominately purple armour of the Siren is often augmented with blue wave-like symbols, as well as swirling white patterns, usually on the black areas of the armour. These strange marking act as both a symbol of dedication to their daemon lord, as well as a way of setting their appearance apart from other chaos warbands.

All members of the Void Sirens attach speakers and such to their armour to create deafening noise as they compose their murderous music. The flesh tone a Void Siren ranges vastly. Mimicking that of their daemon lord Slaa'sha'cii, a Siren's skin is usually either pale blue or plaster white patterned with deep purple tattoo-like runes. Mutation is rife among the followers of Calios and all senior members of the Void Sirens have at least one visible mutation. These marks of Chaos are carried with great pride and those with many are seen to be worthy of more respect, and are usually those who lead their brothers into battle.

Battle Doctrine

"An army without a leader is a meaningless unit, and a leader without an army is a unit so meaningless that they are worth naught but their blade."
— Lisvaspian the Shining-Knight, Tribune of the Silvered Bladesmen. (deceased)

Born from the martial traditions of Chemos, homeworld of their ancestor-legion, the Void Sirens still follow the tenants of the Maru Skara, the 'Killing Cut'. Though altered by time and design, the ancient way of battle of the Pan-Europic duelist cults of Terra is still employed by the Void Sirens of the 41st millenium. Striking in two separate fronts, the first wave "Open Blade" engages the fringes of its foes battle line, forcing a retaliation, before striking again with a second 'cut', the 'Hidden Blade, which catches its encircled foe off guard and defeating it.

In ages past the III Legion would employ the Maru Skara as a means of defeating the bulk of the enemies force, while the vanguard of the first 'cut', more-often-than-not lead by a Prefector and his Palatines, would hunt the leaders of their foe and slay them in single combat, cutting the head off the enemies fighting force while the body withered and died.

A doctrine of disciplines and precision strikes aided by the Void Sirens natural tenacity and honourless pride makes their unique brand of warfare as effective and deadly as it was ten-thousand years before. Though less inclined to strict battle formations than their ancient kin, the followers of Calios use their powerful sonic weaponry and devises to confuse and confound their foes while the Siren-Blades form the second 'cut'. In this way the Maru Skara is preformed in an effective, but noticeably less organized than its Crusade-era counterpart. 

Lord Calios' Realm

The surrogate homeworld of the Void Sirens is the venomous, daemon world of Sapio among the Gloom of Loss, a turbulent warp-reef to the galactic east of the Galoric Sector

Sapio, the World of Silvered Skies

Fallen Imperial Worlds

During their long history, the Void Sirens have been responsible for the fall of a number of Imperial worlds through out Segmentus Obscurus. These worlds have been given as offering to their patron Slaa'Sha'Cii as a sign of their worship. 

  • Jhakar - Formerly an Imperial feral world in the far north of Segmentus Obscurus, Jhakar is now a blackened wasteland. Opened by Calios of the Void Sirens, the warp portal known as the 'Whispering Gate' tore a rift in space that consumed the planet and its population, leaving only dust, rocks and bones. Though at first glance the world of Jhakar may seem to be barren and empty, a closer inspection by a Mechanicus exploratory team have discovered billions of strange chaotic runes carved hundreds of feet high in the bare rock of Jhakar's highest mountains. Since the time before the Old Night the tribal people of Jhakar had lead a primitive existence, living in large family groups along the great rivers that spread across the flat dry plains of the southern continent. Ruled over by the priestly cast known as the 'Whisper Men', the savage people of Jhakar worshiped the sky deity 'Rehkanok', knower of all things, who they believed one day would appear before them and guide them into a golden age. By the time of the Great Crusade, Jhakar had been returned to the Imperial fold, the primal people of the planet believing the golden emperor to be their divine creator who had come to lead them. Though eager to join with the Imperium, the people of Jhakar were deemed to savage and were left to their own devises, while the much smaller, colder northern continent was developed and many manufatorums and military bases were established along the steep, frozen slopes of the 'Eagle wing mountains'; though now these great constructions are naught by ruins.
  • Somer​a - The planet of Somera was once an Imperial agri world in the Broken Ring cluster in the north-west of Segmentum Obscurus. After the Eldar who were guarding the planet were defeated by the Void Sirens chaos space marine warband, Somera was given to the daemon Slaa'sha'cii as a sign of dedication; the people of Somera becoming slaves and playthings to the daemons of the Siren Legion. Unknown to the rest of the Imperium the planet of Somera was unofficially a trading partner of the Eldar Craftworld Ulthwé, who in exchange for protection the people of Somera supplied the aliens with Imperial records and communications as to always keep the Eldar one step ahead of the Imperium. Now though no such alliance exists, the planet and its population utterly consumed by Chaos as Daemons of the Siren Legion run wild among the ruins of the once great planet. Sitting out of phase with the materiel plain due to the daemonic energy that pulls it momentarily into the warp, Somera is the place where the legions of Slaa'sha'cii enter the universe. This makes the area around the planet extremely dangerous for any misfortune enough to be caught in this region of space.
  • Cartha​gos - Once the frozen homeworld of the Star Striders space marine chapter, the great fortresses and factory cities of Carthagos now stand silent and empty, the atmosphere dissolved as the void took its place. In times past the planet of Carthagos was a thriving factory world and the final way point for many of the daring Rouge Traders voyaging out into the black to ply their trade in the outer reaches of Segmentus Obscurus. Once called 'the only place in the Broken Ring cluster where any sort of peace can be found' , Carthagos was a world of industry and learning; the great library of Tuntemus known throughout the segmentum for its vast stores of knowledge, some of which predating even the Old Night. 


"If they only knew what they have become. What their beloved emperor would think of them. But oh, let them delude themselves. It's ever so delightful to watch. "
— Unknown member of the Void Sirens

If spite were considered a virtue, the Void Sirens would be angels. Just as their forebears believed themselves the peak of pride and purity while being cast in a light of arrogance and self superiority by their fellow Legions, the Void Sirens are as a double sided mirror; one side a vision of taint and ignorant pride, while the other masks this degeneration in a hypnotic glare of radiant adulation. 

Cast from their legion by none other than their own Primarch, the Void Sirens are a secretly embittered and spiteful lot obsessed with petty revenge. Though outwardly they appear to be manic and driven by an over inflated sense of self worth without end, Calios and his followers suffer from unequaled paranoia and despair; their pride shattered, their glory tainted, and their many victories forgotten. As such the Void Sirens act on their fragile egos without thought of repercussions and dwell on past experiences, good or bad as though they belong to their future. This has left them hollow and joyless, contrary to their outward appearance, killing not for the sake of pleasure as is with other followers of Slaanesh, but for the brief feeling of closer that they gain from a victory over a 'lesser foe. Though even this feeling fades too quickly to satisfy them. 

So it can be said that the Void Sirens believe in nothing; not themselves, not their comrades, not their gods. Only the shame and resentment that shadows them always. 

The Cult of Mirrors


"Ha! They weave their own curse in your lamentations. And now I see, I was right all along; order may never tend chaos, and chaos shatters to the touch of order. The Star Striders never knew this, and my heart leaps to see their falsehoods recognised."
— Luuka Lightning-Eyes, on the orginisation of the Void Sirens

Warband Layout

Being creatures of whim and passion the Void Sirens do not believe in a strict military setup, and do not employ normal formations found in most Marine warbands. Instead, they follow a less structured combat setup. The squads of the Void Sirens are organize by the frequency of the sonic weapons employed by the Siren. Each has his own favorite note and those with similar tastes gather together to create a more enjoyable audials, each squad competing to compose the loudest and most pleasing sound.

Following an astranged version of the crusade-era Astartes III Legion layout, the Void Sirens employ large, iregular formations centered around a central command unit which acts as both the "first cut", and fire supression to aid the second. 


  • Sirens - The vast majority of the warband are known simply as 'Sirens', and make up the body of the force. Ranging from line warriors, Noisemarines, Havoks, assault units, vehicle crews, and many more, the Sirens are the flexible backbone of the Void Sirens.
  • Conductors - Void Siren squad leaders have a title and purpose unique to the warband. In place of 'Champions', Void Siren units are lead by so-called 'Conductors' who have the crucial job of directing the sound created by the squad members weapons and focusing it into a perfect symphony.
  • Callers -Within the ranks of the Void Sirens those who show psychic talent are drawn into the ranks of the sorcerer coven known as the 'Callers'. These gifted psykers practice the precise art of 'Sonic sorcery', which uses the energies of the warp to create great symphonies of devastating sounds. Though the III Legion and it's decendance have never been a very psykicly attuned blooline, the Void Siren's contain a vast number of Callers. This is most likely due to their affiliation with the Keeper of Secrets Slaa'sha'cii.
  • Kakoph'Naksha - Those of the Void Sirens who bear many gift of chaos are known as Kakoph'Naksha, which roughly translates to 'Cursed Sound'. These tainted creatures believe that they are favored above all others by their magnificent patron. Gathering in small elite groups these warriors form savage close quarter fighting units, rending their foes apart with naught but their own talons and vocals.
A sub faction of the Kakoph'Naksha, known as the Mirror Wraiths, a title given to them for their mirror-glass armour are the personal bodyguard of Lord Calios and are some of the most gifted mutant-duelists the Void Siren's have to offer.
  • Lord-Conductor - A position held by the Warp Screamer, Calios, the rank of Lord-Conductor, divergence of the III Legion rank "Lord-Commander", is equivalent to 'Chaos Lord' in other Chaos warbands. 

Notable Void Sirens

  • Lord-Conductor Calios - The warlord of the Void Sirens is a haunted man. His dreams filled with visions of his past humiliation and the hands of Fulgrim and Lucius. The wicked grin of Lucius is Calios' constant companion, playing over and over in the back of his mind. He spends most of his waking hours obsessing over star maps and stolen Imperial records in search of signs of the Emperor's Children to bring down his fury upon. Bearing the title of 'Lord-Conductor', it is Calios' duty to not only direct the symphony of his own squad, but those of all the units in his warband. Through his unparalleled expertise in the precise art of sonic warfare Calios has gained the name 'Warp Screamer', a title that he bears with manic pride.
  • Malkin - The priests of Dark Mechanicum are inventors of the most ingenious breed, and Makin was no exception. Taking manic pride in building new and brilliant Sonic devises, Malkin maintained the weapons and armour of the Void Sirens prior his death at the hands of Eleaxus of the Flawless Host.
  • Tern - Seemingly chosen by Slaa'sha'cii, the former first-captain of the Star Striders now exists as a mindless spawn of chaos. Gifted with the 'Doom Key', a powerful sonic weapon resembling a pipe organ fused into the shoulders of the creature, the 'sonic spawn' is often used seen at the head of the attack blasting foes with the most potent warp sounds imaginable. 
  • Luuka Lightning-Eyes - A survivor of the Carthagosi people, Luuka was captured by the Void Sirens during the sacking of his homeworld, and pressed into service amoung the gun-cults of the Siren Legion. After many successful combat actions of which he was not intended to survive, Luuka's savagery and near immunity to the sonic cascade of the Noise Marines exulted him above the massed rabble and he eventually in time rose to full astertes status with the blessing of the Lord-Conductor. Taking control of a band of assault Sirens, the so called "lightning-eyes" for his lidless glare, has become a preeminent member of the Void Sirens and member of the cult's inner circle. 
  • Vexillarius Vexus - Vexus has stood side-by-side with his commander and mentor Calios since the time before the great betrayal. He was once the standard bearer of the III Legion's fourth millennial, but after Calios' muting at the hands of Fulgrim, Vexus fled the legion and joined Calios' 'Muted Sirens'. Being one of the most senior members of the Void Sirens, Vexus is tasked with carrying the 'Void Banner', a enchanted standard of the Void Sirens deity, Slaa'sha'cii. Unlike the rest of the Void Sirens, Vexus retains his Legion rank.
  • Brother Lassa - Lord of the Siren Callers, Brother Lassa is a mighty sorcerer who wields the full psychic potential of Slaa'sha'cii. Not only a powerful psyker, Lassa is also in charge of initiating new brothers in the ways of the Void Sirens and keeping order and discipline within the warband. Lassa wields the Staff of Resonance.
  • Conductor Helthas - The leader of squad Harrow is one of the most senior members within the Void Sirens. Once a Decurio of the assault section of the first division within the fourth Millennial of the Emperor's Children, Helthas' expertise lead him to becoming the Master of Arms for the Void Sirens, and the leader of veteran assault squad Harrow.
  • Relbakk the Quickling - Task master of the rabid bands of mutant gun-cultists, Relbakk is a figure of awe and terror to the lower echelons of the Void Sirens. Warped beyond reason by the flux of Slaa'Sha'Cii, Relbakk, known as the "Quickling" for his boundless speed, towers like a shadow over his charges, brandishing a daemon-tooth studded maul with which he uses to frightening proficiency.


The Void Sirens go to war en mass, never taking to the battlefield with any less than the entire warbands numbers within striking range. In battle the Conductors lead their following as dictated by Lord Calios, and with large, but entirely wieldly sections under their control. Separated into three "bands", each branch of the Void Sirens fulfills a purpose in battle; Lord-Conductor Calios' center command, the second cut under Luuka Lightning-Eyes, and the support wave gun-cultists lead by the mutant commander Relbakk.


Infantry Equipment

As a off shoot of the Emperor's Children dating back to the Great Crusade, the Void Sirens are armed and armoured much as the Legioniars of the Third were; Tigrus pattern Boltguns, MK IV 'Maximus' Astartes plate, and many other items reminiscent of a bygone age of the Imperium. Surviving down through long years of war, the modern Void Sirens equipment has changed striking little to that which they wielded during the Heresy - thought the constant fury of the Long War, the touch of Slaanesh, and the whim of its members has left the warband with a unique look. 

Warband Relics

  • Sonus Mortum - The plasma pistol carried by the lord of the Void Sirens is no ordinary weapon. Having been lovingly customized by Calios himself, his weapon who's name in High Gothic translates to 'The Sound of Death', is a powerful weapon indeed. A single plasma infused sonic wave unleashed by Sonus Mortum is enough to puncture the armour of an enemy war machine or bring down a fortified building in a single disastrous crescendo.
  • The Siren Mask - Lord Calios bears a unique sonic artifact of Eldar make that is integrated into the mouth piece of his helmet . Taken from the body of a slain Howling Banshee Exarch, the Siren Mask is a modified Banshee mask infused with the power of Slaa'sha'cii, making it a thousand times more dangerous. The hypnotic scream emitted by the mask has the power to rend even the most willful foes senseless, leaving them reeling and powerless to defend themselves against the fury of the Warp Screamer.


Coming Soon


Being that they are primarily a fleet based warband, the Void Sirens maintain a number of battle ships, the formost being the great battlebarge known mockingly as Fulgrim's Harmony. Stolen from the III Legion by Calios and his then Muted Sirens, the Void Siren's flagship is a living, breathing monument to the glory of Slaa'sha'cii. Once a mighty machine of art and war, Fulgrim's Harmony has since become a possessed hive of daemonic miasma and psycho-sonic impossibility. Built into the command bridge at the rear, a vast, silver-keyed pipe organ threads it's was through the heart of the ship, dispercing the sounds of devotion to all parts of the vessel and finally casting outward from the ship in a cluster of cylindrical, fluted towers. the main body of Fulgrim's Harmony casts the silouette of a short, jagged dagger coated with vein-like power conduits that feed the engines with frshly caught warp essence and unlight, propelling the ship's purple-black form through the immerterium with unseen speed and accuracy. The technology employed by Fulgrim's Harmony is neither understood or questioned by the Void Siren crew, though the ship's strange anatomy is clearly the work of some kind of sonic sorcery or another.

The Annuals of the Void Sirens

Sargent Calios of the Emperor's Children 

Born on the planet of Chemos, homeworld of Primarch Fulgrim and Legion III, Calios Kottel joined the Emperor's Children at the time of the Emperor's arrival on Chemos. During his youth Calios was nothing if not ordinary, constantly being outshone by his close friend Lucius who was always faster and stronger, and in every way more exceptional. Never letting his jealousy get the better of him, Calios fought proudly for his legion and in only a few short years attained the rank of Prefector-Sargent in the Fourth Millennial's First Division (Silvered Bladesmen) under Division-Tribune Lisvaspian, Known as the 'Shining Knight'. Dispite never attaining high standing or aclaim, Calios was always a preturnatually gifted swordsmen and as such was a frequent attendee of the III/I-IV Palatine lodge, the Pale Mark

The Pale Mark

The Muting of Calios 

This changed however when he discovered that his old friend Lucius was intentionaly endangering the lives of his fellow Emperor's Children in order to create more and more spectacular desplays of his martial prowess. After several orchestrated deaths at the hands of an Ork warband Calios found the proof he needed to take his case to the council.

Calios Drawing

A poorly rendered drawing of Calios as he appeared during the Great Crusade

"You dare speak against me, Calios?". Fulgrims voice echoing through the chamber; the assembled brothers of the Emperor's Children shrinking back into the shadows away from the wrath of their Primarch. Calios' voice broke as he spoke again. "Please my lord Fulgrim, I meant no offence. I only said what it is I know." The Primarch stepped forward, Calios consumed by the shadow of Fulgrims mighty form. Looking around the room at the scarcely visible faces of his brothers, a wicked half-smile split for a second across the face of his former friend Lucius. Calios felt the eye's of his Genefather burning into him, Fulgrims rage had been building and Calios would feel his fury as it was unleashed. "You are a fool, Calios! You stand before me bearing such horrible lies, speaking as if your words carry any worth to me! Lucius has told me all I need to know and none of your conspiring and treachery can tarnish the captains words. You are filth Calios, and your tongue lies with every word it spits forth. So no more words shall you speak, for a mute man can not lie!"

Pact of Slaa'sha'cii

After Calios had his tongue cut from his mouth by Fulgrim for 'lying' to him about the schemes of captain Lucius he fled the legion with his most trusted allies. Aboard the battle barge 'Fulgrim's Harmony' the space marines soon to be known as the 'Muted Sirens' become lost in the warp their ship was beckoned toward a disturbingly beautiful sound echoing through the void. Soon they came to a dead world on the very edge of known space and there they came into contact with a Slaaneshi daemon known as Slaa'sha'cii, the sirens call, who promised Calios revenge in exchange for his obedience. Calios more than eager to except, pledged his soul and the souls of his followers to the Slaa'sha'cii and took the name 'Muted Sirens' in honor of his new allegiance.

The Siren and the Shark

However, soon after the pledge was made and fleet of unknown ships entered the planets atmosphere. Calios and his Sirens made ready for battle, frantically eager to shed blood. Their manic glee for the coming fight soon turned to dread as their new enemy unmasked themselves. 

Calios stood in silence, the fear that gripped his dead soul rendering him unable to move, his eyes wide and fixed on the vid-screen. "Again, Malkin! Play it again!"  demanded Vemar. The machine-priest nodded slightly and the image flashed to life. The familiar sound of vox static buzzed for a few moments, all those in the room watching in fearful anticipation. The static was suddenly cut off by laughter the sounds of rolling waves, the sort of which freezes the very blood of those who hear it. "You are prey, as feeble and weak as your father. Oh, how my sons shall feed. You are trapped in deaths tide and soon you will devoured." The dry laughter flooded the room once again, so low that it could barely be heard. For half a second a face appeared on the screen, alabaster white with eyes as black as the oceans depths, and teeth so sharp they could tear through ceremite. Calios knew that face, for he had seen it once before. The visage of a nightmare come to life, his very name forbidden by the Emperor himself. The room was silent, none dared to speak, for they knew what was coming for them, a half-forgotten memory from the darkest depths of space. The Carcharadons had come.

The Carcharadons came from the sky like a tide, the first wave of Droppods crashing down midst the assembled followers of Calios. Out numbered five to one, the Muted Sirens were forced to retreat back their landing craft to avoid the bloodshed. Those that did not reach safety were butchered to a man by the cold fury of the Space Sharks. As the battle raged around him, Calios and Vemar, his master of rituals called forth the power of the Siren, and adding their harmony to those of the Sonic weapons of the Noisemarines sent a warp-fueled shock wave through the ranks of the Carcharadons. The sonic attack was devastating, slaying not only the Sharks but his own men, a full half of the surviving Sirens fell to the soul-splitting crescendo. The few Sirens that remained fled back to Fulgrim's Harmony, ready to make warp-transition and escape the horror of the Carcharadons.

The Cult of Whispers

After their near death at the hands of the Carcharadons the Muted Sirens found themselves crippled. The warp jump took them away from the Sharks, but the damage sustained from the Caracharadon warships left Fulgrim's Harmony without navigation. The few navigators that remained were unable to control the transition and they were flung through the warp on random, the ship crash landing on the Imperial world of Jhakar in the northern reaches of Segmentum Obscurus. Numbering barely fifty marines after the crash, Lord Calios consulted with his advisers on what to do next. Malkin, the priest of the Dark Mechanicum who tended to the machine spirit of Fulgrim's Harmony believed the best course of action was to send scout to retrieve parts to repair the battle barge. Calios dismissed this idea, Fulgrim's Harmony was far to damaged to be repaired on spare parts, and even if it were there was no way to lift it back to orbit. The only way, Calios decided, was to make contact with his daemonic master and plead for aid. This plan however was flawed, the warp in this area of space was far to turbulent and none of the Astropathic choir had survived the crash so warp contact was impossible. After long deliberation there was only one coarse available to them.

"I warned you, my lord. Nothing good will come of this endeavor. I think we should turn back." Lord Calios shook his head and gestured forwards toward the stairs. Vemar shuddered, feeling the cold of the catacombs permeating his power armour and chilling him to the bone. Calios gestured again, but this time his eyes showed a slight anger. "Yes, my lord", Vemar conceded resuming his pace. The stairs fell sharply down into the gloom in a tight spiral, the frost slick metal creaking and groaning under the heavy footfalls of the Astartes. After a few minutes the stairs ended in a long, well lit chamber made of silver stone. The bitter cold suddenly making way for a burning heat that emanated from an hideous obsidian statue at the far end of the room. "This must be the idol that those foolish priests were whispering about." Vemar said mockingly, "I do hope it does what they said." He stepped forward, moving as if being pulled inward toward the idol. The longer he stared at the horribly distorted features the clearer they became, fading and blurring into the face of a woman with angelic features. His mind emptied, every thought replaced with images of the beautiful face. The room began to fill with the sound of water; crashing waves and swirling whirlpools, Vemar became lost in the sound. It was most wonderful thing he had ever heard, nothing else mattered. He stood motionless, so captivated by the statues song that he did not notice Calios' blade at his throat. Vemar's blood spilled, and the portal opened.

The Siren's Rise

After Calios betrayed Vemar to open the 'Whispering Gate', the entire planet of Jhakar plunged into the warp. The once green world became nothing more than a scorched husk, the population of six billion souls to be lost for eternity as playthings for the diabolical gods of Chaos. The Muted Sirens however, escaped the calamity. Fulgrim's Harmony was rebuilt by the corrupting powers of the warp into something far more deadly; A daemonically possessed warpship with a malevolent sentience.  When the Muted Sirens returned to real space each had been mutated drastically into a horrible new form. Metal melded with flesh, wicked spines and lashing tentacles sprouted from fractures in armour, and the once proud nature of the Sirens was replaced by a savage fury. They became obsessed with sound and light, mounting vast warp-speakers on the hull of Fulgrim's Harmony which blasted a constant deafening cacophony of daemonic music.  

Calios' Gift

Calios' sirens reentered the materiel universe eager to test their new wargear in the fires of battle. Appearing in in a isolated solar system in the Broken Ring cluster of the north-west of Segmentum Obscurus, the Muted Sirens set their scopes on the planet Somera , an Imperial agriworld. Records retrieved from a crippled Imperial sun-glider suggest that the world has little to no military presence and Lord Calios believes Somera to be easy pickings for his Sirens. These records however proved to be false as a fleet of Eldar ships from Craftworld Ulthwé intercept Fulgrim's Harmony as it entered the system. The leader of the Eldar fleet, a Exarch of the Howling Banshee Aspect temple warned Calios that Somera is under the protection of Ulthwé and any hostile action on the planet will result in Eldar retaliation. The Muted Sirens ignored the Eldar warning and the battle was joined. Using sonic-breach charges to enter the Eldar flagship the Sirens slaughtered their way to the bridge, once there Calios challenged the Howling Banshee Exarch to single combat. The battle lasted for several minutes as the lightning speed of the Banshee and the brute strength of the Siren left them on even ground. Calios was ultimately the victor as his great lightning claw carved through the Eldars Aspect armour. Tearing the Banshees mask from her face, Calios added his own sonic power to that of the Eldars and focused the frequency to blast a dirge wave through the Eldar fleet ripping their ships apart and shattering their Soulstones; the lost souls of the Eldar given as an offering to Slaanesh, who is ever hungry for the bright souls of the children of Khaine. 

The Herald of the Siren

"You have done well, mortal." The echoing voice cascaded through Calios' head with the force of a tidal wave, sending him into a state of rapturous excess. "It seems you are quite the artist of death, my master values your work greatly." Calios felt daemonic power serge through him, the voice of the Slaa'sha'cii growing louder and louder increasing pitch into a soul-splitting harmony. "You have proved yourself worthy of my name, and now you will be my herald in the waking world, the voice to bring the Siren's call to those of the universe. Rise now, child of Slaanesh and speak your name!" Calios stood tall, his followers gathering around the alter. As the power of his daemon lord filled him with unholy strength he spoke, "No longer shall I remain silent! I name Lucius the Eternal of the Emperor's Children a liar and a traitor! In the name of Slaa'sha'cii I give you the revenge that you were promised! Hear me now, my brothers for I speak our true name! We go forth with the voice of our master as our anthem, for we are the Void Sirens!"

Corruption of the Star Striders

Star Scions Marine

Pre-corruption uniform of the Star Striders

In later part of the 34th millennium the Void Sirens began their war, spreading the word of the Sirens Call throughout Segmentum Obscurus. The first act of Calios was to recruit new members to his dwindling warband, bringing others to his cause with the corrupting symphonies of Slaanesh. First among the corrupted were the Star Striders space marine chapter, a successor of the Imperial Fists legion from the second founding. For three standard years the Void Sirens sat in silence, slowly infiltrating the Vox channals of the Star Striders homeworld of Carthagos. Secretly planting the seeds of corruption in the minds of the loyal sons of Dorn. The first sign of the inevitable doom was a gradual change in the demeanor of the once dour Star Striders. Where once a solemn candlelit ceremony was the only rite observed post-battle, the brothers of the Star Striders began to hold great feasts in honor of their victory. These estatic celebrations became more and more debauch as the Siren's Call increased in power, the ripple in the warp growing stronger with each passing day. The end was soon to come.

Star Striders

Pre-corruption chapter symbol of the Star Striders

"Captain Tern, bring the next volunteer!" Screamed Chapter Master Katon, terrible laughter erupting from the crowd. "The time has come, my brothers. Let the music of the gods guide us! Rejoice! REJOICE!The orchestra began all at once, the chamber filling with the sound of rolling thunder. "Behold!" Katon called out above the sounds filling the room, "The music is with us! Now, Captain Tern! The volunteer will be offered! Welcome the song of gods, my brothers! Embrace it! EMBRACE IT!'"' As he screamed the others took up the call, "EMBRACE IT! EMBRACE THE MUSIC!The warp screamed as reality ripped in half. The daemons of the eather world clawed their way through the wound in space, the world  of Carthagos bathed in corrupting energy. Slaa'sha'cii, the Sirens Call came from the sky with the legions of She-who-thirsts at her back as the Void Sirens plunged head long into the maelstrom, Fulgrim's Harmony blasting a cacophonous dirge from it's engines; the warp scream culling the unworthy with daemonic sound and embracing the chosen with the grace of Slaanesh. Carthagos and the Star Striders were no more, the followers of Calios increasing with a flood of new brothers. Now the time came to hunt and for Lucius to pay for his sins.

The Arena of Sound

Casting off from the ruins of Carthagos accompanied by his new fleet, Calios took his warriors east into the darkness of the Northern Dead Space to build his strength. There the new members of the Void Sirens were drilled in the martial and spiritual traditions of the warband. To prove their worth withing the warband the aspiring marines were pitched against each other in single combat. These duels were decided not only through skills at arms but each individuals ability to withstand the murderous sonic attacks blasted into the arena. If the victor from the duel was judge worthy they would then be gifted with the mark of the Siren, Slaa'sha'cii's personal sigil and a potent sign of the chaos that owned their souls. Now numbering over seven hundred marines after the trails, the Void Sirens renewed their quest for revenge.

Monuments of the Gods

Malkin starred in awe at the monolithic monuments that surrounded him, the midnight black of the obsidian spires rising like gods of death above him, piercing the gloom of the airless void. The low plains of bone dry dust that stretched out to infinity around the structure left the giant shadows from the five adjoining spires to branch out unhindered across the endless wastes. Spinning it around in his clawed metal hands, Malkin returned his gaze to the ruined helmet that he held in his grip. Through chipped and faded, the halved cream and blue lacre was still clearly visible on the ceremite shape of the mark four Astarties helmet. "What do you make of this?" Questioned Malkin, passing the helmet to his servitor assistant. The short lopsided servant eyeing the piece unblinking. "This is an Astarties MkIV Maximus power armour helmet", droned the servant. "Yes, yes I know! But those colours. They are Novamarines, yes?The servitor hesitated, its mechanically enhanced brain struggling to understand the Tachpriests question. "By the gods!yelled Malkin, slapping the servitor on the back of the head, "Is. It. A. Novamarines. Helmet!?" Malkin insisted. The assistant shuddered, a buzzing sound erupting from it's metal cranium. "Priority ONE warning", the Servitor screeched suddenly, "Delta Seven!"  

Eleaxus smiled excitedly, glaring manically at the ruined bodies of the Novamarines that lay scattered around the oval shaped chamber. "Another perfect kill", he thought brushing the dust of his hands. The lord of the Flawless Host unsheathed his power sword and ran a finger down the blade; the perfect edge of the daemon weapon still as sharp and deadly as it were before the battle. "None can stand before me." His smile faded suddenly replaced with a scowl, feeling a tiny notch on the sword's long blade. His self-gratified glee in seconds becoming a raging anger. Lashing out with his power sword Eleaxus lunged toward his imaginary foe, his strokes becoming faster and less conducted. With one final motion he cast his blade across the room, the weapon clattering  on to the metal-stone floor. "Sabotage, I say! Sabotage!" he bellowed into the air, "someone will die for this!" He paced quickly out of the chamber.

"What do you mean, Delta Seven?" Malkin screamed, his patients wearing out. "That. Is. Impossible, now quit your moaning and get back to work!" Malkin growled, his metallic voice sounding like iron scraped over stone. Turning away from the sevitor, Malkin made his way over toward the strange arched object that could only be described as a door frame. Standing over nine feet tall, the tall circle loop of black stone stood menacingly in the center of the yard. As he moved closer he could feel a strange prickling feeling on his skin, similar to that of static but as cold as ice. Raising his hand to the polished surface he felt a sudden jolt of electricity, "Curses! This place will be the death of us all, just as it were for those foolish Imperials!", he glowered, kicking the archway harshly with his iron boot. "The death of you?", a sudden voice exclaimed darkly, "Oh, I should say so." Startled by the unknown voice, Malkin spun around toward the northern pillar. His eyes narrowed as he saw the source of the disturbance. Standing before a dark square entrance where once was only wall, the tall handsome figure of an Astarties glared at him inquisitively with a crooked smile, the strangers pale pink armour shining brightly in the twilight. "Who...who are you?", Malkin hissed, taken back but the strangers bemused demeanor, "And how did you get here? Answer me now!" The stranger laughed mockingly, "All in due time, but first we have other things to discuss," he stated concedingly, as if talking to a child. "Firstly...!" He snapped suddenly, pouncing across the yard landing only a few feet from Malkin, "you must confess!"


The court yard was completely silent, all two hundred Astarties eyeing each other uneasily. Calios stood backed against the wall, his seventy Void Sirens with their weapons raised against the new comers; the ring of pale pink armoured chaos marines standing calmly, as if at rest. Calios scanned the crowed, the smug-faced leader of the strangers leaning against his sword staring back; the broken body of the machine priest Malkin lying motionless at his feet, blood and oil soaking into the dead grey sand. "I demand to know which one of you is responsible!" the enemy leader spat suddenly, "there is no need hiding, I know you are here. I can smell you. "His eyes flashed manically as his gaze switched from one suspect too another. Keeping his eyes fixed sternly on the pink clad leader, Calios quietly charged his Plasma Pistol. "Begin on my signal," Calios whispered through helmet vox, "this has gone on far too long." Vexillarius Vexus smiled excitedly, gesturing his squad to prime their vox units; a echoing buzz emanating from the weapons of the gathered Void Sirens. The pale-pink stranger raised an eyebrow at the building sound; a sudden look of excitement flooding over his pallid visage. "Ahh, now they show their true colours; Traitors all! Kill them, the imperfect ones may not be allowed to live! And with that pink Astarties opened fire, followed instantly by the Void Sirens music of death. The murder-screams of the Flawless Host clashed and melded with the warp-fueled music of the Sirens, building up with each passing second; the air swirling and tearing with baleful energies. 

"Listen," an eon-silent voice commanded, "What fell deeds are abound tonight?" Stirring from his ageless slumber, the metallic form of the Ancient king rose to his feet; binary corrupted lace-static filling his senses with pseudo-fatigue. Taking slow unsteady steps on his rust-addled legs, the silvery monarch staggered over to the command console; his flickering gaze scanning the symbols that darted across the echo-screen. "It seem we have unwelcome guests," he whispered slowly, his mind still slow from uncounted years of sleep. "Let us show these trespassers of their folly, the sleeper shall wake", he swore tapping a talon-finger down on the dusty interface; a low rumble began to rise from the depths of the tomb.

Hour after hour the screams continued, hour after hour bolters roared; endless it seemed was the tide of silver. Calios stood above the world on a mountain of blood and sound, and still they came on and on from beneath the desert sands. The Void Sirens cacophony began to waver, the sonic vibrations becoming less and less powerful as Calios' warriors fell to the toxic-green waves of gauss; the skeletal hoard stood enumerable. 

Far across the plain Calios spied the pale-pink stranger slashing to and fro among a swarm of silver bugs, ...


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"This conversation has gone for quite long enough, don't you think? I will stand the retched pomp of these dusty bureaucratic filth no longer. Vexus, tell your brothers that the time has come. "
—Lord-Conductor Calios to Color-Sergeant Vexus prior to the fall of Caresch
"Bad hair day?"
—Calios, to Eleaxus the Flawless.
"Justice! And about time too..."
—Calios, regarding the death of an Emperor's Children champion.
"Some of you wonder why our ship is called 'Fulgrim's Harmony'; well, it's just like how they still call them selves the 'Emperor's Children' and strut around with Aquila's on their chests. Basically, it just really annoys Fulgrim. "
—Vexus, to Void Sirens initiates.
"Sorry Lord-Conductor, but I had to do it... on principal. He said that purple power-armour looks 'foolish'! What would you have done in my place?"
—Lathaon Dream-Choir, explaining his slaying of the Imperial messenger prior to the Hazre City Massacre.


"The screams... I love the screams. Scream more. Scream for me."
—Zhout the Vast of the Crusade Eternal in battle with Void Sirens Chaos Marines
"Thou art but a knave, foolishly devoted to a womanly God. Thine skulls shalt be thine only monument, thine blood the only thing to mark thine passing. Come, Children of the Rotting King, Daughters of a Thirsting God, face us, we of the Blood most Vile, and be cleansed."
—Aluduan, the Blade Lord of the Vile Blood
"Ahh, Calios. Still as small and weak as the day we met. Come, little one, we have unfinished business."
—Malak Blackspawn during the Siege of Beccan. [src]
"If there is one thing you need to know about those 'Void Sirens' is that they like making noise. I'm not talking about the usual howling you get from other Chaos worshipers, it's more like an opera... a million ear-splitting harmonies all at once, each with its own murderous overture. If I can give you one pointer, don't forget your ear plugs."
—Kastus Frean, mercenary-captain of the Silver Wanderers.
"Whatever you do, don't introduce these guys to an amp unless you want to end up like Emps over there."
Radriar Drazin
"Your symphony is exquisite, but I feel you are poorly able to appreciate it, and with the correct senses, improvement is possible... Come... Become one with chaos, and unlock a realm of experience beyond your wildest dreams."
Valkyura Warpschild attempting to convince a Void sirens conductor to succumb to daemonic possession.
"Finally, your mindless prattle ceases."
—Captain Morgancia of the White Lions, after burying his Power Axe in a Conductor's skull
"We have a score to settle, Traitor. You killed, him... on Istvaan V. And now it's your time to die."
—A Knight-Champion of the Void Ravens before duelling with a Conductor
"Rock 'n' Roll."
" At long last... At long last I die. I shall thanks you, Traitor, for this deliverance. Rejoice, for I shall never again hunt your kind. Despair, for my Brothers will plunge ever deeper into our suffering to destroy you..."
— The last words of Nuran Kale, first Void Lords of the Void Ravens, killed by Calios Kottel in 888.M32.
"He somehow managed to combine two of my worst fears: daemons and poundbeat music."
Echo, after a very headache-inducing encouter with Calios
"I would not be so quick to throw stones, Calios. It seems the Third Legion has forgotten you as well, or perhaps, you simply wish it had."
Vritra the Howler


  • The Void Sirens worship Slaanesh through their addiction to excessively loud noise, and in no way involve themselves with any of the more... R-rated aspects that creeps usually associate with Slaanesh. 
  • Their original name was 'Doom Screamers', but I thought it sounded like the wargear item 'Doom Sirens' which I then changed to Void Sirens. 
  • The Void Sirens symbol is a modified version of the Mark of Slaanesh.
  • Unlike the rest of the Emperor's Children legionnaires, the Void Sirens retain the predominately purple uniform of the III Legion. 
  • I've always imagined Lord Calios's voice to be exactly like John Simm, though I'm not sure why.
  • Calios' knows what happened to the lost Primarchs, but believes the topic far to unseemly to talk about. 
  • The Void Sirens say NO to drugs.