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The Vermillion Knights are a Space Marine Chapter of the 17th Founding. They are successors of the Blood Angels, having fought countless battles in the Emperor's name, specializing in shock tactics and close-quarters melee combat.

However the suffered a catastrophic defeat that killed over 500 battle-brothers in the late 40th Millennium. In shame they coloured their armour black and red and cast aside almost all forms of ranged weapons in penitence. After decades of crusades, they earned their redemption and the attention of the Ordo Hereticus after their devastation of a fearsome Dark Eldar invasion.

The chapter have recently been sent to quell the treasonous activity of the Solar Legion, however their current status has remained to be confirmed. Their remains long-standing rumours of their possible destruction, however a lack of sources remain conformation, let alone any orders passed for reinforcement.


The chapter was created in response to replenish a diminishing number of close-combat orientated Space Marines on active duty, and the geneseed of the Blood Angels proved to be the most suitable by far. Since their founding they have done a excellent job in devastating Orks, rebels, and Dark Eldar.


Throughout there history, the Vermillion Knights have shown a great affinity to close range weapons. Weapons such as swords, shields, and other melee weapons were held in high esteem.

Before the Tradgedy, they made extensive use of power-weapons, primarily power swords and plasma weapons. But they used other weapons as well. A fleet a Rhinos and Razorbacks were mantained to move the chapter across the battlefield. To support attacks it was not unheard of to see fire-support from Lascannons, Heavy Bolters, or even Whirlwinds.





The Great Tragedy

Get owned by Dark Eldar. Seek revenge a decade later, get it. Earns glory. Gets assignment to crush and/or contain Solar Legion's heretical activity.

The Second Great Tragedy

Get attacked and brutally devastated by the Solar Legion.

Final Battle


Iron Scorpions

The Scorpions and the Vermillion Knights fought together on three seperate occassions during the Gyran IX Campaign against Hive Fleet Erebus in M39. The Scorpions came to respect the Knights for their brilliantly displayed close combat skills. Taking advantage of the situation, the Scorpions focussed on concentrated usage of their Ordnance Brother squads and additional ranged support to cover their allies in the front line.

It has been noted that the Scorpions have not heard of the Knight's recent defeat, and as such still hold them in high regard.


Dark Eldar




"We could only stand by and watch them fall. I hope they Forgive us at the Emperors side, for at least we did what we could to preserve their genetic legacy, but I fear even that will be for nought."
—Unknown Obsidian Blades Marine.
"Given their history of abject failure, it'd be fairly stupid to extend a line of credit to their serfs. Tell them that those Krak missiles they wanted were already bought up by the...Sons of the Spiritual Liege, yeah."
Douchard Bagge