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Varas having a "nutter" moment

Varas Malvavo is a treacherous rogue operating a large criminal empire in Segmentum Obscurus. A drug dealer, smuggler, pirate and slaver hated and feared throughout Segmentum Obscurus. Varas is, simply put, and utter psychopath


Early Life:

Varas began life as a Warrior-Prince in the Rayatine Empire in the Southern edges of the Imperium. Raised from a young age to become the best he could be, with the assistance of drugs and harsh training regime's. Varas would grow up to become a promising Warrior-King.

Eventually, Varas grew tired of the constant monotonous duty of a Warrior, and decided to abandon his Empire and his birthright, taking to the stars with several loyal followers. He was intercepted however, by a band of Chaos Space Marine pirates, who took him prisoner. Varas managed to kill two Night Lords with only the most basic of power weapons, stunning the arrogant pirates.

Varas was taken to the Night Lord leading the band, Variel Reeve, who was so impressed with his capacity to inflict pain that he decided to release him. By doing this, Variel unwittingly sent the man on a downward spiral, which would only end in death.

Life As A Cosair

Varas decided to continue serving with Variel in his pirate fleet, serving as an outrider and somewhat of a loose cannon. Varas was unpredictable and unstable, but Variel enjoyed the mans company, which was probably the only reason he wasn't utterly torn apart.

After 4 Years of exploits as a crewmate of Variel's warband, Varas eventually tired of the Night Lord and his band and took his leave. He also took a large group of pirates along with him, obviously without the approval of Variel himself. The Night Lord never knew what became of the man, although he has promised to flay him limb from limb if he ever does find him again.

Current Whereabouts

After wrestling a small fleet from the clutches of both other pirates and members of the Imperium, Varas eventually created his masterpiece, a hulk of ships and a small asteroid all mashed together in a hellish fusion. This Space Hulk, now known as the Devil's Den is a hive of scum and villainy. From this seat of his power, Varas controls a vast empire of criminals, corsairs and renegades spanning a large portion of Segmentum Obscurus.

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