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"Marines should not seek any glory outside of pressing for the victory the Imperium needs. Let not a single brother waste his efforts seeking any glory other than pushing they enemy back."
—Decree of Immortal Master Deus Hectis

Created during the 11th founding The Unbroken Spears were originally named the shining Lances. However after the chapter, following outdated and erroneously chosen Codex tactics were nearly destroyed by chaotic forces belonging to The Coven of Dark Fates, the chapter elected to follow a differing set of tactical and cultural standards than what the Codex Astartes puts forward as the ideal.



The Shining Lances chapter was formed during the rather unnotable Eleventh Founding with the hopes of High Lord's of Terra being that a more crusading chapters would bolster the military might of the Imperial war machine which was slowly grinding to a standstill on multiple fronts. Along with a number of other chapters the Shining Lances were selected to wage eternal war against the enemies of man.

Out of the Crusading chapters created in this time, a Imperial Fists successor chapter was elected to donate the Gene-seed and initial members necessary to create the Shinning Lances. These members carried with them the front line ideals that their own chapter had taken from the Imperial Fists and immediately began to form the Shining Lances around the tactical and situational needs of front line combat, particularly the fields of trench and defensive warfare.

The bloodied fields of Kartosis

Kartosis, in the records of the Unbroken Spears, is the place upon which the Shining Lances under the command of their Chapter Master Regious Dolmon meet their end. Seeking the honor of being the chapter to put down the Adeptus Sororitas traitors, Chapter Master Regious gathered the Entirety of his chapter over the planet Kartosis, then silencing the cries for assistance from the guard units below he launched his thousand marines to battle directly against the core of the enemy army. Against the Coven of Dark Fates the Shining Lances battled bravely, each marine so long as they lived acquired great honor to their name, however while the chapter was locked in combat against the elite of the chaos forces the enemy claimed victory. Corruption and madness overtook the imperial lines and soon the Shining Lances were trapped and alone on Kartosis, only ninety marines were able to escape the slaughter of their battle brothers, taking as many of their dead brothers with them as they could they retreated back to their crippled battle-barge, and fled the battle.

Afterwards the last ninety marines of the chapter, still fully suited within their war-gear were approached by the Inquisition. Despite much pleading the Inquisition planned to disband the Shining Lances. However if the last ninety marines of the Shining lances could serve the inquisition for ten years without the death of a single marine, then the Inquisition would allow them to form a new chapter. Quickly a Marine who identified himself as Deus Hectis agreed to the terms set out by the Inquisition and when the Inquisition had left set forth a plan before his battle brothers, one to make these final ninety marines seem as if they were Immortal.

The Renaming and Rebirth

Thus it was that after ten years of the fiercest fighting the Shining Lance marines had ever endured ninety marines stood before the Inquisition each bearing the same name as when they accepted their mission. and the Inquisition despite suspecting trickery of some sort upheld their half of the agreement allowing the Shining Lances to reform into a new chapter. With the Rebirth of their chapter the Marines took up a new name the Unbroken Spears and new livery. The new chapter Emblem a pair of crossed spears adorned on power armor bearing a complex coloring meant to make any Unbroken Spear instantly recognizable. With this the Unbroken Spears adapted their Immortal Master's plot of Immortality as their chapter's culture presenting a unbreakable veil of Invincibility over their marines making their chapter appear as a unassailable bastion of Imperial fortitude. While it took until the twelfth founding for the Chapter to finally reach full strength again never since the Fields of Kartosis has any marine of the chapter been recorded as having fallen in battle.

Chapter culture

Life and Death amongst the Chapter

To be a Unbroken Spears Immortal, a marine must learn to live within his armor to a extent some other chapters find unnecessary. Ever sense the Renaming and Rebirth of the chapter it was decreed that there would be no individual marine, no weakness to the Immortal power armor of the chapter, instead only Immortal warriors within Immortal suits of power armor who would mercilessly march against their enemies. To a Immortal of the Unbroken Spears the idea of death is a joke as so long as their armor exists they shall eternally continue on, as it was publicly declared that the Unbroken Spears would never be felled by a enemy so long as the chapter marched within the Emperor's light.

When one dons their armor as a Unbroken Spear, they cease to exist instead from that point on they are the Power Armor and live by the name of their armor and uphold what it means to be said armor. No Immortal of the Unbroken Spears has ever shown his face to a outsider of the chapter and it is a scarce moment that anyone within the chapter will ever see the face of the warrior inside the power armor. This is meant to help maintain each marine's sense of invincibility that the chapter puts forward, as it becomes nearly impossible to ever discern if a marine of the chapter has ever truly been slain by a enemy of man. To further the Chapter's aura of invincibility those who replace a fallen marine undergo unique hypnotherapy instilling recorded moments and lore pertaining to the armor and persona the replacement will uptake, into themselves. this process allows for a near seamless transition from a marine's death to another taking his place.

As the Chapter members know each-other only by their armor to know the entire history of another armor and to recite it is viewed as a sign of great respect amongst battle brothers. However accusations of death are possibly the highest offense amongst the Unbroken Spears, The armor of the marine is viewed as eternal and to claim that the marine within is less than his armor means one views his Battle Brother as something less than a Immortal of the chapter. But key to each Marine's own pride in their armor is their success in battle as measured by the "Stake of Pride" by which the chapter measures both how far a marine might advance against a foe and in extent how much honor through victory he had brought to the chapter.

Recruitment and The Apprentices

The Apprentices are each assigned to serve a single marine, the only marines in the chapter who do not have a apprentice are the Phoenix champions and Commanders, Immortal Commanders, and the Immortal Master. The Apprentices are each in direct servitude to the marine they are assigned to and are one of the few people in existence to have the privilege to see the face of the marine inside the power armor. The chapter quickly runs through apprentices however, unlike the chapter's claim that none of their marines ever die, and often new Apprentices must be brought into the chapters service to replace those who have died or disappeared.

The source of these replacements is a mystery to all but the Inquisition, High Lords of Terra and the upper ranks of the Unbroken Spears. However each new recruit arrives among the Unbroken Spears after undergoing a arduous training regiment along with a vicious and bloody weeding program. Rumor holds that the Chapter draws upon vessels filled with carefully selected child youths who are then trained by specially selected chapter serfs, who then have the children fight for high standing and possible apprenticeship in tournaments against Murder-Servitors, vicious war beasts and most difficult of all, each-other.

The Ties of Unmasking

Few ever receive the privilege of seeing the face of the space marine within the Immortal armor of a Unbroken Spear. Primarily those who are permitted to see the face of the Marine are his apprentice and the Veteran whom has selected the Marine to replace them when the time that the mortal flesh in their armor finally dies. As such the only ones who a Unbroken Spear gets personally close with and emotionally tied to are their replacement and those they will replace. To grant this honorable sight upon another nearly all Unbroken Spears treat the initial revealing of their own face as a unique rite and a sacred ritual.

Outside those closest to the Immortal of the Unbroken Spears the only individuals allowed to witness the face of the Marine are the chapter Apothecaries, known as The Unmasked among the chapter. The Unmasked are a unique subculture of the Unbroken Spears, shunned by most others of the chapter and viewed almost as outsiders of the chapter. Despite this The Unmasked are uniquely qualified to see the faces of the Marines of the chapter, just as they are uniquely qualified to tend to the wounded of the chapter.

Ideals of the Immortals

Since becoming the Unbroken Spears the chapter has upheld a series of ideals uniquely tied with their culture and history. The first of which is the Immortality of their Marines, to uphold this mysterious aura of invincibility their marines rarely speak with others save for those they share the ties of unmasking with. The exact lengths the chapter will go to ensure their aura of invincibility is upheld is unknown though some make rumor of the fact that they had slain entire cities before to keep their secret. As such their chapter records no casualties, has no Battle-Brother whose death need to be avenged and have never inured one of their own into a Dreadnaught.

The second Ideal they uphold is their focus upon the Imperial battle-line. As the shining Lances were defeated by obsessing over destroying the elite of a enemy army the Unbroken Spears instead focus on spearheading the advancement of Imperial Battle-lines only ever engaging the enemy elite forces as required. To obsess over the defeat of a particular foe, or to seek out the elite of a enemy army, unless it should serve a greater goal, is viewed as self serving, near heretical, and counter-productive by the Immortals of the Unbroken Spears.

Third among the Ideals which the Unbroken Spears uphold is the concept that they exist to forge a path for mortals to follow. As such their chapter often interacts with other Imperial forces, instead of acting as full units the Unbroken Spears practice a tactic of spreading out their forces to lead and inspire whatever mortals might fight alongside the legendary marines. The Typical approach to this is called the Immortal line where the Chapter's Immortals will spread into a long line ensuring that they only keep within line of sight of one another as they march forward against whichever foe had proven beyond the ability of their mortal counterparts to defeat.

Chapter Organization and ranks

Chapter Organization

The Unbroken Spears adhere to the minimum requirements of the Codex Astartes, instead electing to use their own standards for combat and conduct. In its current state the chapter is divided into two primary units, known as Eternal companies, each further divided into fifty Marine "Lances". Each Lance is lead by a Immortal Commander who then reports to a Phoenix Commander who commands the entirety of the Eternal company. Above the Phoenix Commanders is the Immortal Master, who serves as Chapter Master for the entirety of the Unbroken Spears chapter and commands the ultimate destination of both the Eternal Companies.

Chapter Ranks


The main-line Marines of the Unbroken Spears chapter are the Immortals. Each Immortal is a independent warrior with one or more Apprentices placed under his supervision, and is expected to work near independently of his battle-brothers upon the field of battle. While in combat a Immortal only is required to remain within sight of a fellow Unbroken Spear while he leads his own Apprentice(s) and whatever mortal soldiers join under his leadership. The most common battle practice of the Immortals is to stretch themselves out into a single battle line, placing their "stake of pride" upon the ground on which they would first begin a battle before marching forwards against a foe. Each Immortal of the chapter bears the name of their armor which is also engraved upon the armor itself and the "Stake of Pride", each Immortal's name begins or ends with the denotation of Est.

Immortal Commanders

Each Immortal Commander has lead their Lance since the creation of the Lance. Immortal Commanders know their Lance like few others could, as a leader they come to understand the fifty Immortals under them better than anyone else, their keen eyes watching every happening and tracking the grand millenniums of history belonging to each marine under his command. As such a Immortal Commander is viewed as a true everlasting keep of the Lance's power and Immortality, a Immortal Commander is expected to know the history of each Marine in his lance, to keep no apprentice, and to uphold the secrets of his lance preventing anyone from outside the chapter learn what they should not.


A Specialist rank within the Unbroken Spears, Eternals are of a equivalent rank to the Immortals, who have by merit of service been selected to serve fifty years as heavy support specialists. The Eternals do not advance as regular Immortals do, instead they serve as a stalwart rally point for Immortals who have advanced too far, or for other Imperial forces to return to. With the chapter's heaviest weaponry in hand the Eternals lay waste to the greatest of enemy forces. Since the Eternals do not participate in the "stake of pride" there is no means to measure the honor any Eternal may attain in battle, however if a Eternal is forced to withdraw without the command of a superior he is dishonored and a Immortal is soon brought up to replace him. The Eternals also go through Apprentices the quickest, though if there is a correlation between their position and this fact has yet to be proven.

Phoenix Champions

Forming a full two lances of their own the Phoenix Champions are the greatest Marines within the two Eternal Companies. Each Phoenix champion is a proven champion of the Imperium with a history within the chapter dating back to before the renaming of the Chapter. Each Phoenix Champion bears on his armor the Phoenix wing which denotes their position as a Phoenix Champion as well as serving as a tracking Beacon allowing for Immortals of the chapter to be summoned to their location quickly if they feel the need. Phoenix Champions serve two purposes in the chapter, as "forward" scouts to detect enemy concentrations ahead of the advancing Immortal lines, and as heavy forces within the Immortal lines pushing their fellow marines through even the most powerful of enemy forces. Phoenix Champions have no apprentices and despite having records denoting their own defeats each is typically seen rising again shortly after a battle should they fall, further proving their own immortality.

Phoenix Commanders

The two Phoenix Commanders Deus Novic and Deus Krost have lead the two Eternal Companies since their formations. These two commanders have lead their respective Companies with dignity and respect since rising to their positions during the time that the Chapter was reformed. To denote their positions and to assist their command each has been giving the Mark of Victory a Banner which is meant to inspire their Immortals onwards past the pain of petty mortal wounds and to fight on. Both Deus Novic and Deus Krost wear Tactical Dreadnaught Armor leading their Companies from the front and pushing onwards to victory, or holding the line so that their mortal counterparts might retreat successfully.


Certainly the shortest lived rank within a the chapter, apprentices are not considered in any way like their scout marine counterparts. Apprentices receive very little biological enhancement when they are taken under the wing of a Immortal of the Unbroken Spears as all Apprentices are expected to at one point or another die. As apprentices are not considered as Scout Marines or Neophytes by the chapter the Unbroken Spears typically place one to three under the command of a Immortal until such a time as they die. The high casualty rate of the Apprentices of the Unbroken Spears has been investigated before, however as there was typically no evidence contrary to the claims of the chapter to be found. Even in the most unusual of deaths among the apprentices the only evidence to be found supported the claims of the Unbroken Spears, including a moment where the death of a single apprentice preceded an attack by a single cultist who killed fifty guardsmen only for the moment immediately after the deaths of the fifty guardsmen, the Immortal watching mutely over the event finally managed to put down the lone cultist.

Outside of combat Apprentices are servants to their Space Marine superiors, tending to the armor of each Immortal, seeing to the needs of the Marine's flesh body, providing companionship and serving as a messenger to go to another Immortal's Apprentice to deliver a crucial message. Apprentices also speak for the Immortals when the Marine sees it fit that no one unworthy should hear the voice of the Unbroken Spear which it is rare for any to be deemed worthy. At other times the apprentices battle to ensure that no one may see their superior's face in the rare moments that a Unbroken Spear must remove his helm. Apprentices are to emulate the marine they serve and often become extremely similar to the marine they serve.

Apprentices are armored in their own variant of scout armor which completely covers their figure, meanwhile they always where their "battle-masks" which conceal their faces. The armaments used by apprentices are typically similar to their Space Marine superiors, Umbra Tigerus Bolters and Panther pattern chain-axes

Nonstandard Ranks

The Unmasked

The only Marines in the entirety of The Unbroken Spears that are allowed to remove their helmets are the out-casted Unmaked. The Unmasked are the Apothecaries of the Chapter and as such hold special privileges among the chapter. The first of these is the right to see each and every marine in the chapter without their helm, this rite allows the unmasked to more easily treat the marines of the chapter, to judge the mental state of any given marine, and to know the face of any marine in the chapter. The next special privilege of the Unmasked is that they are allowed to be seen without their helm on, while this denotes any Unmasked as a individual, and many unmasked have been recorded as dying unlike their Immortal brethren, this also makes them the easiest of nearly any Unbroken Spear to approach. As such The Unmasked typically speak to the mortal servants of the Emperor on the behalf of the chapter. The last privileged of the Unmasked is to know the secrets of and to select the new apprentices of the chapter, including the apprentice who will one day replace them.

Immortals of the Librarium

Brought in from places unknown to most in the chapter, the Immortals of the Librarium are indeed members of the Chapter. However the secretive Immortals of the Librarium have no recorded place among the chapter, and are never seen with a apprentice of any kind. They often disappear for extended periods and reappear without explanation. Other than their secretive nature however the Immortals of the Librarium serve in a fashion similar to any Librarian in another chapter.

Favored weaponry and Gear

Umbra Tigerus Pattern Bolter

Exceedingly similar to the Umbra Ferrox pattern Bolters used in the Horus Heresy, the favored Umbra Tigerus modifications used by the Immortals of the chapter still incorporates the large drum magazine design used by the Ferrox Pattern. However the targeting systems had been adjusted allowing for the Marine using the weapon to adjust his targeting from one target to another much more quickly and a increase in magazine weight allows the weapon to carry several more bolts, these mods however came at the expense of the targeting systems used by the Ferrox pattern.

Shoulder Mounted Bolt Pistols

While still Uncommon among the Immortals of the Unbroken Spears the Shoulder Mount combined with a helmet target linked Bolt Pistol with a drum magazine attachment grants those of the Unbroken Spears who acquire and use this piece of equipment often lay into enemies in the thickest of combat. The shoulder mounted weapon making it difficult to catch the marine without a means to attack any opponent at range.

Panther pattern chain axe

A surprising and unusual choice of weapon with little information as to when the Chapter first put this series of chain-axe into circulation. The Panther pattern chain axe is the primary fall back weapon of the Unbroken Spears, when their bolters run out of ammunition or they are forced into close combat, these short staffed chain axes are stored into easily accessible locations on the marines body allowing for quick drawing and decisive use against a opponent.

Typhoon Heavy bolter

A similar weapon to the Hurricane Heavy bolter, both it and the Hurricane share nearly identical designs, however the Typhoon utilized by the Eternals of the Unbroken Spears has a recorded rate of fire that slightly exceeds that of the Hurricane. How this is achieved and what this means to Marines using this pattern as opposed to the Hurricane can only be speculated upon.

Hell-Breaker pattern Lascannon

A rarely seen variant of lascannon used by the Unbroken Spears, this questionable weapon is a lascannon modified to serve as a slightly weakened twin-linked lascannon. while the ammunition expenditure is increased trigger pull and the power of each individual round is weaker than the average lascannon beam the Unbroken Spears have made expert use of the weapon on the rare occasions they bring it forth to combat enemy vehicles. The twin-beams of the cannon typically are landed with such skill as that they strike the same point of a target resulting in a powerful blast tearing through a enemies armor.

Tigerus-Bolt pattern Storm Bolter

A highly favored weapon of the Unbroken Spears, the Tigerus-Bolt pattern Storm Bolter was designed off the same principles as the Umbra Tigerus pattern Bolter. This Storm bolter patter carries a extended ammunition supply and modifications allowing the weapon's wielder to more easily switch from one target to the next. The Tigerus-Bolt is commonly put to use by Immortals of good standing in the chapter and by Phoenix Champions as a common weapon.

Astartes Power fists

The close combat weapon of choice for the mighty Phoenix Champions of the Unbroken Spears, even those few Phoenix champions not wearing Terminator Armor would rather be armed with power fists than to resort to using a Panther pattern Chain axe.

The Marks of Honor

The stake of Pride

a private stake unique to the marine who owns it, the stake is loaded into and fired into the ground via bolter or bolt pistol. Each stake of pride and suit of armor have beacons with which the chapter can use to determine how far a marine has traveled away from their beacon after it was placed. Based of the distance traveled a marine can gain or lose standing among their fellow marines. Those that press deep into the ranks of the enemy, and cause the entire battle-line to do likewise gain honor. However those that do not assist their battle-line, or who are pushed back lose honor among their brothers. The Stake of Pride is uniquely used by the chapter's Immortals and no other marines of the chapter make use of it.

The Phoenix Wing

Worn by the Phoenix Champions of the chapter, the Phoenix Wing denote the Champions rank, and symbolizes their honor. any damage done to a Phoenix wing blemishes the pride of it's wearer. However the Phoenix Wing also serves as both a beacon allowing Phoenix Champions to call upon reinforcements as needed and as a pic-recorder which they then can use to record and judge their kills with.

The Mark of Victory

A Proud and powerful banner used by the chapter, the only members of the chapter to have access to this Mark's use are Deus Hectis, Deus Novic and Deus Krost. The banner is used to raise moral in the battlefield but the grand banner also serves an additional set of purposes. The banner has a inbuilt homing device allowing ship based support to be coordinated around the Commander or Chapter Master, as well as a small shield projector to further defend itself and it's bearer from harm.

Favored Vehicles

  • Predators: versatile and designed suitably for front-line conflicts Predators are favored by the Immortals of the Unbroken Spears due to the fire-support each vehicle can bring the Immortals as they steadily press forwards against a foe.
  • Stormtalon Gunships: Flying aerial supports for the Unbroken Spears, Stormtalon Gunships are the typical "go-to" vehicle for the Unbroken Spears when a location of their line is being pressed by enemies and their chapter's honor is questioned.
  • Land Raider Crusaders: rarely used but highly viewed amongst the Unbroken Spears, each Immortal marine has a long history with the chapters Land Raiders.

Chapter Fleet

Battle-Barge: Lance of Kresnik

Considered as the Fortress-monastery of the Unbroken Spears, and the more heavily armed of the two Battle-Barges of the chapter, the Lance of Kresnik is the core of the fleet making the First Eternal Company. The Lance of Kresnik is the only vessel to remain with the Unbroken Spears from their time as the Shining Lances. Since that time the Immortal Master Deus Hectis has commanded the chapter from aboard this vessel only ever sallying out to fulfill a duty or to ensure his chapter's victory. The Lance of Kresnik has flown over countless worlds and fought just as many battles if not more, so many that even the chapter master himself has lost count. However the Machine Spirits of the vessel have not forgotten, instead the ship remembers well the many opponents that this ship has fought and it's guns thus have retained great knowledge of the tricks the enemy of man make use of to avoid certain destruction by this vessel's might, few ships have the ability to fool or outrun the weapons of the Lance of Kresnik.

Battle-Barge: Montyum Spear

The Montyum Spear is the second Battle-Barge in the possession of the Unbroken Spears and the core of the fleet consisting of the Second Eternal Company. The Montyum Spear is a more recent acquisition compared to the Lance of Kresnik, earned by the chapter shortly after the twelfth founding had ended. Since that time the Montyum Spear has served with distinction among the chapter working hard to earn a reputation as grand as it's brother vessel's, however the Montyum Spear has proven the unluckier of the two rarely battling foes and when it does the battle typically is more than the vessel can handle alone.

Strike Cruiser: Point-Breaker

The Strike Cruiser Point-Breaker, of the First Eternal Company, serves as a forward scout vessel of the Unbroken Spears. Carrying aboard itself teams of Eternals and Phoenix Champions the ship is typically the first of all Unbroken Spears vessels to enter into combat with the enemy and will usually hold the line until relief from the rest of the First Eternal Company arrives. As such the ship holds a reputation for fierce combat, and always being the signal of hope to the beleaguered imperial defenders of any battle-line the Unbroken Spears have joined.

Strike Cruiser: Nilek Spear

The Nilek Spear, of the First Eternal Company, serves the Unbroken Spears as a reserve vessel, bringing up the rear of it's fleet and joining combat when needed. As such the vessel holds little reputation save for the few grand moments that it had made a decisive movement in a larger battle. However the majority of action this ship takes is to deploy it's own stores of Space Marines ensuring that the entire force of the First Eternal Company is brought down upon the enemies of man.

Strike Cruiser: Shining Pride

The Shining Pride, the vessel of vengeance, the most veteran crew of all the Second Eternal Company. The Shining Pride is the key assault vessel within the entire Second Eternal Companies fleet. The ship serves as a offensive jack-fo-all-trades jumping into any combat it's eager machine spirits can find and quickly laying into the enemies of the Imperium of Man. The ship contains the most elite and stalwart of the second Eternal Company's marines deploying them quickly into battle-line hot-spots even as it tears through the enemy's defensive line with it's war-hungry weapons.

Strike Cruiser: Indomitable Lance

The Indomitable Lance, the tactical support vessel of the entire Second Eternal Company, and the ship to which each of the others in the fleet owe the greatest debts to. While the Indomitable Lance is neither the most offensive or impressive ship within the Second Eternal Company it holds the greatest reputation of all the vessels within the Unbroken Spears for coming to the rescue of it's allies. There have also been several times where the Phoenix Champions of the Second Eternal Company have driven their vessels into dangerous situations with the knowledge that the Indomitable Lance was nearby and would save them.

Strike Cruiser: Immortal Will

The Immortal Will, the Unbreakable spear, the Invincible, the Everlasting ship, all of these are names that the Immortal Will has been referred to by those who have had the honor of fighting along side this Second Eternal Company vessel. The Immortal Will was designed primarily as a defensive vessel and it suits it's roll perfectly. Thus far the vessel has survived encounters that would have seen other ships lost with all hands. The Vessel also has served nobly using itself to shield it's comrade vessels from harm.

Notable Immortals

Immortal Master Deus Hectis

The Immortal Master of the Chapter since the renaming of the Unbroken Spears has always been Deus Hectis, Deus Hectis holds a long and often mystery shrouded history, ever for those of the Unbroken Spears. Since the time of the Chapter's renaming Deus Hectis has ruled his chapter absolutely, directing the movements of both the First and Second Eternal Companies in such a manner that they will enter only the battles he thinks will best benefit the Imperium and the chapter. Deus Hectis despite holding the same denotation as a "Immortal" of the chapter acts in a manner similar to the Phoenix Commanders. Deus Hectis also holds the honor of being the only individual of the chapter that a marine must remove their helm in the presence of. Throughout his history Deus Hectis has fought millions of the Imperium's enemies and as such can recite his long history against each of them with ease, just as he can with the history of each marine under his command.

Deus Hectis is proud of his chapter's development under his watch and takes great effort to ensure that anyone who speaks to him will know of his pride in his fellow Immortals and what they have become. Deus Hectis upholds the Chapter ideal that a Space Marine should be a eternal warrior, never wavering and never falling, always uplifting those lesser than themselves. Often when Deus Hectis sets forwards onto the battlefield he will do so while surrounded by Imperial guardsmen or other loyalist forces he intends to inspire into acts of greatness. However as Deus Hectis often leads them into the thickest of the battle it is rare for those he leads to return from the battle along side him.

Phoenix Commander Deus Novic

Commander of the First Eternal Company, Deus Novic is the more aggressively minded of the two Phoenix Commanders in the Unbroken Spears. Ever Since the name Deus Novic was inscribed into the history of the chapter as the first and, thus far, only Phoenix Commander of the First Eternal Company Deus Novic has pressed the Company forwards continuously searching for failing Imperial offensives to throw the weight of his Company behind. Deus Novic also is the least polite of the two Phoenix Commanders, often ignoring details of the history of his Immortals in favor of ensuring victory on the fields of battle, and pressing anyone and everyone he can into fiercer battle against the foes of the Imperium and his chapter.

In battle Deus Novic strides forwards in the same Terminator Armor that he has done so since ascending to his position as Phoenix Commander. Deus Novic leads as a powerful force behind his men, constantly moving to where he is needed on the battle line and using his vastly superior weaponry to force the enemies of man back and away from his position, creating tactical openings that those beneath his watch will swiftly take hold of to further press the attack.

Phoenix Commander Deus Krost

As commander of the Second Eternal Company, Deus Krost has been the Bastion of the Unbroken Spears since he first ascended to become Phoenix commander. Deus Krost has always displayed the greater memory of the two Phoenix Commanders remembering even details which should have faded from the memories of other marines of lesser chapters. However while Deus Krost's memory is seemingly perfect, the seething spite the marine holds is a waiting storm, tempting those foolish enough to think he should have no reason to hate them to challenge him in battle. For Deus Krost's memory is so that he can spot familial traits of long passed foes in the flesh of enemies who have newly risen to challenge his Chapter.

In battle Deus Krost wields a storm shield meant to weather any barrage unleashed against his position. Deus Krost's patience allows him to wait for the enemy to try challenging his chapter in close combat before he will strike forward to break through the enemy's assaults, thus breaking them and allowing his men to begin to press the enemy anew.

Immortal Hellious Est

The only Immortal of the Shining Spears to routinely join and serve among the Deathwatch, Hellious Est has served amongst the DeathWatch for longer periods of time than most other Immortals and has served frequently amongst the Deathwatch unlike the standard his chapter puts forward. As such Hellious Est holds a reputation amongst the Deathwatch and often returns to his chapter with experience to share that normally few other Immortals could acquire during their time with the Deathwatch. Also unlike his fellow Immortals the "voice" of Hellious Est is well known amongst his Deathwatch comrades as he often speaks to them seeking to gain new wisdom to share amongst his Battle-Brothers.

Outside of his battles Hellious Est is social for a Unbroken Spear, seeking to learn new things and when required speaking his thoughts, even when he has his apprentices by him to speak for him. However in battle Hellious is little different from any other Immortal of the chapter, standing silent and resolute communicating only via vox or his apprentices. Despite that he is a elite amongst even his brethren utilizing the finest weaponry his chapter has to offer to a Immortal such as himself, as more often than note Hellious Est has earned the privilege to don the weaponry of a Eternal bringing even the heavy weaponry of the chapter to bear, despite this privilege however Hellious typically relies primarily on his Umbra Tigerus Bolter with a easy access sling, his shoulder mounter Bolt Pistol, and his Panther Pattern Chain-Axe. While in battle for the Deathwatch, Hellious still brings his two Apprentices with him keeping the two in their modified scout armor at his side at all times, and arming them with bolters.



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Devout Vanguards

The Devout Vanguards fought alongside the Unbroken Spears during the Vanguards' Crusading era, and hold them as their brothers in arms, exemplars of a Space Marines unbreakable will.


Though rare Immortals of the chapter occasionally take their Apprentices and join the Deathwatch for short periods of time. Though short these times are viewed as beneficial by the chapter as the marine always returns better versed in various combat techniques and their time amongst the other chapters also proves to help further the reputation of the chapter. Only one Immortal or Phoenix Champion of the chapter ever joins the Deathwatch at a time, and typically never one of the same name that had served with them before. When serving with the Deathwatch, Immortals typically serve as solid points in the battle-lines for the Kill-teams resolutely holding against a enemy defending fall back points or steadily pressing an advantage.

Reclaimers Covenant

The first encounter between the Unbroken Spears and the Reclaimers Covenant was during a Unbroken Spears assault upon a heavily fortified heretical warband. Due to miscommunications and opposing objectives, as the Reclaimers were after data held by the warband and the Spears were out to destroy all heretical scripts contained by the warband, the two forces ended up firing upon one another causing their victories to become incomplete as a majority of the enemy managed to escape. Since then both chapters have worked closely each seeking to atone for their mistake and thus drawing even closer as brothers in arms with deep respect for each-others culture.


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Black Thorns

The Black Thorns have had several grievances with the Unbroken Spears and even a few small- scale battles over the years. The main grievance between the two chapters lies in their differing beliefs. Since the Unbroken Spears believe that they are effectively immortal, the Black Thorns consider them to be fools as they believe that everything shall one day die.

Star Reapers:

The Star Reapers and Unbroken Spears have a longstanding grudge that started when the Chapters first fought together at the Axinos warzone. The Star Reapers chief librarian, Saracen the Voidwalker, was directing the force. He saw the Unbroken Spears as deluded idiots, while Immortal Master Dues Hectis believed the Star Reapers to be no better than traitors.



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"This is the pinnicle of arrogance and stupidity, these fools will see the truth and then they're entire pitiful Chapter will come crashing down around them"

-Saracen, the Voidwalker of the Star Reapers

"I'm not prepared to comment on the rumors that the chapter was almost named the Unbending Spears as part of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather's attempt to put more innuendos among the names of the Chapters."
Douchard Bagge
"So pitiful... they actually believe they are immortal. I shall humor them for now, as one might humor a small child, but one day they shall see that even Space Marines are not eternal. It will be interesting to see how they react."
—Ultrix Gnata, Supreme Commander of the Black Thorns