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Uggah Gobguts Ag Skullsmasha, the Devastator of Theolessus, and leader of Waaagh! Skullsmasha, is an Ork Warlord based near the Eye of Terror. Skullsmashas early life is not known, but he begun his rampage in the late 41st millennium, smashing apart many a planet in his way to bring mayhem and death to a hundred worlds. Skullsmasha is most notable for his activities during the Theolessus campaign, although his conflicts with the Ulthwé craftworld have also been notable. In recent years Skullsmasha was severely wounded by a dreadnought of the Ultramarines chapter in the Thrid War in Armageddon.


Early life

Skullsmashas origins are unknown, but it is known he was part of Waaagh! Borka in the late 41st millennium. Skullsmasha was ambitious, with, at the first oppuntunity given to him, killed Borka in combat. As Skullsmasha smashed open Borka's head a grot clubbed Skullsmasha from behind. The hit in the skull triggered Skullsmasha to go into a berserk rage, slaughtering the grot and a good deal of other Orks around him. Skullsmasha then had an overriding vision, of crushing ever skull in the galaxy and then receive unlimited power from both Gork and Mork. Skullsmasha proceeded into preaching this vision to the rest of his tribe, building a huge totem covered in furs, skulls, skins, pelts, and other trophies, and soon led them into a great green crusade. Waaagh! Skullsmasha was born.

Invasion of Jerceno IV

Massacre on Fromlox

Bashin' Zagsdrek

Zagsdrek was a violent Deathskull warboss who wanted to expand his influence throughout the galaxy. By this time the technology and supplies in Skullsmashas Waaagh! was running low. Skullsmasha decided to bash Zagsdrek and take his technology. Skullsmasha attacked Zagsdreks facility on the planet Hevorak. Zagsdreks weapons at first laid low many of Skullsmashas boyz, but Skullsmasha grabbed the warboss and tore off his head. Zagsdreks second in command, a scrawny mek named Dakkadoz, immediately pledged to fight for Skullsmasha. Skullsmasha accepted this offer, and the pair planned their next attacked.

The Theolessus campaign

Battle over Theolessus

The Space Marines arrive

Battle for Carfor

Slaughter at the Red Dust plains

Battle at Vert Canyon

Invasion of Sepridon 

"This primitive has gone far enough! Bring me his head!"
—Nemesor Ogarkh, following the fall of Sepridon


  • Da 'eadcrusher: Skullsmasha owns a huge power klaw that has earned a reputation for crushing people's heads. His klaw used to come off when he pleased, but was wired on after his hand was multilated in the Warp by chaos lord Carrion.
  • Da dragon 'ead shoota: Skullsmasha comissioned his finest meks to build him his custon combi flamer, da dragons 'ead. On the flamer end of the weapon is a dragon's head, looted from a Chaos Space Marine lascannon