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Triam is a Hive World located in the Sephadollion Sector. A heavily industrialised and densely populated planet, it lies at the very heart of the sector as its capital world.

Climate and Geography

Sundered by gargantuan structures and monolithic spires, little remains of Triam that has not been brought under the industrialised heel of mankind. Over millenia the Hive Cities that were founded have come to enmesh with one and other into a blended carpet of buildings as a result of the relentless expansion of settlements upon the surface of the world. Only the deepest of ravines that dot the evaporated seabeds and the highest mountain peaks of long dormant volcanoes appear untouched by human hand yet even they are but a facade to the great engineering projects they do hide.


Triam was settled by the Imperium of Man in the years following the Great Scouring as the world was situated within a key strategic position and was perfectly situated as a stopover for important trade routes. Over thousands of years it has grown fat from the spoils of industry and vast structures have been built to accommodate the excessive population growth brought upon by mass emigration to the political hub of the sector.


As the political hub of the sector, Triam society is often times regarded to be incredibly officious and occasionally corrupt. The wealthiest Imperial dynasties and corporate clans from the Sephadollion Sector have stakes within the Great Spear of Triam, a gargantuan spire said to penetrate the atmosphere of the world. It is here, at the very pinnacle of the spire, that the patriarch of the Mordred Dynasty holds its seat as the Governor of the planet and Lord Sector of Sephadollion.

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