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Trarius the Ambitious, otherwise known as 'Lord Trarius' is a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer in the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion, under Primarch Magnus the Red.He is known for using his sword, Soul Slicer against the loyalists of the Imperium, and for his stubborn and arrogant nature. He is known to be accompanied by a female chaos psyker sorceress known as Alex as a personal attendee and 'servant', (partner). While the Thousand Son Legion is not active, Trarius often goes on adventurers with his psyker sister in Tzeentch often searching for arcane relics and other wargear.


Trarius was born on the planet Prospero and served under Magnus the Red as one of his sorcerers before the Horus Heresy.During this time Trarius served the Red Primarch valiently and during the heresy he fought against the Space Wolves to defend his homeworld until he could flee into the Warp.


Trarius appears much like any other Thousand Son sorcerer of Tzeentch.He is known to wear a dark brown cape however and is seen using his sword much more than his bolt pistol.


As his title would imply, Trarius is a very ambitious and dedicated sorcerer of Tzeentch. He is known for seeking anything that would grant him more power, in combat or otherwise. Trarius seeks primarily wargear and relics, but he also seeks a challenge as well. To this end however, he is also known for being very stubborn and unrelenting once his mind is set on an goal, (much to his sidekick Alex's dismay).

One ironic aspect of his character, is that he possesses a uncharacteristic form of honor and decency. He spared Alex's life and merely allowed her to convert to Chaos and accompany him as his personal 'mortal' to attend to his needs. In this Trarius views the psyker as one would see a sister or brother in his religion, rather than a mere servant to belittled.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Aquiring wargear and other artifacts, swordfighting, conversing with Alex, seeking a challenge or an adventure, serving Magnus the Red.

Dislikes: Arguing with women, having to change his mind, having all of his former brothers as Ruberic Marines,Ahzek Ahriman to an extent.

Chaos Abilities:

  • Doombolt
  • Sword mastery
  • The Mark of Tzeentch


  • Trarius's first appearance was as a Sonic fancharacter.
  • In Warhammer Fantasy, Trarius would be a Chaos Knight of Tzeentch, or a Sorcerer Knight.
  • Trarius is loyal to Magnus and is part of the main Thousand Sons legion.

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