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Tokaen Secrets is a secretive successor to the Dark Angels space marine Chapter. Unlike most Dark Angel successor chapters, however, the Tokaen Sectrets deviate from the set up of the 1st and 2nd companies and do not follow the Codex Astartes.



Tokaen Secrets

Tactical Marine: No Number

"Now, our history begins anew."
— Chapter-Master Primis Sigmus

The founding of this chapter was routine, as much as such a monumentous occasion can be. The Tokaen Secrets were tasked with defending the hive-world Tokea, in the Segmentum Obscurus. The area was rife with enough Xenos activity to warrant a permenant chapter posted in it. The world of Tokea was decided to be their homeworld as it had it's own Imperial Guard Battalion (The Tokaen Defence Force) and was the most easily defencable in the sector.

Battle of Kar'dann

The first battle of this chapter was one of it's most important. As is customary, the Dark Angels instructors moved with most of the chapter to train them in their first battle and provide tactical advice to the captains. Their objective was to reclaim a world taken by the Chaos Space Marines, Kar'dann.

When arriving from the Warp, they found out that the Chaos forces were already occupied fighting the small Waaagh of Warboss 'Ead-Stompa. The arrival of another enemy was the least of their problems, however, as they realised that the Battle-Barge that housed their heavy armour, most of their techmarines as well as almost all of the chapter's neophytes and Scouts, was missing. Going against the recommendations of the Dark Angel instructors, Chapter-Master Sigmus decided that his chapter was still a sufficient enough force to take back the planet.

He called for a meeting of his captains and they discussed how to possibly take the enemies heavy fortifications without their armour, and little to no infiltration force. the deliberations lasted hours and eventually a majority of the captains supported a new tactic developed by the Chapter-Master and the First Company's Captain.

The first test of the chapters tactic was amazingly effective. The Battle-Barge, Signum, launched several sqauds of tactical marines onto the planet via drop pod, landing in the massive courtyard of the biggest fortress the Chaos forces had. As the marines flooded out, they turned on their locator beacons, allowing the battle barge to safely send down two entire Companies, the 3rd and 4th, in drop pods, exploiting the Chaos Marine's surprise.

The Chaos forces were surprised, suddenly having to deal with two entire Companies of the Emperor's FInest. However, the forces of Chaos was prepared for a siege, albeit not from inside their own fortress. they regrouped and started fighting the Astartes back, led by the Chaos Lord, Guldan. As they did this, the Captains of the 3rd and 4th company flanked the Lord and his command squad, activating their teleport homers as they did so .

The effect was apparent, as a squad of Terminators, all eleven of the suits gifteds to the chapter, deep striked directly on top of Guldan. One of the Terminators stood above the rest, his head gleaming with the energy of his iron halo, the Chapter-Master cut an imposing figue indeed. His hand gripped the Deamon-Hammer he was carrying and he flew to personal combat with Guldan.

The Chaos Marines were still numerous however and might have prevailed if the final tactic of the Tokaen Secrets had not come into play. While all the forces were focused on the battle inside the walls, a Companies worth of assault marines were delivered outside. They used their jump packs to scale the walls, and then waited for the moment when the chaos marines regrouped.

They then flew down like a hammer from the heavens, slamming apart formation and wreaking havoc in the Chaos Marine's lines. the sudden arrival of the new threat was the final blow and the fortress fell. However, Lord Guldan escaped with the use of foul sorcery.

The Aftermath

As the Tokaen Secrets moved on to the next target, their other battle-barge finally escaped to warp, astounded at their luck of not being catapulted forwards or backwards in time. After intense scrutiny of the Chapter Chaplains, the crew was declared untainted, and the machine spirits still pure. The additions of heavy armour was welcomed, but proven largely un-needed for siege. The chapter was proving the worth of dropping onto the enemy in carefully selected positions, with more and more fortifications falling to them.

Most of the larger enemy installations were taken quickly by this method. The Space Marines then caught the bulk of the two armies in a cross-fire, shooting large amounts of ordenance at their enemies from their own home bases. After the last of the xenos and heretics were felled and the Chapter was on their way to Tokea, Sigmus was approached by the observing Dark Angels.

They expressed pleasure at the victroy, but their expressions darkened when sigmus informed them that the tactic proved so sucsessful, that he decided he wanted the entire chapter to start using it as their main stategy. They argued for him to take a more othodox tactic, one that was wholly supported by the Codex Astartes. Sigma rebutted, explaining that he was merely taking the relationship between the Ravenwing and Deathwing an applying it to the entire chapter.

The debate was fierce, and the captains were drawn to it slowly, one by one. When even the captains that had initially spoken out against such a tactic supported it, the Dark Angels knew they were defeated. They agreed to disagree and moved onto what they really needed to tell the leaders of the chapter. The revalation of the Fallen shocked the chapter and they were horrified at the betrayal. They swore to hunt them down and turned the chapter onto a much more solemn path.

The Taking of Vows

When the Tokaen Secrets returned to Tokea, Sigma ordered all his marines to prove their devotion to the Emperor. As one, all the marines in the Chapter gave up their names, including Sigma and were ordered to repaint their armour black. The Techmarines moved through the ranks of the Chapter giving each marine a number on his left pauldron, making it the only thing there, not even the Veterans cross can be seen on the armour. The 1st Company had the numbers 001 to 100, the 2nd Company had the numbers 101 to 200, the 3rd Company had the numbers 201 to 300, ect.

This was to prove the Marines faith to his cause and to show him that glory is not earned personally, but for the Chapter and for the Company. Consequently, defeats were shared by the entire chapter as well. This also ensures that only the most devoted will ever learn about the Fallen. The only people in the entire Chapter to take a name is the Chapter-Master, who is named after the home city of Tokea, Primis Sigma, The First-Liberian, who took the name Zion and the Chaplian-Master, who took the name Legion. The Chapter formally requested that their name be struck from the records, and that they be renamed into the Tokaen Secrets. 

The Huntsmans Oath


First Company Huntsman

The Terminators of the First Company are called Hunters, and it their sworn duty to apprehend the Fallen wherever they may appear. The entire Chapter aids them in this, knowingly or not. The Captains may call on the Hunters Aid, but understand the the Hunt always takes precedence.

The Other Secret

The secret of the Fallen is not the only secret the Tokaen Secrets protect. Their home system was visited by a space hulk, The Crimson Prophet, with an amazing treasure inside. Though infested with Orks, the fight was well worth it. They discovered over a thousand Terminator suits, unsullied by the Taint of Chaos. Secreting away a hundred for themselves, they gifted the rest unto the Adeptus Mechanicus, garnering great favour with the techpriests, trusting them to deliver it to the Chapters most in need.

This was made a secret because the fact that the Space Hulk appeared to a relativley new chapter would be found highly suspect. The First Company Hunters however, believe it was a blessing from the Emperor and that he approves of their Chapter, that his divine will is what allows them to have such luck. They therefore paint there Crux Terminatis red, to honour the Emporer's faith in them.

Current Status

The Tokaen Secrets Chapter have continued to preform their duties, and the Tokaen sector is safe under their protection. However, the Hunters of the First Company do continue the assigned task of hunting the Fallen with single-minded zeal, matched prehaps only by the Dark Angels themselves. They have already apprehended several Fallen, and have delivered them unto the Dark Angels.

Favoured Weapons, Organisation and Tactics

"Let their gods sort them out once they're dead, provided they can recogize every small puddle of melted flesh."
— First Strike-Captian


The Tokaen Secrets have full access to the armoury of all The Unforgiven, and their load out is not usually focused on one role, but generally focused on being able to combat all manner of foes. The exceptions to this are the 2nd, 5th and 8th companies, "The Strike Companies", who almost exclusively arm their Strike Squads with both Flamers and Meltas, to maximise their effectiveness against both infantry and armour while remaining mobility. They dont really rely on heavy armour, indeed, only three Companies (4th, 7th and 10th) use it all.


The Chapter has a heavy reliance on drop pods, and most of their companies have been altered from the Codex Astartes to support this. The Chapter is divided into four parts:

The Three Combat Forces

The Three Combat Forces composed out of 3 companies each. Each is granted a Battle-Barge to base their assaults from, making each a powerful force in their own right. These are lead by the 2nd, 5th and 8th companies. The forces are all composed out of three parts:

The Strike Companies
Strike Marine

A Tokaens Secrets Strike Marine

These are composed out of the 2nd, 5th and 8th Companies and are the leaders of the Combat Forces. They are composed of 8 Strike Marines, who are trained to be a vanguard and 1 Assault Squad as well as a Devastator Squad. They are the companies that are the first to enter a combat zone, and usually the last to leave. They are the offensive back-bone of the Chapter.

The Assault Companies

These are composed of the 3rd, 6th and 9th companies and are used to help the Strike Companies overpower an enemy. They consist of 4 Tactical Squads, 4 Assault Squads and 2 Devastator Squads. They drop in after the Strike Squads and assist them in combat as well as lock down objectives. They are the tactical strenth of the Chapter.

The Support Companies

The other Companies eschew Heavy Vehicles for mobility, so it falls to the 4th, 7th and 10th Companies to be the Armoured Fist of the Chapter. The Support Companies get the armoured allocations of the other Companies, therefore the Support Companies are usually the last to arrive onto a battlefield. They are composed out of 3 Tactical Squads, 3 Assault Squads and 4 Devastator Squads, as well as the entire armour allotment of three Companies. They use their Heavy Armour to support the other Companies and quickly round up the enemies of the Chapter. The Chapter relies on them to be able to beseige fortresses when they run into one they cannot take on speed alone.

The Hunting Force

This is composed entirely of most of the Hunters of the First Company, the Chapter-Master and his ten-man Hounor Guard. Each of the Combat forces has ten Hunters attached to them and the other seventy are assigned to the Hunting Force, who focus solely on hunting and apprehending the Fallen wherever they appear. They once even had a run-in with Cypher, who escaped their clutches, much to the chargrin of Chapter-Master Sigmus who was wounded by Cypher's plasma pistol, for which the Hunting Force swore revenge.

The Scouts

Tokaen Secrets so not consider Scouts Space Marines at all, merely the potential for one. As such, they have no Scout Company. Instead the Scouts are split into teams of six (one sergeant and five scouts.) and each Company is given two teams. The scouts are often used in wildly different roles, but the most common is reconnaissance. They give the positions of enemy targets and prime landing zones.

Tactics of the Chapter

The Tactics of the Tokaen Secrets Chapter vary depending on whether they are using The Hunting Force, or The Combat Forces.

The Combat Forces

The first wave in an assault by the combat forces is lead by the Strike Marines. These are specially trained troops who land in a Drop Pod, then activate each pod's Locater beacon. They then defend the drop zone, waiting for the other companies to descend from orbit. The Assault Company then lands, using the Strike Company's locators. They then assist the Strike Company in weakening the enemy. By the time the third wave of Tokaen Secrets arrive, the enemy's fate is sealed. Aircraft zoom overhead, taking out the priority targets the other two waves have not taken down yet. They then turn their guns on anything within range, while the Support Company's heavy vehicle column arrives from the opposite side of the battle. The enemy hardly ever lasts long when fired on by elite troops from one direction and heavy ordnance from another. The drop pods are then recovered, the Strike and Assault Companies return to orbit and the next posistion is targeted.

The Hunting Force

The attacks of the Hunting Force start in much the sam way as one from the Combat forces. A drop pod lands, disgourging The Chapter-Master and his ten man Honour Squad. The enemy scarcely has time to ponder whether teminators have become suicidal or not before sixty Hunters Deep Strikes around the Chapter-Masters posistion. While the enemy is being cut down in a surprise wave of fire, the Fallen the are harbouring oft try to run. As soon as they show themselves, the First Captain deep strikes near their posistion and quickly subdue him. After all, the Unforgiven wish for the Fallen to repent, even if they lose a leg to bolter fire.

Sector Defence

The reason for the split into three Combat forces is simple, the Tokaen Secrets are still reliaed on to defend their sector. With this formation, they can engage in offensive actions while still being able to defend their sector. The flexability this offers often leads enemies no idea where the next attack or counter-attack will come from, ensuring the Tokaen Secrets usually always have the element of surprise.


Chaos Lord Guldan

"Everyone who has ever done a good thing has made an enemy out of someone."
— First-Liberian Zion

Stinging from his defeat on Kar'dann, the Chaos Lord has terrorized the system since. Though he has never managed to secure a staging base in the system before the Tokaen Secrets arrive, his constant attack from different fronts from the warp has been increasingly aggravating to the Tokaen Secrets, who blame themselves every time he slips away and therefore re-doubling their efforts to catch him.