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"We are all dead men here, Every one of us. Although you may have hopes of returning home to pillage, rape, burn or kill, You shall die in tango, with a knife through your heart or a bullet through your head. Accept your fate, It will hale you stay sane."
—Thomas lark on his view on life. This disturbed most of the group except for Deek, frost, Cale and Logan, who just told him to shut up

Thomas Lark Is one of the most mentally unhinged and emotionality unpredictable members of tango and, after an incident involving a hammer, a work officer and his head, a disturbing individual beyond compare. He earned the alias The Joker after an incident involving several autoguns (and pistols), some tripwires and the units previous commissar. This also earned him some favour with the other tango members.


  • Full Name: Thomas James Lark
  • Serial Number: 9741-V612Q
  • Homeworld: Vashnia IV
  • Crimes: 12 counts of Murder. 8 counts against Civilians, 4 against superior officers.
  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Weight: 147lbs
  • Defining Features:
    • Tall, slim athletic build
    • Several scars on right arm, self inflicted (Each scar a memorial to an important kill.).
    • Multiple cuts and scars on chest from various battlefield wounds.
    • Left hand missing, power blade embedded in stump.
    • Imperial Aquilia Tattooed across chest.
    • Serial Number tattooed across left arm.
    • Simplified Imperial Litany carved into back, recarved frequently to avoid turning into scar tissue.
    • Barb wire pattern tattoo along shoulders and chest.
  • Threat Level Evaluation: High, Very dangerous if provoked, frightened, or angry due to schizophrenia.
  • Prisoner Transport Recommendations: To be chained and sedated. Do not approach under any circumstances due to Schizophrenia fits of madness are common.
  • Flight Risk: Thomas is extremely unlikely to escape, he has made it absolutely clear that he accepts his fate and encourages others to do so.

Summary of selected Crimes

  • Murders 1-3 and 6-10: Killed several citizens after a blow to the head awakened "Mad Thomas" as he calls it and went on a rampage, It was later revealed that "Mad Thomas" was in fact another personality, after test's showed he had Schizophrenia or "Dual Personality disorder" as its otherwise called.
  • Murders 4,5 11 and 12: 2 Sargent's, and 1 Communication's officer. All under the influenced of "Mad Thomas" Sent to Penal Legion for crimes. Put in Tango squadron after killing a 1 Commissar, again under the influence of "Mad Thomas".