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"They are expensive, somewhat unreliable, arrogant, overbearing, dreadfully aware of their capabilities and employing this Xenos princess can get the Inquisition on your tail. Would I recommend them? As much as I would love to deny that, I can't. Because in the end, they are worth their money."
— Imperial Governor Kuhlan Vando's conversation with members of the Furavau Trade Council

A patched together mercenary band with origins in the Segmentum Pacificus, The Wild Kin has gained a reputation as an efficient and if demanded discrete fighting force. Being known to do almost every kind of work for almost every kind of employer, the group has become home to outcasts, nomads, escaped prisoners, deserters, soldiers of fortune, Exodites and everyone else with no place to go and no idea how to pay their next meal.

A History

The Noble Origins

"These people, my people, are already dead, they just have not realized it yet. When you look at them, you realize that their schemes, their plans, their hope for Ynnead, all of that is just a masquerade, a masquerade to not accept the inevitable demise of our kin. At the same time, the Mon Keigh, equally threatened by doom, are so much more lively. They fight and scream and shout and struggle while most of my brethren have already accepted their end, somewhere deep down in their hearts. In the end, I think I have more in common with the Mon Keigh than with most other Eldar."
— Boryael, leader of the Wild Kin
Main article: Boryael the Swift

After their Fall and the birth of Slaanesh the remaining Eldar recovered slowly from the aftermath. In order to prevent such a thing from happening ever again, they restructured their society. In place of hedonism and excess, rules of self-restraint and mental focus were established. This has led to very reserved social life, focused on preparing the Eldar's minds to endure their heightened senses without succumbing to them. Sometimes, however, young Eldar suffer the urge to leave their home, the Craftworlds and experience the galaxy. These young Eldar deem the Warrior Paths as restriction and seek to make full use of the heightened senses of their kin. In consequence, they are either indirectly forced to leave or do so on their own accord.

Boryael, a daughter of Saim-Hann, a Craftworld known for the unusally wild disposition of it's inhabitants, suffered such a fate. Born as Boryael Illuriel, daughter of the chief of house Illuriel, had a future as great leader and inspiring warrior ahead of her. However, being unable to fit herself into the strict and restrained life of an Eldar Craftworld, she led an erratic youth. After decades of learning the art of war and following different Paths of the Warrior, a schism between her and the leaders of Saim-Hann left to her leaving it half-voluntarily, half-forced.

Her escapades eventually lead to her being urged to leave the Craftworld as her behavior was deemed dangerous. This eventual decision was made after her lack of restraint had endangered several missions she had been assigned to. It is said that although a surprise for the young Eldar, it was a welcome one. Taking her favorite ship, the Solaris Light Cruiser *Void Dancer*, Boryael left Saim-Hann along with a few of her brethren that shared her ideals and disposition.

The Pirate Queen

"Our fleet was attacked, so we hired these Eldar to protect them. Our goods weren't exactly...anyway, we couldn't turn to the Navy. So, we meet up with this Eldar witch and she smiles and says 'no problem, your ships will be safe'. Of course the attacks stopped, our wares reached their destination. Sure, we sunk loads of money into it, but at least we were safe. Or so we thought. The next shipment was attacked again and guess who offered me her protection again."
— Conversation overheard in an Imperial trade station in the Pernicum system

After her more or less voluntary leave, Captain Boryael dubbed her group of pirates The Wild Kin. It did not take long after they had become notorious pirates, operating all throughout the Segmentum Pacificus and it's borders. Though engaging in the typical criminalities such as fraud, piracy, blackmailing and and protection racket, the WIld Kin was also known for lending her services to numerous traders, mercenary leaders and even Imperial Officials. Those alliances did usually not last very long, however, before the pirates left the system or sector in search for new 'entertainment'.

Eventually, in decades of living as soldiers of fortune, the Eldar of the Wild Kin reinforced their lines with recruits of all kinds, as there were simply not enough of their brethren to fully cover their losses. More and more, the Wild Kin turned from a group of rebellious young Eldar to a melting pot for outcasts of all shapes and sizes. Renegade but not traitorous Space Marines, the remains of forgotten or nearly destroyed regiments of the Astra Militarum, even some rare Tau deserters eventually gathered under the banner of Boryael the Swift.

An Unusual Ally Is Gained

During the later events of the 39th Millenium, somewhen around 999.994 M38, the Wild Kin received the offer for employment from a group of rogue traders operating in the Nithis system in the Segmentum Pacificus. The local governor had employed them to defend one of the system's planets, Nivastis, from the constant attack of Eldar Raiders. The imperial navy in the system had been unable to keep up with the Slavers' speed.

Current State

The Wild Kin is currently active in the Nithis system, fighting a group of Dark Eldar raiders in order to prevent them abducting the indigenous population of Nivastis.



Boryael is the one and only leader of the Wild Kin, reigning with both charisma and an iron will. Though having an open ear for the wishes and desires of her subordinates, it is ultimately her that makes the final decisions.

Over the centuries, different smaller mercenary groups have been absorbed by the Wild Kin, effectively turning them into specialized troops that may be deployed individually on demand. These troops keep their original structure and command, though receiving their orders from their Eldar commander.



As it started as an Eldar corsair band, the Wild Kin's primary forces were and are Eldar of all kinds. Initially, Boryael was accompanied by those thinking like her or sharing her ideals in freedom and free exploration of the galaxy rather than secluding themselves within a Craftworld and dedicating themselves to a single path. On their travels, she gathered Eldar with similar thoughts and dispositions from other Craftworlds and outposts. However, given the long life-span and slow rates of birth of the Eldar, there were less and less of those with each consecutive visit. Some Craftworlds would even drive her away, not wanting any part endangering their young inhabitant's life and souls in pointless battles.

Due to the dangerous nature of their new life and work, the Wild Kin was always looking for recruits willing to join them. When the Craftworlds provided less and less, Boryael looked for other ways to replenish her forces, eventually turning to the Exodite worlds. Having turned away from the rest of the Eldar empire long ago, they now lived secluded and comparably primitive lifes on the fringes of the galaxy. Though different in society and lifestyle, there were slo Eldar among them seeking glory and excitement. It were these Eldar that Boryael turned to, promising a life full of excitement, battle and exploration.

At the same time, the Wild Kin became a shelter for many travelling outcast Eldar, such as groups of Rangers looking for company of their brethren. Some stayed, some didn't, but all of them were provided with a safe place to stay, people to exchange stories and news with, an opportunity for trade of goods and information or simply the feeling of being surrounded by others of their kind.


Occasionally, individuals are recruited and integrated into the band, either out of necessity or due to Boryael's personal interest in them. These will either be assigned to a specific task or may join a group of their own choosing.

Wargear And Tactics

Valuing speed over all other combat virtues, it is the signature move of the Wild Kin that Boryael and her Wind Dancers descend on top of their howling jet bikes into the heart of battle. Attacking core positions, command troops or key supply lines, they use quick shock attacks to overwhelm the enemy in a storm of shuriken projectiles, followed by engaging in melee combat.

During these crucial moments, other parts of the Kin lay down suppressive fire. Effectively grinding up opposing troops between a wild, battle-thirsting melee unit and precise, lethal cover fire, a tactic that has proven very effective in combination with the aerial units of the Kin.

When in combat against forces that aren't as vulnerable to the effects of shock and terror, such as demons or Astartes, Boryael usually refrains from a direct assault. Instead, a campaign of preemptive strikes are launched to stop the enemy in their momentum and prevent them from reaching key positions. Should the Kin be pushed into a defensive position, they'll most often exfiltrate, regroup and then relaunch an attack at another time and location.


"Money, guns, ammo, ships, men, women, power packs, cables, screws, food...they'll really take anything instead of money. Emphasis on 'take' instead of 'accept'."
— Report from the Imperial Navy patrol ship *Watchful Avenger*

The Wild Kin usually prefers parts of their payments being made in supplies such as food, medicine, ammunition or resources necessary for the repair of their spaceships or other gear. This is a safety measure as not all words are willing to trade or do business with them. In rare cases, Boryael will demand specific personnel to be put into her service, either to replace losses, stock up the crew of a ship or simply because she wants to have a specific person under her control.

Allies & Relations

Combat Doctrines

"Defense? As in, staying in one position, having bullets, shells and grenades rain down on me before a blood-mad attack force breaches the walls ready to murder me in exchange for months of siege? I will never understand why the Mon Keigh practice this kind of warfare."
—Pathfinder Shizo Nader in exchange with a captured imperial officer
"Speed is the essence of this group and Boryael values it above all else. Fast thinking, fast acting, fast strikes, fast retreats, fast victories. It's astonishing how she is able to overwhelm and surprise an enemy that has been aware of her presence for weeks, even months. I suppose it's that difference between slowly wearing them down and then suddenly breaching right into their lines that leaves our enemies unable to react. Like the metaphorical rabbit before the snake."
—Milian Sandros,explaining his new employment to an old friend.
"We are paid to fight, not paid to die. The Imperial Guard may hold a position to their last breath, eventually blocking their attackers with their corpses, but we are not the Imperial Guard. So, since you pay us to fight and not to die, we retreated, it is indeed just that simple."
—Boryael explaining her retreat from battle to an employer


Void Dancer

Boryael's personal ship, the Solaris Light Cruiser features both exceptional speed and firepower while, as most Eldar ships, sacrificing protection in return. True to her character, Boryael is usually the first to lead the attack, either launching a boarding attack or distracting the enemy with erratic movements. The latter tactic is aided by the ship's colorfully painted hull, further mocking the enemy as the ship dodges torpedoes, rockets and gun shells only to return fire from it's own weapon batteries.

Milian's Pride and Glory

A Sword class frigate under the command of the former navy captain Milian Sandros. Originally heavily damaged and designated for being salvaged, captain Sandros, having served his whole life on the ship, prevented it's fate while simultaneously resigning. After getting the ship back into shape with personal fundings and a myriad of favors, he tried himself as a rogue trader, with little success. During the events in the Nithis sector, he became a part of the Wild Kin's fleet, stating to have been 'adopted' by Boryael.


Unique Units

  • Boryael's Wind Dancers: Led by Boryael herself, this unit consists of herself as well as the most capable and most trusted jet bikers under her command. Their engines modified to produce a distinct, howling sound when approaching the enemy. Making sure that the enemy is able to hear it long before the riders even appear in sight, the unnerving noise is known to throw even trained soldiers into panic and disarray before the *Dancers* crash into their lines.
  • They Who See: A group of Eldar Rangers under the lead of Shiso Nadar. Their numbers vary, as members come and go as they please. Featuring 'aggressive and counter-reconnaissance', they act as a fusion of scouts and guerilla forces. While gathering information, they voluntarily inform the enemy of their presence at the same time, leaving killed guardsmen and destroyed supplies and equipment behind.
  • ...



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