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The Wanderers (once known as the Knights Legion) are a Third Founding Successor Chapter of the venerable Dark Angels. They are a loyal Space Marine Chapter that operates between the borders of the Ghoul Stars and Halo Stars. A vast uncharted space that many would consider suicide.  They are non-Codex abiding chapter and unlike the rest of the Unforgiven, they do not know their former progenitor chapter, nor do the Dark Angels pursue them. Most have forgotten the Knights Legion and their victories.

Ever since the Fall of its homeworld of Neckia in M36, the chapter has referred to a new edict called the "Edict of Angels" which lead to the reorganization of the chapter and adoption of new tactics otherwise not covered within the Codex Astartes. The Wanderers are known widely to draw from this edict and it details the tactics used by the chapter.

With the dawn of M42 and years without contact from the Imperial Forces, much of the chapter lay within Imperial Nihilius, dark times come to the chapter. Those that remain in the Imperium now try to take the chaos corridors.



Initially created during the Third Founding, the new Chapter was born after a dispute between a Company Captain of a Dark Angel Successor and his Grand Master. There was a split in two, and the Company Captain along with half the chapter left in shame of their Grandmaster. A new chapter was formed and it was called the Knights Legion. Originally they painted their armour a light blue and their symbol was that of a gold shield with a ruby spear.

The Knights Legion left their former comrades for the border of the Ghoul Stars. Where several reports of xenos attacking several imperial colonies. They came upon a world called Neckia, a world filled with forests and a proud noble people. The world was a civilized world and most of the world was covered in vast oceans.

The Fall of Neckia

After many thousands of years of service, the chapter gathered to celebrate their chapter's anniversary. The Knights Legion felt a terrible tectonic movement all across their homeworld. An event that the chapter libarius saw as an omen. The Knights Legion Chapter Master ordered that nothing be done about it, much to the protest of the other Headquarters staff. The Libarians cautiously cast a spell to divinate what lay within their planet's crust.

To their dismay a deep within the world a being stirred and crackled to life, not just one, but millions of beings awoke. The Libarians having tried to divinate what might of caused the awakening of such events found to their horror that there were beings living within their homeworld.

After accidentally awakening the creatures that lived on the planet. The race that is still debated as to whether they were the Necrons or other creatures composed of metal. The Chapter caught off guard saw beings teleport through out the world causing havoc amongst the inhabitants of the planet. In response the Astartes retreated to their fortress-monastery for only it to be infiltrated as the metal men walked through its halls, cutting down many of the Chapter's serfs and recruits. 

The Knights Legion seeing no other way to win ordered that the remaining neophytes and inhabitants of the planet be evacuated. The Knights Legion deployed its first company and several companies to defend the starport of Neckia. Though the companies were heavily mangled, they spent their efforts to defend the fleeing civilians as they were evacuated by the Astartes. 

The Knights fought and fought, for every Astartes lost, many more "steel men" were slain. The Chapter Master watched as his chapter and the local PDF were all but wiped out, seeing no other way to survive, he ordered the rest of the command staff off the planet with the neophytes and the remainders of any wounded. The last of the first, second, third, fourth companies gathered in the valley of the Crescent, the trial grounds of the chapter's neophytes and recruits.

There the chapter master stood amidst the battle fighting and breaking the metalloid creatures. A creature bellowed to the Chapter Master, this creature unlike the rest was in the more ornate skin or armor than the others. The Chapter Master fought this creature or the while bidding time for his fleet to get into position to perform a miraculous feat. Above the surface of the planet, the ships had been ordered to detonating their own warp engines over the planet as to destroy the menace and the whole planet in the process.

The Chapter Master fought while the destruction raged against the creature but as he had been fighting for days upon days, he's strength had begun to fade. The creature of gold stabbed into him with his halberd, yet was stunned to find the chapter master smiling, just as the creature looked to heavens of Neckia. Energy filled the planet ripping it asunder and decimating every being upon it. Leaving nothing but asteroid field in its place.

Aftermath of Neckia

With the chapter now in ruins and numbering less than two companies the chapter began to rebuild itself finding that many Astartes had been blown out to space by the destruction of the planet. The Chapter forbid that there ever be a Chapter Master, as none would live up to the expectations of the previous Chapter Master, Anselmus Tuyon. In memory of their destroyed home and those who had died, the chapter took the name The Wanderers in grim remembrance of the war that destroyed their chapter.

It would be many years until the chapter was seemed fit to serve in any type of campaigns. But the new chapter did not sit idly by. They began to develop tactics and began to organize themselves to better coordinate. They became skilled infiltrators operating in small numbers than even ordinary Space Marine Chapters.

The Lost

Several hundred years after the destruction of the chapter's homeworld, Astartes wearing the colors of the Knights Legion were spotted across the galaxy. The Chapter confused by this sent Angelic Cells to see if these rumors were true. The Cells assigned to this mission brought back insane Astartes, nothing more than mindless husks. The chaplains and council confirmed that the destruction of Neckia had more diasterious effects, as those who had survived the destruction of the homeworld were flung into warp space. Seeing the horrors of the warp for many centuries or even thousands of years would cause even an Astartes to go mad. Those that were found were swiftly given the emperor peace and thier gene-seed were found to be corrupted and disposed of.

The Wanderers heard tales and reports about these 'Lost' Astartes. In response to this potential threat, the Council order the creation of a league of hunters in inspiration of their Father Chapter: The Dark Angels. This band would be called the Seekers They were given the task to hunt down the Lost. To end their suffering, and bring about peace to their minds.

Though a terrible secret looms within the chapter as some of these 'Lost' have truly fallen to the predations of chaos in the depths of their madness.


  • 333.M36 The Destruction of Neckia : The Knights Legion fights the assaliants of the an unknown Xenos species that destroys the entirety of Neckia, most of the Chapter, and their Chapter Master are slain. The Wanderers chapter is born in solemn memory of those who died.
  • 910.M41 The Shifter Wars : A shapeshifting Xenos Race inflitrates the Persus Crusade while enroute, chaos is sown on the planet of Daedlius, half the crusade is wiped out by the surprise attack. The Wanderers Angel Beriel leads the efforts in restoring order to the crusade. He leads a desperate attempt to defeat the shapeshifters. Beriel and the Shadow Host successful root out the Shapeshifters and shatter its empire. The Storm Crusaders and several other chapters are crippled on the crusade and retreat to recover their numbers.
  • 970.M41 The Vernos Incident : Nesroc driven insane by daemons begins his assualt on his former comrades of the Deathwatch, Nesroc is branded a traitor and thus begins the hunt for the Pariah with Barathiel leading the effort.
  • 981.M41 For the first time in three millennia, the Wanderers now number 900 Astartes. Council of White, deliberates if the "Edicts of Angels" is still necessary, thus began a year debate over its necessity to the chapter's culture and traditions.
  • 990.M41 Archangel of War : Gavreel and two other Wanderer Princes are given the titles of Archangel. After the White Council losses many of its members. Gavreel is made into the Arch Angel of War, to lead the council, after the death of its senior member.
  • 999.M41 13th Black Crusade : One of the Archangels assigned on the defense of Cadia, he along with his command squad are taken by the destruction of Cadia, the Grand Company's Veteran Angels follow and join the rest of the Crusade back to Ultramar.
  • 999.M41 Soul of the Crusaders : Due to Beriel's Efforts the Wanderers and Storm Crusaders have amended and are now pursuing the last of the Tyranid spores. Beriel of the Wanderers and Loken of the Storm Crusaders Iron Crusade perside over the hunt.
  • 999.M41 Hunt of the True Daemonkin : Keltizifiel and his Host hunt down the Wanderer's longtime enemy the Thousand Son's Sorcecer Mephitil and slaughter his Cabal. Keltzifiel is welcomed back into the chapter.
  • M42 Imperial Nilihius: With the chapter once again split across the imperium, the few remaining of the White Council have called the Edict of Nevarius into effect. For the first time, the Wanderers have awoken their ancient dreadnoughts and called for the Brotherhood of the Stars to aide them in the defense of the Widow Prime Sector. Of the Five chapters, The Drake Bloods and the Storm Crusaders respond. Many within the chapter fear that the Sword Templars have disappeared and with the Dusk Guard chapter gone. The Widow Prime Sector has started to run out of bodies to fight.
  • M42 Indomitus Crusade : The Wanderer's Grand Company returns to Terra and are supplied two companies of Primaris Marines along with command staff and much needed aide. Cut off from the rest of their chapter, the new Angel Prince Vakarian must teach the new Wanderers their chapters tactics before deploying. The rest of the surviving Grand Company Astartes deliberate and discuss the new Astartes and the possible friction it might cause with the Council of White.
  • M42 End of the Siege of Neckia : The Wanderers Justicars don their Ancient Terminator Armor and are able to stem the tide against the Harvest. The Harvest in desperation retreat to find the Storm Crusaders and the Sword Templar Crusade Fleets. Calick of the Storm Crusaders offers to aide in repairs of the Wanderer's Fortress. Word spreads quickly that the First Templar of the Storm Crusaders has returned.
  • M42 The Birth of the Seraphim : After the Siege of Neckia, the White Council creates the Seraphim from the Primaris Marine Battle Companies whom would be led by two Archangels till the Primaris Marines gather enough experince that warrants them leading their own Grand Companies.
  • M42 The Konor Campagin : The Wanderers host led by Alaris Vothe. He along with his Serpahim are among the strike forces deployed.
  • M42 Storm of Angels : The Storm Crusaders and the Wanderers Chapter are deployed to deal with the defense of the Minor Forgeworld system of Agraxis.

Chapter Gene-Seed


The Wanderers suffer from many different types of gene-seed issues. The most noticeable is that Wanderers are often shorter and less built than Normal Astartes. As such they are not as strong as a normal Astartes. In exchange they are noticably faster than normal Astartes. Many speculate that this may be due to the unpredictable nature of either the warp or that the gene-seed of the chapter has developed in this way. Though some among the inqusition suspect that the chapter Apothecarium has manipulated the geneseed to do so, but many blame the voidborn nature of the chapter.

Though as the Astartes start to age, their strength starts to grow to normal levels, but their height remains relatively the same. Often times other astartes dwarf the Wanderers on the battlefield.

Wanderers are known to have an extended lifespan, the oldest member of the Chapter, Archangel Gaelis, has been in his position for over seven hundred years. Many within the chapter do not remember a time when Gaelis was not an Archangel. The gene-seed mutations of the chapter has lead the Savior Princes to constantly watch their chapter for any further or new mutations within the chapter.


Though the Chapter does not adhere strictly to the Codex Astartes to the letter. The chapter does follow many of its core tenants and examples throughout it. They use it to organize much of the chapters tactics in battle and whenever the resource is found to be useful. The Codex Astartes is seen as a guideline, not a rule. The chapter agrees with its core tenets and believes no one man should ever control a space marine legion, no-less an entire chapter.

The Wanderers have a radically reorganized themselves throughout their history. Especially when compared to most Codex-Adherent Chapters. This is mostly to provide tactical flexibility to the Wanderers. The chapter is led by a Council instead of a single Chapter Master. Though the chapter's central command structure is extremely flexible as their command structure.

The Wanderers Organize their chapter into Knight Hosts, Grand Companies, and Angelic Cells. The chapter has only recently broken their manpower of over 1000 since their reorganization. But many theorize that this is due to their large amount of their chapter remaining in stasis or in training. Most of their active members number less than 900. Though this suspect, as Wanderers are seen all over the galaxy. Sometimes a hundred Wanderers or even a handful are seen on border, then a hundred in another or even a single squad. It is unknown how large the chapter truly is. Though many believe the chapter to be now at full strength. 

Unique Formations

Grand Companies

Grand Companies are all that remain of the companies of any form of semblance to Space Marine Companies. Chapter. The Grand Companies are various in strength, often they are composed of several Knight Hosts. The Archangels of Justice's Grand Company, for example, has 7 Knight Hosts, but his company only breaks codex tradition by having 120 Wanderers, but it should be noted that this is the largest company in the whole chapter. The smallest Company, lead by the Archangel of Messages is comprised of only 3 Knight Hosts, though this company rarely sees action, acting as recruiters and holding various recruiting worlds for the Chapter.

The Grand Companies are rarely brought together but only during long campaigns are they brought together to fight with their Archangel. Even on the battlefield, the company does not fight as one, but as a multi-pronged creature, attacking with the skills of each Knight Host that is under the Archangels command.

As of M41 after the Terran crusade and founding of the Primaris Marines there are now Ten Grand Companies of the Wanderers Chapter lead by Ten Archangels. For the first time in over four thousand years, the chapter is now considered nominal strength.

Knight Hosts

The Knight hosts are known for being small in number and often times being composed of various types of marines. The Knight hosts sometimes have veterans of the chapter, these form the backbone and the image of the chapter. Knight hosts comprise of 15-30 Astrates, all knight hosts are lead either by an Angel Prince (title). A Knight host can have anything from tactical marines, to veterans, to anything that an Angel Prince may have need of. Every Wanderer is talented in warfare in someway, and often times they train in many different ways. Each Host is apart of the Grand Companies and as such they each serve a purpose within the Grand Company. Either by being scouts, linebreakers, or heavy weapon experts.

Knight Hosts vary host to host. But one thing is certain that none condone the use of siege warfare, or open battlefield tactics. As the chapter does not have the manpower to be able to replenish their Hosts with enough Astartes to make siege warfare possible.

Each Knight Host is given a task within a grand company, a skill to specialize in, often times it follows the personal training of the Angel Prince in charge, or the Angels within the host. The Host of Shadows counseled by the newly promoted Archangel Beriel lead the host after the fall of its former Prince Mortiel the angel of shadows. The host specialized in interference and counter attacks. Often using cloaking fields to mask their locations, the host would then rely on their pathfinder squads to take out highly valued targets before returning back to the host.

Other hosts have specializations in medical assistance and are entirely made up of apothecary trainees, or other hosts are made up entirely of heavy weapons experts. The job of the Archangel is knowing how to use his hosts in tandem and to know how to please both Angel Princes and Hosts.

The Seraphim Hosts

When the Primaris Marines joining the chapter, many within the chapter wondered how the Primaris Marines would enter the chapter as most were vat-born. Many of these new Astartes saw flaws with the chapter having been given tutelage by Ultramarines and even a Primarch. These new Wanderers bore many similarities found with the Knight's Legion the chapter's former lineage. Their appliance and strict adherence to the Codex caused much concern within the chapter. The new Primaris Marines brought with them a new battle barge and fresh supplies and new armory for the chapter, which was welcomed by the chapter. Though many became suspicious of the actions of these new Astartes.

The Wanderer's White Council in response to easing the minds of those within the chapter created a new organization from within the chapter that like the Angels and Justicars would serve the chapter similarly but uniquely.

Thus the Seraphim Hosts were created and would be led by the newly promoted Archangels in single Grand Companies, along with Angels Princes from other hosts Several of the Primaris Commanders offered to be elected as Archangels in protest saying they were more Astartes than the Angels that would command them. Though the White Council not used to such friction within the chapter after several days of debate, allowed the Primaris Commanders to lead their new Serpahim Hosts.

The deciding vote was cast by two Archangels (Gavreel and Toriel) whom both argued for the Primaris Commanders to be allowed to command their own hosts saying "They are new brothers and to say they should not learn to lead is foolish least we forget our previous chapter master who lead us to ruin."

The Seraphim were given one restriction, they can only recruit from within the chapter. The Primaris Marines without a single doubt accepted the restriction and began training in the tactics of the chapter.

These Seraphim hosts were crafted into two Grand Companies that are now known as the Twin Companies. Th Chapter has now swelled with pride and for the first time, the Widow Prime Sector has seen the Wanderers.

Angelic Cells

Angelic Cells are the smallest of all the organizations and do not serve in the Grand Companies consisting of five to fifteen battle brothers or Initiates or Neophytes, they usually maintain recruiting worlds, act as the eyes and the ears of the chapter, or hunt any of The Lost. These cells are lead by a Named Angel, (An angel charged with a duty, Such as Loras the Angel of the Hunt, is charged with the recruitment of Assault Marines). The Angelic hosts are small and nimble but they act as part of the chapter and often serve as the chapters protectors of its interests. Cells have become rarer within the chapter as the need for them has begun to wane. Many times the Angelic Cells are dissolved, as they are a reminder of the old days when The Wanderers had nothing. Something that many in the chapter wish to forget.

Unique Units


Seekers are the hunters of the chapter, often seeking those who have betrayed the chapter, or who have come to be known as "The Lost". They often are called Demon Knights, Oath Bringers, and sometimes the Bronze Knights by those outside of the chapter. Their armor is different from the rest of the chapter: coated in a bronze like material and uniquely wield close combat weaponry. Often times they are comparable in size to even normal Astartes, as Seekers seem to be chosen from those who have very little sign of mutation. The Seekers are usually composed of few members, drawn from the chapters most elite warriors.


The Justicarians are the elite of the chapter, ancient Astartes with hundreds of years of experience. The Justicarians are Astartes that guard the Soul of Neckia. That is their only task. As the chapter is usually gone away, the chapter needs a suitable defense force, in case some fool attacked the Soul. The Justicarians were born after the War of Neckia, born out of grief for the loss of their homeworld. The very first Justicarians were taken from the few remaining First Company Veterans spread throughout the chapter. Now many Justicarians are recruited from the brightest and honorable of the chapter. Over time they developed traditions and oaths like many of the Knight Hosts themselves. Once one becomes a Justicarian, they are forever bound to fight for the Soul of Neckia. They are led by a separate entity different from the Angel Princes, and Archangels, often called the Chief Justicarian. They arm themselves in battle with power glaives, storm bolters, and artificer armor. They are exceptional warriors and are more than often have centuries of experience before even being considered for the role of Justicar. On extremely rare occasions they wear Terminator Armor. Rarely have the Justicarian's left the Soul of Neckia, except in times of great peril. It is said that the Justicarians will all fall at the end of man.

Insertion Squads

Insertion Squads fill the void left by the Wanderers refusal to use Neophytes. Due to this Insertion squads serve in the role of recon and scouting for the knight hosts or grand companies. Most often Angelic Cells are made up of Insertion Squads. They are sometimes wield some of the most advanced technology seen throughout the whole chapter. Donning themselves in cloaking technologies and camoflage. They are often the first squads to be deployed for Wanderer Strike Forces. Insertion Squads are seen as a necessity of the chapter. The only equivalent among normal astartes chapters are Sternguard veterans. Though due to their experience Insertion squads are often trained to fight in various styles and are known to wield the feared Judicator Rifles.


Angel Princes

Angel Princes are then sub-categorized into Angel Priest (Chaplain) or Forge Prince (Techmarine) or Wrath Prince (Librarian) or a Virtue Prince (Captain) or a Savior Prince (Apothecary) a newly created Angel Prince are the Seraphim Princes (Primaris Captains). Each Angel Prince is different often holding a title within the chapter, either over a particular element or virtue. Each Prince is charged with a Knight Host, and often times the Host fits the personality of the Prince. If one of the Princes is elusive the host will become elusive as well. Princes are comparable to Brother Captains of Codex Compliant Chapters.

Angel Princes are far more numerous than a Company Captain of any chapter, in total there are said to be thirty-five Princes with thirty-five hosts of various sizes.

The Council of White

The chapter is lead by a council instead of a single chapter master. After their last chapter master proved to be disastrous and ended inadvertently causing the War of Neckia. The Council of White was born from the disastrous near extinction. Each member is considered the supreme leader of the chapter, there are ten seats on the Council of White, the Herald, the Seven Archangels, The Ancient, and The Keeper. Though that does not mean there are only seven Archangels, as current there are 10 Sitting Archangels, three of which are In-waiting to be given command of a grand company.

The Ancient is the keeper of the chapters traditions, The Keeper holds all the knowledge of the chapter and its various records, the Herald is the Ambassador of the chapter. And the Seven Archangels lead the Seven Grand Companies. But when they Archangels are not leading their companies they fulfill the role of an Angel Prince and commanding their own Knight Host.

Though sometimes the seats are empty due to war or due to extraneous circumstances, the Council is merely the guides of the chapter often not interfering in the roles of the Angel Princes, unless their task at hand that is in need of doing. Very rarely does this council convene. But when it does orders are passed, and Angel Princes are promoted.

Of the Ten seats, only two are Currently Vacant: The Keeper and the Herald. After M42 there are now Ten Arch Angels, as such the council has been expanded to twelve seats. While the other two arch angels do not have votes for the chapter, they instead act as meditators among the chapter.


Archangel - (Chapter Council Member)

Angel Prince - (Force Commander / Captain of a company)

Virtue Prince - (Force Commander)

Wrath Prince - (Libarian)

Angel Priest - (Chaplain)

Savior Prince - (Apothecary)

Forge Prince - (Techmarine)

Angel - (Segerant - Veterans)

Cherubum - (Battle Brother)

Justicarian Knight - (First Company Veterans and Honor Guard)

Choirian - (Intitate)

The Seraphim Souls - (Primaris Marine)

Order of Battle


Chapter Council

Chapter Council:

Beriel, Archangel of the Crusade

Gavreel, Archangel of War

Sariel, Archangel of Mercy

Tariel, Archangel of Justice

Heman, Archangel of Peace

Hasmal, Archangel of the Forge

Marmaroth, Archangel of Fate

Ancient Nadilious

Herald, N/A

Keeper, N/A

Honour Guard / Justicarians 

Barathiel Champion of the Chapter
Command Squad (Chapter Standard Bearer, Angel Priest (Chaplain), Wrath Prince (Lexicanium) & Savior Prince (Apothecary))

This council of officers is drawn from the senior-most members of the Grand Companies. This council's composition changes depending upon attrition rates.

Other Departments
Armourium Fleet Command Apothecarion Reclusiarchy Logisticiam
Hasmal, Master of the Armourium
Unknown number of Techmarines
550 Servitors
25 Predators
3 Vindicators
9 Whirlwinds
6 Land Raiders
20 Storm Ravens
15 Storm Talons
4 Storm Eagles
  • Estimation, otherwise unknown.
 Xalntus, Master of the Fleet
11 Strike Cruisers (1 gifted to the Wanderers by the Storm Crusaders)
27 Rapid Strike Craft (6*)
15 Thunderhawks
3 Battle Barges (The Eden*, Anselmus Tuyon, Furion Blade)
Star Fortress (Soul of Neckia*)
Various other craft
  • Severely Damaged or Undergoing repairs
Sariel, Master of the Apothecarium
12 Savior Princes (Apothecaries)
Heman, High Angel Priest, Master of the Reclusium
Angel Priests
Angel Priest Initiates

Luthen, Archangel of Messages,

650 Servitors

Administrative Support Staff
Support Personnel (Chapter Serfs)

Order of Battle

*In progress*

Known Grand Companies

Each Grand Company have their own heraldry unique to the Archangel that they serve under. Though individual Hosts do not bare any sigils for themselves each host is known to maintain a traditional symbol of greeting. The grand companies symbols are often simple and easily recognized by their right shoulder pad which helps delegate which Grand Company they are from. Though much of the time Companies are rarely seen together, only in extreme cases is an entire Company present on campaign.

  • Company of Justice (The Seekers of Ilerith) - lead by Tariel the Archangel of Justice and his Seekers. The Grand Company has become a symbol of pride within the chapter, unlike the rest of the chapter, they are the largest company having 120 Astartes in total. Their symbol is that of a sun pierced by lightning. Their words, "The dawn is upon thee."
  • Company of Faith (The Judicators) *DISBANDED*- Formerly lead by the esteemed Archangel Geriel, who was killed while in action during the 13th black crusade, he was replaced by the Archangel Vakarian, who was the only remaining commanding officer left. The Judicators were the leaders of the chapter's heavy arsenal and were known for their siege and fortifying strategies. Holding the most advanced weaponry of the chapter, as such, they are often deployed in large engagements. They were once the largest company in the chapter but now number since the beginning of the Indomtius Crusade, 64 Astartes in total. Though after the induction of the Primaris Marines and the creation of the Seraphim the Company of Faith was split throughout the chapter, and the Seraphim given the command of their own company. The Company of Faith was disbanded after the hosts return and given to the Mute Hand. Vakarian being the only ranking officer was asked to join Beriel's crusade, which he accepted taking his host with him and much of the remaining Wanderers. Their symbol was that of a gavel.
  • Company of Peace (The Radiant Chorus) - Headed by the oldest Archangel of the chapter is Heman the Archangel of Peace. He holds the distinguished honor of being the only Angel Priest of the Archangels. As such he is held in high esteem by the Council, his Radiant Chorus is known for its ghost tactics. Often tracking and destroying key assets such as supply lines and munitions. They number at least 4 Hosts. Their symbol is that of a black bell.
  • Company of Mercy (Preservers) - Lead by the Archangel Sariel, he is among the chapter considered to be the Chief Apothecary and is focused on defending the future of the chapter, as such he is often located training and building relations with other worlds to potentially increase recruiting from other chapters. Since Beriel's promotion to Archangel, the Preservers number little more than three hosts and are the smallest Grand Company. Most Savior Princes are spread throughout the chapter and many more are just simple Angels. Though the preservers are known to have within each one of their squads an Apothecary. Their symbol is that of an eye wrapped in a blue orb.
  • Company of War (The Order of the Blades)- Reformed sometime before 999.M39 is the Order of Blades lead by Gavreel the new Archangel of War. Gavreel was elected unanimously by all the other Archangels. This company is made up entirely veterans and the most elite of the chapter. Gavreel has personally selected each Angel Prince and their hosts respectively for his crusade with the Lord Commander of the Imperium. The host is the second largest with 110 astartes. Their Symbol that of two blades.
  • Company of Death (The Mute Hand) - Created by the Archangel Beriel. This company was created by the closing of the War of the Storm. Beriel contacted the White Council asking if any more hosts could be created to aide in the final crusades against the Tyranid Menace, in response the chapter was able to muster two other hosts to add to the Company. This host while relatively new has a simple goal, to never be seen. The Company is famous for seemingly disappearing and dispersing across larges swathes of space before reappearing having dismantled entire attempts of ambushes by the Tyranids. The company numbers only 90 Astartes. Their symbol is that of a black hand.
  • Company of Fate (The Celestials) - Created by the now newly appointed Archangel of Fate, Marmaroth. This company is considered by many to be the center of the psychic talent of the chapter. There are three major Angel Princes of this Company, all talented Librarian Commanders, Keltizfiel The Flame, and Marthiel the Breaker, and Luriel The Time Walker. The Celestials are the most powerful of the chapter and hold the most firepower as well. Their symbol is that of a book on fire.
  • Company of Messages (The Principalities) - The Protectors and holders of the Soul of Neckia is Gabriel Luthen the Archangel of Messages. They are the backbone of the very chapter, and as such, they are not an active part of the chapters fighting force, as much of those within this company act as custodians or dispatchers or perform other tasks for the entire chapter. Their job is critical to the function of the chapter. Many of this company are tacticians and or severely wounded Wanderers that refuse to be entered into dreadnought or wish to aide in the Training of new Wanderers. There are only 65 members of the Company. Their Symbol is that of two wings.
  • Company of the Forge (The Dragons) - Composed of the chapters Techmarines, and the Archangel of the Forge, Hasmal. He leads the company with distinction holding the most advanced weaponry of the entire chapter and the training of new Techmarines. They number 60 Astartes in total. Their Symbol is that of a Dragon head.
  • Company of Spirit (The Dominators)- Led entirely by the Seraphim they stand out from the rest of their brothers, led by the now proven commander Seraphim Alaris Vothe, who was given the title of Archangel of Spirit. The very first Seraphim to gain a seat on the White Council. After he proved the strength of the Seraphim on the onset of Gulliman's Crusade. Winning much honor in the front lines. The Company is currently crusading with the Imperial Crusade Indomtius. The number an entire company. Their symbol is that of the original Knight's Legion.
  • Company of Vision (The Crowned) - A company entirely composed of Primaris Marines led by Xapham the Archangel of Vision, currently leads the company in the defense of Widow Prime's hive City. Their symbol is that of a golden crown.
  • Company of Courage (The Lions) - The most elite and the smallest company of the entire chapter this grand company is formed from the elite Justicars who guard the Soul of Neckia. Led by the Chief Justicar, the dispenser of law amongst his brethren, and holder of the executioner's blade. They guard the both the secrets and relics of the chapter. Their symbol is that of a lion's head.


The Many Relics within the chapter are various, here are but a few of them....

The Chapter Fleet

  • 11 Strike Cruisers (1 gifted to the Wanderers by the Storm Crusaders)
  • 27 Rapid Strike Craft (6*)
  • 15 Thunderhawks
  • 3 Battle Barges (The Eden*, Anselmus Tuyon, Furion Blade)
  • Star Fortress (Soul of Neckia*)
  • Various other craft

*Severely Damaged or Under going repairs

Chapter Armory

  • 550 Servitors*
  • 25 Predators
  • 3 Vindicators
  • 9 Whirlwinds
  • 6 Land Raiders
  • 20 Storm Ravens
  • 15 Storm Talons
  • 4 Storm Eagles
  • *Estimation, otherwise unknown.

The Soul of Neckia

Though not officially the Homeworld of the Wanderers. The Soul of Neckia is a massive space bound star fortress. Named after the ill fated original world of Neckia. The Soul is all that remains of the once glorious world's military and civilian culture. Within the Star Fortress is a sprawling city and the Fortress Monastery of the Wanderers. A massive Biodome that protects the Fortress and the City from the cold vacuum of space. Within the population stands at 300,000. Quite a small population given that this was all that remained of the Neckian Population. All those Aboard the Soul of Neckia are the Remnants of Neckia. This way the homeworld of Neckia lives on through the Soul, even having flora, and native wild life from Neckia. There are also several other biodomes on the fortress which house animals, creatures and training areas for the newly recruited Wanderers or the Dawn Guard (The Security Forces of The Soul.)

The Biodomes for the Tasks are separated by the Sworn Guardians of the Soul, the Justicarian Knights, who bar only access to those who have passed the Tasks or those who are beginning the Tasks. Using these biodomes to great effect the chapter uses these biodomes to change the atmosphere and weather conditions inside the biodomes to keep the Recruits ready for anything.

Unlike other sprawling cities of the Imperium The Soul Of Neckia's civilian population has very few crimes as they do not wish to tamper the anger of the Dawn Guard or the Wanderers. The Civilians live a quite good life, but most of the time they are either split between joining the military, the Wanderers, or apart of the ruling government of the Soul.  Very Similar in construction to the Imperial Fist's Phalanx, the Soul is a fully believed to be based on the original design of the Phalanx. It is an ideal Mobile Command Center for the Wanderer's Council. It also boasts at least 1 Grand Company of Wanderers as its permanent defense force, it also retains most of the chapter's relics and artifacts. Always present are the ever vigilant The EdenThe Jailer, and The Mercy. Three Strike Cruisers that always remain at the side of the Soul of Neckia.

Only twice has the Soul of Neckia been attacked. Both times the enemy was swiftly defeated by the thunderous lance batteries and nova cannons that could demolish an entire fleet by itself with no aid. Hence why no enemy wishes to attack the Soul. For it would be worth too much to take it. Though on those two occasions, the Tyranids and Orks were the only beings insane enough to attack the Wanderer's Stronghold. Such is the importance of their fortress. That the Chapter does not take kindly to any that dare step upon their fortress without the armed guard of the Justicarians.


The vast armouries of the Wanderers are weapons taken from the vaults they found. Because of this the weapons they found were largely experimental and ancient technologies. One of the chief weapons they found were schematics for a varied bolter called the Widow Pattern, and Extermination Pattern Bolters the ammunition used by these bolters are said to be annoited with special acids and piercing rounds.

Extermination Pattern

The smallest version of the two bolters found is a Carbine Bolter meant for shorter ranges the Extermination Pattern is widely used by Insertion Squads of the Wanderers Chapter.

Widow Pattern

Considered the precision weapons used by the Wanderers, is the iconic weapon of the chapter. Said to be twice the size of normal Bolters and because of their loading mechanisms they are fired in burst fire only. The Widow Pattern is used throughout the chapter's Tactical Marines.

The Judicator Rifle

Famed for being created by Angel of the Forge Hasmal's predecessor after the Ork incursion in the Widow Prime Sector. The Judicator Rifle is a weapon said to be modelled after the Sniper Rifles used by the Scout squads with schematics found from preheresy technologies because of this the Wanderers often use this weapon in their Insertion Squads for reconnaise or destruction of enemy commanders or high valued targets to a campagin.


The Insertion Helm

Given to all those who have proved themselves in the chapter, this specialized helmet is an unknown mark of power armor. Its abilities range from its unnerving ability to hone in on organic and biological creatures able to detect the slightest differences of color. To a normal human these helmets are a myraid of colors, but for the Wanderers, these helmets are tools of war, given to their best sharpshooters, the Insertion Helms are the symbol of the chapter's motiff and fighting style.

The Justicarian Terminator Armor

An incredibly modified terminator armor given to the Chapter's utmost elite is the highly regarded terminator armor worn by the Justicarian's. Only twenty power armors remain in the chapter, and those twenty are wielded by the utmost elite of the chapter as the guardians of the white council room. Some say the technologies they display are similar to that of the Taratros Terminator Armor, and even then many whisper that the chapter's techmarines had found an STC that was able to create it but due to materials required could only produce twenty. Whomever wears this armor are called the Throne Guard. A very select few of the Justicarians are ever part of, each with centuries of experience. Many whisper that these Astartes are the surviviors of the War of Neckia.

Chapter Relations

The Chapter is trusted by others, though some organizations do refuse to work with them. Mostly due to their tactics and their progenitors.


Sword Templars

The Sword Templars consider the Wanderers to be useful and often request their aid when dealing with any xenos they have never fought before. Often requesting a single squad to help them fight any Xenos Creatures as the Wanderers maintain a large library on xenos races, their biology and what they were. Mostly to ensure the chapter may avoid disaster. The Sword Templars know much about the Wanderers and their previous history. Often considering them to be brothers, and trustworthy.


The Deathwatch and the Wanderers ties are quite strong, as the Wanderers are most frequent to send their Astartes to aid the Organization. Often times entire squads are sent to aid the DeathWatch. Most often the Wanderers there work as infiltrators and forward scouts, and even the leaders of squads. Such is the invaluable experience of the wanderers that they are deployed to kill larger beasts with precise sniper fire, as the sergeants often know that the Wanderers Disdain for combat, often leads to the death of the Wanderers attached to the squad. Though many outside of the Death Watch find it quite suspicious why the Wanderers often send so many Astartes to join the Deathwatch. Many rumors abound that the Chapter treats the Death Watch as Punishment.

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The Dawn Guard

The Dawnguard are the security forces of the Soul of Neckia and the various ships in the Wanderers flotilla. Each ship has these elite men and women help in maintaining the ships and various securities and ensuring that none may enter the Wanderer's Sanctums easily or unguarded. The Dawn Guard are essentially the Wanderer's serfs and acolytes who have either failed the procedures to become Astartes or who have volunteered in the Dawn Guard. Those who failed to become Astartes wear a white sigil of the chapter's iconography. Due to the process of creating a Wanderer many Dawn Guard are tactically proficient as their masters. The comradery between the Guard and the Wanderers is known to be very close. As the Wanderers eschew servitors infavor of the chapter serfs who are fanatically loyal to the Wanderers.

Some of the Dawn Guard are drawn from families and noble houses who have served the Wanderers for centuries. Others are taken from planets where those saved by the Wanderers swear fealty to the Angel Princes.

There are rumors abounding that the Dawn Guard are numerous in number compared to the Wanderers and operate within the chapter more than just as protectors and security. It is unknown if this group of men and women serve more than just as security. But the Wanderers have often denied this as no Dawn Guard have ever been deployed with the chapter, except in boarding actions. Where the Dawn Guard act as supplements to the Wanderers Depleted Boarding Squads.


The Alpha Legion

Long has the standing hatred been between these forces. That both are known to rage a war that has lasted for thousands of years known as the War of Shadows.


Storm Crusaders

Though the Storm Crusaders often think of the Wanderers to be lowly mongrels and cowards. They only work with the Wanderers if they see no alternative. As the two chapters have been known to come to blows several times in their history. Going as so far as to almost causing the entire Widow Sector to fall into chaos as the Two Chapters fought over a single recruiting world called The Warden that had previously belonged to the Crusaders at some point in their history. The Storm Crusaders in fury during this time slaughtered half of the Wanderers Stationed in the Widow Sector, destroying many of the Wanderers Fleet assets, and also boarding the Wanderer's Star Fortress The Soul of Neckia before they were beaten back by the denizens of the Star Fortress, The People of Neckia. To make matters worse the Wanderers had successfully infiltrated the Storm Crusaders and had begun killing entire command staffs of Captains and Commanders of the Storm Crusader's Crusade. It almost prompted the involvement of eight other chapters, after the beheading of the Archangel of the Wanderers and his entire retinue.

The War was ceased as both sides begrudgingly were ordered to by the inquisition alongside an entire crusade fleet. The Wanderers and Crusaders have ever since been at odds with each other. The Wanderers often blaming the Crusaders for their misfortunes, but the Inquisition knows quite well that the Wanderers have small amount of respect for the Crusaders, as the Wanderers were not the ones who ever provoked the Crusaders, the Crusaders often were the provokers of hostilities. The Crusaders often consider the Wanderers to be lowly and nothing but a nuisance. This time became known as The Warden Incident.

But recently the Storm Crusaders Grand Templar has tried to reach out to the Wanderers, and all he has received is silence in return. A Single squad of Wanderers one day arrived with a message from the Wanderer's council stating. "The Wanderers were far too occupied with the growing Concerns of the Sector than those who had betrayed them."

The Emissaries were quick to retreat before The Grand Templar's wrath.

Dark Angels and Successors

Though the Wanderers have officially cut off their connection to the Dark Angels, this does not stop the Wanderers from aiding their progenitor, indirectly. The successors and the dark angels view the Wanderers as traitors to their sacred duty. But this does not mean the two have ever come into armed conflict. The two groups view a certain subject very differently, and often such a different view is negligible but to the Dark Angels and the Wanderers it is a different story.

Chapter Beliefs

The Wanderers know they are not like other Astartes. They consider themselves too human to be considered Astartes. More common among their number, they stand apart from other chapters. Being notably quieter, shorter, less angered and patient. They, unlike the Storm Crusaders, rely on short but efficient close combat. They also hold the Emperor as a Spiritual Guardian and Sole Founder of the Imperium. Like many other Astartes each Wanderer is considered by the chapter to be a resource. Each Astarte's death is tragedy upon the chapter. Most notably the Wanderers are extremely well trained. Even more so than a Regular Astartes. The chapter has since disbanded any ideals of increasing the chapter size. Instead, they will remain only 7 Grand Companies in number at any one time.  

The chapter is quite independent of itself often being far apart this has created rivalry within the chapter, though not as violent as the White Scars Chapter. Each Host acts almost uniquely different from other hosts, but none of them act as rash as other chapters do. Often taking their time to defeat their opponents not by wars of attrition but by patience.

The Wanderers eschew rituals for military tactics and brilliance, like their Promigentor the Lion, they are known for quick thinking and strategic competency. Many Astartes of the Wanderers instead favor the signs of their homeworlds, its often looked down upon by the Angel Priests to worship the emperor in any capacity. A reverance is held for the Emperor as their creator.

Wanderers are unique amongst their kin due to their quiet resolve and independence, often taking to roles that other Astartes ignore or find beneath them.

Chapter Tactics

Known widely for their disdain for close combat, the Wanderers fight from afar, using their own specialized version of a bolter: called the Widow Maker Pattern. A design created by the Forge Princes of the chapter, this weapon is a heavily modified bolter that is similar to a sniper rifle but in bolter form. Though the drawbacks are that the weapon is much heavier, but the gun is more deadly. The Chapter does have some members that fight in close combat, but these individuals are rare, though they will deploy melee equipment when the occasion rises.

The Chapter's use of stealth is quite well known in the among the many sectors that border the ghoul stars. The Host of Barathiel is famous for infiltrating into a Renegade Strong hold and assassinating the entire leadership in the dead of night without raising any alarms.

The chapter is known to paint their armor according to the occasion or campaign they are fighting. Sometimes painting their armor multiple colors that match the environments they would be fighting in. Sometimes they wear cloaks to help them avoid enemy contact. The chapter are feared xenos Hunters, they have defeated many xenos.

The Wanderers have been spread considerably far apart from each other. The Chapter is very well known for appearing on the battlefield in times of absolute need for either PDFs or Imperial Guard Regiments. And then disappearing when Imperial Forces gain the upper hand or about to be victorious. They are known for taking out enemy leadership rather efficiently and then disappearing.

Creation of a Wanderer

The Wanderers every Decade descend upon the Widow Prime Systems to gather potential Recruits, Widow Prime Systems have been allies of the Wanderers since they were once called the Knights Legion. These recruits undergo transformation either into Astartes, but most fail and join the serfs and sometimes the military of the Soul of Neckia. Usually only 10% of those recruited to become Astartes. But less than 29.9% actually become Astartes. Though most of the Wanderer recruits spend their time on the Neckia. The Wanderers maintain five other bases of Recruitment, these recruits. Though many of the new initiates are sent off to gain experience within the chapter.

The Recruiting Worlds

The many recruiting worlds of the Wanderers are based in the Widow Prime Sector, though as of late these callings only happen every 10 years. The worlds they travel to are inside the Main parts of the sector were the most popolous cities are. They take whoever is willing and take those whose families are noble birth and own the Wanderers much. Though few ever come, those willing are often the ones who make it through the tests to become a Wanderer. Though this was all destroyed after the Storm Crusaders attacked and killed a major member of the Wanderers. Forever solidifying that the Crusaders were forever bound to their fate. The Wanderers left the Widow Prime Sector.

The facility that was famous for holding the relics that saved the Wanderers became a place that the Wanderers would use as a recruiting world as its inhabitants of humans were harden warriors, it was a desert planet and its members were hardy folk. With massive creatures that bore underground the surface. The World became known as Velka the World of the Lost. A single Cell of Wanderers would hold it and maintain recruitment there for the chapter.

The chapter maintains several operating fortresses for recruitment across the eastern fringe and Ghoul Stars. After abandoning the Widow Prime Sector to its fate, they took many of their disciples from the Sector and many of their supporters, even moving their starfortress far from the sector. They came across another Sector Hedelios Prime and settled there. Taking many more recruits than their previous sector. Currently they maintain twenty fortresses for recruitment each manned by Angelic Cells or even a seldom Knight Hosts. All of which take from the populace every ten years a sizeable amount of recruits and send them to the chapter Star Fortress.

Post-Neckian Chapter

Archangel Beriel

Though many of the chapter regard him as a hero, the Inqusition sees him as one of their greatest tools during his service during his time in the DeathWatch, though every record he has is hidden even among many of the Inquisition only the highest are granted access to it. Beriel is a gifted Wanderer and a talented commander, it is heavily rumored he could be the next in line for the Archangel of War.

Beriel is accredited for winning the Shifter War and shattering the Shifter Empire. Beriel after saving the Grand Templar of the Storm Crusaders, Calnor Alrnia. Was given the name, Angel of the Crusade. Thanks to Beriel's Selflessness the Wanderers and Crusaders have been having better relations between the two chapters.

Beriel after the Shifter War was promoted to Angel Prince and now leads the Shadow Host. A host that even the Wanderers consider to be unorthodox. The Shadow Host lost its Angel Prince during the Shifter War. Its Prince was slain by a Shifter at the end of the War. He was known for wielding two plasma pistols that were designed to not ver heat as frequently. Beriel was given these Pistols but refused saying that he could not take the weapons of his predecessor instead he gifted it to his new Second Command: Angel Mortiel who became his second.

Beriel after his tenure as an Angel Prince, he was swiftly promoted to Archangel of the Crusade, a new title never before given to any Wanderer. He is currently aiding the Storm Crusaders, by hunting down the remnants of a Hive Fleet. Though the Crusaders depise the Wanderers as a whole, Beriel and his Company swiftly won their hearts after they rescued the Chapter's Master of Sanctity from a Hive Ship along with a slew of geneseed and relics of the Storm Crusaders.

Mortiel The Angel of Shadows

A Grim figure even among his host, the Shadow Host. After the death of his Prince, he has become more concerned about his new Prince Beriel, who thinks he is quite reckless. The rest of the host has taken a liking for their new Prince. As many of them find the boldness of their new Prince to be quite a breath of relief.

Mortiel is known for wearing a helmet shaped like a skull. He is an Astartes of little humor and is probably the oldest o his host. He is known to watch over the host as it's guardian. He has the respect of the whole chapter and is often known among his fellow astartes, as the Astartes of Shadows.

He is known as a Brother to Barathiel one of the nephoytes that was discovered on the moon of Neckia. He is known for his daunting image, and for causing his enemies to flee in terror. The Host he has helped create: the Shadow Host are known for inflitrating and causing terror throughout the ranks of their enemies. Though the host is known for its exceptional record since it has adopted these tactics. Though many of the Wanderers often regard this host with superstition mostly because it is attached with the Reaper.

After Beriel's Promotion to Archangel, Mortiel was promoted to his office. He now aides Beriel in his quest to destroy the last tendrils of the Tyranids in the Widow Prime Sector

Keltizifiel The Angel Prince of Fire (Wrath Prince)

Known across the Sectors he has single handledly knows the Angel of Fire. Keltizfiel is known to many chapters a brilliant commander and a talented pysker. Keltizfiel wields the Sword of the Eternal Flame. Which burns with energy from Keltizfiel's pyschic abilities. He is one of the few Angel Princes also granted the use of Warp Jump Packs.

He also carries the relic the Lion's Bite, a amulet that protects himself from pyschic abilities and his own abilities. The Lion's Bite a relic given to him for aiding a Dark Angels Successor Captain while on a Campaign.

Keltizfiel is quite young compared to his more established brothers and is even considered a runt compared to Gavreel or his commander Archangel Sariel. He is also one of the few that survived a nuclear war upon Meranis his homeworld that is now over run by Mutant Tribes and the Chapter uses for recruitment now that the war had ended. Keltizfiel's talents are in the art of pyschic abilities, though he only knows how to control warp fire and is thus Called the Angel of Fire.

His abilities with fire make him a valuable asset among the Archangel's Grand company. Keltizfiel is known for his powerful Fire Walls where he surrounds himself in flame and becomes an entity of pure warp fire and slaughters entire contingents of his enemies. He can also literally create wings of fire that slaughter enemies from afar and even burns the flesh of his enemies with a glance. He is a very powerful pysker, but continuely he has had to deal with Various types of Xenos. He has caught the eye of countless Imperial Organizations for his talented powers with fire.

Archangel of War : Gavreel

Gavreel is known as one of the few Wanderers to fight in close combat effectively. Gavreel is famous for defending an entire hive with only twenty Wanderers. Though his greatest friend a Forge Prince died during this battle, along with most of the twenty Wanderers. He was one of the few survivors and was given a host to command. Ever since then he has gained the title: Angel of Fury.

Gavreel is also a capable commander even though his endless lust for combat could never be stilled. He leads from the front always inspiring his troops to keep pushing towards their objective, many times he is injured, but he ignores his wounds and refuses to tend to them till his mission is finished. Carrying the Drakken Fire Blade, a rare but incredible tool. Forged by the Forge Father of the Salamanders himself as a Gift to Gavreel. After Gavreel saving an entire company of Salamanders from an Ork Stompa, Gavreel was give the Drakken Fire Blade as a reward. Gavreel laughed as he was given the blade saying that he wondered if Keltizfiel the 1st Angel Prince would fight against him in combat now. Gavreel is zealous, honorable, noble, and passionate. He is very much a cable warrior as any. But his past before showed him to be calm. The Battle of Tolin IV after the loss of his brother, is thought to be the cause of it.

The Battle of Tolin IV showed the weakness inherit in the chapter. As in truth Gavreel's brother and he discovered that a wounded Wanderer had bargained his soul away to nurgle, he became a Greater Demon of Nurgle. Only through the effort's of Gavreel's Brother was the demon defeated. Gavreel's brother was devoured whole, and brought an entire belt of melta bombs with him. During the fight of his life Gavreel found the denotaters with it he was able to defeat the demon and banish it back to the warp. As his brother lay dying his apothecary deployed the emperor's mercy upon him. Ever since he has never been the same.

After the fall of the Crusaders during the Tyranid Invasion of the Halo Stars, Gavreel was given the rank of Archangel of War and now leads the defense of the Soul of Neckia against the Harvest.


By the Wanderers

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"We few that survived the destruction of our world, know nothing of the suffering we saw upon our world. We are but Wanderers now. Bound to no world of our own, for the stars are ours for the taking."
— Unknown Wanderer
"We are not the Angels you would hope to come to your world. For we are justice incarnate!"
— Archangel of Justice's Motto
"What is it to be a Wanderer? Untamed and unbound by any laws of man? Unforgiving and damning. For we few, must watch as humanity is torn from us."
— The Ancient Angel Prince Lucas

About the Wanderers

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"Ehlek Iauta, Ai-ú roro au dekar, koare ha, bri-kraakhan ehlek au"
— Teridax, Nuixmangai-ka of the Star Reapers, roughly translating into "Welcome brother, we heard your distressed call, do not fear, the darkness welcomes you."
"Their honor? I know of no honor from a Wanderer for they do not fight for any honor at all. I would have them stricken from the Annals of the Time."
— Grand Templar Malnar
"They call themselves the Wanderers, the Wanderers, they roam around, around, around, around! Sorry, sorry, narrow escapes from imminent death make me silly. "
St. Athaliah the Flame