The Salty Fists:

The Imperium has known war and universal turmoil since its founding. Chapters of space marines rose and some fell to chaos.

But the anger and saltyness of this space marine chapter comes from a personal vendetta of the chaptermaster Naclo Rico Rikarus against the space wolf tech marines, the tyranids, the forces of chaos and the orks (but mostly the space wolf techmarines to be specific)

Chapter Master Naclo Rico Rikarus with his immeasurable amount of salt and shear hatred to everything that caused brothers of his to fall in battle while he served in the daethwatch as an imperial fist devastator united the Space Marine and Imperial guardsmen into a single force who share his his hatred for anything that threatens the imperium

This is the most aggressively defensive space marine faction

This faction's weakness is that the guardsmen of this faction cant throw grenades worth shit

(You will always be remembered Salty PDF Steve)

This faction also lacks librarians bcuz they are kill stealling jerks that only manage to kill fellow teammates or summon demons in already bad situations

The melee units of the chapter are what is known as angry marines they have a tendency to be fanatics and throw away members of Salty fists

The rest of the angry fist faction finds any means to use the term overkill (in 40k terms such as using twin linked laz cannons on gretchens) as much as possible

There is no such thing as a non heavy weapons team for this chapter either

All Salty guardsmen have chain bats and melta bomb launchers

All non melee marines are devastators with power knives welded on to all of their weapons including bolter pistols

All ranged units must be distinguished marksmen

(70+ ballistics skill) to complete training

All members will suffer from Rico's Rage

Passive ability(reaction): when a battle brother falls ballistics skills increase by 20 and immediate use of the heaviest weapons available to squad are to be used in a volley at what ever killed the fallen brother

If battle brother falls in melee then the rest of the squad charges with power knives while firing non blast weapons

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