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This is a story by Vivaporius, based on the events that lead up to the creation of the Ordo Seruitia in M32. It's give insight to Tycho Xanthus' capture by the Inquisition, and transport aboard the blackship, Somnium Oppressus, as it heads to Terra.

Part One

"Run! Their right behind me," yells a young man running through a dark, cramp alley-way in the middle of the rain, as two Adeptus Arbites, only meters away, chase him.

"Grab your stuff and UGHHHH!!!"

Before he can say another word, the young man is clubbed over the head by one of the Arbites' power mauls.

As the man is drug back to a waiting Rhino, one of the Arbites pulls up his vox caster to confirm the capture of the victim, "We've got another one sir."

One the other side of the channel rings a dark twisted voice, "Good. Bring him to me, and get the others."

"Yes my lord."

As the events unfold, one of the observers rushes into a dark, dingy building not far from the incident.

"They caught Argus!" As witness busts into one on the rooms.

"Who?" responds one of the tennets.

"The Arbites!"


Immediately the witness gives more detail on the capture, "I saw a heavily armed man with them too! Defiently wasn't Arbites. Had a strange looking medalion on him too."

In shock, one of the tennets reply, "He's Inquisition!"

A wide gasp moves across the room, as they know exactly what's going on.

The man, the witness, and tennets are psykers; Humans with the ability to harness the power of the extra-dimensional Warp. The Inquisition, in response to the God-Emperor's Council of Nikea, have been rounding up psykers from all across the Imperium of Man for the past millennia, and sending them off to Terra, to either become sanctioned psykers, or sacrificed to the Emperor to sustain his energy. These particular psykers have been in hiding on the civilized world of Inbera in Ultima Segmentum. It would appear that the Inquisition has finally caught up with them.

"I know who their looking for," says one elderly man, "Wake Tycho. It's time for us to run again."

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