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The Masked God is a minor, undivided Chaos God born from the collective, unconscious fear of the unknown that all sentient life holds. The Masked God is known as such because none can comprehend what it truly it is. Its true form, much like the fear that it embodies, is something beyond a mortal's understanding, and as such, it takes the form of more familiar fears dredged up from the mind of its worshipers.

Uniquely, unlike most other Chaos powers, the Masked God has no interest in competition, perhaps because the idea is too comprehensible and mundane for the being. However, because of this, it acts as an ally to any god that happens to take its fancy. Chaos, and any God of Chaos will have elements that are incomprehensible to mortals, and will make them fear and abhor it, feeding the Masked One with their horror. In this way, while the Masked God is by far the weakest of the Chaos Gods, even the minor ones, it has no enemies, and all the other gods are willing to ally with it to bring its skills to the battlefield.

The Masked God embodies dread, different to the more immediate and visceral terror of Malice. It feeds on paranoia, existential fear and the fear of the unknown, making it nearly as incomprehensible as Tzeentch. Its minions, mortal and immortal are adept at blending in with their victims, slowly wearing them down from within, and then striking at their weakest moment. The Masked God smiles upon those who can play mind games with their foes, or make them turn against each other out of fear. Its holy color is dark amber, and its holy number isn't known but is suspected to be theoretical.


By its very nature, the Masked God has no true form. As a being defined by fear of the unknown, it cloaks itself in the nightmares of those who perceive it, weaving intricate bodies out of the combined fears of its worshipers as it is summoned into the world. The Masked One, as befitting a god of chaos, scoffs at physics as well as logic, and its bodies can be mundane and unpleasant to mind-shatteringly horrifying. Below are listed some of its notable Avatars. It assumes a new one each time it is summoned from the combined, subconscious fear of all those who call it. Note that despite being the weakest Chaos God, a full manifestation of the Masked One is still more powerful than any Daemon Prince or Greater Daemon and will often be enough to subsume entire systems. Fortunately it has only been fully summoned rarely.


Daemons of the Masked One

Daemons of the Masked God are horrifying creatures drawn from a madman's hallucination. Each one has recognizably human elements, twisted into new forms, following a surreal nightmare-logic. Daemons of the Masked God are masters of stealth and hiding until the time is right to strike at their prey.


Concept Necromorph

A Stranger of the Masked God reveals its true form when it's alone with its unfortunate prey.

Strangers are the Masked God's Lesser Demons, malignant pockets of perversity given life and freedom. Each one is a shapeshifter, and is capable of blending into mortal society, appearing differently to each onlooker. The Daemon always looks subtly uncanny, however, and when they drop their disguise, they look like nightmarish parodies of the onlooker's species, with mishmashed features and elongated, disproportionate limbs. While disguised, Strangers are uniquely capable of surviving for extended periods in the Materium, making them excellent spies and assassins.


The rarely seen Greater Daemon of the Masked God, it is undecided if each Blasphemy looks different, if each one is the same creature in a different form, or if they are indeed not a creature, and merely a physical embodiment of some primal foulness. Suffice to say, the Blasphemy is a towering colossus drawn from the most repellent nightmares of sentient life. Each one is maddening to look at in its sheer alien nature, foul on such a primal level that a mere glance at its shifting mass can drive a person to madness. Each one shifts constantly, each time becoming some kind of nightmarish conglomerate of shapes and features, always painfully horrid to look at.

The Masked Cult

The Masked Cult are cultists of Chaos Undivided who specialize in stealth and terror tactics. Being masters of the causing and feeding paranoia to their God, guerilla warfare, social engineering and acts of outright terror are more than within the purview of these fanatics, who aim to slowly increase a society's stress and fear until it implodes. The Masked Cult maintain vast networks of spies at all levels of society, and it is rumored by some that they may have ties to the dreaded Alpha Legion.


The Masked God seeks neutrality in the Great Game, being uninterested in politics or enemies with other Gods of Chaos. Because each god of Chaos is unknowable in their nature, and terrifying to mere mortals, the Masked God gladly lends his support to any God that it benefits from working with. The Masked God and its servants aid all of Chaos evenly, and quietly build power as they harvest fear, with none to stop them.


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"I do not fear you."
—Inquisitor Jacob Flux
""The Masked God? Isn't it a Slanneshi Daemon? No? It's an actual god? You think I'm just pretending to never have heard of him because we compete for power?""
—Arumus, Phobous of Darkness and the Unknown on the Masked God

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