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The Lightning are a White Scars successor Chapter based on the planet Saka in the Thermopylae sub-sector of Sector Occident Prime and one of the Hell Warders - a quintumvirate of five Space Marine Chapters - tasked to defend the Imperium against Chaos incursions from the 'Hellgates', the dual warp storms in the Segmentum Solar which are uncomfortably close to Holy Terra.



The Lightnings' earliest known battle honors all come from the First Hell Crusade indicating they were a very new Chapter indeed when they were pitched into battle against Xeraz and his allies. However record of their date of Founding has proved elusive. Most scholars plump for the 21st but it could have been earlier.

First Hell Crusade (110 to 199M.36)

Second Hell Crusade

Third Hell Crusade

Current State of the Chapter

Chapter Organisation

Chapter Gene-Seed

Chapter Combat Doctrine

Favored Weapons/Tactics

Like their parent Chapter the White Scars the Lightnings' favored tactic consists of high speed hit-and-run strikes on the enemy destroying him in detail without allowing the opportunity to strike a return blow. The Chapter avoid the heavy weaponry characteristic of most Space Marines choosing speed and mobility over sheer firepower. These tactics work especially well when backed by the heavy weaponry wielded by the Knights Anvilar.

All Battle Brothers of the Lightning are mounted warriors. Uniquely they are mounted on animals not assault bikes though bikes and land speeders are all used by the Chapter when tactical considerations make their preferred mounts impossible. The Lightning's mounts are Monoceros, genetically engineered from the Straight Backed Oneceros, a large and aggressive herbivore native to Saka, and the Saka horse.  

40k, Monoceros

A Monoceros steed

Monoceros stand twenty hands high at the shoulder, the height of a Space Marine without his armor, and mass about three metric tons. Not even an animal this massive can be expected to carry an armored Space Marine and those beasts selected as mounts are extensively augmented including sub-dermal armor. Monoceros are blue (dark grey) with black points. A massive black horn grows from an bony plate on the face, both sheathed with adamantium in battle mounts. A charge by a company of mounted Lightning Battle Brothers is an unforgettable sight and all but unsurvivable if one is on the wrong side of it.  

Monoceros battle harness includes twin saddle mounted bolters meaning they are at least as well armed as a standard assault bike if not quite as fast. Lightning Battle Brothers like to point out that a bike doesn't come when you call it, doesn't follow hand signal commands and is incapable of fighting on its own all of which a Monoceros can do - and three tons of armored animal with an adamantine tipped horn and razor edged hooves is no joke in a melee.    

Chapter Culture

The Lightning prefer to term their companies 'Brotherhoods' like their parent Chapter. The commander of a Brotherhood is the 'Spada' the Saka title for a leader of a band of warriors. He is addressed as 'Elder Brother'. The Chapter Master holds the title of 'Sardar' which is also used by Tribal War Leaders. He is addressed as 'Our Father'.

Brotherhoods are not numbered but instead identified by the cognomen of their Spada.

Notable Battle Brothers

Davarl Stormborn

Spada of the Stormborn Brotherhood.

Chapter Fleet

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Chapter Badge







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