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"Send a message to your masters, worm. Send a message to your leaders back on Terra. Tell them that this is only the beginning."
Azunar to an unknown Imperial commander post-battle

The Horror of Acrya was a tragic and horrific battle against the Imperium by the Forces of Chaos. Led by the Dark Apostle Azunar the Harbinger, the result was the destruction, or in Azunar's words, the "Liberation" of the Acrya Triad, a three-planet star system. The three worlds were prominent Shrine Worlds of the Ecclesiarchy, gleaming symbols of faith in the Emperor. Their faith was so great that the golden light of the Emperor palpitated off of them and, in the Immaterium, the three worlds were massive lights of Imperial faith. But such light would be their own undoing, for such a strong psychic presence drew the attention of the Dark Prophet, Azunar, who would seek to show the populous of Acrya the true meaning of "Faith".

Aeons ago, it was Azunar's chapter of Word Bearers that had originally created the Acrya Triad. It's destruction would be part of their repentance for the past sin of worshiping the Anathema. The Chaos Warfleet would burst into Reality and charge headlong into the Imperial forces. Skirmishes would rise up all across the skies, drop pods being launched into Imperial ships as the two forces charged headlong into one another. Despite the Imperium's best efforts, the forces of Chaos broke through the fleets and made landfall on all three worlds simultaneously.

On Acrya Prime, hell itself broke loose. Cults opened portals to the Warp, the Dreadhost charged forward and, at the helm of the assault, Azunar lead his armies directly into the heart of the Shrine World. Piling the bodies of those who worship the Emperor, Azunar screamed to the heavens his offering to the Gods: three entire worlds.

As the Acrya Triad was devoured by Chaos, the followers of Azunar screamed their eternal praises to the Gods, enraptured by the liberation of three more worlds.

The Acrya Triad were transformed into Daemon Worlds.

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