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They come from Belaris in the Axion Sub-Sector. They were formed to defend the sub-sector against Chaos influence. They have also lost several Platoons to defection. These platoons now serve the Blood Ravangers Warband.

They now keep a much closer eye out for corruption in their ranks. They have been noted to have 1 Heavy Bolter Team in each of their platoons. The only vehicle that they use are Chimeras to transport their troops long distances and provide support.

The Regiment has been noted to have been formed around the time of the 10th Black Crusade. But the defection of the platoons to Chaos is the first known event of corruption among the regiment. They either have kept a close eye on the state of their troops or this is the first time corruption has occurred in the Regiment.


The Regiment has rarely had to conscript but has conscripted a lot recently with the defections.

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