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Tessagamil is a star system in the western parts of the Iox sector. Its only planet, Tessagamil I, was originally colonised during later part of the Dark Age of Technology but became isolated from other human colonies during the long millennia of the Old Night.

Tessagamil's population was long ruled by clans of divination, each representing their own respective view of the proper way to acquire prophecies. When the Emperor of Mankind launched his Great Crusade, people of Tessagamil already knew of this and waited their new lords humbly. Planet, and its population, took a major blow during the Horus Heresy and the planet was finally revered as a Shrine World of a sort by Ecclesiarch Veneris I and later as a Cemetery World by his successor Veneris II.

Orbital charasteristics

Tessagamil I, or simply Tessagamil, orbits its dim star in average of 136.000.000 km distance. Its aphelion stretches as far as 148.000.000 km and its perihelion 130.000.000 km making its orbit quite unstable and oval in shape. This affects greatly to the planet's average temperatures and causes sort of seasons on it. Planet's average orbital speed is around 119.000 km/h which makes its year as long as 0,41 Terran years (149,94 Terran days or 3.598,62 Terran hours).

Planet's axial tilt is nigh nonexistant, being 1,57 degress from its orbital plane.

Tessagamil I has no natural satellites, excluding occasional asteroids that get caught within its gravitational pull. These asteroids are however destroyed as soon as possible in order to preserve the soil's holy nature and its ever-sleeping inhabitants' peace. Instead of natural satellites, quite amount of artificial weapon platforms orbit Tessagamil in constant vigil to destroy any unauthorised craft... or object.

Physical charasteristics

Tessagamil I has rotational period of 29,522 Terran days making one Tessagamese day 708 hours, 31 minutes and 41 seconds. This results in long growth and slumber periods of local flora and also generates amount of ground frost during the Blacktime, meaning almost 15 days of total darkness.

Tectonic activity on planet is quite mild because the human caused modification to the inner litosphere has weakened the planet's magma flow and its core has begun to "settle down" and get colder. This has been clearly visible after the Great Scouring and if the current fashion continues, the planet becomes cold, lifeless rock within the next 50.000 years.

Planet's surface was once covered with two grand oceans, but they have vanished into more numerous, massive lakes. A bit smaller size than Terra makes the gravity a bit weaker too, approximately 0,91 g at "sea-level" which is also the reason for the mountains' immense height, over 15.000 km from the sea-level at best.


In the dark and forbidden myths of the Dark Age of Technology it is said, that Tessagamil was colonised during the 22nd millennium. The oldest and most sacred inscriptions concerning the colonising of Tessagamil system are located in the oldest and utterly forbidden part of the Hall of Stories. This huge building is something of a crossbreed of cathedral, library and memorial site and it is built in hundreds of floors. In the bottom-most floors are the ancient devices used to stimulate geothermic and volcanic activity in order to raise the planet's temperature. In those artifacts of that Age of Knowledge and Understanding are inscripted the stories of the first men who came on Tessagamil and begun the terraforming and colonising of the planet. However, it is strictly forbidden to go in these sacred floors under penalty of eternal damnation and even the agents of Adeptus Mechanicum have rarely investigated the long hallways of Abyss Halls and corridors of Ops Fervor, beneath the Hall of Stories.


Colonisation ship with a newly invented Warp drives was designed for the sole purpose of colonising an uninhabitable planet around the latter parts of the 17th millennium. This was one of the magnificent inventions of the Humankind and many such ships were built in Solar system before better equipped and more stable devices were created through knowledge gained from the experiments on distant worlds. The particular ship sent to the direction of Galactic Core was however one of the very first of its kind and was launched from one of the moons of Saturnus making the settlers descendants of a civilisation that later became known as the Ringers.

This specific ship was known as Ops Fervor, though its meaning, if any, is lost to the ages, its name can still be seen in the great caverns of Abyss Halls if one knows where to look for. This ship was designed to bring up the planet's temperature around 280-290 K by stimulating its volcanic activity and therefore bringing the geothermal energies into human usage. These fabled devices were so geniously designed, that one could just throw dirt in the pits leading to the energy core of the ship and the system would grind the usable minerals by itself! Such magic does not exist anymore and few believe it ever did, how ridiculous it must sound to the inhabitants of the 41st millennium, but true it was doubt not.

This Ops Fervor was designed and launched before the Navigator-gene was mastered completely and so it had pre-set designation and made short jumps through the Immaterium in order to reach the planet in the next 50 years. If someone would just look, the old data logs hold the exact amount of time it took to reach the Tessagamil system from the outskirts of Solar system. In total; 43 years, 8 months, 16 days and 15 hours from the first Warp jump to the last and a complete time of one week, 2 days and 21 hours before reaching the planet's orbit.


Ops Fervor was built with massive SSTOL-SV[1] type realspace drives which made the vessel capable of landing on a planet approximately the size and gravitational pull of Terra in less than a 3 km landing strip (making it land and stop before its rear end had reached the point where prow had first time touched the ground). This technology was utilised, as the Ops Fervor landed on the new-found planet's craggy surface. The cold and dim star wasn't able to warm the planet properly even from that distance, and so the planet's surface was covered in deep permafrost of water and methane lakes, buried within its ancient soil and polar caps, the planet's average temperature was around 220 K at that time.

Ops Fervor landed on the surface of an ancient sea-floor and it was then driven into the great caverns in order to reach its destination as close to the planet's core as possible. As the settlers' tech-adepts were awaken from suspended animation they begun to work in order to fulfill their destiny and purpose in the future of Mankind. Great mechanic tendrils carried in the bottom-most cargo bays of Ops Fervor were drilled into the hard, frozen surface of the planet and those magical devices designed for this sole purpose, were put in use and so the terraforming of Tessagamil begun. Rest of the settlers were awaken by the machines and medical personnel tested them in order to discover abnormalities, mutations or similar unofrtunate fates within the settlers. Over 500.000 settlers were brought from the sleeping cases to medical bays and tested in the time of three months. Majority had survived the trip without any physical abnormalities or comatose-caused sicknessess, in reports only 1,7% of colony ship's population was exterminated in order to save the rest of the settlers.

Ship's long mechanic tendrils drilled their way deep into the litospheric crust and through it in order to reach the half-frozen magma flow in the planet's core. With the aid of the long forbidden weapon systems, referred in data logs only as "JRO-Derivered Devices",[2] the magma flow was further stimulated and the terraforming could begin. Many devices and machines based on heat-absorbing technology were launched in the outer core and as the vast amounts of molten iron, nickel and magma started to flow uncontrollably. This caused, even if the Ops Fervor was backed up with many fail-proof systems, the planet to generate much stronger magnetic field around itself which also destroyed many sensitive sensors within the space vessel. Strong magnetic field was, of course, necessary in order to bring the planet into habitable conditions, but it had now destroyed vital information from the most sensitive data-banks within the space vessel, making the colony short-handed in numerous STC-templates.

Tech-adepts drove towards perfection and tried to stimulate the magma flow and volcanic activity even further in the limits of the planet itself only. Mining operations were started in order to provide power to the Ops Fervor's engines. To the settlers great disappointment, with the first complete scans, the planet seemed to be quite mineral poor.

Global Warming

As the long years went by, the planet became more and more hospitable to human settling. The first thirty generations lived solely in the Ops Fervor and in couple sealed colonies on the surface. Nine hundred years of slow terraforming and modifying of planet's own properties had resulted in a way that the temperature was coming up, average temperatures reaching as much as 258 K. Planet's rotational period of 29 days made the task even harder, but it was all coming together. In 890.M18 the paleoclimatologists together with the geo-meteorologists of the settlers decided that the devices were not working as fast as designed because of the lack of proper fuel. Tech-adepts agreed but strongly protested against the scientists decision, methane fields should be melted.

Great mining operations took place and the settlers started to make huge tunnels to bring magma from the core to the surface in similar fashion as natural volcanoes work. These tunnels were directed into the biggest methane fields located in the northern hemisphere. When tunnels were done, their ends were destroyed with linked bombs that destroyed thin wall between the magma and the tunnel. Violently erupting into the cold world above, many of these tunnels collapsed before the magma reached any levels neccessary to melt anything useful. Couple of these human made "volcanoes" managed to bring the lava in ground level melting the methane stocks during their way up and also bringing great amounts of carbon dioxide in the pyroclastic flows generated on the ground level. Locally the temperatures naturally rose quite amount, but the grand-plan was more or less succesfull as the methane fields yielded almost 50 billion tons of methane and turning into volcanic wasteland.

As an unseen effect, as the volcanic activity was stimulated, the tunnels that had now turned into hand-made volcanoes didn't just collapse and stop, but continued to pour molten rock into the wastelands above. As the ancient fields of permafrost began to melt, they cracked into deep canyons of sorts deep beneath the surface level allowing the magma to flow more freely below the area. Area became known as the Wekesa Wastes, named after the chancellor of scientist communities; Wekesa Hart. The magma flows began to gather into the crags of heated the ground creating a sort of "bubble" of magma beneath the surface, fueled by steady flow from the outer core.

This long and arduous process of manipulating planetary powers resulted in somewhat expected and wished way after 200 years around 100.M19 when the Greenhouse Effect on Tessagamil had exponentially risen the average temperature to the 281 K, changing from high point of 311 K during daytime and 246 K during nighttime. The planet's rotational period made the planet a tough nut to crack, but these settlers were determined to fix it, already wasting the lives of many generations in order to bring Tessagamil habitable.


The real colonisation started after the appropriate flora for Tessagamil's quite harsh nature were found. Gene-labs within the Ops Fervor made prototypes of numerous plants that were field tested on surface by specific teams. Deep-rooted, evergreen (in practise; somewhat blue) plants were planted in the equator of Tessagamil and around the northern oceans. The inbred population of Tessagamil had turned into sort of Abhumans at that time, their eyes accustomed to the long periods of darkness and dim light and their skin turned to pale. Medical officers saw this as a good sign, as the population was ready to begun colonisation and as the first plants capable of carrying seeds, berries and fruits were introduced into the Tessagamil wastes, first surface level colonies were built. Low oxygen amount (around 17%) had rendered earlier attempts to colonise useless, but now the humans had adapted to their environment as much as the environment had adapted to the humans.

From the cryo-vaults of the Ops Fervor insects were brought into gene-labs and they were modified in order to acknowledge their designated plants. Everything turned out well. And the first city-colony, Rhea Magna, was located at the coastline of the Hugo Ocean which streched from the northern hemisphere to the equator. Many smaller food-producting hamlets were built in the coastline of Hugo Ocean and with the STC-templates the settlers were able to produce ships.

First industries were built around Wekesa Wastes as the humans began to contain methane in extreme temperatures of 80 K. Vast networks of silos, cooling mechanisms and pipelines were created, as the methane was used as the main source of power for the new colonies. Search for more lasting and elaborate energy sources were started around 500.M19 and the uranium and other radioactive matter were harnessed into energy production. In the next five hundred years many colonies began to grow and food and energy productions grew with them. Population of Tessagamil grew from 400.000 heads to 60.000.000 inhabitants in a matter of thousand years. Population became highly controlled in order to provide steady growth and the bio-genetic engineers/doctors became the ruling class of Tessagamil, ensuring the planet's habitants health and lack of abnormalities.

The Old Night

The first psykers began to appear around M20 when Tessagamil's colonies had thrived over fifteen hundred years. The ruling class of Tessagamil began to ensure that no psyker should live long enough to see his or her fifteenth birthday, as that was apparently the age where the psychic potential was fully developed. This was however a misleading of population and a scheme, as the gene-engineers were extremely intrigued by the psykers' nature as a whole and in the first thousand years millions of psykers were captured, probed and tested with numerous tests. Their exact nature was never revealed to the gene-engineers of Tessagamil as they could not connect the psykers to the Warp.

Around M22 great Warp storms became more and more common and cut off many colonies from each others and from the influence of Terra. Tessagamil was however completely cut-off millennia ago, when the stimulating of magnetic field had destroyed their means to communicate with extra-planetary factions. With these warp storms the amount of psykers within populations rose too and the gene-engineers of Tessagamil became more and more intrigued and open to their possibilities, even if publicly shunned them away.

As the Age of Strife began around 23rd-25th millennia, the Tessagamese Authoritarianistic Technocracy had discovered many means to root out psykers from a common population. Planet's habitants' further mutation into white-skinned, big-eyed creatures was halted and gene-stock of Tessagamese people was restored in strict regulations of human reproducing. Basically controlling birth-rate and who was qualified as a parent. This period lasted for three centuries (971.M25-310.M26) and was known as an age of restrictions and arbitrary rule. Tessagamese people, expanding their population to 2 billion inhabitants of which most of lived in Rhea Magna or its suburbs became more and more dissatisfied for the authority's ruling methods. In 310.M26 revolutions took place and the planet's population became divided. You see, not all thought that control was bad, many conservatists supported the Technocracy's way to rule as the one and only true way to live. Planet's population became divided into smaller factions and the former Tessagamese Technocracy managed to take over the area where the ancient Ops Fervor was located and the surface cities on top of it. Rhea Magna was lost to the people of "New World Order", anarchists and capitalistic scum that took over companies and began to produce weaponry to raise their political status. Many northern cities formed a single entity known as the Hugoan Democracy.

These three major factions began a sort of a Cold War on their own right by manufacturing terrifying weaponry. In 350.M26 the Tessagamese Technocracy forbid the use of STC derivered works gaining total control of the technology used in Technocracy and when STC derivered devices became more and more unpredictable and unstable due the inunderstanding of that sacred technology and science, the Technocracy waged war against the Hugoan Democracy which surrendered and became its vassal state. The Hugoan Democracy's cities were built with missile silos which hosted terrifying weapons, similar to those used in the Xalung Worlds campaign in 36th millennium against Imperial forces. As the all-powerful entity was not there to control the amount of psykers and to repress the gene-seed from mutation, the Lords of Rhea Magna in addition to common people became aware of the threat they posed to human civilisation. Rhea Magna Coalition begun similar operations as the Tessagamese Technocracy before the rebellions and suppressed the psyker activity by capturing and destroying them like animals. The great wastelands and wilderness areas became place for psyker refugees and extremely dangerous - to humans, themselves and Tessagamil - cults and communities where psykership was hailed and revered were born.

Smaller states of the southern hemisphere expressed their worries concerning the human population and survivability of Tessagamese people to the Technocracy and the Technocracy promised to help them. Help never came, and the southern states began to succumb, one by one, under the rule of powerful psykers. The planet was divided, where the ancient metropolii still held to the technologies and the southern states begun to form a sort of theocratic oligarchies, where the psykers formed a kind of a priesthood as well as a governing body. Divination, among with other strange and unreliable sciences were born in the southern states and their influence spread over Rhea Magna Coalition due their open nature.

First demonic outburst occured in 490.M26 in the Haidrangos area, one of the least powerful of the southern states. Its diabolic tyrant faced a fitting end when he was possessed by a daemon which ripped his body and consumed his court and feasting upon the unfortunate souls began its onslaught over the Tessagamese people. Many southern states formed against this threat but when the psykers were used against this flickering creature of flames and shifting shapes, more and more psykers became possessed until it grew into scales beyond containing and the people of southern states fled to northern areas. The Tessagamese Technocracy had not spend the decades in vain but ultimately mastered a weaponry against such threats, most likely within the already closed and forbidden vaults of Ops Fervor. Ammunition similar to the psybolts what the Grey Knights use in the 41st millennium, were created and used against the daemons. Sudden eruption of a full-scale war brought great concern about the world's future and the Lords of Rhea Magna Coalition willingly started negotiations with the Technocracy and its vassal states.

The Tessagamese Technocracy formed a ruling (militaristic) body within newly found nation of Hugoan Hegemony, referring to the great ocean Hugo and the fact the nations part of it were around this ocean. Technocracy became more like autonomic corporation within a nation instead of being ruling nation within a hegemony. Rhea Magna was named as the new capitol of Hugoan Hegemony and the northern states accepted this already being vassals of the Technocracy. Technocracy produced, trained and armed a militaristic force which became known as the Raptors or officially; National Guard of the Tessagamese People. This "national guard" was however more like a arbitrary police department, who took over law enforcing alongside hunting the psykers and capturing them into custody all over the Hugoan Hegemony. Many southern states stayed away from the influence of the Hugoan Hegemony and vowed for the freedom and civil rights.

These vows were all forgotten when in 610.M26 a second, even more violent, daemonic outburst occured in the southern states. The military forces of the United Nations of the Free People of South tried to put down the incursion by replicating the weaponry used by the Technocracy's troops, but ultimately failed. In couple of months the Cult of Haidrangos uncovered itself for the Technocracy in exhange of putting the incursion down. Great war erupted, and after six years of terrible onslaught and destruction the last possessed humans were put down. The southern states were put under military junta by the Technocracy forces and their freedom and civil rights were utterly repressed into a point where the southern states were no more than a lands filled with slaves producing foods and goods to the Rhea Magna and other states of Hugoan Hegemony.

Vowing, that there would not be third similar incursion, the Technocracy began their own space program (as the settlers had already lost the art of creating reliable space craft). It resulted in great many debates about how much power the Technocracy needed and was it, as military arm of the Hegemony, already stepping over its own boundaries. In 700.M26 Technocracy launched the first succesful craft into orbit and started to build space station which would, in theory for at least, be capable of launching laser-guided missiles on the planet's surface and destroy any opposer of the Technocracy without any means of escaping. Balancing on the thin line of power, the Technocracy soon discovered its popularity to dive deep even within its own areas. In 100.M27 the Hugoan Hegemony assembled a court and the Technocracy was ordered to halt its space program and yield the anti-daemon weaponry to the usage of other states. This Technocracy refused and representing its power over other factions of Tessagamil it launched the first (and only) working missile from its orbital station to the seat of the court in Rhea Magna. This resulted in the total annihilation of the Rhea Magna and its 700 million citizens. It was, however, a trick and the court of nations had actually gathered into a secretly built base beneath the mountains of north pole. Declaring Technocracy's traitorship, the Court of Nations mobilised all military units that were not part of the Technocracy and waged war against the Oldest Faction.

The war became known as the War for Freedom and finally, after 50 years of fighting the last remnants of Technocracy surrendered and offered their terms. In exhange of having their society and land-area of 15km2, and their most revered device; Ops Fervor, the Technocracy would succumb to the rule of the Court of Nations and provide all technology they needed for their use. Court of Nations agreed, but only because the Technocracy vowed to destroy the Ops Fervor if it was not accepted, leaving the planet into age of degradation and darkness.

This new order united most of the nations around the Hugo Ocean into one great state of Just Nation of the Free People of Tessagamil where liberal thoughts, care and understanding triumphed over cold calculation of former Technocracy and corporatocracy of Rhea Magna Coalition. Court of Nations was dispatched and in its place rose the Council of Men[3] which consisted of 500 seats of educated men and women, most of them lawyers of sort. The nature of this Free Nation was to enforce, violently if necessary, laws and rules in order to improve wealth and health of Tessagamese people. The system worked in a way, that the lands were divided into 50 states (excluding the lands of Technocracy who had no rights to join the council), each one hosting its own courthouse and institute of judges. Each one of these courthouses was able to nominate 10 people in the Council of Men, based on their merits, so in a way, the system was sort of "meritocratic kritarchy". This system triumphed for over 500 years gaining only little influence from the corporations of the industrial centres or other power groups like old merchant families and sort.

In the year 550.M27 the Technocracy began to raise riots and the area revolted many times because of the lack of their own representatives in the Council. Finally the Council agreed that the sins of the Old Technocracy were forgiven and the new generations were free of their ancestors' guilt. So the Technocracy's people were allowed to have one representative in the Council, but gained no rights to their own courthouse. Small improvement was vital to the satisfaction of Technocracy and the revolts settled down as some of their oppinions were listened to in the Council and even some improvements were accepted. This was however only a hoax and a scheme of the Technocracy and even if it was never discovered, it was there for everyone to see.

The Technocracy still kept the psykers in their own vaults and ensured the populations' health and lack of mutations. This was all strictly regulated by the Council, but nonetheless, they had the strings. During the long decades and centuries the Technocracy had mastered some psychic disciplines in their hidden vaults and secret chambers deep below the surface. When the Council accepted the representative from Technocracy and at the same time denied the establishment of a courthouse in its sector, it fell to the people of Technocracy to decide, who joined the Council. The ruling families, as old as the colony itself, decided that is was to be none other than a modified human whose genetic code was derivered from the gene-stock of the original members of the Cult of Haidrangos who were captured millennia ago. With these extraordinary genetic manipulation systems the Technocracy managed to produce a human, a sort of at least, who was a master psyker right from the birth. It had took many years to master the restriction devices that were planted in the cerebral cortex of the baby to succumb the psychic powers before reaching adulthood and to ensure utter devotion to the Technocracy's goal. Which was; to rule over Tessagamil once more. These master psykers, strong telepathic sub-humans, were placed one after another in the Council of Men and so the elaborate plan to poison the will of men begun.

Being able to control over 300 people at the same time, the master telepaths made the members of the Council to vote on laws that were not wished for. Law enforcement departments gained rights to use extreme force against criminals and against those suspected of criminal actions too, civil rights were suppressed one after another finally leading into great dystopy where the working class manufactured only for the powerful what they wished. This whole plan was made with such care, that nothing would change its course. People began to protest and then to riot. When death penalty was enforced in 680.M27, the people began to rise against their rulers and the tyrannic system of the Council. Corporations began to gain more and more resources and power through, practically, slavery and they were finally granted rights to field their own military arms. Technocracy decided to raise the volume with their plans and finally pushed the corporations over the law. The corporation representatives began to lobby the Council members and corruption spread via security, money and hedonistic nature of men. The first battles were fought between corporations and suppressed working class but after a while, it was not enough and the corporations began to harass courthouses and finally waged war against each others creating wars of great devastation upon the people of Tessagamil. Creatures of Abominable Intelligence[4] fought against each others as the streets of cities turned into ruins and bloodpaths of the unfortunate men and women who got between the fighting factions. Gangs rebelled against the Council and Council's own military arm, equipped by the Technocracy, made them pay for it. Finally the fighting parties began to utilise far more hideous weapons and the EMPs were fielded after the Technocracy had secretly provided certain factions with information to manufacture such weapon. Technocracy's own devices, including the magnificent Ops Fervor deep beneath, were protected with F-class security devices. A thing that was forgotten, was the controlling devices of the master telepaths, built against their cerebral cortex, and dismissing this vital information was the end of everything.

New World Order

One of these master telepaths, Warhall Noah, current representative of the Technocracy in the Council of Men, got full load of one of the EMP bombs triggered in Rhea Magna. His controlling device was irreplacebly destroyed and he gained control of himself once more. Disgusted of the things he, his predecessors and Technocracy as a whole had done, he began to design a master plan of his own. With his otherworldly powers he managed to wreck great deal of other master telepaths' control devices and so they formed the Cult of Rhea. Secretly plotting against the Technocracy's inhuman schemes they launched their offensive in 750.M27 and took control over the Council of Men and 614 corporations at the same time halting all fighting. The Cult of Rhea organised an embassy from the Council which sole purpose was to get into the secret vaults of the Technocracy and take over its governing body. With this they succeeded and suddenly the whole world was under control of only 616 psykers. Raising the common folk from their hideouts and slums of makeshift houses they destroyed the corporations, the Council and the Technocracy in a matter of weeks. Representing their powers to the people, they gained fear driven respect.

The master telepaths were, however, very old at that time as the gene-engineers of Technocrary were unable to reproduce them after a certain point. Their time was to come soon and the planet was in chaos and anarchy. The Cult of Rhea began operations of hunting psykers but instead of using them in sinister and inhuman tests, they trained them and made them part of their all-powerful ruling class. Common people were afraid of this, it seemed like a new age of oppression and protests were made globe-wide. It was then, when the master telepaths recognised other disciplines too and the capabilities of different inviduals. They were all nothing but a genetic copies of each others and were unable to grasp the other possibilities of psychic powers. A new world order took place when the third-last master telepath presented the new minarchist system that was derivered from straight democratic votes. Many voted yes, for the power of states was too painful to bear for the Tessagamese of that time and so it was implemented. Northern and southern states were combined with the industrial provinces of Wekesa Wastes and rebuilding of Rhea Magna begun with the shared resources. These master telepaths took over the courthouses and began to teach laws and jurisprudence to people willing to study them. This way a fine collection of common, but educated, people rose to the body of Lawmakers, which basically offered a new laws or changes to the old ones to the people, who voted on the matter yes or no. To separate different politic entities from each others, the law enforcers were educated and trained in completely different places, the Ops Fervor and the land area on top of her was quarantined and none should ever touch the soil of that cursed vessel that had caused so much bad with its abominable sciences. Finally in 800.M27 the new system was up and running and the states began to recover from the great devastation half a century before.

This was not all because the psykers and the devastation brought by them was still recognised. In order to retain these people's civil rights, the Lawmakers ordered that every psyker needs to be sent into the Institute, where their powers were rated and suppressed if neccessary. It was, to all, quite clear that this ment execution, but the people were afraid of such entities as Master Telepaths and is was seen as a good judgement. Old horror stories of the daemonic incursions still roamed amongst the people too and repressing psykers was a choice where the people of Tessagamil voted 91% yes. When the last Master Telepath died at the age of 252 years, he told that a new people who'd show the way in the darkness would come.

"...fear not, my children and brothers. Thou art blessed by the God to be and last. When the great storm comes, hold not of the railing but reach for the skies for if not, you are cursed by the Gods and Thoughts alike..."
—extract from one of the prophecies by the Prophets of Old

The last Master Telepath left the realm of mortals in 810.M27 and his last words were true. At the time of his death, a stillborn baby gained his consciousness and it was seen as a miracle. This baby became known as the First Phoenix and his true name, if ever had one, remains unknown. During his lifetime he was only called as Master and his words were spread far and wide across the Tessagamil. Psyker from the birth, he started to preach about a new ruler of Tessagamil, who would come to the Tessagamese from the other side of the Galaxy and end their miseries. The people of Tessagamil thought at that time, that the soul of the last Master Telepath had transferred into this baby and he now spoke with an ageless wisdom, for wisdom he had. When this Master turned 60 years he was chosen as the High Spokesmen of the People. Honorary title, mostly, and his duties consisted of representing the Lawmakers decisions and the people's oppinions to all men.

  1. 558.M27
  2. 810.M27
  3. 063.M28
  4. 315.M28
  5. 568.M28
  6. 820.M28
  7. 073.M29
  8. 325.M29
  9. 578.M29
  10. 830.M29-083.M30

The Master Soul was reborn again in 252 years, in 063.M28, and the new cycle began. This cycle was finally confirmed in 315.M28, when the Master Soul re-emerged once again and after physical growth in human body he started to lead the men and their hearts into waiting of the Savior God King of Humankind. The cycle also became known as the Year of Phoenix and it was 3128 Tessagamese days long. The men, born during the Year of Phoenix were carefully inspected and studied so the new vessel of the Master Soul was found again and it would guide the nations to the great future waiting for them. These inviduals became known as the Phoenix Prophet (and after the Horus Heresy as the Prophets of Old) as it was believed that all of these men were one and same Master who saved the Humankind (on Tessagamil) from the greatest devastation in their history.

The Tessagamese culture became to unify after long ages of separation and when the 10th Phoenix Prophet was finally dying, in his deathbed he commanded the system to be declared as the His Divine Realm of Tessagamil, to unify the people and to wait.

Age of Emperor

Note: This section covers Great Crusade, Horus Heresy and Great Scouring eras.

When the Great Crusade was launched it was the 4788th Expeditionary Fleet which found the Tessagamil alongside the bit norther Zereghost system. At the close of M30, these two human colonies were Imperialised. Zereghost took it much harder, its culture and economy had grown into completely "wrong" way but the unified Tessagamil who already waited their saviors to come greeted the members of 4788th Expeditionary Fleet, gave them gifts and wished the Emperor's favor for the crusaders.

"It was like they had waited us for a long, long time..."
—Quote from the logs of the 4788th Expeditionary Fleet

The 4788th Expeditionary Fleet conquered numerous planets from pre-Imperial human filth around the Ver Cluster and Remicles sector creating foundation for the sector itself. Tessagamese people were happy above anything else as their Savior God Emperor had descended amongst them and they utterly devoted their lives to the good of the Imperium of Man. In the first years of M31, all suddenly changed.

The Horus Heresy struck the Imperium hard and many Expeditionary fleets rebelled against the Emperor's divine right to rule over mankind. One of these, the 1061st Expeditionary Fleet took refugee on Tessagamil. Tessagamese people had locked their psykers in the ancient psi-shielded cells deep beneath the surface in order to please their new God but the new Expeditionary Fleet's behaviour alarmed many men in the governing body of the system and so the most able psyker prophets were searched from the vault and brought into daylight. They revealed the treacherous nature of this Expeditionary Fleet and before the orbital weaponry designed during the Dark Age of Technology were completely rearmed, the Expeditionary Fleet's military made planetfall and started to pillage the cities and methane fields' gas silos to pump their ships full and flee from the wrath of the Imperium.

This fight became known as the War for the Divine Realm and it ended not until the Battle of Terra was over and Roboute Guilliman had reformed the Imperial Army. The Tessagamese people fought against these treacherous invaders, corrupted from heart and head alike, for years. The population of 7 billion humans threw everything it had against the attackers. During this fight the Ops Fervor's outer core was damaged due the orbital bombing runs that had poundered the mythic landingsite of the great vessel and so the stimulating of volcanic activity began again harder and more severe than earlier. The Tessagamese people dug every weapon and every device from the sealed and forbidden halls and chambers beneath the Rhea Magna and Hall of Stories, but nothing could hold the tide of the invaders. Men made from steel and plastic were armed once more and sent against the ranks of the traitors, the ancient laser guided missiles were launched from the northern shores of the Hugo Ocean and the orbital lasers cleaved great scars into advancing ranks as well as the face of the planet, but nothing helped. Refugees searched for a place to hide but there was no place to run from the orbital bombardments or the Hunter-Killer missiles or the las-fire of the traitors. Years of war of attrition and genocide of about 6,8 billion Tessagamese was finally halted when the reformed forces of Imperial Navy arrived and destroyed the vessels of the traitor armies. The scrap-metal fell from the skies in billions of shooting stars but even if every single one of them would've granted a wish for the Tessagamese people, they knew the planet and its population was doomed.

Volcanic activity rose in the following centuries bringing the planet's temperature ever higher, until it suddenly stopped. The engines of the Ops Fervor stopped running, as no fuel had been put in them for centuries. With the nuclear chain-reactions the vessel had transferred into outer core of the planet, the planet's volcalnic activity went down. Old tunnels and pockets of magma got cooler and finally became stone again. At the end of M31 the planet's temperature stayed as it was and it started to fall down not before the M38. The Tessagamese were saved.

Temple of the Savior Emperor

The newly formed Ecclesiarchy (formally Adeptus Ministorum) was formed and the Temple of the Savior Emperor became a new state religion of the Imperium of Man. Few remnants of Tessagamese population started to follow it at the same time as their crops began to die permaturaly, their industries weakened and crumbled to dust and their will to work for the Tessagamil was finally halted.

When the Ecclesiarch Veneris I becomed the head of Ecclesiarchy, he noted that the Tessagamil I is to be anounced as the shrine world to honour the 6 billion lives that gave their lives in order to slow down the 1061st Expeditionary Fleet, as in the later inspections, they were heading for Terra and apparently to the Battle of Terra too. One more army-group might've fell the Terra so it was vital that Tessagamil took the toll of it. Ecclesiarch Veneris II anounced the Tessagamil I as a cemetery world as the population shows no signs of repdroduction and its population falls below 100.000 inhabitants.

Tessagamil finally became a cemetery world. Its governors were chosen from the planet and they had rights to the arts of divination. Many of the most revered prophets of the Iox sector come from the Tessagamil and some rumors even say, that this rarely visited planet holds a mystic Scholastia Psykana outpost beneath the surface, hidden in the ancient caverns of Ops Fervor.

Human population

Tessagamil, even if located in the major warp route to the west- and upward sectors is quite rarely visited. This has resulted in a very closed society and deeply religious culture of prophets, doomsayers, evangelists and other theologic institutes.


Everything on Tessagamil relates in one way or another to the dead. The Tessagamese people are born as "orphans" in a sense that everyone can revere only the God Emperor of Mankind as their true father (and mother if it comes to that) and no mortal being should take such upper status to other people. The people are raised in strict monastic societies, built on atop of the ruins of Rhea Magna at the dry shores of dying lake that once was the great Hugo Ocean. From the early age they are situated in theologic institutes by means of foreseeing their careers from the palms of their hands.

All institutes are not just about theology, but also about the anatomy, medicine and most importantly, the dead. One of the institutes also teaches about the psykers, but only 0-2 students are taken in in a year. The Tessagamese become this way aware of human body, psyche and what guides them in the Darkness of the Void and 41st Millennium. When one graduates from the institute, great bonfires are built within the city walls but no other celebrations take place as it is thought as inappropriate to celebrate when there are spirits resting nearby.

After graduation, which usually takes from 25 to 30 years depending on the subject and person studying, the Tessagamese take part in their society. Few people tend their automated farms that were saved from the devastation caused by the 1061st Expeditionary Fleet but most of the population takes part in more... meaningful ways to serve the society. These include the Priesthood, which in ultimate is in charge of everything on planet, the Gravediggers who make and attend on the Imperial graves that stretch over the vast wastelands of dried planet. There are also numerous sector-wide revered sculptors and artists who try to capture the image of the dead who are brought on planet and laid to rest beneath its sacred soil.


Divination also plays major part of the Tessagamese culture and the Imperial Tarot is one of the only property these ascetic people have as their "own" property. Many means of divination include, reading palms, stars, astropathic messages pouring from the Delta Maxima and actual foreseeing made by the few controlled psykers that reside on planet. The Tessagamese Institution of Divinancy provides Imperial authorities many different prophecies and it is said that at least Adeptus Astronomican and the Rhean Conclave keep close look upon the divinations and their nature brought from this isolated and monastic world.


Unlike one would think of from the long history of ruling Technocracy, all kinds of technologial devices are mostly shunned on Tessagamil and their usage is restricted to those who are trained to work with them. The presence of the Ops Fervor, even if all power has run out of it and it is buried kilometres deep below the surface on the bottom of filled ocean, scares the local people and they frequently make pilgrimages in the lowest accessible levels of the Hall of Stories to appease the great spirit that slumbers in its magnificent metal shell.


On Tessagamil there are many interesting sites of the civilisations that reigned over the planet in M18-M31 and have since the Great Scouring been abandoned. One of these is the Wekesa Wastes, an extremely old industrial site where (once) immense warmth of lava lakes and underground magma flows were harnessed to produce clean and efficient energy. Now the old pipelines, solar panels, shacks, cranes, contruction yards and cold wasteland of obsidian surely is a sight to see.


As a Cemetery World, Tessagamil holds many great heroes and heroines of the Imperium in its most sacred soil. When one departs from the Rhea Magna to any direction, he starts to understand the meaning of Cemetery World.

In the north begins the Great Graveyards of Hugo. Most of the people buried there are those who fell in the War for the Divine Realm in the beginning of M31 when 1061st Expeditionary Fleet turned traitor and attacked the planet. Billions of nameless stones, half a metre tall and thirty centimetres wide span kilometres and kilometres to the north. Each grave is made from the black basalt mined from the northern mountains and in every single one of them reads a memorial text; "Fell for the Divine Realm of the Lord of Men".

When heading for west, one finds the most sacred ground. The Land of Lords begins from the outskirts of Rhea Magna and continues to north-west until it reaches the Hall of Stories 2800 km away. In every hundred meters a small chapel is built in honor of dead Hierophants of Tessagamil and other cardinals of Iox. Behind the chapels are white black-striped stones of other Ministorum members whose lifelong careers were important enough to get their bodies in the soil of Tessagamil.

Behind the Hall of Stories and its fields of statues and monuments begin the Halways of Heroes, where all who fell during the Crusade for Nightshores are buried. The closed graveyard is, of course, no longer in use and in its very center is built the great cathedrals in honor of Saint Seren and his chosen warlords, warmaster Alois Carollon and his four Lord Generals; Vitor Abreau, Filippe Gauhart and Roi Rocha. The generals of the crusade are buried in the outskirts of the cemetery, every one of them having their own chapel and belltower.

From Rhea Magna to south begins the Tombs of Haidrangos where the people of Tessagamil are buried. After that the Catacombs of Cremation begin and countless Imperial authorities' ashes are held within the catacomb complexes of thousands of kilometres below ground.

Many smaller gravesites dot the surface of Tessagamil, each one of them dedicated to a specific occasion or group of people. One of the most curious are the Cursed Ground, where the members of House Lothringen were buried before their heresy when the bodies were dug up and burned into nothingness. The site however remained, every single gravestone is maimed in a way that they hold no names or dates, except the crypt and chapel of the Successor of the Lightbringer, Ceridwen Lothringen. Then again there are vast areas that are left on their own. For example, the House Hadranoh has an area of 25km2 where only single statue stands because the members of that old house are buried on Hadranoh III where they lived. Their status has gained the site on Tessagamil and even if it would never be used, it remains as property of that House.

Ops Fervor

Ops Fervour, Abyss Halls, Hall of Stories and the Towers of Ops are all part of the same magnificent complex built by the infamous Tessagamese Technocracy during the Old Night.

In the Towers of Ops is held the most important institute of Tessagamil, the Volan Institute which looks for astropathic messages and hosts its own Astropathic Choir. Even if the Choir of Ops is rather small and used only as a extra-sectorial choir in and out from the Iox, it is important not only to Tessagamil but also to the sector. Towers of Ops are used for extra-planetary visitors and even if Rhea Magna is considered as the capitol of Tessagamil, the governmential body, the gathering, holds its meetings in the Towers of Ops.

Towers of Ops are spires of the ancient and revered Hall of Stories which is a magnificent and gigantic complex of cathedrals, chapels, memorial sites and offices. This building is built in hundreds of layers above ground and in thousands below. Below the surface level there are the great caverns, chambers and halls of the Tessagamese Technocracy which are now used as chapels, institutes, research labs and libraries. These floors continue towards the planet's core hundreds of meters.

Below the Hall of Stories are the great caverns of an ancient ocean which ones spanned over most of the equatorial Tessagamil. The Ops Fervor was driven into these caverns and the sea was filled with soil to cover its exact location back in M27. The Abyss Halls, as they are known, are restricted zones of the most valuable and also probhibited stories of Tessagamil. Here the libraries span in many levels overlapping each others into computers and silently humming databanks. In these Abyss Halls the Ops Fervor still resides, slumbering in its now seemingly eternal sleep and only the most revered, skilled and patient tech-priests are able to tap into the memories of the vessel and the databanks it holds in its metal shell.

Rhea Magna

The population of Tessagamil lives mostly in the city of Rhea Magna. The current city is built atop of the ruins of the old Rhea Magna which was built as the first city in the planet after terraforming. City was completely destroyed during the Horus Heresy and it was partly rebuilt by remnants of the population during the 32nd millennium. City enjoyed the name of Nova Rhea for a while, but the old habits are resilient and so the city was later dubbed as Rhea Magna.

A site of many different governments, corporations, glory and shame alike, Old Rhea Magna's ruins spread far from the current city's boundaries into the dry wastelands of Tessagamil. Current city is built around the mountain called Finger of God, originally on top of it. As the population started to gradually rise during the millennia, the city spread on the surface level too and the Finger of God became sort of more "classy" area. The most notorious and magnificent chapels are built on top of it, excluding of course the Hall of Stories.

All official institutes are located in Rhea Magna. Major part of the population lives in Rhea Magna, other colonies being the Towers of Ops and numerous 1-10 man outposts around the graveyards of the planet.


Tessagamil is governed by a priesthood and ultimately its head, a hierophant. This priesthood is not a coherent faction but an annual gathering of the High Priests of the Institutes. Hierophant as an acting head of state is nominated by the gathering and the task is for life. Sad truth is that nepotism and lobbying has corrupted this system long ago on this thinly populated planet and the head of the House of Volan is usually selected by the gathering. At the moment (999.M41) the Hierophant is Kiel Volan of the Volan Institute, which is specialised in Astropathic messages and their divine and prophetic nature.

In Imperial records the gathering has no place at all and only recognized authority on planet is the Hierophant on its own. This causes from time to time misunderstandings as it is quite common that an old and sick Hierophant uses the High Priests in duties that require physical presence, like welcoming members of the Adeptus Administratum or Adeptus Ministorum.

Hierophant is also considered as full-fledged cardinal in all senses. When High Cardinal Iox is nominated by sector synod, Hierophant always gains votes from the cardinals of Iox because of the Tessagamil's nature as holy cemetery world. But then again, not a single Hierophant of Tessagamil has ever sat on the seat of High Cardinal Iox, because his duty is for life and to neglect it would make him and his whole family as traitors (on Tessagamil) and their status as a human being would be suppressed.

Summa Summarum


  • All dates before M32 are considered as "classified" or unknown altogether for anyone living in the 41st millennium. They are presented in order to keep things going.
  • I am well aware that raising planet's temperature wouldn't possibly be that easy as it is here presented but hey! It's science fiction, deal with it!


  • Tessagamil people or things originating from Tessagamil are known as Tessagamese
  • Cycle of 616 Terran years results in a way of 252,5 Tessagamese years, making the cycle of Master Soul's rebirth slightly over 252 years which makes the year numbers differ if close look is taken.
  • Also; when 616 Terran years are translated into Tessagamese dates, it becomes 3128 days (as there is 5 days in a year) which is kabbalisticly counted 3+1+2+8=14=1+4=5 which is also known as the Number of the Christ (or Logos) and when multiplied with two, it becomes 10 (1+0=1), the key substance of universe. The card number 5 (HE) is also known as the Hierophant. Of course, this is something that you would've never guessed yourself, but in here the Hierophant refers to the Emperor of Mankind. In total there were also 10 Prophets of Old who ruled a period of time of 2525 years, which again kabbalisticly counted results in... 2+5+2+5=14=1+4=5 the Number of the Christ.

Historic Factions

  • Tessagamese Technocracy - refers either to the original technocracy which ruled over the Tessagamil or to the arbitrary law enforcement-military wing of the Hugoan Hegemony
  • Hugoan Democracy - hegemony of various states in the norhern shores of Hugo Ocean they became part of the Hugoan Hegemony when Technocracy took over the Rhea Magna Coalition
  • Rhea Magna Coalition - was a corporation driven capitalistic city-state of Rhea Magna metropolis before it was taken over by Technocracy
  • Hugoan Hegemony - was a hegemony of Rhea Magna metropolis and its surrounding areas and vassal states, the northern states and Tessagamese Technocracy
  • Haidrangos - was one of the southern states which was destroyed by the first daemonic possessions/incursion in Tessagamil during the early Age of Strife
  • United Nations of the Free People of the South - was a nation that covered most of the southern states. It was formed after the Fall of Haidrangos and was teared apart by the second daemonic incursion and military junta which resulted from it
  • Cult of Haidrangos - mysterious cult of early human psykers that ruled over the United Nations of the Free People of the South before the second daemonic incursion. They surrendered themselves to the Technocracy in order to gain peace on Tessagamil
  • Court of Nations - was an entity before the fall of Technocracy and during the Wars for Freedom. It was dissolved after the wars
  • Just Nation of the Free People of Tessagamil - was a kritarchy, first just but in the end it was overthrown by arbitrary rulers and law enforcing acts by common people who followed the Prophets of Old into new ruling system of...
  • Cult of Rhea - which was prototype of ruling class of psykers before the theologic fervour for divination and prophecies took over Tessagamil and they became servants of the people
  • His Divine Realm of Tessagamil - was theocracy formed in the latter part of the Age of Strife after Prophets of Old gained influence over common folk by preaching the coming of the Savior God-King of Humankind[5] and overthrew the Just Nation's arbitrary judge-tyrants


  1. Super Short Take-Off and Landing-Space Vessel
  2. Fancy reference to the Julius Robert Oppenheimer due the strange lack of nuclear weaponry in 40k universe
  3. In the old Tessagamese language the word "men" as is used here was gender neutral and can also be translated into "Council of Humans" or "Council of Us" depending on the context
  4. In case you are not aware, in 40k the AI (Artificial Intelligence) is known as Abominable Intelligence and shunned within the Imperium of Man
  5. Savior God-King of Humankind refers to the God Emperor of Mankind