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The Terror Knights are a non-codex compliant space marine chapter of unknown founding of the Ultramarines. The Terror Knights are known to make use of what their founders and fellow Ultramarine succcessor chapters deem unorthodox, terror tactics. Even so, the Terror Knights know that these tactics are able to give them an edge in combat when fighting.


Of an unknown founding, the Terror Knights quickly made a name for themselves among the Imperium for their unusual tactics among space marines, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies before tearing them out of their enemies' chests. They were brought under heavy prejudice and inspection of the Inquisition, each inspection coming up with little to no evidence of corruption or heresy. Even so, some chapters of the Imperium (including the Terror Knights' founding chapter, the Ultramarines) go so far as to refuse aid from this chaper.


The Terror Knights' chapter livery is a dark shade of blue with silver trim. The Brothers of this chapter are known to attach severed heads and limbs to their power armor, using these tactics to strike fear into their enemies. Indeed, some notable members of the Terror Knights often exchange wearing the usual purity seals that most chapter heroes wear, instead wearing the severed limbs of their enemies.


  • Terror Knight - The equivalent of a battle-brother, Terror Knights are fitted as an ordinary tactical marine might appear, with virtually little to no trophies attached to their power armor.
  • Terror Angels - Equivalent of a chapter assault marine, often use chainblades and chain weapons. 

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