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The Teronau are a reclusive, saurian race of warriors native to the homeworld of the Tiro'fal Sept. After their discovery, they eventually came to join the Tau Empire as aids to the varied Septs' Fire Castes. Despite this prestige, relatively little is known about this species in the galaxy as they have no self-developed means of space travel.

The Teronau are most commonly seen fighting alongside the Fire Caste of the Tiro'fal Sept.

Known History

Early History

What is known of the Teronau's history is that they were a nomadic species which migrated north from the world's equatorial deserts to settle in a vast range of temperate forest regions, with a more abundant supply of food and shelter. The early Teronau would use these resources to expand quickly throughout the areas, becoming skilled hunters and ascending to the top of the local food chain.

With excessive hunting, available food within these forests eventually began to run out, sparking wars over supplies and territory between the separate factions that had developed since the settling. These wars would rage on for several centuries, giving the local animal populations time to eventually recover their losses while the hunters became ever better warriors.

Interactions with the Tau

The wars between the factions would continue to rage as the first Tau settlers arrived on the planet, finding the world seemingly devoid of intelligent life as they searched the plains and deserts, unaware of the violent battles raging between the trees between the rival tribes.

Integration into the Tau Empire

Possible Extinction


Warrior Life

Society Positions


Physical Characteristics

When upright an average warrior of the Teronau stands at approximately 2.2 metres or 7 feet - three inches tall, easily towering over average Humans or other intelligent races in the galaxy and possessing a powerful physical build. They are a bipedal race, having thickly scaled skin and an ovoid head, while their hands possess two thick fingers and a thumb, bearing a claw-like appearance.

Teronau heads are vaguely shark-like in appearance, with the front tip of the oval shape having a dull point just below their nostrils. While their nostrils are little more than slits on the front of their heads, they have incredibly large eyes that sit on the front of their head, a throwback to their predatory ancestry.

On the racial equivalent to males, a pointed blade-like adornment begins to grow under their chin after reaching a certain age, with the eldest warrior-leaders having highly ornate groupings of these long "chin-blades" which form distinctive patterns.


While Teronau have no hair of feathers that have colour, their scaly reptilian skin is coloured in various shades of greens and browns, possessing a mottled pattern on occasion. It has also been observed that Teronau tribes that have joined with the Tau Empire will often apply stripes of paint to their scales in the same colour as the Sept they aid, predominantly a silvery colour, due to their close affiliation with the Tiro'fal Sept.

Armour and Clothing

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