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This thoroughly disgusting xeno-species is a newly identified threat to the Imperium. So far their presence has  been confirmed only  in Sector Occident Prime but given their nature members of the species could be lurking unidentified practically anywhere.

Species Description

T'Chung parasites have been described as 'trilobites with tentacles' but this description only applies to the nymph stage of their life cycle.

Life Cycle

T'Chung begin life as globular jelly like white eggs about a third of a meter round which are produced asexually by the adult form. The aforsaid trilobite with tentacles eventually tears its way out of the shell and is introduced by its parent to a suitable host with extremely nasty results for the latter. As the T'Chung insinuates itself into the biological systems of its host it's original body gradually ossifies and falls off leaving an outwardly normal Human being who is inwardly being reworked biologically and genetically by the parasite. Such hosts develop impressive intelligence and psyker abilities as the latent potentials of its human symbiot are exploited and absorbed by the parasite. The period of symbiosis is an exceptionally long one, lasting several centuries, towards the end of which the physical shell of the host becomes visibly distorted before it is finally shed to allow the adult T'Chung to emerge.
40k,T'Chung mature form

Adult Form

Ideally the adult form emerges in a protected environment surrounded by potential hosts for the next generation. An adult T'Chung lays between four and eight eggs which require nearly a years' gestation before the nymphs emerge. They are essentially mindless, driven by instinct to sink their claws and tentacles in the hosts chosen for them by the adult however their parent's memory and personality are latent within the offspring encoded in their DNA meaning that though the adult body expires shortly after implanting its offspring its consciousness not only contiues but expands as it is shared among multiple nymphs.

Intentions and Strategies

The T'Chung's ultimate goal seems to be domination of the Imperium and through it the galaxy. Their strategy seems to be to take it over one Human at a time. Clearly time is not an issue here.

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