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The Warriors of Syrath have defiled and raided both the planets of the imperium and Xenos worlds for countless Millenia. These raids are known by many names, 'Terror Crusades', 'Raids of Darkness' and simply 'The Black Death'. Since the Heresy the ranks of his army have swelled beyond meaure as thousands of Space Marines have betrayed the Imperium of Man and rebelled in the name of Syrath.


The Origin of Syrath

Syrath the Immortal was originally a Lord of Change of Tzeentch who was as devious as his creator. Syrath began by sealing daemonic pacts with many lesser daemons of the Other Chaos God's in order to further his own goals. The pacts granted to the greedy daemons gave them part of Syrath's own power in exchange for them fighting for Syrath. However these pacts had hidden terms and conditions which entirely changed the allegiance of the gullible daemons from their patron god to Syrath. As well as daemons, Syrath now has many mortal followers who worship him a God.

See main article: Syrath the Immortal

The Cult of Syrath

As Syrath brought more of humanity and countless Xenos under the sway of Chaos many began to worship Tzeentch through him. The more beings he corrupted the stronger he became, with many choosing to side with Syrath. He became the Daemonic Avatar for many races, including the Vralgazi and the Xenothipens. Consequently, what is now the Warriors of Syrath can trace it's origins to these races and the humans which chose to serve Chaos during the Age of Strife as Syrath gained several strongholds in Segmentum Obscurous before the Emperor took to the stars let alone initiated the Great Crusade.

The First Traitor Astartes of Syrath

At the close of the Great Crusade, the young Valox Marus was a Thousand Sons Librarian in training when the Wolves attacked Prospero, he had a very limited knowledge of the warp compared to many of his contemporaries and he was unaware of his true psychic potential. Syrath unveilded his true form to Valox after gaining his trust. Valox was renamed Arrius the First and he became the first ever Astartes follower of Syrarth. Arrius became the ruler of a Feudal World of Ceravona, as his newly developed psychic powers allowed him to dupe the population into revering him as a God. He held numerous championships to find the most martially proficient Ceravonese. The 1000 citizens who made the cut were trained by Arrius himself and they were enlightened with the knowledge of chaos. They became the first Warriors of Syrath and would begin to dedicate their daily lives to worshipping the Daemon whilst aiming for martial perfection.

The Origins of Syrath's Warriors and the Arrival of Coraks

While the Ceravonese continued to feed the fledgling Syrath's Warriors, by providing them with recruits and weapons, but Syrath had bigger plans. He knew he would never be able to regain his former glory by being stuck on a worthless rock. He started to use his apprentice to summon his daemonic followers, with the hopes that the world could be transformed into the hell on earth of a Daemon World. However, even as a daemonicly imbued Alpha Level psyker, Arrius could not summon enough daemons to make the transformation possible. Of course, the increased chaotic influence did not go un-noticed...

Coraks Agrath, an Astartes of the World Eaters Legion had detected the disturbances in the Warp. He had turned to Chaos at the beginning of the Heresy but now his fortunes had turned. Coraks was desperately trying to loacte Terra so that he could provide aid to the invasion forces. Sensing that their was a world near by which had fallen to Chaos, Coraks directed his ship towards Ceravona. When they translated out of the Warp he immediately set out to find the source of the Chaotic entity. Coraks launched a Drop Pod down to the planet below, hoping to find the Daemon which had been calling him. He eventually found his way to the Ceravona Citadel and collapsed on the steps leading up to the Chamber of Syrath. He was delivered to Syrath by Arrius the Great and was judged by the Gambler of Fate to be useful. Syrath, realising that this Khornate follower had a means of leaving the planet, convinced Coraks to join him. He allowed the fleet refuge on the planet and instructed Arrius to make sure that the ships would be repaired.

With a small fleet of ships, Syrath knew his followers could now begin to expand and recruit. His Warriors could now strike back at those who had exiled him. Slowly, the original Syrath's Warriors were surgically enhanced to allow them to serve along side Corak's astartes as equals and more of the Ceravonese were trained to become soldiers. The numbers of Syrath's Warriors expanded dramaticly until most of Ceravona were under his control. With Arrius and Coraks as his captains, Syrath could now begin to orgainise his followers into a deadly military force.

The Expansion

In 873.M32 the Warriors of Syrath began to launch attacks against Imperial planets. They captured countless vessels and stole resources from the Imperium. These raids did not go un-noticed and an Astartes Chapter, the Lion Exemplars, was dispatched to eliminate them. Unfortunately, the corrupting influence of Syrath and Arrius, convinced the Chapter Master that the Imperium had betrayed them and the God-Emperor. After being daemonicly imbued, the Chapter Master managed to bring the rest of his chapter over to Ruinous Powers using the pretense that the High Lords of Terra were under the influence of Chaos and that Arrius was an Imperial Saint. The Lion Exemplars falsely reported back to the Ecclesiarchy that the Warriors of Syarth had been destroyed and that they should remain in the Ceravona Sector to "prevent an uprising". They repainted their armour black and silver to signify their new allegiance to Arrius (and Syarth). Their turn to the powers of Chaos had given Syrath's Warriors even more ships with which to enact their wrath against the Imperium. By 198.M36 no less than seven Chapters had fallen to Syrath's corrupting influenece. It was then that the High Lords of Terror finally realised the true extent of Syarth's influence...

"There's to many, thousands and thousands of craft! Emperor save us! "
—Marine of the Glaives of Purity, recording found in remains of The Craft Traitor Hunter

Ceravonan Crusade


The Imperium quickly deployed three Space Marine chapters to deal with the problem: the Iron Blades; Glaives of Purity and Sons of Vengeance. Their entire forces were sent to fight the expanding Warriors of Syrath, all of which disappeared during a vicious Chaos counter attack. After fighting through thousands of automated craft, the three chapters where utterly worn out and they stood little chance of defeating the Chaos forces. The Sons of Vengeance, seeing that their chapter was in ruins, defected to the worship of Syrath, before turning on their doomed brethren just as a massive wave of Chaos bombers (carrying advanced shield piercing rounds) conducted a relentless bombing raid against the Imperial Fleet. A single squadron of bombers, each carrying a V8 Missile, (of which, a single missile was capable of levelling a small town), launched their final Chaos attack which crippled the remaining Imperial forces. Within an hour, the remaining Imperial Fleet was in tatters, and it was eventually wiped out after the arrival of Lord Corak's flotilla of heavily armed Chaos cruisers. It proved to be a decisive Chaos marine victory against the Imperium, which in fact bolstered Syrath's forces.

File:Glave .jpg
After receiving reports of the massive losses which their forces had suffered, the Inquisition set about reviewing their plan of attack. It dawned on them that a single force of Astartes would never be enough, as they were simply outnumbered. Three Imperial Navy Battlefleets were requisitioned by the Inquisitions for use in their second campaign against the Warriors of Syrath. As well as gaining naval superiority, the Inquisition set about gathering more than a billion guardsmen to fight the Chaos forces (while they understood the risks of these men being tainted by the Ruinous Powers, they deemed them to be acceptable losses).

Another two Chapters were also deployed along with a small contingent of Grey Knights. The Golden Swords and Divine Retribution chapters began an advance into the outer space of the Chaos occupied zones. Learning from their mistakes, the Imperial Fleet sent several automated derelict escort ships towards the Chaos controlled system. As soon as they entered this area, the drones which were deployed to keep watch on the Imperial craft, were triggered. Surprised by the lack of enemy forces the rest of the Imperials kept their position, allowing the automated ships to continue forward until they suffered weapon systems and engine failure. Realising that it was a trap, the Imperial Fleet waited on the edge of the system until the Chaos forces appeared.

Expecting an easy fight, Syrath's Fleet brazenly jumped into the system which they controlled. Of course, what they found was an ambush. It was a brutal fight, and both sides suffered heavily. One of the Imperial Battlefleets, which had been sent to escort the Astartes Chapters, was almost completely destroyed and the Chaos Fleet lost more than three quarters of their fleet, including thirty capital ships and their command ship. Both Space Marine Chapters also suffered horrendously, with each one losing more than half of their men to the relentless tide of Chaos Astartes.

Change of Tides

During the confusion, a single the Grey Knight Strike Cruiser broke through into the Chaos controlled system. With the remainder of their fleet in retreat, and realising that they had no means of escape, they fought a zealous campaign against the Chaos forces for several weeks, killing many of their foes but losing ammunition equally fast. A few remaining Grey Knights made their way to a planet within the main defensive ring of the sector before planting a teleport homing beacon within a strategic location before being finally overwhelmed by the forces of Chaos.

This allowed the bolstered forces to teleport hundreds of Space Marine and Grey Knight Terminators directly onto the world’s surface. With the element of surprise firmly on their side, they opened fire on the startled Chaos Space Marines and reduced many of the traitors to fleshy lumps. The Astartes which had teleported onto the surface took personal revenge on the Chaos Space Marines who had been responsible for slaughtering and corrupting their former brothers. The jagged towers, fields of razor wire, mines, turrets and fortifications were capable of killing many Space Marines, but in the end it merely slowed the Imperials advance. The world known as Thala Primus, which was key to the defence forces of the Renegade Astartes, was returned to the Emperor's Light soon after.

During this time, the relentless Imperials fleets eventually broke through the blockade fleet and began to force the Chaos forces back. The Prophets of Redemption lead zealous charges against the Warriors of Syrath’s First War Legion. This War Legion stood firm against all others, showing that neither the tireless forces of the Prophets of Destiny nor mighty Grey Knights would not strike fear into these foul warriors.

The loss of Thala Primus and the decimation of the First War Legion was devastating to the Chaos Forces, as it was a vital strategic asset. The planet, and the other worlds within the Thalan System were one of the few safe zones that had not been ravaged by Warp Storms. This allowed the Imperials safe passage to the rest of Syrath's well guarded planets, and a the Campaign had picked up strongly from the ashes of the previous defeats. More than one hundered worlds were wrestled from Syrath's Grasp before the Imperial war machine began to tire.

Big Guns Are Known to Tire

After fourteen years of constant fighting, nine of which had been fought deep in enemy territory, the requisitioned forces had severely thinned. Resources were running low, as were soldiers and battlecruisers. It was decided that after restoring two hundred worlds to the Emperor's Light that they would withdraw their forces from further conquest, and focus their efforts on rebuilding the conquered worlds.

However, the war was far from over. The ever depleted First War Legion had constantly stood steadfast, while the remaining haggard Warriors of Syrath's fleets attempted to keep the Imperium at bay. And the target number of 200 worlds was kept firmly out of the grasp of the Imperial Forces. On the 181st world to be conquered by the Imperium, known now as Irladanon II, one of the Space Marine Chapters resorted to desperate measures to ensure an Imperial victory. The Prophets of Redemption feared that if their quarry escaped , then they would be unable to stop the Warriors of Syrath completely. They realised that the Chaos Forces could simply enact a mass re-taking of the sectors the Imperium had delivered back to the Emperor's Light unless, they were completely wiped out. The Librarians of the Chapter formed a lance of psychic energy that reduced a plethora of Chaos ships in orbit to dust and vapourised the remaining Astartes soldiers of the Warriors of Syrath that had been unable to escape the planet. Heavy casualties were dealt to the Chaos Forces that day and Syrath's Warriors had effectively been eliminated, as only a few rag-tag groups of heretical forces remained.

The armies of Syrath had fled and were broken. However, the Prophets of Redemption were instantly declared renegades by the Inquisition for use of sorcerous powers. The Chapter quickly fled the Irladanon Sectot before splitting into civil war. The Prophets of Redemption split into two factions, the Renegades that would later be known as the Prophets of Destiny, and the Loyalists, who would in time become a faction that served the Inquisition. Despite the fact that the Warriors of Syrath had suffered greatly and had been forced to flee the worlds they had captured, they had a plan. One that would prevent the Imperium from destroying their next planet. The treasured Daemon World of Ceravona...

Operation Gambler

Operation Gambler was a Chaos plot to protect the area of Space known as the 'Jaws of Syrath' (the Ceravona Sector on Imperial records), which was under the complete control of Syrath the Immortal. This area of space was the heart of the Daemon's empire, and he would not allow it to fall. With the aim of making the planet the 185th reclaimed world, their Imperial Forces moved in on the Ceravona System. However, Syrath had conspired with his chief fleet Commanders; Kremlin and Kemorth; and had devised a plan to eliminate the Imperial forces, sent to conquer Ceravona, with several flanking manoeuvres and a spearhead of ships around the main Imperial fleet. The first stages of Operation Gambler was the build up of Chaos frigates and fighters in the lower Jaw, Kremlin planned to directly attract the attention of the Inquisitions forces. If they could bait the Imperials into a trap, they could easily distract the bulk of the Imperials and begin the flanking process and crush the Imperial base. Soon several Imperial ships began moving towards the built up Warriors of Syrath fleets and engaged while several Armoured Cruisers moved in behind, soon the Jaws began to shut and the Imperials were closed off from reinforcements and supplies. The defensive forces were soon surrounded, out-gunned and out-manned.

Kremlin's command craft, Hunter moved into position near to the Imperial craft and teleported the Chaos Sorcerer and his Elite Bodyguard into the Imperial Craft and began to wreak havoc within the Imperial craft and gunned down anything inside, unprepared Imperial defenders were cut down with utter ease.Kremlin and his Terminators had soon slaughtered enough Imperials to cover the walls of the ships and after doing so had left the Imperial command in complete Chaos while their own forces had worked their way through the Imperial lines with ease, the space around the Jaws of Syrath were cluttered with wreaked Imperial ships that were already being looted by Zenothopiens seeking valuables and weapons while Kremlin returned to his own craft and began further plotting….

Syrath’s Warriors began to make several landings on the planets in the Jaws of Syrath and deployed hundreds of 4th and 5th War legionnaires who engaged in a bloody siege of the Imperial forts and bases, while many loyal Guard units were stationed there the Warriors of Syrath pushed them to their limits as they ravaged the worlds of the Imperium, Kremlin had massive orbital bombardments and set cities alight with massive beams of energy while the armies of Syrath deployed massive armoured companies that steam rolled through the sector until one world remained. Over 1000 Warriors of Syrath deployed onto the Imperial World of Kefront, a massive fortress world manned by a small elite Space Marine cohort along with a Lord Inquisitor. After massed bombardments, glassing’s, and terror broadcasts the Warriors deployed and began their invasion. A Blitzkrieg movement moved forward, hundreds of tanks and armoured units pounded the walls of the Imperial forts. Defiler units bombarded Imperial Infantry units while elite Stormtrooper squads moved forward under heavy allied fire allowing them to gain ground rapidly while Imperial forces fell into in-fighting during a coup.

Kremlin saw the advantage and along with twenty Terminators from several War-Legions teleported onto the planet's surface and quickly set to work on rallying the many arising Cultists and Heretics to his side, claiming that they would be dearly rewarded. Sending Champions and other War-lords to lead these Warbands, Kremlin left the World and watched as thousands of Chaos servants swamped the Imperials with unholy zeal and forced the defenders back and back. Soon, once the Cultists had almost completely over run the Imperials, Kremlin locked onto the Champions beacons and sent down beams of energy that reduced the Imperial bases to ash and dust within seconds leaving billions dead. Once the smoke cleared, Kremlin had millions of automated drones harvest what remained of the Imperial supplies and left the world a massive factory that churned out masses of tanks and weapons.


With the Jaws Closed, the Forces of Syrath began to recruit and create more weapons and craft of unholy purpose. Chaotic Mechanus agents were tasked with creating new tanks for several planned crusades, forcing Chaos Factory Worlds to churn out more craft to be tested and deployed or fail and be used as scrap metal. Hundreds of newly trained Chaos Marines marched on to join the War-Legions while Syrath's fleets began a wave of glassing, a process in which the Warriors of Syrath burn worlds with energy beams. Stripping them of all life and leaving them barren and easy to harvest for their purposes. Kremlin's power hungry attitude was noted by other Chaos Generals and Commandants, Kremlin at best was a parasite and even the Saint saw this despite his high ranking. Many attempts to 'remove' Kremlin failed and where easily sniffed out by his spies and secret police, the 3rd War Legion had many of its leaders replaced with drones that answered to Kremlin and only Kremlin. The Chaos lords power growing like a bloated spider on a web of mistrust and lies that spread across a niche in the empire of Syrath, turning his attention from war and conflict he set too turn the armies of Syrath at his command too take control of trade routes and tax any races under the lordship of Syrath heavily too fund new 'projects'. Kremlins process had irritated others and while he was involved with a coup that would spur Syrath's Eldar into a civil war, the other captains and Commandants quickly seized what power they could and quickly halted the assets of Kremlin once he returned to service, he was quickly ambushed during his travels and was quickly captured. Left to the Eldar, the armies of Syrath quickly abandoned pointless treasure hunts and travels and returned to begin to expand again.

Recruitment and training

All War Legions have their different ways of recruitment and training, most using live fire activities and beast hunting. Those who prove themselves over their comrades may arise to be marines or elite shock troopers trained by bounty hunters and elite warriors for all-out war. Those who wish to earn the greatness of warfare must prove themselves on the field of battle and others by gaining it in bloody honour battles , even Chaos Cultists are trained heavily to insure the best results in infiltration.


Groups of Syrath's Warriors

In times of full scale war with the Imperium Syrath will form all of his followers into the following groups

Astartes and Humans

's_Warriors 1st War Legion: The greatest and most loyal of Syrath's warriors, lead by Lord Coraks. Numbers 1000 Astartes.

2nd War Legion: Astartes and Renegade Guard under the command of Farseer Syess. Numbers 1000 Astartes; 9000 Traitor Guard

3rd War Legion: The mechanised forces of Syrath. Tank Operators, Astartes, Dark Mechanicus, Obliterator Cults and Rogue Techmarines form the bulk of the Legion. However their are other various personel, such as corrupt servitors, that bring its numbers up to 10000. Numbers: 1000 Astartes; 9000 Traitor Guard.

4th War Legion: A group of Chaos Space Marines with Undivided loyalties, led by several Astartes from the Word Bearers. 1000 Astartes; 9000 Traitor Guard.

5th War Legion: A group of Renegade Guard and Astartes that number 10000 in total. 500 Astartes, 9500 Traitor Guard.

6th War Legion: All of the Marines and Guard dedicated to Slaanesh are grouped into this War Legion. 500 Astartes, 9500 Traitor Guard

7th War Legion: A group of Plague Marines and Traitor Guard dedicated to Nurgleth. They specialise in fortifications and defences. The Chaos Lord Galvrak has ties with this War Leader and is it's permanent honorary Commandant. They number 500 Astartes, 9500 Traitor Guard.

8th War Legion: All World Eaters and followers of Khorne are put into this War Legion. 500 Astartes; 9500 Traitor Guard.

9th War Legion: A group of Tzeentchian Astartes and Renegade Guard. They specialse in sorcrery, lead by Arrius the First. Number 1000 Astartes, 9000 Guard.

10th War Legion: Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Khorne and Syrath's followers. The 10th War Legion are sometimes considerded more dedicated to Chaos than the Word Bearers. The Legion is made up of almost completly Renegade Guard. 100 astartes take up the roll of sergeants to the 9900 Guardsmen.

Rivalries within Syrath's Warriors

Whilst most of the War Legions and Auxillary Legions remain on neutral terms with the others, there are a few who despise one and other. The most obvious rivalries are between the 6th and 8th War Legions who despise one and other, due to their afilliations with their patron Gods. Of course, both will still readily fight together for the glory of the Ruinous Powers and the betterment of Syrath's position within the Warp. The 7th and 9th War Legions also share a rivalry between each other. However, they will put their differences aside when the need arises. The only real schism which has ever occured between these four War Legions was the Clasoc IV Incident where, instigated by Commandant Salash Maros, the Four Legions ended up fighting amongst themselves, each vying for dominance over the other three as Lord Commandant. This incident resulted in the Commandant of each War Legion being personally executed by Syrath the Immortal.

However, these small rivalries pale in comparison to the hatred which the 11th Auxillary Legion reserves for the Dark Eldar of the 13th Auxillary Legion. Farseer Syess despises Lord Terik and his foolish "Cabal" to such an extent that she will refuse to allow both her Eldar and the 2nd War Legion (which were given to Syess by Syrath) to fight on the same battlefield as them. Syess will go out of her way to deny Lord Terik's forces support, resources and Syrath's favour. She has already replaced most of his incubi retinue with Eldar loyal to her and her Eldar have been slowly executing members of Terik's "Cabal" which favour his leadership. Of course, this hatred applies both ways and Terik is more than happy enough to cause problems to the 11th Auxillary Legion and the Eldar of Craftworld Cyrse. The rivalry between Terik and Syess nearly caused a Civil War in Syrath's Warriors once after the death of several Commandants.

The 11th Auxiliary Legion is also openly hostile towards of the 6th War Legion as they worship She Who Thirsts. It is dangerous to hold the position of Commandant within the War Legion as Syess will frequently have them assassinated. Craftworld Cyrse is also rivals with the 7th War Legion due to their respective allegiances to Tzeentch and Nurgle.

Opinion of other race’s

  • Tyranids: Syrath has taken a great interest in Tyranids and many are brought to his arena to fight to the death or just as entertainment. Gaunt’s are captured and hunted as prize pray by Syrath’s Warriors. However, they are also seen as a grave threat to the little niche which the Warriors of Syrath have carved throughout the Galxay as many 'customers' and planets, which belonged to Syrath have already been devoured by the Tyranids...
  • Eldar: A race hated by most of Syrath’s Warriors. However, Syrath likes the psychic potential which all Eldar possess and he is always looking for ways to exploit them.
  • Tau: They are seen as a worthless (and arrogant) race due to their lack of psychic powers and dogmatic beliefs in "Greater Good". The only use they have to the Warriors of Syrath is target practice.
  • Orks: They are great customers of Syrath’s Warriors and they make fantastic pawns in Syrath's schemes. Many Ork Meks and War Boss's respect Syrath's Warriors for the weapons they create and develop. Big Mek Bolt Tooth infamously bought hundreds of Warships and Weapons for WAAGHH Bolt Tooth which brought death to hundreds of Worlds.

Campaigns and deployments

The Empox betrayels

During M.38 the 4th War Legion and 5th War Legion attack the Imperial World of Empox IIV in order to gain valuable minerals. The first attack force infiltrates the planets Leadership and turns each member against each other causing a Civil War. After the Military forces are exhausted Syrath’s Warriors lunch attacks that utterly destroying the weak willed Guard. Syrath’s Warriors are able to take the Minerals with ease and leave the planet. The Inquisition later deems the planet lost to Chaos as Cultists arise in the ranks of the remaining Guard and Exterminatus is ordered.

Plague of Momth

The 3rd War Legion massacres the peaceful populace of Momth, an insectoid race that believe they will unite all the races of the Galaxy by activating a Device unearthed in their main city. Unknown to the foolish race the device was planted by the 3rd War Legion. As the leaders of the planet activate the device a Plague is unleashed upon the planet weakening and eventually killing off the race. The 3rd War Legion then takes the world 5 days after the Plague Was released.

Battle of Rodicrics VII

A Massive fleet made up of the 3rd and 4th War-legions arrives from Warp Space and attacks a Tau defence force over the World of Rodicrics VII, the planet is known for its large amount of Rare substances and materials. Both fleets instantly ingage with each other but soon Syrath's Warriors gain the advantge using Boarding pods and close range attacks. The Tau fight Valiantly against the Chaos Marines but are cut down.

The Ancient

1st War legion and 10th War-Legion forces are dispatched to the Ancient, a Space Hulk that contains ancient weaponry and STC’s from the dark age of technology. Upon entering the Space Hulk the Chaos Marines are forced to Battle Ork freebooters and Tyranids, after days of fighting the Orks allied with the War-legion after promise of technology. The Tyranids were beaten off back into the depths of the Space Hulk and the War Legions recovered the STC’s and paid the Orks with War Ships and Weapons.


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"Hail Lord Syrath! The true Saint of Chaos"
—Anonymous Chaos Space Marine of Syrath's Warriors
—Khornate Champion Kain
"Our Unholy fire and Magic will crush you servents of the Corspe God!"
—Xenoth Sorcerer Commondant of the 9th War legion
"I have reduced entire worlds to fire and ash with my fleet and crushed armies to little more than dust."
—Commandant Arbitris broadcasting a message to a Imperial World shortly before its invasion.
"While the Corpse God was once a mighty warrior, all I see now is a rotting corpse that you desperately try to defend , his death with crush you're Empire. "
—Unknown Marine of the 4th War-Legion


"I remember the first contract I made with Syrath. It literally cost me an arm and a leg"
—Renegade Tech-Priest
"I remember Old Tek's stories of "the Ghost Warriors". The drunk old fool..."
"Dem Spiky Boys got sum good Dakka"
—Ork Loota Gold Teeth
"It takes weak-minded fools to lose so much of themselves to become pawns of but a sliver of the Chaos Gods, like that of the followers of Syrath. Yet, I cannot help but admire the fact that Syrath has not yet taken their lives, they must be pleasing that Change-beast."
—Lord Karkus of the Warriors of Mayhem Leonises Cult