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Sulakta is a Waste World that shares its star with a strategically important Hive World and the Penal World that is used to replenish the slave work force. Sulakta is very much at the end of the production line as a literal dumping ground for materials deemed too unsafe to be stored on the inhospitable irradiated rock of Estomor. The planet maintains a token Imperial outpost tasked with the intricate dumping operation complimented by sporadic processing plants have been set up by opportunistic merchant guilds looking to profit from the hazardous extraction of valuable minerals from industrial waste.

Climate and Geography

Sulakta is a cold planet with a weak atmosphere. The air composition is 89% CO2, 7.6% N, 2.1% O2 and 1.3% other gases. The use of rebreathers is mandatory for surface expeditions with void suits being advised in the event of prolonged exposure. For travel to the dumping sites it is advised that reinforced environment suits are utilised.


Sulakta experienced intensive civil unrest during the Estomor Uprising. Space Marines of the Blazing Claws chapter were deployed to put it down with force and cull the population to minimum operational personnel.


Sulaktan society is defined by self determination and the idea that all who come to seek redemption at the end of oblivion have nothing left to lose. Career opportunities are severely limited on Sulakta to salvage and security; with the heavy processing operations being handled almost exclusively by the Adeptus Mechanicus and meticulous administration of said operations left in the deft hands of the Administratum. Salvage is considered to be high risk, low reward work with many fortune seekers meeting a grisly end in the waste pits. Those who take up jobs in security are tasked with keeping the former from shooting up the place too much.


Sulakta lacks much culture of its own and is largely subject to Estomorian Law.


Sulakta is defended by their own local security forces with the occasional visit from offworld Arbitrators.

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