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Founded in 738.M41 as a successor chapter of the Ultramarines, the Sons of Elysium were formed during the 26th Founding. Stationed on the fringe of Ultramar and the Segmentum Ultima proper, the Storms of Medea guard the far reaches from invading Chaos Warbands and Orks. A strong sense of patriotism towards their homeworld, Medea as well as a strong code of ethics, the chapter faces self-inflicted difficulties. The Chapter's namesake is the result of a bureaucratic mishap; while Imperial records list the planet by its original designation, Elysium VII, its inhabitants refer to their homeworld with another name: Medea.



To the locals, very little is known about the early history of Medea, and even less is known about the history of the world's chapter. What is left of Medea's early history is records that are held by Imperial archivists, all of which tell the story of a world that was intended to be lightly colonized as an Agri World during the Dark Age of Technology.

The First Landing

Not much is know of the day when the Sons of Elysium first landed on Medea to announce their presence to the Local Population. Most information comes from the account of Chapter Master Apollo Callious. The Sons of Elysium landed in the city of Megara, declaring Medea to be their new home and the reason for their landing. The population gathered in a large crowd around the marines, looking with mixed stares of wonder and contempt. The presentation was interrupted when robed men began grabbing men and women from the crowd of onlookers and fled into the sewers. The Astartes gave pursuit and managed to rescue one of the abductees, a small boy who showed high psychic prowess.

This boy was Apollo, a future librarian and Chapter Master of the Storms of Medea. Apollo lead the marines deep into the sewers where they found a cult, living in the city's filth. The people they had been kidnapping where psychically inclined. The marines purged the cultists, flushing burning, screaming, deformed bodies from the sewers into the Medean streets. To the people of Medea, nothing is more beautiful than the human form, seeing these abominations shook them to their core. However the malformaties of these people where not the result of chaos, they had merely been deformed in birth, and chased to the sewers and alleys by the perfectionist populace.