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The Storm Crusaders are now an almost extinct chapter that was created during the Fourth Founding from the gene-seed of the Imperial Fists. Hailing from the verdant jungle world of Drancoris, they are the famous guardians of the Ghoul Stars and the Imperial border sector Widow Prime, and were widely known for their accomplishments. They are famed xenos killers, having fought xenos empires for thousands of years. They have stood as the first defense against the numerous Xenos empires of the Halo Stars, and Segementum Obscurus.

The Storm Crusaders Chapter were once very numerous in number and their fleets were quite large, but after the Shifter War and the War of Storms against a Tyranid Splinter fleet the chapter was decimated. Though they still maintain their Crusades even in the few numbers they have, the other crusade that might be active is the Phoenix Crusade who are not know if they are connected to the main chapter. They number at least two crusades (Phoenix and Shadow Crusades Respectively), but they are continuing to rebuild their chapter and ready the defenses of their homeworld and their recruiting worlds.

With the sudden appearance of the Cicitrix Maledictum, they along with their home systems were declared Imperial Nilihius. For the first time in the Storm Crusaders they stand with not only their ancient rivals, The Wanderers, but without their brother chapters. Veronis Habel has now taken control of the Drancoris System and has now called for the rebuilding of the defenses of the system and the raising of as many Imperial Regiments to the Imperial Governors of the system.



Initially founded during the fourth founding the chapter was created for the sole purpose of watching the Ghoul Stars and watching over the numerous Imperial Worlds that were once there, and to hunt down any rebellious world. The Chapter was famed for being very similar to the Black Templars and crusading constantly across the Ghoul Stars and the Eastern Fringe. The chapter was initially founded by a Captain of the Imperial Fists, Talnar. Talnar was given the title of Chapter Master and he took his personal heraldry the Hour Glass with wings as the chapter symbol. He was known for his patience and quite well known for lashing out in fury if any of his orders were not carried out to the letter.  

He was a skilled swordsmen and often participated in the feast of blades holding the title twice. He and his Honor Brother Malnar both practiced two entirely different styles of swordsmanship. The chapter followed in these disciplines and two orders were created within the chapter, the Twin Blades, and the Blood Knights. The chapter's initial motto was "My blade is my honor!". It was changed in M34 after the Storm Crusaders saved  

Previous History

Though initially Codex Adherent the Chapter, were known to have many Astartes, even at that time. Though they did not become scrutinized due to their undying loyalty to the Emperor. They were mainly based in the Ghoul Stars, and even though they operated on the borders of the Imperium, constantly patrolling it. After a hundred long years, the chapter became Noncodex Compliant as the needs of the many outdo those of the few, causing them to increase their numbers so they could better fight their numerous foes on many fronts. On many occasions, they were thought to have exceeded the normal amount of Astartes, to such a degree that it even drew the eyes of the Inquisition.

The War of the Void

A war that pitted the chapter against a Xenos race on the borders of the Imperium in the late M39.

The chapter's navigators found a distress beacon of unknown origin. Only to find a war torn planet of Imperials fighting desperately against an unknown Xenos race. Officially quantified as Xenos Race XL530, these creatures were massive instectiods with six limbs. Each cybernetically enhanced and vastly intelligent.

The chapter was forced to retreat after these giant xenos ripped through their Flagship Ship and Fleet. The chapter was thrown into disarray to only resort to boarding the alien ships. The Crusaders began to jump ship to ship slaughtering every xenos aboard the ships. This gave rise to the famous Lord Commander Lucas of the Void. Who had survived the destruction of his flagship, he lead his personal retinue of terminators and killed what seemed to be the Leader of the Xenos. The Insectiod Creature was massive and was known to have eight limbs, carrying cybernetics that greatly enhanced its strength and power. The Lord Commander was almost defeated by the creature, but was saved by the Standard Bearer who slew the creature with the Crusade's Standard. After the battle the Crusade was able to throw the xenos ships towards the nearest star.

The Talons of the Beast

Immediately after the events of the War of the Void, the chapter was attacked by the largest tyranid incursion the Widow Prime Sector had ever seen. The chapter sprung to action along with many other Imperial Forces. Taking to the field against the tyranids ensuring that no tyranid hive ship would be able to get to the core systems of the Widow Prime Sector.

The Crusaders took the heart of the Hiveships slaughtering the Xenos and dragging its attention away from the core worlds, taking them to planets rich in minerals and materials. Though much to their horror the chapter saw the beasts continue on towards the core worlds. The Chapter deployed its full fleet assets that defended their homeworld, they slowed the advance of the tyranids at the significant cost of most of their fleet and much of their chapter, this became known as the Bloody Feast.

The Chapters vanguard and much of its number deployed upon the Civilized world of Zaniek. While the chapter fleet in orbit. The fleet was ambushed by the hivefleet and their Flagship the Spirit of Woe was critically damaged. Though misfortune hit when the primary weapons batteries malfunctioned and began to shoot upon the planet below indiscriminately bombarding the planet. Hitting many of the landmasses and cracking the planets crust. Lava poured from the planet as eruptions and earthquakes shook the battlefield engulfing tyranid and imperial alike.

Cornered the Astartes and Guardsmen fought on, when they reached the cavern floors of the once ocean basin, the tyranids surrounded the imperial host and slaughtered every living being, creatures so large that it blocked the sky fell upon the Crusaders. Having the low ground and no where to retreat the Imperial Forces were devastated and devoured by the hive mind.

The very few survivors escaped by thunderhawk to the fleet they all swore vengeance upon the tyranids, but much of the chapter was killed and the fleet crippled. It became a hit and run campaign, as other chapters joined in the conflict defending against the foe on world after world, but many of the outer rim planets were destroyed in desperate attempts to slow the tyranids.

All hope was lost till the arrival of the Wanderers and the might of the Imperial Navy. The war would last fived years before it was finally resolved. And after five years the remnants of the hive fleet were still being hunted down and exterminated. The Astartes of the Crusaders, for each one of them that was slain during their hunt, they marked their armor with with a solitary mark upon their helms and shoulder pads. While the hunt raged, they kill each spore and gaunt viciously, each one adding to their wish to kill more and more Xenos in remembrance of their brothers.

The Hunt of the Fang

On a planet faraway the Chapter's elite hunted down the most dangerous of the tyranid swarm. A hive tyrant. Such was their charge, that the Chapter Champion Lorish of the Eighth Blade took the twin blades with him to hunt down the creature across several different worlds. But it was Lorish and his two most trusted friends discovered its location before they could communicate to the rest of their allies, they were attacked by the tyranids, Lorish grabbing his thunder hammer the hammer of Talhnis bashed his way out of the back of the thunderhawk throwing himself out of the thunderhawk and activating his jump pack and flying through the air with his thunderhammer on hand and killing the creatures that attacked the thunder hawk, but in order to drag their attention, he killed the synapse creature among them and they followed him as he descended to the ground. Much to his dismay the thunderhawk was destroyed before him. Left alone and cascading to the planet below. Lorish landed upon the desolate world, with no brothers, and no way off the planet. Scouraging what he could from the crashed thunderhawk, he resumed his hunt for the Hive Tyrant.

For six weeks he hunted the creature through the jungles of Karak, ready to avenge his brethren. Recording his progress with a vidcon, so that one day if he were to return to the chapter he would be able to train the next generation.

After six weeks of searching he found the hive tyrant and its horde. Setting up traps for the Tyranids, he was able to lure the horde deep into the forest, and slaughter much of the horde by himself and the use of his traps. He finally faced his quarry, seeing the beast, he charged at it with his thunder hammer on hand and smashed the hive tyrants forehead until it was crushed. Victorious he was but, in his moment of attack he had forgotten of the beast talons, that had pierced his chest. Yet the beast was dead. He looked up to stars above and died.

Several months later the Twin Blades last remaining members arrived upon the planet of Karak searching for their brothers who had been lost. Knowing that the homer beacon that each of the Honor guard wore upon their helmets had been activated, the Twin Blades fought for days against the feral tyranids, half of their party was slain, but then they found the body of Lorish. Whose hammer was still stuck in the now dead hive tyrant the area around it was destroyed. The Twin blades took the body of Lorish and bore him back to the world of Drancoris. So that forever he would be remembered in the halls of Heroes and all those blades who had fallen.


With much of the chapter dead, there was much debate as to whether the chapter should go onto one last final crusade for the glory of the Emperor and the Imperium. But Veronis Habel was able to dissuade his chapter into such a fate, instead believing that there was yet more fighting to come. Though that did not stop some of the chapter from leaving and joining the deathwatch. The Storm Crusaders would live on, but it was wounded beyond measure. Something that not even Veronis believes will ever recover from. The Chapter remained forever hunting the tyranids in the Widow System, forever never letting go of their hatred of the Xenos that had destroyed so many. Such was the honor they won that Imperial Fists awarded the Storm Crusaders with the Imperial Cross and Imperialius across their chapter's veterans of the war.

Once again they were recognized by their chapters Progenitors. This caused many within the chapter to redoubled their efforts to rebuild the chapter.

There have been disturbing reports of those baring the banner of the Phoenix Crusade have been sighted fighting against Abaddon the Despoiler. Who were thought lost in the warp long ago. Whose armor is reminiscent of the older crusaders.


  • 988.M41 War of the Storm: A hivefleet of unknown classification and size bares down upon the Drancoris Systems. The Storm Crusaders call out to needed allies and gather their crusades to fight against the threat that would bare down upon their homeworld. The Storm Crusaders along with much of the Widow Prime Fleet are able to destroy the hivefleet, but a stalemate rises as the splinters still ravage much of the Storm Crusaders forces. Half of the chapter is annihalted in the fighting, as many new tyranid horrors erupt through out their worlds. The Storm Crusaders for the first time tether on the brink of extiniction. Vernois Habel and elements of his honor guard and his crusade return back and find all the commanders of the Storm Crusaders dead. The Grand Templar calls for the end of the Crusades effective immedately.
  • 989.M41 Reinforcements: The Wanderers Chapter, and several other task forces of various chapters attend to beat back the Hivefleet. For a solid year the Chapters along with the remnants of the Crusade forces, Vernois Habel is able to cooridinat with the allied commanders in the defense of his homeworld of Drancoris their last remaining world not touched by the Tyranids. In a combined effort they are able to defeat the tyranids hive ships with bioweapons designed to kill the ships queen and the hive sheeps themselves. Leaving the Drancoris System devastated and the Crusaders numbering less than two hundred.
  • 991.M41 The Return of the Iron Wolves: The last Crusade to return was the largest of all the crusaders left. Upon their return to Drancoris, Loken and his crusade are able to aide in much of the clean up of the Tyranids and their remnants. Loken seeing his talents would be better used elsewhere, calls upon any veteran to join him in destroying the remnants of the Hivefleets. The Crusaders who were able the veterans inspired by hatred left Vernois to rebuild the chapter. The Wanderer Angel Prince Beriel joins the crusaders on their campagin.
  • 999.M41 End of the Siege of Neckia: The Wanderers Justicars don their Ancient Terminator Armor and are able to stem the tide against the Harvest. The Harvest in desperation retreat to find the Storm Crusaders and the Sword Templar Crusade Fleets. Calick of the Storm Crusaders offers to aide in repairs of the Wanderer's Fortress. Word spreads quickly that the First Templar of the Storm Crusaders has returned.
  • M42 Imperial Nihilius: With the sudden appearance of Cicitrix Maledictum, the Storm Crusaders have had little time to prepare as warpstorms opened tears through reality and the ancient Enemies of the Crusaders, the Tzeench Greater Daemon Na'kir V'otl and his cohort of Thousand Sons have come to destroy the Son's of the Storm.

Chapter Homeworld

The Homeworld of the Storm Crusaders, Drancoris is a harsh jungle world that has many subterranean caverns. The chapter fortress-monastery is built inside one of these massive Caverns. The world is governed by the Chapter and has been in their possession since they first came to the Ghoul Stars. When a horrible threat loomed over the world the Crusaders fought to protect the World, but when the Imperial governor was Slain, Talnar took the Governance of the planet until a new Governor was chosen, but due to his deeds, and lacking any recruiting world, the chapter was given the planet as a prize. Since then the Chapter has allowed for the world to become prosperous as the caverns are where the citizens are safest as they built giant cities across these caverns, building these cities with technology that lets these cities suspend over these caverns. They have blossomed since the Crusaders have governed their planet.

This is where many of the Crusaders come from. Every ten years, a hundred potential recruits venture to find the Temple of the Crusader. Though most who venture are chosen by their tribes and clans to venture out to find the temple as tithe for their continued protection by the Son's of the Storm. They must journey through the forest to find the ancient recruiting grounds of the Storm Crusaders. Once they arrive at the temple, they find that it is guarded by the Chapter's Ancient, Talnar, and representatives of each Crusade. Talnar is awoken every ten years for these occasions as the Ancient he is the De-facto Master of Recruits. He employs several tests, every ten years he changes the tasks to better fit the needs of the chapter and from there selects those who are worthy of the chapter with the Apothecaries of the chapter. After this those few who remained are sent upon their final trials as humans.

From these few who had survived the journey to the Chapter's Temple they are set into many other tests. The first Trials are called the Trial of Needles. Where they must venture to the highest peaks of Drancoris and make a vow. This Trial is the only trial to become a Storm Crusader's Neophyte.

Though the next Tests are called the Paths. Often cited by the Crusaders as the Path of Night, the Path of the Storm, and the Path of the Crusader. The first test is the induction into the Chapter as a Neophyte. During the middle of a Night they are kidnapped while they sleep within the temple.

They and all those with them swear their loyalty or they are asked if they wish to turn back away from the path of the Crusader. If they do stay (Which most, if not all choose to do), they undergo the processes to become a Space Marine. Though this is not the only world in the Crusaders large recruiting Network, each recruiting world has its own traditions and many of these worlds have Storm Crusader Fortresses that are used as Recruiting outposts. But none pull in the amount of steady recruits and caliber as the World of Drancoris.


The flora and creatures of Drancoris are beings reminiscent of the ancient creatures of earth that once roamed it before they were all destroyed by mass extinction. Lizardlike in appearance, the Storm Crusaders often have hunts for these creatures to bring back to the chapter to feast upon. The larger the creature the greater the hunt. Many within the chapter earned their status as Neophytes of the chapter by hunting down the feared beasts.

From the recruiting world held by the Iron Wolf Loken's Crusade they hold a specialized hunt for the creatures known as the Iron Lycans. Giant wolf creatures whoms talons are said to rip armor and even carapace armor asunder. Those who return with pelts or talons of the beasts or any other part of the creature are accepted into the Crusade.

The Well of Honor

Well of Honor

The Well of Honor's main hall.

The Chapters Fortress The Well of Honor is located within the deepest caverns of the world of Drancoris. There the Storm Crusaders train their young, and rest between their campaigns. Constantly training with their brethren until recently. The Well of Honor is a multilayer structure circular and surrounding a single point in the deep caverns. In the center of their fortress is the Temple of the Dead. Where the dead of the Storm Crusaders are placed.

The Well of Honor is the Fortress Monastery of the Storm Crusaders, held by no less than a hundred Storm Crusaders at a time. This ancient fortress is dug deepwthin the Drancoris Crust, built in over two hundred and fifty five years by the chapter and its serfs. This Ancient Monestary has served as the Storm Crusaders home for over seven thousand years. The Well of Honor is a wonder of technology and masonry built to contain many of the chapters relics, armories, and to guard the chapter's geneseed. Only a fool would dare try to attack the Well of Honor. The Well is protected by orbital Lasers, and a heavily fortified void shield that can be activated to protect the Well and its pricessless artifacts.

The Well is not only the home of the Crusaders, but also for its undoubtedly large wealth of knowledge and training halls. They like all Son's of Dorn train rountinely while others of the chapter pour through the knowledge held with the Valrium, or seek the wisdom of the Chapel of Spheres.

Though held within the heart of the fortress is the Silver War Halls. Where the banners of each Crusade of the Storm Crusaders, every single active one is held high and lit brightly with sopshiticated technologies that detect the signatures of those Astartes Communications. If they were ever to cease communicating the banners would become dark and unfurl themselves into a voidless black. The Silver War Halls is the center of the chapter fortress connecting each part of the fortress.

The Chapter Fortresses has several sections to it. The Valrium (The Library), The Honor Hold (Keep and barracks), The Forge of Flames (Armory), The Silverhold (The Defenses of Drancoris), The Observer (The Command Centre), and the Silver War Halls (Main part of the fortress). Though there are many other sections to the Well of Honor, none are more specticular than the Realm of Templars. An ancient war room, created by Talnar and his architects that serves as both a throne room and a deliberating room. Unlike many other chapters, the Crusader's War room is a large circular room at its center a large pedestal with a holo map of the imperium lies. It's design was taken from the Great Crusade, as the Crusaders see that every Crusader, from Neophyte and even the Grand Templar are equals within the chapter. The Son's of the Storm before major campagins or even Crusades meet in this Realm. In cases where it is vistations or emissaries of the Imperium. The Realm of Templars also serves as a conduit to the Throne of the Storm, where the vistations and festivials of the chapter take place.

The Fortress is a labyrinth.The only known entrance is in the ruins of the Old Kingdoms. It is guarded by the Ancients of the Chapter, as they hold a vigil on the entrance to the Well.

Chapter Beliefs

For a chapter so large and known as being Sons of Dorn. The chapter believes itself to be better and to be more perfect than other Astartes. They believe themselves to be true Sons of Dorn.

Though they are dogmatic and Stoic, they have been proven to purge entire cities of Xenos, Mutants or heretics even if only a small percentage of the population have actually any relation with a Xenos. Their hate for the Xenos rivals their liking to the dirty upon which they stand. They are hardy group having faced many hardships.

Though after the chapter's near extinction they have grown to respect the Codex Astartes, seeing it might have more use than they had once thought. As their chapter nears extinction the chapter has started actually to paint their helmets green in remembrance of all the fallen of the chapter. The chapter has become split after its extinction between those who follow the old ways of the chapter, and those who follow the leaders of the chapter. This dissent cannot be seen outside the chapter but among the Storm Crusaders it has become common place, for Crusaders to work alone, and train alone. Gone is the brotherhood of the Storm Crusaders, many losing their brethren in the war and on subsequent missions that followed the war.

Though it will never come to rebellion there is whispering that Veronis and Altroick the main leaders of the chapter might be pushing the chapter to quickly to change that some crusaders would find enough to warrant a new leader to take the position of Grand Templar.


The chapter are known to follow the traditions of their progenitors with a large influence from their homeworld. Adopting the tribal traditions and warrior cultures of the world, they chapter splits itself among the tribal clans they are from and often declare themselves for that clan. They are a proud culture often believing themselves above many others.

The Culture of the world is split into tribes and clans, the tribes and clans are spread across the world of Drancoris. The clans often trade with each other, but ever since the creatures of the planet are vicious beasts that kill anything that moves. As such the tribes and clans of the world constantly hide away from these creatures, but on days that the clans come together to select their young to become part of the tribe and to be apart of the Great City of the Chasms the youth go out and hunt down one of these beasts and slay it and bring it before the great city of the chasms.

The great city of the Chasms is a highly advanced city, an Imperial city built by the colonists, while the rest of the world, fell into a tribal state, the Great City remained civilized. This is epic center of much of the culture of the tribal peoples, believing those from the great city to be living messengers of the Sky Angels. Though every five years the youth of the clans go out in search of the Temple of The Storm.


The chapter once maintained twelve companies during its height, but when the Inquisition heard of this feat ordered the chapter to split into separate crusades. One of the largest crusades was sent out to the opposite side of the Galaxy and were never heard from again.

The chapter maintained a sizeable force at its home planet and due to its recruiting processes was able to maintain a larger than average chapter. Constantly fluxing in recruits into their ranks. The chapter is similarly constructed to the Black Templars. Except the Highest rank is the Grand Templar. In fact the two chapters have been known to fight together on several occasions. Though there are noticeable differences between the two. The Crusaders still maintain a small chain of command. There are still captains, Librarians, Chaplains, and Command squads.

The Chapter followed the Codex Astartes much later after their large influx after pressure from many chapters, they instead maintained five extra companies, and a single veteran squad in each battle company that served as support. They were usually Vanguard or Stern Guard Veterans. They still send out crusades in the form of companies. They are slowly going back to being a Codex Chapter after the destruction of most of their chapter.

The chapter does though maintain a small amount of librarians. Though ever since the near destruction of their chapter their Libarius has become invaluable in the acquisition of new recruits.

Their largest recruiting area is Drancoris a harsh jungle world that the Storm Crusaders protect vigorously.

The Chapter was split into campaigns, or crusades, They were very often sent along the edges of Imperial Space to patrol. Though very often some of these crusades came into contact with xenos races. As Imperial Space is quite treacherous the chapter maintained a large number of crusades and fleets. Though Crusades often maintained their own recruiting worlds, and keeps along the edges of imperial space. Though officially there is only three hundred and sixty five astartes left in the chapter, it is unknown if all the crusaders are accounted for as many crusades are most likely still out there. Fighting in the name of the chapter ignorant of the fact that their chapter is dying or near extinction. But many believe that their duties and their anger at their chapter being destroyed has lead them to commit acts of suicidal bravery, trying to ensure that the Crusaders would be remembered. The Crusades are known to commit all their resources to a campaign and will not spare any weakness, but even when cut off from supplies the Crusaders are known for one thing knowing how to survive and to be hardy. Facing foes that even other Astartes would see as insane to fight.

Though each crusade was sufficient to the point of carrying their own gene-seed, apothecaries, techmarines and a few librarians and chaplains who were then able to train new generations of specialists. These Crusades were created to be self sufficient and to survive for hundreds if not thousands of years without having to return to the Homeworld. Each Crusade or Campaign was lead by Lord Commander, each Lord Commander lead between two to three or one company of Astartes. The Largest Crusade in Storm Crusader History was the Talon of the Beast Campagin, which pitted the Storm Crusaders against an entire splinter hive fleet, and a thousand Astartes were accounted for.


The Chapter is organized into Crusades, though it impossible to know how many Storm Crusaders there are. The Chapter projections that at their height during the 36th Millennium there were close to two thousand Astartes in the entire Chapter. Projections before their near extinction was close to under two thousand, with ten crusades going on at the same time.

The Crusades are overseen by the Grand Templar who leads the chapter on a crusade of his own. He could command other Crusades if he saw the need too. The Grand Templar is a rank given to the greatest tactician and mind of the chapter. Often the Grand Templars position is that of an Administrator not as a warrior. As the zeal of the chapter is quite legendary, a coolheaded leader is often sought for commander of the chapter.

These are all examples of previous crusades or current Crusades. Each Crusade creates a banner for their crusade and is lead by a Lord Templar or a Castellan or a Commander. Each of these banners are placed within the Temple of the Crusade. All hall where all the banners are flown of every crusade that there ever has been, but one banner is missing from this collection. Those who have a glowing rune below their banner, symbolize the Crusade is still active, by some unknown way. As the runes placed here is just simple masonry, but when a banner of an active Storm Crusade is placed the rune glows brilliantly.

The Kraken Crusade

The Kraken Crusade started during the founding of the chapter, this is the longest crusade in the entire chapter. That has been patrolling and crusading on the edges of Imperial space. This is the one crusade that has lost contact with the chapter since the Incident with the Tyranids and the only one to not respond to requests for aide. It was lead by Lord Templar Calick, who was thought to be the successor to Veronis Habel if he were to fall. All attempts to reach out to Calick have been disastrous, the chapter believes that the crusade has been destroyed or lost. The chapter has covered the banner of the Kraken Crusade at the Temple of the Crusade. Yet still the rune below it glows....

The Phoenix Crusade

This crusade was the second largest in the Crusaders history. The Crusade was said to have been launched early in M36. It was meant to spread out the chapter even further, the crusade left for the Eye of Terror to help in the defense of a critical Forge World. The crusade was never heard from ever again. It was said the Grand Templar wept for his brothers and the chapter launched a sister crusade at the same time to find the lost Crusade known as the Weeping Crusade. The Phoenix Crusade was lead by the famous Knight Lord Commander Alexanderos Gawin, the only Astartes within the chapter to be given that title. Before embarking on the disastrous crusade the Knight Lord was said to of given the Grand Templar his personal Blade. The two were great friends and had fought together. The Grand Templar at the time had the banner covered, and the Crusade was forgotten. Though mysteriously the rune below flickered.

In M41 though reports of Astartes holding the banner of the Phoenix Crusade were seen fighting in the 13th Black Crusade. Ahead of a massive crusading fleet was a glorious vessel, though many authorities have no idea whose crusade it was. Many whisper that this was but a fluke, some manipulation by another chapter to bring hope to the embattled Cadia Sector. These Astartes were so instrumental in the defense of a single colony that some of the Sons of Dorn have seen these Crusaders in action in times of great need and believe it to be the work of Dorn or even the Emperor himself. According to the Keeper of the Banners, the rune seems to glow of the Phoenix crusade brighter than any, as it once flickered like a heartbeat, now it burns as bright as a star.

The Weeping Crusade

The Sister Crusade of the Phoenix Crusade. The Crusade was sent after to the same Location for the Phoenix Crusade. The Crusaders arrived during a Black Crusade and were able to aid against the 5th Black Crusade. Though the Crusade lost half of its number and was almost completely destroyed by Doombreed. For many years the Black Crusade continued till Doombreed was finally defeated. After, the Son's of the Storm would remain active until they returned to Drancoris with their battered and broken fleet. They returned as heroes and Trumiph was deemed celebrate the defeat of Doombreed and the 5th Black Crusade.

The Blackened Fist Crusade

One of the smaller crusades, it had thirty Astartes in total and this Crusade was lost after a Dark Eldar Corsair Fleet attacked the Crusade. Though all records as to what happened to the Crusade is unknown. The Banner in the Temple has been covered from the temple after the destruction of the crusade.

Shadow Crusade

Following the Tyranid Hive Fleet, was Lord Commander Loken, the last of the current Crusade Leaders that now leads the chapters few remaining Crusades to regain the chapter's honor. He has 160 Astartes at his command and he has requisitioned several centurions and heavy weapons to aid him in his war against the Tyranids. Joining the Shadow Crusade is an entire Grand Company of Wanderers.

The Crusade of Brotherhood

A crusade that was sent to help aide the Crimson Fists on Rynn's World. This crusade was sent, and they helped guard the major cities of Rynn's World. Though the Crusade was almost obliterated in a single attack by the orks, only Six members of the crusade remained, helping to aide the Crimson fists in anyway they could. As the five crusade members were terminators, their contribution to the war was enough that the Crusaders called the crusade to a close, after Pedro Kantor said the Crusaders debt to the Crimson fists was now upheld. The six remaining Crusaders left and returned to Drancoris, where they immediately left for another crusade.

The Drancoris Crusade

A crusade designed to only protect the Recruiting Worlds of the Storm Crusaders. The Drancoris Intervention is the one of two 'crusades' that have been active since the chapters arrival since the chapter's founding. The Drancoris Intervention is an attempt to stabilize the regions of the Widow Sector and Drancoris Systems. This crusade is often considered to be one of the few localized Crusades within the chapter's records. Though now the crusade was shattered after the Hive Fleet decimated it. The Crusade now protects the Recruiting Worlds of the chapter.

The Beast's Crusade

An infamous crusade that was used to destroy an entire Chaos Warband, this Crusade chased down this warband, but at the great cost of almost the entire crusade. The Beast's Crusade, led by an infamous a Marshal called the Beast by members of the chapter for his insane fury at the sight of his foes. His name was stricken from chapter records his Crusade was disbanded by the Grand Templar himself and all records purged. After the Crusade was marked destroyed after it was trapped upon a demon world during the last stages of their crusade against the Daemons, The Beast was slain and the remnants of the crusade rescued by Knights of Grey.


Though once the chapter's armory were once a massive in scale, it was decreased considerably after the events of the the Bloody Feast. The Armory is maintained by the various members of the Forge Priests of the Crusaders. They are known to maintain it to the point of obsession. Such is their duties they have they must constantly be at work.


4 Battle Barges

15 Strike cruisers

Various Strike Vessels

80 Thunderhawks

1 Stormbird (The Eagle)

Various Support Craft

Various Fighter Craft


Maintained by the Forge Master Helios.

18 Land Raiders (A Single Land Raider Terminus Ultra)

Various Rhinos and Razorbacks

12 Storm Talons

10 Storm Eagles

45 Vindicators

40 Whirlwinds

50 Predators

Notable Storm Crusaders

Talnar The Chosen- The first Grand Templar and founder of their Home-world Drancoris. He got the name The Chosen after he slew a Chaos Space Marine Lord of the Emperors Children. He was gifted the Angel Armor and Talnris the ever Burning Sword for hunting down such a harsh foe with only two companies of Astartes. Talnar was entombed into a dreadnought after being almost slain by an Ork Warlord, he has served as the chapter's Ancient for eight thousand years.

Veronis Habel - Known widely for his accomplishments, he is the Current Grand Templar of the chapter and one of the last of the remaining headquarters staff. He and his honor Guard now are receiving aide from the Sword Templars who are aiding in the Recruiting process as many threats have been rumored to be coming straight for the Widow Prime Sector. He is seen as a icon within the chapter.

Val the First Blade - Once the Former leader of the Chapter's Veterans. Val was slain by the tyranids, after he fought off a Lictor. His leadership was valued to the point of dogma, and his wisdom that even Habel relied on.

Altroick the Wise - The Previous Grand templar before Veronis Habel, he gave up his position after he encountered Veronis Habel, Altorick then served the chapter as it is Grand Marshal of Recruits. As his age had crippled his fighting capabilities significantly. During the War, he was safeguarded and placed under guard, by the Storm crusaders long time rivals the Wanderers, safeguarded by the Chapters most Elite. As they had to repay their debt to him, so great was their debt, that he was guarded till the end of the war. Altorick now still serves as the Grand Marshal of Recruits. Being one of the few members of the Headquarters staff to survive his wisdom and his friendship with Veronis has kept Veronis from drifting from his path. Altroick seeing that even for an Astartes the guarding of an entire sub sector, rebuilding a chapter, and the constant barrage from the High lords is a heavy toll even for an Astartes as Esteem as Veronis. He is respected by many of the chapter, none doubt his ability though both Veronis and Altroick and have slowly lost the respect with some of the chapter, believing they should perished as well during the war.

Lorish the Eighth Blade - Once the Honored Chapter Champion, Lorish was slain after his personal thunder-hawk was torn apart by winged tyranids. He took his might thunder hammer and bashed out the thunderhawk with his jump pack killed as many of these winged beasts as he could while his brothers escaped in the broken thunderhawk. Much to his dismay the thunderhawk was destroyed by a creature so large that even he trembled before it. For six weeks he alluded the beast, having lost power to his jumppack he set traps and killed many foes, before he encountered the massive beast slamming the beast with his thunder hammer and killing it. But as his foe was vanquished it stabbed him through the chest impaling. Such was the creatures death that the tyranids were driven back from the planet and his records of the event recorded upon his vidcom in his helmet. His kill was found to be a Hive Tyrant that had been wounded shortly before the duel between the two either by the fallen thunderhawk.

Calick the First Templar- One of the heads of the chapter, Calick is currently missing along with his entire crusade. All attempts to find him have been disastrous. Calick was a legendary figure within the chapter having saved countless sectors and systems from falling into enemy hands. Calick lead his crusade with honor, until his disappearance. Though the last reports are of him fighting an unknown Assailant said to wear armor as dark as midnight. Calick and his crusade were the most honored and being one of the more experienced of all the crusades, having been to several campagins before. They are famous as the Xenos Hunters.

Helios the Red Baron- The Forge Master of the Storm Crusaders Chapter he and few remaining techmarines now remain at the homeworld of Drancoris as he oversees the repairs of the various defenses of Drancoris.

Loken Telicin The Iron Wolf- Known as the Iron Wolf, he got his name after he slew a creature that bared the form of a wolf as a simple Intiate, but its claws could slice through even Astartes armor, he drew blood and skinned the creature and wove it into his power armor, many of the chapter that join his company take this as a task in order to join the company. Every time they return to the Homeworld of Drancoris they hunt for these wolf like creatures and wear them. He is one of the few Captains living and is the only one that maintains the last active battle company and is currently on campaign against the remainder of a hive fleet. 

Malhi The Great - The Chief Librarian of the Chapter he leads the chapter's illusive Libarius. The libarius is unique in that it is not on the homeworld of Drancoris but on one of its moons. One of these moons is a burial ground for the chapter's heroes. This is where the Libarius is hidden amongst the many catacombs of the chapter. Here it is the chapter's secrets are kept. Malhi is the Leader of the Libarius and is accustom to living in secrecy, as most of the pyskers of the chapter are considered to be outcasts. As the libarius was only formed two thousand years before Malhi's ascension to his current rank. He is the keeper of its many secrets and is one of the few that Veronis trusts with any important information. 

Lucian the Gray - A Former Marshal, Lucian the Gray now leads the battered remains of the First Company who are now aiding in the hunt of the Tyranid Swarm who had foolishly attacked. He and most of the survivors wears Terminator Armor.

Garro of the Twin Blades- Sergeant Garro is the Last Surviving member of the Chapter's Twin Blades. The Twin Blades were an order within the Chapter dedicated to the study of swordsmenship and the preservation of the chapters hertiage of sword duels. Leading his now Broken squad he is now central to training new Crusaders. Along with his brethren of the First Company he is all that remains of the chapters proud history.

Varos the Silver Hand - A member of the Eighth Crusade, once apart of the Crusaders Twin Blades, before he was tragically lost in space. His squad mates now look for where their missing brother has went, as he was also in possession of one of the twin blades artifacts the Blade of the Moon. A crescent shaped blade said to be forged for the chapter, its twin the Blade of the Sun was also forged on the same day. The two blades are where the chapters swordsmen get their name and wear the badge of the twin blades. The squadmates of Varos are searching far and wide. Much to the dismay of Veronis, even he cannot stop them from searching for their brother. For what would a Chapter leader be if he stopped his own men from finding something that once was apart of the chapter. Maybe just maybe if Varos is found then the hope might be brought with it to the chapter.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Storm Crusaders primarily wear dark green coloured power armour. The insets of the shoulder pauldrons, the top of the backpack and the vents are all black in colour. The shoulder pauldron trim is white in colour. The red-coloured squad specialty symbol on the right shoulder pauldron (Veteran, Devastator, Tactical and Assault) indicate squad specialty. There are no known markings that indicate company or squad designation.

Chapter Badge

The Storm Crusaders Chapter badge is the ancient symbol the hourglass - a symbol of the storm - as time is all that one has in a storm before it passes.