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The Spear class was the result of an attempt by the Gareox Prerogative to duplicate the success of the Chainsaw Class Heavy Frigates of the Great Crusade. The first squadrons entered service only shortly after the Prerogative rose to power making it the oldest recorded design influenced by the Prerogative.

Several squadrons saw action during the civil war which led to the downfall of the Prerogative often suffering heavy losses in the engagements. The crews of many of those that survived the war fell to Chaos fleeing into the Eye of Terror. While only a few of these vessels have been seen since there have been a few Attack Craft Carrier Frigate models seen in recent centuries which Imperium Strategists believe were originally modified Spear class vessels.

Production officially ceased after the Gareox incident but rumors of Spears being built in outlaw shipyards continued for thousands of years. Most of the Spear squadrons which remained loyal to the Imperium found themselves assigned to convoy escort duties, or as part of fleets sent to suppress rebellions on Imperial worlds. In time many were sold to Rogue Traders while others fell into the hands of pirates. In particular a conspiracy within the Bastion sector had been selling several warships, including a number of Spear class Frigates to pirate lords in neighboring sectors while recording the vessels as having been sold to fictional Rogue Traders. A number of these ships were part of the fleets of various rebel forces in the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion.


The Spear class is among the largest escort vessels and it pays for its size with a low acceleration though it can still outrun cruisers with ease. A dorsal mounted battery of long range Graviton Pulsars is equipped for self-defense. This battery can fire on targets in the forward, port, and starboard arcs and while its ability to inflict damage is lesser than that of the batteries of most Frigates it has a much longer range to help compensate, with a light turret array for point defense. For long range power the class carries a pair of Attack Craft launch bays, with the contents of the bays differing based on a particular frigate's allegiance and the standard mission of its squadron. Imperium convoy escort craft typically carry a mix of Interceptors and Bombers while those being sent to suppress planetary rebellions often trade the Interceptors for a contingent of Assault Boats. The Chaos aligned Spears often carry a mix of Swiftdeath fighters, Doomfire Bombers and Dreadclaw Assault Boats that varies depending on the vessel's mission. The design also duplicates the single being fighter craft bays of the Chainsaw.

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