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A list of Fanon quotes made by, of, or about the Space Marines; feel free to add your own, but please do not edit, add, or remove any that do not belong to you.

General Space Marine Quotes

"The best soldiers in the Galaxy."
Karlees Navarre
"Day iz good in a fight, for 'oomies at least!"
—An Ork Boy
"They big, vewy big, and scawy!"
—A young boy.
"We must learn not to rely on supermen, or else the men will grow weak."
—Karlees Navarre
"We men, must not rely on supermen; they have a tendency to arrogance, and to treat those who are 'merely' human as subhuman."
—Karlees Navarre, on the Marines Malevolent, after attempting to murder their Chapter Master for killing hundreds of civilian hostages along with their captors
"Well, those guys are tough. I saw one get impaled and keep going. And by impaled, I mean a Traitor Guardsman ran him through on a Chainsword while his back was turned. All that Space Marine did was pull the sword out and use it as a spare weapon. I don't even want to think about what would've happened if he'd been at his best when he started using the Traitor Command as Ping Pong Balls."
Deacon Coletrane
—Lance Corporal Virgil Vasquez, aka Frost from Tango Squad, commenting on Space Marines.
"Bah... how typical. Those hardly-human crusaders ride out in glory to the heart of the enemy whilst we good, honest men die by the score to cover their advance."
—Colonel Marthin Argentus
"Children of the Primarchs. Can't really describe how much respect I have for some of them. Others, well, they're just big bullying children who like to let you know they have permission to kill you for a slip of the tongue. I've seen some of them do it too. But then, I saw another Space Marine deck him for it, so balance was restored."
Deacon Coletrane on the Space Marines
"Burn the heretic"
—Any normal Space Marine
"There was honor in the Astartes once, and there will be so again."
—Luna Dragons Veteran 1st Champion Leonardo Adolfo
"And we are all going to wear our helmets, aren't we boys?"
—St. Athaliah the Flame disapproving of the no-helmet custom


Angels of Acquittance


""Burn you filthy orks, burn! Add fuel to the flames and let nothing remain! Let the flames burn bright!""
—Brother-Elder Simon Jienja upon snaring an ork warband in a trap.
""Like the Lion, we were sons of the forest. Now as our home burns we become the sons of fire.""
—Captain Han while watching his Brotherhood world burn.
""You will do well to remember Inquisitor, that the Emperor whom you serve as a god is but the father of our father.""
—Brother-Elder Jamien rebuking an Inquisitor who had questioned his methods
"They are upon us. With every blast and gout of flame and smoke we shall purify their wretched souls. Our every blast a product of our kind, the thunderous roar of tanks is from our sweat and blood, every salvo a blessing from our people. Look at these cowards, pandering to the dark gods that wander aimlessly in the abyss instead of growing a spine. Humanity will prevail for our Father will be by our side. For the Lion, for the Emperor!"
—Filius Tonare encouraging the Marines and Esoterran Guard as a foreseen chaos incursion begins to arrive.


"I've never seen such a being fight, like a madman"
—Civilian upon seeing a Marine with the Fury
""They're like warp-beings. Nearly 9 foot tall and only the Emperor knows how many pounds and yet so eerily silent behind those helmets.""
—Guardsman commenting to his buddy while watching a squad dig defensive positions around the city of Koren.
""Answer the damned question!""
—Frustrated commissar attempting to glean information about the chapter
"These ones are fun. Watch what happens when we drug one! Oh my, still fiesty. They don't last long enough for my taste though, they tear themselves apart before we can really get into the fun."
—Daemonette attempting to have fun with a captured Angel of Acquittance while the Marine tears his pen and himself apart in the Fury.

Argent Vanguard


"By the emperor's name, thats a bloody big cannon."
—Chapter Master Bolshack Wildhammer, after seeing a Vindicator.
"That looks like a piece of junk."
—Anonymous Stormeye commenting on a ork trukk
"Technically, it is..."
—Tech-Captain charger. standing next to the anonymous Stormeye.
"I can't believe that those idiots actually think that'll achieve anything"
—Devastator captain Avery Johnson watching a mob of orkz attacking a warhound titan with their choppaz
"With no less than four bombardment cannons, I believe that even if the new battle barge "Will of Guilliman" isn't complated in time for the Hive fleet Chimera's assault on our

Telan, the battle shall still be a major victory for us, Chapter Master."

—Tech Captain Charger, detailing the construction of the Argent Vanguard's 4th battle barge to Chapter Master Bolshack Wildhammer.
"100 confirmed kills, zero casualties. i think they were worth the time we spent devising those drug glands."
—Captain Lightbringer, commenting on the Argent Vanguard Stormeyes' first battle against the tyranids.


"By the Emperor's teeth, they're tough. Just don't find yourself looking at the wrong sides of their helmets in battle, or you'll find yourself on the wrong end of their chainswords."

-- Chapter Master Palamon Justinian of the Iron Hawks, commenting on the Argent Vanguard

Arsenic Tigers

Clearly an unsophisticaded bunch -- Reclusiarch Vanigan on the Kroot.

Facinating, they seem to be affected by the biggest creature. -- Apothecary Roland on the Tyranids

My, you would think they never even heard the word strategy! -- Reclusiarch Vanigan on the World Eaters


Black Maureders

awww shiiii[explosion]

A black Maurerder after being hit by a Jassit Exploding Pilum

Black Hornets


"The duty of an Astartes is always, first and foremost, to protect humanity."
—Hans Teberman, Black Hornets Chapter Master


"A Chapter of poets."
—Manahein Ulsror, Sergeant, Marines Malevolent.

Blood Angels

"War is all we are. Killing, is all we are good for. The rest is just dillusion"
-Anonymous Blood angel
"They're good boys at heart, but they've got problems."
—St. Athaliah Kane the Flame

Blaze Ravens


"War is full of rules. The key to winning is to know how to break them."
—Dante Seraphon


"I like the way that boy thinks!"
—St. Athaliah the Flame

Blazing Claws


"For Ferrus Manus! For the Emperor!"

—A common warcry used by the chapter

"Brothers! This day we make our stand! We stand against the tide, boldly facing the horror! We are brothers united against the darkness, and we shall not fall!

—Great Paladin Erundix Gandrus

"Blessed is the purity of the machine, curse the weakness of flesh... just look at my face for example!"

—Grand Paladin Ardus Ortocus to second in command Erudix Gandrus, one of the few who know what his true face looks like.

"Strike them down with all your might! And if they stand back up give them a complimentary toasting for good effort"

—A Fire Angel Sergeant linking close combat with flamers in a useful tactical method.

"You Alien filth will burn in the flames of the emperor's wrath!!"

— The famed warcry of Grand Paladin Ardus Ortocus during the battle of desolate plains.

"Who ordered a hot breakfast?"

—An Inferno Hunter giving a chaos marine a Solar Lance with his Plasma Cannon.


"What are they? Chefs?"

—A Strike Marine of the Storm Eagles , after seeing the "themed" taunts by some of the Blazing Claws.

"It's a humor that only appears when victory is obvious."

—Fleet Master Arrack Duske of the Storm Eagles

"Arrogant scum!!"

—Iron Warden Urexus Banesword of the Iron Scorpions, an ally of the storm eagles.

Blue Crosses


"Give Mercy To Those Who Deserve It, Smite All Who Do Not!"

-Chapter Master Kalmar, Ralllying His Troop Against Ork Warboss Badboom

"Rip their cold hearted souls out, these tratiors have no right to feel any moment with out extreme pain!"

-Battle Brother Handean, Giving advice to a Space Marine Scout

" Oh My God! What the hell is that!"

-Space Marine Scout, Seeing a Stompa for the first time

Blood Dragons


"They may have once been our Brothers, but no longer. Now they are but sacrafices to the Emperor. As our bolters spew death and our blades cut them down, remember why we fight."
—Battle Master Luca Alexis upon confronting the Chaos horde in the Lucilian Jungle.
"Look sir, they flee like cowards!"
—Anonymous Blood Dragon
"Thats because they are. Now watch this."
—Battle Dragon Fralim Cora upon dealing with the Guardsmen revolution in Prkone.


"Look at them, those treacherous Bastards. Am I the only one who can see them for who they really are? Apparantly So."
—Inquisitor Kalayev reflecting on the Blood Dragons.
"But why do you show us such pity? Why do you not just kill us like your bretheren?"
—Anonymous Chaos Marine surrendering to the Dragons.
"Because They don't care who you were allied to, if you are redeemable in the eyes of the Emperor, you can save your immortal soul."
—Converted ex-Chaos Marine in reply

Blood Ravens


"Nothing but arrogant bastards who care little about their history, and those who forget that are condemned to repeat it!"
Urexus Banesword
"I just love a Space Marine that thinks. Just keep a close eye on any valuables you want to keep."
—St. Athaliah the Flame[src]

Blood Scorpions


"I am....the slayer of stands the hunter...the taker of blood...I shall cleanse my foes in a tidal wave of blood! For I am death incarnate!"
— Sanguine Lord Azaziel Charon whilst fighting, during the brutal campaign known as The War for Calgron, ca. 344.M40


"Our Blood Scorpion brethren are, without a doubt, everything that we are not. They are rash - we are patient, they are a sledgehammer - we are a poisoned needle, they are butchers and battlefield champions - we are hunters and blades in the shadows. We shall never see eye-to-eye, and perhaps dear brother, that is for the best."
— Lord of Knives to unknown Battle-brother of the Obsidian Blades
"The Blood Scorpions are alright I suppose, but they're a few teeth short of their chainsword, if you know what I mean, and they do get REALLY angry when you mention their dead Primarch that a giant scorpion?"
— 5th Captain, Skull Hunters Chapter
"Ahhh! Look at them brothers! They are not so impressive now are they? All that remains is to scrape them from our boots like the insects they are!"
— Verrick Sorrowbringer, Draugar Lord of the infamous 12th Storm of the Storm Draugar, during the Murgred Atrocities, in which several squads of Blood Scorpions sold their lives most dearly
"You guys ever want to go full Space Wolves I can hook you up. Got a line on some giant scorpions, scorpion themed cybernetics, scorpion stationary..."
Douchard Bagge

Bone Reapers


"Death to the False Gods!"
— Bone Reapers' mocking battle-cry to the Forces of Chaos


"Those brothers kin of blooded death, waited they with baited breath. Truth and pain in damning light, hide from all, their void dark sight. Imperator do they fight in vain, to be honoured amongst thy sons again. "
—Unknown Mortarchs Serpentia Marine

"Bloody handed, but fearful. They fear the dark in their own souls. They fear they will not be strong enough to resist the call. This very fear will doom them."
—Teridax of the Star Reapers
"Yes! Yes! Give in to the fury, the rage, the hate! Give in and let it consume you, and take your first steps down the path to truth! From there, I will show you the way to perfection!"
Valkyura Warpschild
"The Bone Reapers are gutless curs who have no honour! We haven't forgotten their treachery on Gloriam Secundus. One day there will be a reckoning, and the Murdering Sons will be the ones to collect death's due."
— Sergeant Talon Xusia, Murdering Sons Chapter

The Brotherhood of Peace


"Earn your Peace!"
—Chapter Battle Cry.
"When we came to you, your former Chapter Master stood by us. Now, if you go to avenge him, we shall stand by you."
—Cyric to Aldus Flynn, on the subject of Flynn's crusade to find Hans Nieman


—The usual reaction when this Chapter is brought up
"And why do the Brotherhood of Peace exist? They were made up of the last of a traitor Chapter, and they took to the Doctrine of the Revenants like a duck to water. You tell me, what else can that mean but heresy?!?!"
—Hans Nieman.



"How am I? my company is more than twenty years and millions of light years from where they are supposed to be. We have lost our cruiser. And we are the guests of a banned and dammed Renegade Chapter. I'm Good."
—Father-Master Octavian
—Brother-Sergeant Eleazar

Crimson Marauders


"Leave saving to the confessers"

-Unkown Hunter after being asked by a young hunter if they should retreat.

"That was easy."

-Destroyer Valsus after killing a Carnifex with it's own claw

"Well, we're 50% Eldar, 25% Human, 15% Space Marine and 10% crazy."

-Unkown Hunter

"This is how to destroy a Land Raider: Step one: aim, Step two: shoot the engine. Step three: enjoy the fireworks.

-Captain Hallen showing a young Hunter how to destroy a Land Raider


"Are they 'Nid's or Crimson Marauders? I can't tell the difference!"

-A very confused Imperial Guardsman.

"Dem Red Humie's are like us kammandos, super sneaky." -Ork Kammando Nob commenting on the Crimson Marauder tactics.


Dark Sceptres


"We are Dark Sceptres, and by The Null Father Himself, we are damn good"
—Master of the Forge Octaphvius Septim

"I Suppose we're not as unfunny as the Imperial Fists, but i must admit some the oldest brothers are a dreary lot, and they said Librarians were boring!"
—Chief Librarian Verus Vox

"Look at these tiny men, RUNNING FROM SANDWICH!!!!"
—Chapter Master Haei'Khun in his Devastator years, shooting a heavy bolter in one hand and eating a sandwich in the other.

"What the Bloody Hell do they think their achieving!?"
—Captain Greavhis Luguolo watching 2 heretic guardsmen trying to stab a Dreadnought with Kitchen Knifes

"The Nullness in our psychic presence has lead me to believe that we are one step above outcasts, ah well, at least the Black Templars like us..."
—Chapter Master Haei'Khun

"Bah! What's This!? The Eldar send their civilians into battle!? With Staple Guns!


—Brother "Ghall" of Psykho Devastator squad


"Throne, Just being near those Nulls makes me want to tear at my head! In Humour AND Psychic Blankness"
—Grey Knights Brother Cillian

"There all Nulls? Hah! Let me guess, they have powers that let them avoid psykic detection as well!!...Wait, They DO!?"
—Boastful Alpha Level Psyker Turakis Xynen, Moments before having his brain blown out by a Bolt Round.

"What a load of Complete Loonies"
—Imperial Fist Brother Brachus
"A Chapter with a sense of humor, how unexpectedly refreshing."
—St. Athalia the Flame

Death Templars


"Many will say that the Legion of the Damned are warp-tainted and need to be purged, and others will say that they're the Emperor's will made manifest. But we Death Templars see them as fellow battle-brothers that want to die in battle with honor."
— Necros Champion Vlad Radoslav following the Crimson Crusade
"KHÂRN!!! You can't escape for long. You will be hunted down like the animal that you are, and when you are all alone, I will be there to see your death at my hands. The Death Templars will have their vengeance for the fallen battle-brothers that you butchered."
— Lord Marshall Valdar to Khârn The Betrayer during the 13th Black Crusade.
"I suggest you should be more careful Marine Malevolent! Treat the innocent with disrespect again and you will see what it feels like to have a mass reactive shell go through your head!"
— An unknown Death Templars Astartes, threatening a Marine Malevolent for treating Imperial citizens with disrespect during the Titan Wars


"I feel there's a running theme here."
"Prepare to move out, our morbid hungry brothers will be here soon, and they will not appreciate us taking their kills. Move out to the next target, leave no trace behind."
— 1st Captain Ovair of the Obsidian Blades.
"Though these warriors are dark of aspect and morose by nature, they have shown to uphold the khabar and asabiyya as true Scions of Dorn. My bolter and blade are theirs, if the need ever again arises."
— Rafiq Ardeth Tizqar of the Sable Lions Chapter, 2nd Kárdake, in a rare display of admiration for the Death Templars, following the Fury Crusade, ca. 466.M38
"Even I have found him, and thus them, grim, that's a fact. It is also a fact that their fascination with death is distasteful. Still. If the one I fought with is a paragon of his brethren, then to say that it makes them weak is a lie. And lying is what make us weak. Now, go make penance for such weakness."
— Anonymous Son of Iron Veteran Brother recalling his time in the Deathwatch with a Death Templars Astartes, ca. 998.M41
"Way overdoing the skull motif if you ask me, which of course nobody does."
—St. Athaliah the Flame[src]

Doom Enforcers


"You will soon realize Lord Commissar that I could care less about your pitiful regiments. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a war to win."
—Chapter Master Holv the Ice-Veins discussing with an Imperial Commissar.
"On your feet guardsman! Do you think the Emperor will look down with favor upon such cowardly acts? Rise and fight!"
—A Doom Brother ordering a Guardsmen to stop retreating.



Emperor's Firebrands.


"Stand fast in the face of the enemy, men! We've come too far to be stopped now!"
Daun Soloman, Chapter Master.
"Stay at home and get called out when it's too late, or go forth and make a difference. That is not a hard choice to make."
—Daun Soloman
"Let then try to stand before us; our fleet will sweep them aside like dust in a hurricane."
—Captain Callan of the Battle Barge Rigourous Duty.


"A Chapter after my own heart."
—Unnamed Black Templar.
"One of these days, I'm going to go on a planetary assault with them. I imagine it would be fun to watch."
Leo, Penultimate of the Forge.

Emperor's guard


"We do not need your simplistic form of penitence inquisitor! We abide by our own form of pe-"
—space marine snuffing the penitence system of the Emperor's guard in the face of an inquisitor before being punch through a wall by chapter master Killigan
"Filthy necrons. They always get stuck to my powerfist after getting a beating."
—Captain complaining about the necrons.
"We are the fist of the Emperor scouts. And you are the fingers of this fist. Train hard and you may be able to clench those fingers to become a true part of the Emperor!"
—Chapter master Killigan giving out a speech to the new recruits of the Emperor's guard.

Emperor's Sass

"Astartes fashion is a damned wasteland. You want to conquer the galaxy, first get ready to conquer the runway."
—Veteran Sergeant Chanel


Flesh Tearers

"They have this little problem with self restraint."
—St. Athaliah the Flame indulging in understatement.

The Forge


"Fight like men, you cowardly traitors!"
—Assault Marine Sergeant, yelling at Iron Warriors.
"Never doubt the honour of a Devestator Marine. We kill our foes just as well as anyone else, and we tend to be better at tank-hunting then our Assault Marine brothers."
—Anonymous Devestator Marine
"Honour is the greatest difference between us and the monsters we fight."
—Penultimate Leo.
"We will be ultimate!"
—The Forge War Cry


"As noble a brother Chapter as any we might seek to have"
Daun Soloman, Chapter Master of the Emperor's Firebrands
"Too busy glorifying conflict to notice the cost. Just like so many others."
Marius Tron, Chapter Master of the Revenants.


Golden Legion


"They will know your name! Raise your swords in defiance, Golden Legion! Crush our enemies! Spurn their hopes and misguided thoughts of victory! Send them spiraling into the Warp! The Emperor's Hand guides you! Favored sons of the Emperor, fight with me! They will know your name, Astartes! To me!"
—Ferox Baldur, screaming for his men to charge with him during the war on Hrone in M.41.
"My name is Gregor Cervax, son of the Emperor, defender of Humanity, and Astartes of the Imperium. Know this and take it to the grave with you."
Gregor Cervax, right before killing a Word Bearer in close-quarters-combat.
"The only good daemon is a dead daemon."
Kaldrin, on the touchy subject of lesser daemons.
"Courtesy of the Golden Legion, governor."
—A bloodied Kaldrin, tossing the severed head of an Emperor's Children champion at the feet of a horrified planetary governor.
"Some times, I like to pretend I'd rather be an Ultramarine. I always get a good laugh out of that one."
—Captain S'kau O'brien joking around about the Golden Legion's superiority.
"Rule numero uno when facing ten-foot tall daemonic power houses? Make sure your boots are in good condition. That way, you have a slim chance of out-running the traitor bastard once you realize your screwed."
Kaldrin using bitter humor on the subject of his fight with Alistair.
"Fly like Sanguinius, sting like Russ."
—A martial arts drill instructor teaching rookies on boxing.
"wait, what! They took all the credit again!"
—sergeant poles of the cadian 119th
"Sheesh, they're not all that tough. I could probably take one of em'."
—An Imperial Guardsmen in his misguided state of mind.
"Vengeance? Death to the Daemon Spawn? For the Carrion Throne Immobile? What a laugh of a Chapter."
—An Iron Warrior commenting on the Golden Legion.
"Do all your Golden Retreivers bark too much and bite with your gums?"
Alistair taunting Golden Legion Captain Hiro
"Damn hot heads."
—Chapter Master Antharo Valkaiser on the "new" Golden Legion
"'MORE pretty boys? Well, I am up for some amusement"
Savark Von Andranas
"Its obvious these arrogant bastards will fall to chaos!"
—Iron Champion Tharkon Darkblade

Golden Ravens


"Thou shalt not pass! I shalt guard thy Ravenwing with my life!"
—Utanus Thair when facing some Chaos Space Marine Squads alone, while guarding the Ravenwing.


Grey Knights





"Back off you big grey bugger!"
—St. Athaliah Kane the Flame, to Kaldor Draigo of all people!

(Templar of the Azure flame)


Though we find ourselves in shadow, no blackness may enter our hearts. No treachery shall touch our souls; no pride will sully our thoughts. We shall be pure amongst impurity; we shall be innocence among guilt. We are the Imperium's hidden saviours!

—The famous speech given by Brother-captain Oberon, commander of the order, after the Order was founded. This passage is now also used as an oath of purity, sworn by all new members to the order.

"Strike down these foul deamons for what they have done to to the Emperor and his sons!"

— A Terminator Brother-captain reassuring nearby Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

"Strike for the Chapter! And the inquisition!"

— A Common Warcry made by members of the Order

"Sanity is the only thing that has kept humanity alive for forty-thousand years! If humanity would of fallen to chaos and wiped itself out in pre-history you wouldn't have been born!.... Think of that while you are burning in hell..."

— Brother-Captain Alaric's answer to the common chaos cry "Sanity is for the weak", before crippling the cultist.

"Remember lost brother, in the end all the pain you delivered and all the blood you spilt will be returned in the form of a nemisis force weapon!

— Brother Erecus, striking down a khorne berserker.
"Prey for strength! Prey for victory! We stand victorious in the emperors shadow!"


"Were screwed... big time"

— A Cultist seeing members of the chapter


"Death to the False Emperor!"

--- Grigori warcry


Heralds of Coming Doom


"Strike them down to Hell for all eternity Brothers!"
1st Sergeant Jayriel Barilius.

"Fire, Death, Terror, Vengeance, the four blades of Doom have come to deliver the Emperor's retaliation, Xenos."
—Battle-Brother Aries as he slew a Tau Shas'O.

"Fire, Death, Terror, Vengeance, these are the Aspects which the Doom Angel himself gifted this Chapter with to wage eternal war on Mankind's foes until the last battle and the over throw of Chaos!"
Zarkreus Safrion's sermon at a lore lesson of the Chapter's Neophytes.

"Fire, Terror, Vengeance, these are but means which ultimately end in the Enemy's death, which is why the Death Cult is and must be dominant! We are are tools though which the Doom Angel enacts his will!"
—Azarius Malifer as he leads his Doom Host into battle against an Ork horde.

"Have no fear for we know the only truth: The Coming Doom, and so we are the best warriors in the galaxy, none can stand in our path!"
—Beginning of a war prayer of a Doom Sayer as he steals the souls of the Brothers of the 4th Doom Host.


"Do not dismiss the Heralds of Coming Doom. Brother I have seen their power and their fighting skills first hand on a Daemon-world. I have fought beside them and know that they are excellent warriors, a dark mirror of our own Chapter."
—Brother-Captain Oberon of the Templar of the Azure Flame Order of the Grey Knights Chapter, lecturing an ignorant Brother on the potency of the Doom Heralds.

"Lords and Ladies today we remember the fallen of the last war to have ravaged our world and we give thanks to the Heralds of Coming Doom, our saviours and greatest warriors of the Imperium!"
—The Lord Governor of Terrestes' speech during a memorial dinner attended by the Aristocrats of Terrestes.

"Be careful Farrus, the Doom Heralds aren't to be trifled with, they are a mysterious and powerful Chapter one of the Imperium's strongest and don't appreciate the Inquisition following their activities."
—A Lord Inquisitor lecturing Inquisitor Farrus, shortly before he went missing, presumed KIA.

"Heralds of Coming, eh? Superstitious basturds who can't stomach a straight fight."
—Big headed Golden Legionnaire after being questioned by the Inquisition about the Heralds of Coming Doom.

"The Heralds of Coming Doom, are insolent and rebellious. They insult the Primarch's Legacy with their beliefs!"
—Dark Angel talking about the Heralds of Coming Doom.

"I believe this is one of the few chapters out there that have earned my respect, such a shame that they have chosen to stray away from the great tactics of their predecessors"
—Iron Warden Urexus Banesword
"Could we have a little optimism here, Please?"
—St. Athaliah the Flame being sorely tried.



"There is not victory without suffering, no peace without sacrifice. It is the fate of those who can fight to bear the weight for those who cant. We must stand strong, and do anything necessary, to continue the existence of the Imperium, and the Galexy itself."
--3rd Company Captain Zephyer Kize
--Venerable Chaplain Abbius shortly before tearing apart World Eaters squad
"One more word against the Captain and I will strike you down where you stand Sister. He has suffered more, sacrificed more and fought more for the Emperor than you ever have and ever will. So insult him again and I will cut you down, Ecclesiarchy or no."
--3rd Company Champion Rhaine Isbeal

Imperial Fists

When all hope is faded, I belive that no mere man can stand alone. We Space Marines will stand like a torch, not leaders, but guiders.

--- Feron Ward on the Dark Future.

Iron Scorpions


"No Mercy, no remorse, no fear... cold as steel"
—A common motto used by the chapter, usually as a charging taunt
"Our motives are clear! We follow the Emperor as our divine father and champion. Change: and we risk walking out of the brilliant ray of his light. So I tell you, feel free to change, but you risk a whole host of negative effects. Chaotic corruption, loss of honour, or a malfunction in command. I'd say it's very foolish to think that fixing what isn't broken is a path to success."
—Iron Warden Urexus Banesword
"You revere the machine spirit above the Emperor Himself as if it were a separate god, you approve technology despite it's dark taint echoing the age of technology, and the age of strife it incurred... you're walking the fine line between faithfulness and heresy marine! And I vow to you, continue along this path, and we will never trust you."
—Anonymous Iron Scorpion during the Crusade of Redemption
"Give them what that wretched filth deserves! Incinerate them all!"
—Anonymous Iridium Warrior commenting on chaos cultists


"Their aggressive opposition to change have led them to be very superstitious and judgemental. Foolish as always, I'm counting down the years until they have another heated skirmish with some outcast unorthodox chapter."
—Grand Paladin Ardus Ortocus of the Blazing Claws
"If they weren't such brilliant fighters, their extremely predictable and unchanging tactics would spell their end."
—Eldar Farseer (Unidentified)
"At last... a chapter that aren't pompous, arrogant pricks. Emperor be blessed!"
—Commissar serving under the 51st Ferrax Guard
"...Does "Brainwashed into pure faith ever occur to them?"

Iron Hawks


"What the hell is that?!?!?!"

-- Anonymous Iron Hawk Scout at the Siege of Valdrax, commenting on a Monolith

"One bloody big ship, that's what it is!!!"

-- Chapter Master Palamon Justinian, standing next to the aforementioned Scout

"For honour, for justice, for Retribution!"

-- common warcry of the Iron Hawks, referring to the destruction of their home planet




Lords of Midnight


"The line between good and evil rest upon a thin grey line. The Midnight path is one of pain, torment, sacrifice, one of shadows...but ultimately, the Midnight path is as noble as the path of light. Some will do whatever it takes to protect what they love...are they evil? Are they misunderstood? Prehaps it is they who are the benevolent ones, the ones who sacrifice their own souls and right to happiness for something greater. The Midnight path may lead through nothing but darkness...but every night fallen...calls forth a new day."

- A Lord of Midnight


Lost Sons

"What's a Necron?"

"I have no idea."

—Brother-Captain Andreas Solar to St. Athaliah upon receiving orders for the Lost Son's penitence crusade.
"I feel like it's Emperor's Day morning and I've been a very good boy."
—Andeas Solar, Chapter Master of the Lost Sons, viewing Trazyn the Infinite's hoard.

Luna Dragons


"Imperial Purity shall overcome Chaos. Should it not, a sword will work just as well."
—Chapter Master Flavian Machiavetti, commenting on Imperial Purity.
"Arrogance is the root of all Heresy. Purity is the bane of all Heresy. You would do well to avoid the former and gain the latter, young one."
—1st Veteran Company Champion Leonardo Adolfo.
"The one thing that saddens my heart more than any Space Marine fallen prey to Chaos is any loyal Space Marine who has fallen prey to the sin of pride."
—4th Company Captain Durante Donatello, commenting on his thoughts.
"For truly the day is yours, Luna Dragons! Let them deliver themselves to their impending fate at the tips of your swords!"
—1st Veteran Company Champion Leonardo Adolfo rallying Luna Dragons on the Hive World of Yerus IV.
"The Emperor hath commanded damnation; feel thy blade and be forever ended, heretic."
—A Luna Dragon executing a Word Bearer on Cadia.
"There are no gods who will answer your misguided prayers, blasphemer. If there were any to begin with, I would have killed them by now."
—Veteran 1st Champion Leonardo Adolfo to a chaos sorcerer before beheading her.


"What curious Space Marines."
—A Commissar after chancing upon the rare sight of a Luna Dragon in combat.
"Finest Space Marines I've ever seen. Living embodiments of purity and perfected warfare. Wouldn't mind trading an entire life-time of Guardsmen for a Drag' at my back."
—A Guardsman commenting on the Luna Dragons.
"Doesn't it just delight you how they wince when you rip their arms off?"
—A Daemon Prince commenting on the Luna Dragons.
"If I tried to explain how highly I esteemed these Astartes, it would be doing a dis-service to them."
—A anonymous Imperial General.
"Don't hit me, hit the big green guy."
—Captain Thor Lightbringer, joking with a Luna Dragon marine on the battle field, guesturing at a ork.


"So you're going to preach the enemy to death? In my experience a bolt to the skull or a blade through the heart is a bit more effective."

- Unknown Lindwyrm to a Black Templars Chaplain

"If you win, you'll have to contend with the wrath of my battle- brothers. But if I win, I'm taking your skull as a trophy."

- Warmaster Sar'gir to a Dark Eldar Archon, shortly before beheading him. 


Marines Malevolent:

"They were acceptable losses"
—Chapter master of the Marines Malevolent to Karlees Navarre on the incidental deaths of hundreds of civilian hostages
"Who the Frak decided 'Marines Malevolent' was a good name for a Chapter?"
—St. Athaliah the Flame

Marines Baleful:

"If you think your boasting and spitefulness will win this battle then you are mistaken. Now are you going to fight me heretic, or are you all talk?"
— Company Master Arbiter to a Chaos Lord

Murdering Sons:


"Your offer to surrender has been received and rejected; we have not come to restore order or receive supplication, but to enact the Divine Emperor's judgement. Your loyalty has been weighed, measured and found wanting. Your fate has been writ by your own deeds. The time of judgement is at hand."
— Murdering Sons multi-channel vox-broadcast, the Pacification of Mortikah V


"Not sure if I grasp the concept of the murder bros name. If the state is sending them to kill people under Imperial law is it actually murder? I mean, I guess if they're killing aliens, they'd consider it murder. But then the name implies that the Imperium is recognizing the sovereignty of anything else, and that can't be right. Don't get it, don't like it. I'd still sell them stuff, but they're not getting the cool and cohesive name discount."
Douchard Bagge
"Infanticide is pretty cool"
"Hee hee hee, yes... Yes I know Jeztabel, they remind me of them too. Oh Sable warriors, wont you come join me? Your fallen reflections are of paltry faith and vision, but you could be much more. Come and join me, and your trophies will rival the Blood God's own in majesty!"
Valkyura Warpschild
"Our bloody handed allies, hired killers over soldiers. Still, a blade of ill repute can be reliable. More so than his honourable brother."
— Unknown Star Reapers Astartes
"Blackened bones, blackened bones, lost are the dead, with ashen homes. Blackened bones, blackened bones, lost in the void, their echoed moans."
—Unknown Mortarchs Serpentia Marine
"The Murdering Sons have no honor. They are nothing but heretics and liars! They are failures to the Imperium and failures to the Emperor."
— Bolerin Hallow, Chapter Master of the Bone Reapers
"Who picks these names!?"
— An offended St. Athaliah the Flame
"First a pillar was made to face the city gate, and then they flayed all the rebel leaders...then they..clad the pillar in the flayed skins. Then they gathered random the Emperor...even the children!...The screams...I can still hear them when I close my eyes!"
(At this point the subject moans incoherently for a few minutes, composes himself and then his testimony continues)
"...then they hung their skins from the city walls. The rest of the captives were killed by blades and flung in a bloody heap, and the remains of the young children were burned. The blackened bones and skulls of the slain were then taken and piled high in tottering heaps. Then as quickly as they had appeared, the sable-clad warriors departed as swiftly and silently as the grave.
— Inquisitorial recording ~Witness testimony of Jorus Goyavitch, survivor, Slaughter of Vladislav, Nekhrun System Atrocities
"You're certain this isn't the handiwork of another Night Lords warband? I mean...the pits full of flayed bodies, the scorched bones, the crucifixions? Really? 'Homicidialis Filios?' Well, seems like the Imperium's begun to miss the good old terror tactics we used to bring to the table."
Osiris of the Eternal Revenant
"You know, we have Eversors for this sort of thing..."
Greyon Autaris
"They are as brutal and remorseless than us. And yet, because they are lapdogs of the High Lords and are so lost that they see a God in the Emperor, all their exactions are pardoned. I feel the need to torture some traitor to calm myself."
—Yafrir Valqash, Void Lord of the Void Ravens.





"These pathetic cultists. They forsake the Emperor and the truth. For that, they shall be punished. Let us see how their "gods" help them now."
—Brother Captain Tyrus Belthane, in the trenches of Celestis IX.


"White... White daemons... flashes of silver..."
—Traitor Guardsman captured after the battle for Celestis IX, just prior to his execution.




Red Crusaders


"Helbrect, don't take all the kills from your troops."
—Tarkor Evangelus to High-Marshal Helbrecht.
"Today we march against the heretics! They believe that we will fall, they want our heads on their spears! But we shall not die, no! It is the enemy who will die! Whe shall take their lives and tear them apart, so, we march, FOR THE EMPEROR!"
—Tarkor Evangelus rallying his troops before a battle against Chaos.


"They are worthy battle brothers. They are just as good as us, as they have their modifyed geneseed."
—High Marshal Helbrecht about the Red Crusaders.

Relic Hunters


"No rest, no quater, no mercy!"
—Relic Hunters Warcry.
"There will come a day that I must pay for my sins... but it is not this day!"
—The renegade Relic Hunter Captain Vyns upon meeting a loyalist Astartes.
"Only The Emperor can live forever."
—The Grey One to a guardsman wondering aloud if it was even possible for the mysterious Astartes to die.
"The darkness is coming and I fear we will not survive the night that follows."
—Venerable Chaplain Grulgor, The Wise.
"...Arise, Brother, for you have earned the right to don the red cloak, symbol of the Great Martyr and his sacrifice in blood for the good of Mankind. Arise and enter a member of the Brotherhood..."
—Ceremonial speach traditionally spoken by one of the Council of Five


"He is a legend. They say he has lived for 7,000 years, maybe longer and never fallen to an enemy in single combat. I saw him once, during the battle of Helsworld, he was a knight of righteous vengence, slaying hundreds of those... those nightmares. They say he was tasked with the recovery of dangerous and powerful relics but by whom, no-one knows..."
—An Elderly Ex-Imperial Guard Sergeant to his Grandson when asked who The Relic Hunter was.
"The ones in red cloaks apear to be of higher rank and I have noted that only they are admitted inside, if we want to steal the Gorgon head, we'll have to steal some of those robes..."
—A spy of the Hydrae Warband
"Silence and lies are all you will find from the mouth of a Relic Hunter."
—Iron Hands Space Marine



"I will never fail and live. The Doctrine states, failure is the greatest dishonour any of us can suffer. I will not fail."
—Marius Tron
"I hate bug hunts."
Marius Tron, just prior to cleansing the Tyranid splinter fleet at Kal-Dor.
"Traitor Marines are stupid and ugly, but by the Throne they can wield Bolters."
—Brother Sergenat Callan, Revenants Third Company, during the 13th Black Crusade.
"I'm just a Space Marine. I don't do intellectual debate, I do blowing stuff up with various big guns."
—Battle Brother Lon Oppo
"Laslo Bane left me a Company, and Oppo. If he wasn't dead, I might have to smack him for the latter."
—Yan Rill, after an hour trying to impart wisdom to Lon Oppo.
"It matters not whether the Chapter is respected in the eyes of our Brothers... it is the Emperor whose opinion matters."
—Senior Chaplain Artorious.
"Just die, will you?!"
—Brother Captain Janus, prior to destroying a Chaos Defiler with a Missile Launcher.
"For Peace!"
—Brother Sergeant Yan Rill, battle of Ragnarok.
"We won't falter"
—Brother Sergeant Varl
"I love it when they die quietly."
—Brother Codicier Kryptus, having just fried three Thousand Sons Chaos Marines.

"It's just ten thousand Tyranids, what are you worried about?!" "Getting chopped up and turned into bio-fodder." "Well..." "And getting eaten by a Carnifex." "Oh, now.." "And don't forget the acid. Lots of acid." "Well... apart from that?"
— Brother Captain Yan Rill and Battle Brother Oppo, discussing Oppo's first mission against the Tyranids at Crafe Delta.
"We're so good at pest control, we should hire ourselves out."
—Brother Oppo, after the successful battle of Crafe Delta.
"Tau; they have big guns, small bodies, and soft faces. I pity them; they still think they can win. "
—Revenant Marine.
"I hate fighting Necrons. Makes me feel like a scrap merchant."
— Revenant Space Marine.


"They might be good soldiers, but they don't like being, and that's why I don't trust them."
—Dante, Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.
"Don't get me started. I've never fought alongside them, and if my luck holds out I won't be asked to. I think the only thing I like about them is their hatred of Tyranids. They don't follow the Codex Astartes, they don't like war... if I were a different man, I might almost consider excommunication. But they are Imperial Space Marines; and I suppose they deserve our respect for that."
—Marneus Calgar when asked about the Revenants
"As long as they're Space Marines, they're good enough for me."
—Colonel Benteen, Cadian 105th.
"Cadia doesn't forget it's friends."
—Ursarkar E. Creed on the Revenants.
"I never thought I'd meet a sensitive Space Marine."
—Imperial Guardsmen, after the Zion incident.
"They don't let the initiates fight. Sensible, I admit, but weak."
—unidentified Space Wolf.
"Most Space Marines are forged in blood. Revenants are forged in a simulator room. Pathetic."
—Logan Grimnar.
"Many deride them; but the Stone Giants were a Chapter like many others, and they fell. Maybe we should strive to be more like the Revenants."
—Cyric, prior to the formation of the Brotherhood of Peace
"They might say they don't like fighting, but I never saw anyone grin when fighting Tyranids.""
—unidentified Imperial Guardsmen.
"Cowardly heretical scum. I'll see their planet burn!"
—Inquisitor Hans Nieman, prior to his vanishing and the formation of Sanctimonia Praetoria.
"They're black and blue already; takes all the fun out of hitting them. "
—Chaos Marine, prior to the complete cleansing of Zion of Chaos forces.
"These Revenant Guela are hypocrites. They claim to hate war, and yet are the first to charge. they claim to be civilised... and are as much barbarians as the rest of that species."
—Tau Ethereal.
"I never heard of any damage they did to the Imperium, but if the Inquisitor says they do, that's good enough for me."
— Anonymous member of Sanctimonia Praetoria.

Red Hands


"We're not saints or saviors, we're just angels who know they could fall at any moment."

- Unknown Red Hand

"You are the lost and dammed of the Red Hands, but you may still achive redemption! You will find absolution in the blood of your foes, among the corpses of your enemies. The Hunger burns through your veins and the Black Rage twists your minds, but you are still His Angels of Death! Today you earn that name brothers! Now in the name of Sanguinius, in the name of the Emperor, MAKE THEM BLEED!"

- Reclusiarch Tachael to a Squad of Death Company Marines


- A Red Hand succumbing to the Hunger


"Holy Throne....."

- A Imperial Guard seeing a Red Hand succumb to the Hunger


Sable Lions


"Never show mercy! Mercy is for the weak! We do not train to be merciful!"
— Mudaris-Raqīb (Instructor-Sergeant) Anu-Malik to newly inducted Fida'i
"Camouflage is for cowards! We do not disguise ourselves or use subterfuge to confuse our enemies! We face them like warriors, our colors bold and true! Black - to show our deadly intent to our foes, that death has come for them. Gold - to show our enemies that we are not cowards! It is the raiment of our blinding faith!"
— Caliph Gilgamesh Ishtari to newly inducted Jannisaries
"Even the brave are scared by a lion three times: first by its tracks, again by its roar, and one last time face to face."
— Amr Berosus Irkalla
"He that flees from the roaring lion will be set upon by the crouching lion."
— Raqīb Jafar Arakhu, explaining the Sable Lions' tactics to a brother-Astartes, while serving in the Deathwatch
"You don't go searching for bones in a lion's den. Stupid munafiqun...he doesn't know how close to death he actually is. The brains of a fox will be of little service if you play with the paw of a lion."
— Rafiq Susuda Kinziru, verbalising his disdain to a fellow Rafiq, about a visiting Inquisitor that is investigating allegations of "atrocities" committed by the Sable Lions


"They are febrile of mind and feral in nature. Though brutal and savage their faith is stronger than tempered steel. They dispense the Divine Emperor's Will with swift justice and furious anger. Woe unto the enemies of Mankind! 'Tis better to be an ally of these 'Angels of Death' rather than a foe who stands in their path!"
— Imperial Guard Colonel Demitrius Zarkov, Commander of the XXIIIrd Kurgan "Widowmakers" Regiment
"Ahh, impressive! You have not failed to be interesting, loyalist. I have not seen a warrior of your like since Istvaan! I look forward to seeing if your Battle-Brothers will fight to avenge you with the same zeal as you have shown here!"
Malak Blackspawn, Chaos Lord of the Storm Draugar, facing the furious Castellan Hammurabi, "The Sixth Son," Sable Lions 4th Kárdake, during the infamous Sobvast Raids
"Ensure that the sabotage is clearly visible from orbit. Our bellicose kin wont attack unless we make it clear that the fortress is breached."
— Lophess Ovair, First Captain of the Obsidian Blades.
" I remember them from the time I was still an Iron Hand. Their effectiveness is great indeed, and their ferocity is but a veil to fool their foes. Beware the shifting sands, for they can hide a Lion more bloodied than the one we know."
— Comech Tallumen, Master Archivist of the Sons of Iron
"Literal weapons of war on the battlefield -- these Astartes fight with equal fury of the animal in their title. They are the epitome of what a Space Marine should strive to be; they are loyal, relentless, and deliver justice without mercy."
— Caesar Maximus Chapter Master of the Tempered Souls
"To me Lions of the Emperor! To my axe! To my hammer! To my hungry jaws! I thirst for glorious combat!"
— Wudka Purm, Chaos Lord of the Crusade Eternal during the Sobvast Raids
"We may not share their formal, unapproachable nature - we are as different as our namesakes. But in battle we are kin. They are the sword, where we are the hammer. They are the claw, where we are the horn."
— Akachi Masego, Chapter Master of the Rhinos
"Boasting pride of tar pitch black, their golden plate hides the heart they lack. Silent secrets in the shadow, bones of glass, and dust for marrow."
—Unknown Mortarchs Serpentia Marine
"All these not-lion lions are making me confused. The Lion's children don't look like lions at all, but these lions look quite a lot like lions with their pa looking like a pile of angry gravel. Back in my day everyone knew everyone else, and everyone knew who, and who were not, lions."
— Calios Kottel, Lord of the Void Sirens
"We call for peace, they bray for war. We let cooler heads prevail, they honor the hot-tempered. We fight to one day end the bloodshed, they fight while claiming bloodshed is the ultimate end. We are indeed both Lions, but we are as different as Black and White."
— Anton Durant, Veteran-Sergeant of the White Lions Chapter

Shadow of the Gamma Dragon

"We are no longer the Alpha Legion Brothers. That name has been tainted by our treacherous brothers. We are now it's shadow, its remaining glory hidden in the dark. We are the third we are the Shadow of the Gamma Dragon."
—Farl, speaking to the newly formed chapter
"I don't trust those Prophetic Forgiven, always sneaking around and trying to cleanse chapters, just like their Inquisition masters. The only thing I hate more then the Inquisition are their lap dogs."
—Dragon Lord Peilc Venair of the 5th Den after the Prophetic Forgiven reveal interest to purge chapter.
"Do you see my brothers, do you see what Chaos does to you. It does not make you a monster or daemon. It merely makes you into cowards and savages!"
—Grand Dragon Serge after the failed attempt on his life by the Ghost Snake Warband

Sons of Iron

"That you failed to uphold the duties belonging to any citizen of the Imperium is a fact. That such failure came from your weaknesses is a fact. That your failure call a punishment is a fact. That such punishment can only be your death is a fact. "
—2nd Captain Alvar Hagström before the Purge of LXZ-328; 987 M.41
"The drive to replace our flesh by the durability of steel is a part of us, and it is a weakness that all of us must overcome. Remember it, my young Brother : not trying to get ride of your weaknesses is the greatest sin that you can commit, for it is the way to failure and betrayal."
—Aleksanteri Madetoja, Master of the Faith.
"Ours is the duty to protect the Imperium and the Emperor himself. Nothing but perfection in your service is awaited of you. Do not bring shame to our Primarch."
—Part of the Chaplains speech to the Initiates.
"I wasn't the strongest, nor the quickest of the children undergoing the tests. But I was the most resilient, not in body but in mind. I never broke under any pressure. That's why I'm an Astartes today, while those who were strong of body but weak of mind aren't."
—Tuomas Vahanen, Fifth Captain
"Ok well bionics are out of the question, how about some top-notch antiphasic rounds?"
—Radriar Drazin

Space Hawks

"1300 space marines against 5000 chaos space marines, and countless daemons. Bring it."
—Chaptermaster Hawke Skyblade, before the battle for Aves.
"Return to the warp, fiend!"
—Head librarian Volatus, to a bloodthirster.


—Another bloodthirster, after the captain he had just eaten set a melta bomb, which exploded.

Space Primates

"We are his Beast, We are his Warriors, We are his Primates.


—Regladem Furim, Primate Lord of the Space Primates
"The enemy has fled and we are victorious. No matter what scar they leave us, we shall never bow down."
—Sanel Firefist, Chief Totem Shaman after stopping Nurgle's Poison
"When you wish to join another for vengeance, just remember what you said this day."
—Primate Lord Regladem talking to those who object to the Ultramarine's assistant.
"They have come here to honor one who was us, and one who was like a brother to them. Let them honor him."
—Head Ape Priest Julam Edmel allowing the Iron Scorpions to pay their respects to Teth.

Scarlet Skulls


" The bloody cowards! Steady boys, we'll face oblivion with our heads held high!"
— Captain Polycratesto his men upon seeing the start of the Iron Warriors bombardment at Olc Troi


Spartiate Marines

"The only thing tougher than a Spartiate Marine is the mother who bore him."
—Common saying
"Here we stand. And all the powers of the Warp will not move us."
—Captain Tomos Kleopatros-Herodes of the 'Stonewall' Company

Steel Tigers


"Each day we walk through the fire. Each day we fight foes that would drive men mad with their very presence. We fight foes who would burn men to ash with a thought. And we do this gladly, for we are the Space Marines. We are the wrath of the Emperor given worldly form. We are the war cry made manifest. We are the Space Marines, and when we go to war, the Warp itself quakes in terror."
—Jacob Stryker, Chapter Champion of the Steel Tigers
"We are the first, last, and often the only line of defence separating humanity from destruction. If we fail, we not only fail ourselves and our Brother Space Marines, we fail the entire human race, and in doing so, we fail the Emperor Himself. To fail is the greatest sin a Space Marine can commit."
—Chapter Master Kain Trask of the Steel Tigers
"The Chaos scum wish to speak with their Dark Gods. We should arrange a meeting for them."
—Chapter Champion Jacob Stryker
"Burn it all. The Grey Knights have given the order. Burn everything. Try not to listen to the screams."
—A disgusted Steel Tiger complies with Ordo Malleus orders to erase all evidence of a Daemonic Incursion
"Though I walk unarmed and unarmoured, though I fight outnumbered and outgunned, though I die unthanked and unknown, forever will I stand unbowed and undaunted. For that is the way of the Space Marine."
—Excerpt Steel Tiger Oath of Duty
"I may wield my blade with the strength of my arms, and I may stand on the line with the strength of my legs. But I fight with the strength of my heart."
—Steel Tiger Prayer Before Battle


"Spit drinking dogs. At least they don't disgrace the legacy of any particular Primarch."
Alistair, Chaos Lord and Champion of the Despoiler
"They know it's their duty to defend the Imperium and it's people. Sadly, Space Marines with that attitude are in the minority. I saw one of them deck a Flesh Tearer for saying they should leave refugees behind to slow the Orks down."
—Imperial Guardsman #b_R-2201
"They are undoubtedly some of the more trustworthy allies Imperial forces can have; unfortunately, due to their 'parentage' you can never be absolutely certain once the fighting starts, exactly what they are going to do."
Karlees Navarre, an Imperial commander who prefers the use of devastating firepower followed by carefully-prepared assaults.[src]

Steel Fists


"Someone once asked me why we chose to fight in tanks when other chapters fight on foot.I said that the fists fight in tanks because if the enemy saw our faces they'd run away at the sight of our bionics"
—Chapter master Iquestus Macedo
"Shoot an Ork he dies, Shoot a Eldar he dies, Shoot a traitor he dies, Stab them they come back to haunt you"
—Lisendo Moitas on why the fists prefer long range combat


"Our successors have a weird sense of duty to the Imperium"
—An Iron Hand Captain contemplates a meeting with a Steel Fist

Steel Wardens


Stone Giants


"We are Unyielding Stone!"
—Variation on the Stone Giant's battlecry.
"They stole our lives from us! Our futures! Our children! Everything we could have been! Well, brothers, I ask you now, what do we have to show for it? Nothing! Nothing but dead Battle Brothers and dead families!!"
—Vortigern to his Chapter
"The Imperium will pay for this. I swear it."
"We are what the Imperium has made us. We are the result of humanity's arrogance and negligence. We have lost everything, and because of that, we take the name you give us; we are the Renegades."
"How would you rather be remembered Brothers?! As traitors who betrayed everything they stood for? Or as men who died for redemption?"


"You would be hard pressed to find a more loyal Chapter anywhere, save on Macragge."
—Inquisitor Hans Nieman, on the Stone Giants.
"It was not pride that destroyed them, nor the taint of Chaos. It was not fear, it was not heresy. It was the simple love a human being has for their family, and the anguish of being separated from them. For some reason, that almost fills me with hope."
—Inquisitor Quodos.

The Survivors

"Did we just do something brave?"
—An amazed Carl Donnewitz, after The Survivors defeated Fabius Bile
—Colchase van Deeman, after tearing the still-beating heart from a World Eater with his bare hand, earning him the sobriquet 'the Red-Handed'
—The average Survivor's reaction to any threat.
"I thought Traitor Marines lusted for combat and for souls to sacrifice to their dark Gods; these ones seem to care only for their lives"
—Admiral Kiras Kunn; after ambushing and nearly trapping the Survivor fleet.

Storm Crusaders

"We are death Incarnate, let all those who are enemies know this."

"I am a Knight of Asherian. And I shall be your doom."

"To be apart of Alpha Squadron you must be at peace with yourself, but those who are not are little more than tools for us."

"Tyrion, I really don't give a damn what you do. Just get the Job done!"

"Know this Xenos, For it shall be your last. DO not ask me a question, for I shall give you 3 answers, all of which end in me killing you."

Sea of blades

"romeoulus forgive me brother"
—remus whispers before being impaled by romeoulus
"the sea of blades is like a loyalist version of khorne berserkers"
—a guardsmen whispered to an inqusitor
"hm, the sea of blades are very fierce. c'mon don't let them have all the fun! charge!"
—a space wolf comments as the sea of blades tear through daemons of khorne


"I don't like people who think they're better than me"
—Sergeant John Thomas, of the 1st Varraconi Regiment

The Ditch Fighters


" We have nothing to give but our lives and we give them gladly"
—Anonymous Ditch Fighter


"Does anybody else think the Imperium has started slapping Power Armor on PDF troopers?"
Savark Von Andranas
"It feels feels like there's an endless supply of these warriors "
—Death Korps of Kreig Commissar
"Thats because there is "
—Death Korps of Kreig Officer
"Space Marines in dull colored armor that blends into the background - what an unexpectedly brilliant idea."
—St. Athaliah Kane the Flame
"Our polar opposites."
—A Strike Marine of the Storm Eagles chapter.

Thunderers of Badb

"A threat best avoided."

-Supreme Commander Raj of More Empires No More Empires

"Savages. This is what would become of us if we sold our souls to the Ruinous Powers."

-Grigori Chapter Master Ming to Captain Mac Cool

"Valor and a bloody blade!"

-Thunderers of Badb warcry

"Sure, we could crush them under our heels. But they are useful in thier own way."

-the Pestilent Gregor the Pestilent

The Faithful

From the chapter:

"They say that we are weak! That we aren't worthy of The Emperors Gift. Well I say let them talk all they want. We are Adeptes Astartes and we were born for this!"-CM Ausar before planetfall on Midgard, Ragnorok System, Orions Grip

"The Inquisiton snap at our heels, circling around us like the carrion birds they are, just waithing for us to deviate from THEIR view of purity, of Faith. We were named The Faithful for a reason."-Chaplin Secundos to CM Ausar after the Inquisitorial Inspection

About the chapter:

"Their souls are pure, their hearts and minds think and feel nothing but The Emperors Light. What more do you want of them Inquisitor."-Ship Master Harkon to Inquisitor Doran Migdol during the Inquisitorial Inspection.


Ultra Hawks

"Kill the Traitors, Burn their Bodies, KILL THEM ALL!


—-Ultra Hawk Space Marine

"I Know that the Emperor is Watching Me today!


—- Chapter Master Halcon During The liberation of Wolfus


"Don't be judgmental, dear."
—St. Athaliah the Flame to Marneus Calgar



Warriors of Liberation


"We will liberate this planet in the name of the immortal god emperor."
—Adrian the Liberator during the campigan on Isacc V
"I've got a bad feeling about this place."
—Terrell Johnson Terminator Captian right before being ambushed on the space hulk

Wild Scythes


"Orks, Eldar, Chaos, Necrons, two bolts from this baby it's all the same. Except for Necrons."
—Captain Hansen of the wild scythes 3rd, very fond of his combi melta.
"By the emperor's throne, SOMEBODY GET ME A SANDWICH!!"
—Isaac Vanguard, chapter master, had been on the battlefield for 3 days without food.
"I really don't see what the big deal is."
—Dreadnought malificus
"I Will not give you a waaagh! you haven't earned it. Damn orks thinki'n i'll give

them somethi'n i don't have."

—captain hansen commenting on the waaagh.
"We are astartes, we are imperial, we are space marines, we are *snicker* bwah ha ha ha, i'm sorry i can't talk like that for more the 5 seconds"
—captain hansen
"I am Isaac Vanguard and I NEVER DIE!"
—Isaac Vanguard, after being shot with a railgun.


"Never have I met a space marine so humourus."
—Marneus calgar, lord macragge, just emerged from a meeting with Isaac
"These guys did a horrible thing and no one cares. Thats awesome!"
—Anonymous Blood angels scout
"They have a most peculiar gene seed, let me just read this out, Isaac's cornea, a wild scythes marine has binocular vision. Impossible!"
— Captain Tycho of the blood angels




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