This article, Sons of the Trashcan, is a user faction.
Note that Raider and King know of the long history of the User Factions, this page is simply just a User Faction that was made just for fun, so don't get triggered.

Sons of the Trashcan Info

Sons of the Trashcan

Trash Marine

The Sons of the Trashcan is in a nutshell is your average drunk group of friends. The Drunken Legion was founded by the greatest wiki users EVER! Which is clearly Raider_XX the greatest of all the Drunken member of the Sons of the Trashcan. Oh yeah also Kingslayer1 which is pretty cool I guess but he's still pretty much garbage though.

Also anyone is welcome to join as well, unless you're a killjoy, then go away.


One day the glorious Raider proposed to the degenerate King saying "We should make a user faction."

King replied "Sure."

And thus Raider began the strenuous task of forming the Drunken Legion. From those infatuated with fermented beverages or those carrying the banner of the Trashcan Members would take all of them. It is fabled that one day the Drunken Legion will ascend to the heavens after they find the unholy concoction known as the "Dark Drink". Until that day they are determined to ingest any and all alcoholic beverages.

Sons of the Trashcan

Trash Icon

Current Sons of the Trashcan Members


Raider is the Founder and Chaos Lord of the Drunken Legion!


Also a founder but he is garbage so who cares about him. Oh yeah he is a Drunken Lord, forgot to note that.



The Snow Shadow

The connoisseur of only the finest ciders.


How the fuck did we get him to join?


Trash Lord:

The Drunken Lord is the most powerful rank within the Drunken Legion.

Trash guy:

A Trash Guy is a nerd, like super nerd but knows alot but the Trash Can is bullying tool for Trash Members.

Average Trash:

The Average Trash Member.

Home of the Trashards

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