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Sons of Theutonus are a renegade Space Marines Chapter. They follow the doctrine of Chaos Undivided and maintain strong ties to the Iron Warriors.

Their coat of arms is a black Aquila

Son of Theutonus

Sons of Theutonus

Before the Fall


Created originally as a fleet based crusading chapter, Sons of Theutonus for centuries had traveled through the galaxy bringing Emperor's wrath to his foes.

They followed the Codex Astartes for the most part, yet they favoured melee combat over firefights. The Chapter, led by a Grand Master,  split into eight Grand Companies lead by the Komturs, each of which numbered around one hundred and twenty battle-brothers. Furthermore Sons of Theutonus maintained four Squire Companies numbering eighty initiates each. 

Combat Doctrine

Recruiting mainly amongst the population of their gigantic vessels, Sons of Theutonus had quickly become masters of the space combat. 

On the ground, lacking heavier engines such as a Predator or a Land Raider, they had made extensive use of Rhinos and Razorbacks. Only shortly before their fall to chaos they managed to lay their hands on a couple of Vindicators.

The Fall

Reorganization in progress.

After the Fall

Reorganization in progress.



"No wonder they went renegade, looks like they ignored the section in the Codex about appropriate portion sizes. I didn't even know they made power armor to accommodate that kind of girth."
Douchard Bagge