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The Sons of Becol are a loyalist successor chapter of space marines from the unforgiving Iron Hands chapter in the late 35th millennium. The Sons of Becol, like their forebears, hate weaknesses of the flesh and of morality. However, unlike any other descendant chapter of the Iron Hands they worship the Emperor as a God incarnate: a living embodiment of perfection. They will not stop at nothing to purge any treat to his divine realm of man.

Chapter History

The Sons of Becol are highly unknown to most of the Imperium of Man only few accounts of there noble deeds are recorded.but they are known to be founded in the late 35th millennium but even this is still unclear. but the inquisition knows that they where part of the dark founding most of the records are hidden deep in the office of Adeptus Terra.

Chapter Combat Doctrine

Like their forebears among the Iron hands, the Sons od Becol have a deep hatred for any weakness of and form.

Chapter Organisation

like any chapter they follow the sacred doctrine of the Codex Astartes with a few adjustments to their doctrine like there founding father chapter they follow a unique organisation known as clans. Each company composes of different clans leaders they call War Clans each is divided into a Clan Company a tactical company with support company like devastator squads or land speeders they also maintain a squads of scouts company for reconnaissance.

Chapter Homeworld

File:Imperial city.jpg

The Sons of Becol home planet it is a hive but in the north side of the continent is a forge cities it was once a great planet full of life now its nothing more planet full of cities and forge factories for building war machine for the Imperium's might and glory. here the Sons of Becol recruits there young neophyte in the hive city gangs and nobles of the planet there a 10 cities in the planet the greatest city of all is the hive city of Becol the chapters name was taken from this city because this city was the fist city the god emperor visited in the great crusade the current warlord of the city is also the chapter master of the Sons of Becol known as Livyfel the Gwapo Man each city have there own warlord or clan leader like in the city of legazpy has brother captain nicholas of the fist company known as the oragon company.

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