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The Solar Wardens are a 25th Founding loyalist chapter of Adeptus Astartes, and the sole successor chapter of the Hammer Guard. They follow a unique organization, casting aside the Codex Astartes. Originating from the Planet Mhuir, the chapter has been given the Mhuir system to recruit from, as their homeworld is uninhabited. instead they recruit from Mhuir II, known as Coille by the inhabitants. The chapter's progenitor, their chapter cult and gene-seed have all created conflict with the Inquisition.

Despite being bloody and savage warriors, the Solar Wardens have an artists side, modifying their armor and creating works of art to honor their chapter cult.


Created as one of the last chapters from the 25th founding, right before the start of the 41st Millennium, the Solar Wardens have already made a name for themselves. Created to protect the Mhuir system and the surrounding systems from the forces of Chaos located in the Maelstrom, they have made numerous attacks on the worlds surrounding the Maelstrom, and have defended their local systems from uncountable raids from Chaos.

The Fall of the Great Warrior

For many decades the Great Chieftain Gabriel Fireblade, known as the Great Warrior, lead his chapter through war after war, bringing them many honors and victories. That all changed at the War for Corella, when the Solar Wardens were charged with purging the taint of Chaos from the civilized world, so that it could be repopulated. The Wardens took this challenge, and began a long grueling campaign to cleanse the massive world. At the end of it the Solar Wardens came upon the massive stronghold erected by the heretic population in order to please the Chaos Lord that ruled over them. The Wardens stormed the stronghold, and a great battle followed, with fighting on ever corner of the fortress. Fireblade and the enemy Chaos Lord did battle on the large balcony overlooking the city. Fireblade was victorious, beheading the Lord with his mighty chainaxe, when he was hit by the turbo-penetrator round of a Vindicare assassin. Fireblade fell as the Captain of the Geàrd Onair found him. Thus ended the reign of the Great Warrior, a reign ended for unknown reasons, and because of this the Solar Wardens have a deep hatred for the Officio Assassinorum to this day.

The Forsaken Heresy

The Forsaken heresy which effected the Hammer Guard in 983.M41 also effected the Solar Wardens too. It started when half the Wolf tribe, lead by Diarmid Warhowl, responded to a call for aid by the Serpent tribe in the Bestonia system. When Diarmid's forces arrived, they found no sign of the Serpent tribe. Worried, Diarmid sent one of his frigates back to the other half of the Wolf tribe, while the rest of the war party scanned the system. As the frigate left, the Serpent tribe appeared out of the warp, along with two Chaos-aligned Carnage class cruisers. They opened fire on the vessels of the Wolf tribe as the frigate made it's jump through the warp to warn the chapter. What happened next is unknown, but a week later Diarmid Warhowl sent a message to Mhuir, warning the chapter that the Serpents had betrayed them. The Solar Wardens response came too late to assist in the war on Gabarlos, instead assisting their progenitor in chasing the traitors to the Eye of Terror. They donated 20 astartes to the Hateful Watch, as they were an entire tribe down, with another at half strength. They would only fully recover in 999.M41, a month before Cadia fell

The Solar Wardens did enact some justice on their fallen brothers. During the chase to the Eye of Terror the Solar Warden's Eagle tribe was able to board their stolen battle barge, Blade of Sol and began to kill off the heretical crew and their former brothers. Soon they learned that on board the barge, besides the heretics and 70 chaos space marines who had not abandoned ship to find shelter aboard the other vessels was Alpin Bloodfang, the fallen Solar Wardens Sgiobair. Muir Stormtooth lead half the tribe to the bridge while Calum Blackclaw lead the other half to purge the ship. Muir found, in the center of the largest room of the ship, was Alpin surrounded by traitors and heretics. The battle that followed was bloody, as chainaxes clashed or cut through flesh and bolter rounds tore through bodies. It only ended when the Bloodied One impaled Alpin on his lightning claw, holding up under his rib cage before jumping up into the air and letting the traitor drop to the floor. The traitors realized they had lost and fought to escape, only to be sandwiched between the two halves of the Eagle tribe and torn to pieces.

The Days of Binding

During the Noctis Aeterna, when the Emperor's light no longer shined to half of the Imperium, the Solar Wardens were split in half. The Wolf tribe and Eagle tribe were on separate crusades through the Imperium, while the Bear, Warrior and Serpent companies were in their home system. As the Emperor's light thinned out and faded, all contact between the 3 separate forces of Solar Wardens was lost, and no one heard from Mhuir. The wolf tribe attempted to find their way home, but got lost among the stars, and when found by the Indomitus Crusade, the Wolves and their Sgiobair were far removed from the system they had been crusading in when the Noctis Aeterna started, travelling at sub-light speed. The Eagle tribe remained in the system they had been trapped in, and were decimated by repeated attacks by Orks, reduced to a quarter of their strength when they were rescued. When these two companies returned to their home system, they found it empty. Eilean Daingnich, the chapter's Fortress-Monastery, still stood strong, but it's halls were empty, and the rest of the chapter was nowhere to be found. Ever since, the Wolf tribe has searched for their lost brothers, while the Eagle tribe gains recruits to regain the chapter's strength. In the absence of the rest of the chapter, Diarmid Warhowl has taken over as Mhaighstir, with his Sagart becoming the new Reclusiarch and his starpriest becoming the new starlord, while the Bloodied One has become the new Bhuadhaiche, chosen by the 3 remaining sgiobair before Diarmid was elected.

Notable Campaigns

  • The Battle of Ifrinn (120.M41) - The Battle of Ifrinn was the first battle waged by the Solar Wardens, and was their proving grounds. The system was in desperate need for help after being attacked by the forces of Chaos including their own guardsmen, and the Solar Wardens came to their aid. Immediately after arriving in the system the chapter launched drop pods onto the planet, right on top of the enemy forces. As they emerged from their pods, the Solar Wardens were already swinging with chainswords, power swords and chainaxes in hand. Their surprise attack costed the enemy hundreds of soldiers before they even knew what was happening. The Solar Wardens defeated the enemy in a bloody purge, drowning the traitor guardsmen in their own blood and massacring the Chaos Space Marines the guardsmen were supporting.
  • Cleanse of Calderon (342.M41) - In 342.M41, as the 2nd tribe was finishing a cleanse of an unnamed hive world, they recieved a distress signal from the Forge World of Calderon. The World had fallen prey to heretics and Chaos Space Marines, and the population was being captured or killed at a rapid rate. The Solar Wardens soon departed towards the planet, arriving to find the planet consumed by Chaos, with no survivors. The tribe bombarded the planet from orbit before landing to finish off the survivors, cleansing the planet thoroughly and painfully.
  • The Trials of Azkab (650.M41) - In a battle that lasted a month, the Solar Wardens chased sorcerers of Tzeentch across the world of Azkab, enduring long and painful trials to reach each sorcerer, usually resulting in a fight with dozens of cultists and chaos space marines. The most famous of the trails was the Maze of Azkab, a 3 kilometer long and 7 kilometer wide labyrinth, which saw members of the Snake tribe be separated and ambushed, lead into traps, and be tortured to death in brutal and obscene ways. Eventually young Alpin Bloodfang and his squad found the sorcerer in the center of the labyrinth, in a ritual that would spawn a Daemon of the Architect of Fate. Alpin and his squad stopped the ritual, the Sorcerer slain by Alpin's blade, Fang of Sol.
  • 13th Black Crusade (999.M41) - The Solar Wardens serving the Hateful Watch with their brothers in the Hammer Guard took part in the Black Crusade, when they assisted in the boarding of a ship that held warriors of the Forsaken Hammers. They perished aboard the vessel, only a few of them having their gene-seed removed by the escaped apothecary. The Solar Wardens did, however, inflict a critical wound on the ship, which later would result in the ship's engine malfunctioning and detonating, killing all 200 Forsaken Hammers on board.

Gene Seed

Like their progenitor, the Solar Wardens suffer from a mutation in their Melanochrome, causing the Solar Wardens to have bone white skin and black eyes, making it seem like they were skeletons, as well as the lack of a sus-an membrane and Betcher's gland

After a battle with a Greater Daemon of Khorne, the chapter also discovered another mutation in their gene-seed. Known as the Blood Rage by those in the chapter, it causes some space marines to descend into madness while on the battlefield, and begin slaying everything in sight, crying out in pain as their brain begins dying, a mutated Biscopea destroying their brain from the inside. If not slain on the battlefield, the other Astartes on the field are obliged with killing the affected individual, so that he may suffer no more. This mutation has put them at odds with the Inquisition, for they believe it may be a "gift" from Khorne, considering the circumstances of it's discovery. The Apothecaries of the chapter are still trying to uncover the reasons why it happens at random, and what caused it.


Aspirants for the Solar Wardens are taken from the three other planets in the system, all of which are luckily able to support life. They are taken to the Fortress Monastery on Mhuir, where they are sent off into the massive forests of the planet, and are tasked with finding one of the four massive predators on Mhuir: The Wolf, the Bear, the Eagle and the Serpent. Once they have slain the beast, they carry it back to the Fortress Monastery. This animal will decide which one of the companies the aspirant will eventually belong to.

Chapter Organization

The Solar Wardens choose to make their own setup, casting aside the Codex Astartes. Each Company, or tribe is based on an animal, and so their fighting style reflects it. The Primaris marines gifted to the Solar Wardens were quickly adopted into the weakened chapter, and were assigned a tribe based on their troop type.

Command Ranks

  • Mhaighstir (Chapter Master)
  • Sgiobair (tribe Captains)
  • Sagart (Reclusiarch/Chaplains)
  • Startouchers (Librarians)
    • Starlord (Chief Librarian)
    • Starbender (Codicier)
    • Starspeaker (Epistolary)
    • Startoucher (Lexicanium)
  • Innealradh (Tech Marine)
    • Goibhnea (Master of the Forge)
  • Lighiche (Apothecaries)
  • Sàirdseant (Sergeant)

Veteran Ranks

  • Bhuadhaiche (tribe Champion)
  • Saighdear (Terminators)
  • Boghadair (Sternguard)
  • Geàrd Onair (Honor Guard)
  • Brataich (Standard Bearer)

Line formations

Battleline Squads

  • Innleachdach (Tactical Marines)
  • Laoch (Primaris Intercessors)
  • Snaidhpear (Scouts)

Close Support Squads

  • Ionnsaigh (Assault Marines)
  • Ghaisgeach (Unique melee unit)
  • Sealgair (Primaris Reivers)
  • Clamhan (Primaris Intercessors)

Fire Support Squads

  • Rionnag (Primaris Hellblasters)
  • Famhair (Primaris Aggressors)

Order of battle

Order of battle if the chapter were at full strength:

Chapter Command

Solar Wardens Icon

Diarmid Warhowl
Chapter Master of the Solar Wardens
Command Squad - Bhuadhaiche (Chapter Champion), Sagart, Lighiche, Startoucher, Brataich (Chapter Banner Bearer)
6 Geàrd Onair (Honor Guard)
1 Land Raider
Chapter Startouchers
1,500 Chapter Serfs & Servitors
Armoury Reclusium Apothecarion Librarius Master of the Fleet
Badge Adeptus Mechanicus
Goibhnea Cinead Firemaw
Master of the Forge
27 Innealradh (Techmarines)
95 Servitors
52 Battle Tanks (multiple types)
25 Predators
8 Vindicators
9 Whirlwinds
12 Land Raiders
14 Gunships (Stormtalons and Stormravens)
24 Centurion Warsuits
19 Land Speeders
Assault & Attack Bikes
Reclusium Icon
Sagart (Reclusiarch) Fraser Decurius
Master of Sanctity
10 tribe Sagart
Apothecary Prime Helix Icon white
Ailbeart Kyrax
Lighiche (Chief Apothecary
12 Lighiches (Apothecaries)
Librarius Icon
Angus Rageblade
Starlord (Chief Librarian)
5 Starbenders
9 Starspeakers
10 Startouchers
3 Acolytes (Neophytes)
Sgiobair Ewan Gerro
Master of the Fleet
2 Battle Barges
3 Strike Cruisers
6 Escorts
65 Thunderhawk Gunships


Battle Companies
Warrior tribe Wolf tribe Bear tribe Eagle tribe Serpent tribe
Mhaighstir Diarmid Warhowl and Sgiobair Calum Blackclaw
Command Squad - Bhuadhaiche (Chapter Champion), Sagart, Lighiche, Startoucher, Brataich (tribe Banner Bearer)
1 Geàrd Onair (Honor Guard) Squads
4 Saighdear (Terminator) Squads
9 Boghadair (Sternguard) Squads
4 Ghaisgeach Squads
3 Atlernate Close Support Squads
2 Snaidhpear (Scout) Squads
Sgiobair Finlay Gorefang and Sgiobair Oliver Crossblade
Command Squad - Bhuadhaiche (Chapter Champion), Sagart, Lighiche, Startoucher, Brataich (tribe Banner Bearer)
7 Battleline Squads
7 Fire Support Squads
6 Close Support Squads
2 Snaidhpear (Scout) Squads
Sgiobair Ewn Gerro and Sgiobair Lucas Firetalon
Command Squad - Bhuadhaiche (Chapter Champion), Sagart, Lighiche, Startoucher, Brataich (tribe Banner Bearer)
10 Battleline Squads
5 Fire Support Squads
5 Close Support Squads
2 Snaidhpear (Scout) Squads
'Sgiobair Alastair Bloodbeak and Sgiobair Wallace Krakenslain'
Command Squad - Bhuadhaiche (Chapter Champion), Sagart, Lighiche, Startoucher, Brataich (tribe Banner Bearer)
6 Battleline Squads
7 Fire Support Squads
7 Close Support Squads
2 Snaidhpear (Scout) Squads
Sgiobair Raibert Calus and Sgiobair Hamish Kedth
Command Squad - Bhuadhaiche (Chapter Champion), Sagart, Lighiche, Startoucher, Brataich (tribe Banner Bearer)
6 Battleline Squads
5 Fire Support Squads
6 Close Support Squads
4 Snaidhpear (Scout) Squads


The Chapter wields a wide range of melee and ranged weaponry, including some made only by the Chapter Forge.

  • Reaper Pattern Chainaxe- A special chainaxe made only by the chapter's forge, the Reaper chainaxe has larger teeth than other patterns of chainaxe, and is used by the Ghaisgeach squads and by some Sgiobair.
  • Astartes Pattern shotgun- The Solar Wardens Snaidhpear squads are primarily armed with astartes pattern shotguns, more than other chapters

Notable Solar Wardens

  • Gabriel Fireblade - Solar Wardens hero of legend - Gabriel Fireblade was the second Mhaighstir of the Solar Wardens, and lead the chapter on 3 centuries of crusades, defending the worlds surrounding the Maelstrom and bringing sectors back to the Emperor's light with righteous fury. He was slain during the War for Corella, but not by the enemy. As he struck down the Chaos Lord controlling the planet, his neck was pierced by the turbo-penetrator round of a Vindicare assassin. The Solar Wardens never discovered the reasons of his death, and have a special hatred for the Officio Assassinorum because of this.
  • Cinead Ashtooth - Cinead Ashtooth, originally of the Wolf tribe, Cinead was the Mhaighstir of the Solar Wardens and was a brilliant warrior, having lead for 3 centuries before he disappeared.
  • The Bloodied One - The Bloodied One is the current champion of the chapter, and has sworn himself to silence, after he was found badly wounded and unconcious, surrounded by the corpses of Black legionnaires and Solar Wardens. When he was awoken by the chapter's lighiche, he discovered that he was the only survivor of the Eagle tribe, all 200 of them falling to the forces of the Black Legion. Since then he has sworn himself to silence until the man responsible for his brother's murder has been brought to justice. He is armed with a modified jump pack, shaped to look like an Eagle's wings, a chainaxe that is the staple of his chapter, and a rare relic of the chapter: a crusade pattern lightning claw, known as the Bloodied Talon. He wears a helmet depicting tears of blood, as remembrance of the day his tribe fell.
  • Diarmid Warhowl - Now the Mhaighstir of the Solar Wardens, Diarmid Warhowl originally lead the Wolf tribe, and is a brilliant tactician, along with a bloodthirsty warrior. His chainaxe is a legendary weapon, and his skill with it has earned the respect of his chapter. He is the first Mhaighstir to lead without the Shield of Sol, a notable difference that the chapter believes will be the first of many changes in the chapter, either good or bad.

Fortress Monastery

The Fortress Monastery of the Solar Wardens, Eilean Daingnich, sits on the coast of the Great Ocean of Mhuir, which covers 79% of the planet's surface. It is a massive complex both above and below ground, surrounded by the giant trees that cover the planet's surface. In the center of the complex lies the Great Hall, which is filled with the artwork and sculptures of the Solar Wardens, as well as their trophies.

Chapter Fleet

The Chapter has a larger fleet, with 3 battle barges in it's ranks, to accommodate for the size of each tribe.

  • Blade of Sol- Battle Barge
  • Sol's Wrath- Battle Barge
  • Fireblade's Vengeance- Battle Barge
  • Guardian Wolf- Strike Cruiser
  • Fearsome Predator- Strike Cruiser
  • Serpent's Fang- Strike Cruiser
  • Eagle's Razor- Strike Cruiser

Chapter Relics

  • Fireblade's Teeth- The chainaxe wielded by Gabriel Fireblade, Fireblade's Teeth is one of the first Reaper Pattern chainaxes created by the chapter. It lies at the end of the Great Hall, placed in the wall and protected by glass, visible for all to see
  • Shield of Sol- A specially designed shield to resemble the shape of a star, the Shield of Sol is given to all Mhaighstirs of the chapter to wield in battle.
  • Bloodied Talon- A rare crusade pattern lightning claw, the Bloodied Talon is given to the champion of the Eagle tribe. It is currently wielded by the silent warrior known as the Bloodied One

Chapter Beliefs and Culture

The Solar Wardens are close to their progenitor chapter, and share much of the same beliefs. The Solar Wardens believe the stars are actual gods, however, and the Emperor is the living form of Sol, the king of the gods. They have adopted their own practices to worship the stars and the God-Emperor, such as creating sculptures in honor of them and modifying their armor to have symbols of the stars worked into the armor.

The Solar Wardens believe that the beauty of nature and the Human Body are the greatest creations of the Stars, and so they try to capture them in artwork, spending what time they are at the Fortress Monastery worshiping the stars or out in the forests, making artwork from nature. Indeed, the great hall is lined with the sculptures and artwork made by the chapter, mainly pieces of armor from fallen battle brothers.

The Chapter's belief of the perfection that is the Human body, they despise mutants and the forces of Nurgle and Slaanesh, who mutilate and destroy their bodies, ruining it's perfection. They also try to defend the citizens of the Imperium themselves, trying to protect their perfection.



The Solar Wardens are close with their progenitor, the Hammer Guard. This was only strengthened after the Forsaken Heresy, when the gene-line vowed to show their fallen brothers the wrath of the Imperium.


The most hated enemies of the Solar Wardens were once their brothers, the Forsaken Hammers warband. Since their creation, the Forsaken Hammers have been the main focus of the Solar Wardens, to the point that they have become experts at spotting signs which herald the arrival of the warband.

Notable Quotes

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By the Solar Wardens

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"To War, brothers! These traitors mutilate themselves, they forsake the Emperor's gifts! They shall be burned, and face the Emperor's judgement!"
—Finlay Gorefang, Sgiobair (Captain) of the Wolf Tribe

About the Solar Wardens

"They are our brothers in redemption, they share the same burden we do. Do not doubt the Solar Wardens, for their hatred of the Forsaken may yet exceed our own."
—Tybellius Cygus, Legate of the Hammer Guard's 9th company
" Stars as gods? Mankind has always looked to the abyss for answers, but it's worrying when it answers. I'll keep an eye on them, but that's nothing new for Astartes"
Inquisitor Jacob Flux on the Hammer Guard's and Solar Wardens' beliefs.
"Their homeworld heavily mirrors our own. Where did we fail where they have succeeded?"
—Sanadros Kairn of the 11th Company of the Novus Krakens, reminiscing on The Fall of Mobidium.
"Someone call the lost and found, it looks like you've dropped something."
— Calios Kottel, Lord of the Void Sirens