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"Hear me! This darkened palace is empty! The clamor is gone! The bile of stillness is as sickness! Hear me! Light my way, oh great gift! Shine your light, and bring an end to this noiseless dusk!"
— Slaa'sha'cii's summoning ritual, as read from the Book of Hallen.

Slaa'sha'cii, the Siren Call, Herald of the Screaming Doom, the Silvered Gift, Matron of the Void Sirens. Born from the power of Slaanesh, the dark prince of excess, Slaa'sha'cii is a terribly potent Keeper of Secrets whose aspect is that of sound - the whimper from the lips of a dying man, a scream in the darkness at the terror that lies with in, the bone jarring crescendo at the climax of the Fall. Slaa'sha'cii is sound incarnate.


From the raging fire of the doom of the Eldar was born Slaanesh, infant and primordial, bloated with endless passion. Cast on the tide of convulsive hunger, Slaanesh drank in that which it found, and cried with pleasure from all it experienced. From the immolated remains of dead worlds, Slaanesh drank in colour, the light of space and the deep darkness left by ill fate; from the slicing edges of splintered souls, Slaanesh drank in the touch of unbridled agony, the warmth of shed blood; and from the depthless, putrid hearts of the decanted pleasure cultists, Slaanesh drank in the sound of a dying lament, a beautiful death knell, the call of an unfettered godling, born of death. Out of this blinding soul-darkness came the Siren Call, an portion of the endless fragment - the aspect of sound in a maelstrom of excessive concussion - Slaa'sha'cii, a creature formed from the combined thoughts of clamorous resonance. 

The Book and the Tree


"I prayed to the gods to end my suffering, and they swiftly replied in kind. My suffering become an elixir, the desecration of my flesh a balm. Pain is not your enemy - for where the wail of misery flows, the Siren's garden grows."
— Lord Conductor Calios Kottel of the Void Sirens, preaching from the Book of Hallen


An attention seeker of the most vile sort, Slaa'sha'ci is a creature of violent obsession and fickle carelessness in equal parts. Being born of sound and imbued with the power to command the will of others through sonic hypnosis, it is no wonder that the first and only priority of the Siren Call is to exert their presence on all those who would witness it, whether it be through an exuberant display of earth shattering harmonics or a silent stretch of haunting unsound. Where ever the Siren Call sings the warp ripples and bends in time to the music, contorting all those who hear it to the moods of the Siren's master; when Slaanesh is abound with joyous enthusiasm, so to does the song of Slaa'sha'cii ring of vibrant colours and endless light, which in an instant darkens as the Prince falls into a well of deep disgust and loathing - the audience tearing the skin from their bones in a mad dance to free themselves of their form that has become so repulsive.


As it is with all denizens of the immaterium, the form taken by the Siren Call is constantly in flux. With in the confines of the realm of chaos, amoung the branches of the Glitter Glade, Slaa'sha'cii appears as a swirling mass of congealed quicksilver spreading across the surface of the mirror pond; when in the presence of the Prince of Excess the Siren Call is a seven armed monster of chitin and silk, crying ever louder for the attention of their patron before shrinking into the darkness of silent banishment when Slaanesh's favour wains.

Standing more than twice the height of a lesser daemon, Slaa'sha'cii's active form is that of a slightly humanoid mixture of equine and arthropodic traits; a long, tube like head with countless segmented eyes and an almost human-like nose and toothless mouth atop a thin, vaguely serpentine body covered with fading blue bone-plates. Protruding throught the gaps in the armour, a coat of oil slick fur tufts sway in a windless dance of shifting colour. It's seven arms tipped with long hook shaped claws dripping with an hallucinogenic ichor. Tall and lithe, the Siren Call's white body is propped up by two long, deathly-thin insectoid legs ending in jagged silver hooves that set the ground to quake with each step. Gusting from it's too-wide mouth, a breeze of cold, electric mist envelops all those who stray to close in a sonic-cloud of raw sound that may deafen, rend, pulverize, or caress victims with a concussive touch.

Oddly, and starkly out of character, Slaa'sha'cii has almost never been witnessed outside the realm of chaos; neither in visions or in the flesh. Though many daemons of all kinds make themselves known to the peoples of the materiel universe, the Siren Call has only ever appeared to mortals in the shape of a leather bound tome with silver pages. Known as the Screaming Leaf, or the "Book of Hallen" this treacherous volume is not in fact the Siren themselves, but one of the many lesser daemons under Slaa'sha'cii's sway given it's temporary form to serve it's captive master until their task is complete.

Powers and Gifts

Bearing the mantel of a Keeper of Secrets, the power of the Siren Call is both extremely potent and fairly narrow. Being the Loci of Sound and control, Slaa'sha'cii is preeminent amoung the followers of Slaanesh in the area of sonic sorcery - the creation and manipulation of noise of all kinds to bend the will of others, or change preexisting sounds to meddle with mortals. 

  • Sound manipulation - 
  • Hypnosis - 
  • Daemonic Enthrallment - 
  • Gift of Mutation - 

Realm and Cult


As with all daemons, the Siren Call exists within the materiel universe only through pacts with its mortal denizens, and though the long years since its birth Slaa'sha'cii has meddled in the affairs of humans and xenos many times. Though never bowing from direct contact with mortals, Slaa'sha'cii by reason of nature much prefers observation over action, directing elaborate and often over conceived "performances" in which unwitting people are drawn into their inevitable, but rather uncertain fate by means of enchantments, manipulation, and by far the most potent and fearful means - the use of chaos imbued artifacts.

The Blade of Striking Silver

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