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The Skull Reapers are an Astartes Chapter of Iron Hands descent created during an unknown Founding, but are suspected to be a Chapter of the mysterious 21st Founding, the so-called 'Cursed Founding', as they are extremely similar in appearance to the mysterious Sons of Antaeus Chapter. The Astartes of the Skull Reapers Chapter are unusually large and robust physical specimens, even among their kind, and they are capable of surviving wounds and physical injuries that would kill even other Space Marines. The Chapter's detractors point out that the Skull Reapers appear every bit as resilient as the Death Guard Traitor Legion and some have even opinioned that they are somehow connected to them, but this is an impossibility as the Skull Reapers were created thousands of years after the Horus Heresy and have, on many occasions, willingly submitted themselves to the mandatory purity tests of their gene-seed which has seemingly confirmed their status as an Iron Hands Successor Chapter.


Created sometime during the 36th Millennium the Skull Reapers have become a byword for strength and resilience beyond what an Astartes is thought capable of, specializing in combat in the most brutal and unforgiving environments the Skull Reapers will fight until the last man and do not care about casualties only that an objective is completed.


The Skull Reapers follow the doctrine of their parent Chapter the Iron Hands in that they do not have companies rather they are divided into 7 Battle Clans of equal size and capability whilst the 8th Clan is the Veteran Company, each of the Battle Clan's recruit its own aspirants from their Homeworld while the 1st Clan is made up of veterans from the other 7. The 1st Company resides in the Chapters Fortress-Monastery high in the mountains of their Toxic Homeworld whilst the Battle Clans travel the World's surface in massive Land Crawlers, like their progenitors conflict amongst the Battle Clan's is not unheard of but each of the Battle Clans are careful not to anger the Powerful 1st Clan or to blood their Astartes too badly but sometimes death's are unavoidable.

Battle Doctrine

The Skull Reapers are specialists in fighting in toxic environments, their Armour is modified with additional breathing apparatus and when combined with their seemingly natural resilience to toxins it makes them the perfect choice for attacks on Death Worlds and other Toxic Worlds. 

Appereance and Gene-Seed

The Skull Reapers hail from the Iron Hands and have on many occasions allowed their Gene-Seed to be examined, this is because they have been compared to the Traitor Death Guard in both appearance and combat doctrine, this has led them to be suspected of a connection to the Traitors and forced them to allow the Inquisition to investigate them lest they are brought to trial on charges of Heresy, despite their passing of the test they still looked at with suspicion. They are also known to carry Power Scythes into battle and this combined with their Chapter's style of battle have only fuelled the Inquisitions suspicions.

Notable Skull Reapers

Lord Melchor - Chapter Master of the Skull Reapers, he is a massive Astartes even amongst his notoriously robust battle-brothers. He wears an ornate suit of Artificer Armour and carries a massive Power Scythe.