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Skarek Usid is a Sslyth mercenary, infamous for his brutality and outrageous prices for hire. He has worked for various Dark Eldar Archons, intergalactic pirates and currently a rogue Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos.



Stoic and steadfast, Usid comes across as unintelligent. while indeed he has little interest in grand concepts or any field not connected to his work, he is more pragmatic than outright stupid. Usid cares little for others, but to those who pay him he will be loyal to a fault, offering his life in place of theirs-unless someone offers him more pay.

Usid is greedy, and is always on the prowl for more ways to increase his income. Often his monetary gains go towards upgrading his wargear, so that he can become more effective, and thus gain more money. Though he does not realise it, but Usids existence is nothing but a neverending cycle of obtaining and spending money in order to get more, only so to repeat the process over and over again.


Abilities and traits

Usid is a brutal fighter, who does care for delicate flourishes and skilful swordplay. Usids attacks are full of force, often barrelling into the enemy like a living tank. His fighting style focussing purely on brawn, with long deliberate strikes designed to kill the enemy in one of two blows.

For ranged combat Usid prefers unsubtle, heavy weapons. Usid is not a naturally good shot, instead handling weapons with a high fire out-put or with a blast radius.


  • Twin power weapons-Usid carries two power weapons, shaped like a cleavers. They can only cut or chop away at a foe, and is shockingly proficient at their task. Usid carries these blades in his upper pair of arms.
  • Modified splinter cannon-Usids splinter cannon has been specially modified so it fires shards that not only inject the same nerotoxins but also can penetrate through any armour short of power armour. However Usid often moves more slowly when using it, and will drop the weapon in combat.
  • Combat drugs-Usid uses combat drugs so not only are his senses heightened but that his movements are fast, so he is able to deal out a flurry of blows quickly.
  • Modified Armour-What Usids armour started out as is unknown, although it has been modified extensively. Although Usid has worn armour of Dark Eldar origin in the past, it is unlikely that his current armour was once made by the ancient race, as the Corpus branch lack the knowledge and skill to modify something like that. The armour looks sleek, but has thick plates of armour. It has an in built force field. If worn by a weaker member of his race the armour would almost limit movement, but Usids considerable muscle mass allows him to move freely.




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